Across the Road Ch. 05

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The men take their turn

Back in the drawing room he was asked to kneel on the cushioned podium one again and Victor brought out a strange looking device made of metal and red leather.

‘This device is designed to keep someone’s mouth while it is being fucked’, explained his host. It is actually surprisingly comfortable – in fact I have worn it myself – but it is up to you whether you want to do so or not. Brent and I am going to take turns entering both your holes as we enjoy either position while the ladies enjoy playing with themselves. Hopefully watching them doing so will arouse you further and while I know you have seen Edith in the flesh, you didn’t really get much of a chance to watch Amelia and Stephanie while they were riding you.

Mark said that he would be willing to put the mouth gag on.

‘Splendid! I’m so pleased! He will mean that we have full access to you and I think you will like the feel of our long hard shafts sliding down your throat. The only thing that you will need to remember is to breathe through your canlı bahis nose more because your mouth will be more occupied than normal.’

Once Mark was in position with his mouth held open, the two men stood in front of him side by side while their partners stroked them to perfect hardness before sitting down.

‘As Brent was so keen to bugger you, Mark, I will let him start off with your arse while I show why the device that you are wearing works so well. I suggest that you relax and just let us have our way with you…’

Behind him, Mark felt Brent’s finger lubricating him slightly and then his hole being spread by something warmer than the toys as Brent gradually entered him and started to thrust slowly. At the same time, Victor moved forward and put his cock in Mark’s and then pushing it deeper down his throat. He was enjoying this second, unfamiliar, sensation more than he expected. He ran his tongue over Victor’s cock as it passed first his piss slut, then the head and the ridge behind it and finally all the veins on the shaft bahis siteleri some of which were actively pulsing.

The two men pushed on and of him steadily, increasing the speed of their movements little by little. Mark could now feel the increasing warm in both cocks as they sometimes thrust into him at the same time and sometimes out of synch with one another. The women were obviously enjoying the show too but at one point Stephanie got up and and replaced the cock ring that Mark was still wearing with a vibrating bullet (around his shaft) deliberately turned to the very lowest setting.

He could sense, from their movements that they were both getting desperate to fill him up and at that point he saw Victor raise his hand to indicate that half time had been replaced. They both pulled themselves and swapped place, with Victor eagerly shafting his arsehole first. Brent’s black cock was slightly shorter than Victor’s he realised as his mouth was penetrated again but it was also thicker pushing against his throat more that before – he definitely bahis şirketleri had to breathe through his nose more now.

Their eagerness returned once they got more accustomed to these new positions and they both urged their bodies on to the point of climax. He felt (and heard) Victor came first as his final enthusiastic push send his hot spunk deep into Mark’s arse where he could feel the sticky liquid quite distinctly.

Then Brent’s shaft seemed to swell even more – if that was even possible and his balls tensed and shot his seed into Mark. He felt two or three powerful spurts hit the back of his throat and start to run down inside him, followed by others that ran back coating his tongue so he could taste their saltiness and feel the viscousness of fresh spunk coating the inside of his mouth. He swallowed gratefully. The women had also reached their own individual orgasms – he had been half watching them looking at him but that was difficult to do from where he was being doubly rogered.

As heartbeats slowed and everyone slowly became less aroused, the men pulled their cocks out and after removing the gag collapsed exhausted but satisfied on the chairs.

‘I suppose that means it is dinner time’, said Stephanie, ‘and Mark’s solo performance?’

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