After the Funeral Ch. 03

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Ian ran round the vicinity in the opposite direction from home so as to ensure Mum he had been out for a run. On arrival at home, he had built up a sweat to be convincing. In fact, he had enjoyed his filthy cum over Dawn’s face and tits. He would have liked to have more time with her but also wanted to get back to see how his Mum would be reacting to her new lover that afternoon.

He found Mum in the kitchen preparing some odds and ends for supper for both of them. She had removed her heels and stockings and was working around the kitchen in her bare feet. Glancing at his Mum from her side he noticed that she had removed her bra as well, for her breasts now had their natural wilt but were still full in her thin frock even though she was displaying them pendulum style. Ian felt a small surge below and began to imagine holding, pinching, sucking them.

Jesus, I just dropped my load on Dawn and now Mum’s got me going. What is going on?

Mum was in a calm and lovely mood, saying little, but happy with me sitting around doing little but sipping a beer from the fridge and whiling away the evening, both grazing rather than eating a full meal. She hadn’t even mentioned being at Dawn’s this afternoon. He also had a sense that she hadn’t washed herself after being with Dawn, just removed her underwear. She bent down to reach into the fridge for another gin and tonic for herself. Her frock tightened round her buttocks. Gorgeous view for her 28 year old son. And no she wasn’t wearing panties either, just like this afternoon.

So, without even a hint of flirt Mum was just perfectly relaxed from her frantic cum with Dawn. She gave Ian no hint of their sexual sojourns with each other. However, he did notice she had little energy and at one stage she fell into a two minute nap.

I decided I would encourage her to go to bed. She looked emotionally exhausted, no doubt from her charged feelings for Dawn. We watched TV for sometime rather desultorily which put her in the mood for bed. Kissing me lightly on my lips she wished me a good night and retired. I decided to watch one of my dvd’s I’d shared with Ruth, got nice and horny and then went up to bed myself passing Mum’s room on the way. She had left the door slightly ajar and was fully asleep with a light duvet for cover.

I rang my dirty Ruth and filled her in on the story so far. I couldn’t have had the same story for Janet. She wouldn’t have been able to cope with what was going on between Mum and myself. Ruth relished my retelling, particularly the refusal by Mum to recognise what we were up to. I then shared with Ruth what I was thinking of doing tonight.

“Ian, go and do it and phone me after and tell me all about it.”

“Ruth, you were wanking when I phoned weren’t you? And you are now görükle escort cos I can hear the buzzing of your vibrator. Ok I promise to phone you back you delicious wanker.”

I decided to wear nothing and go to Mum’s bedroom. I found her lying on the double bed on her back covered by the duvet. Lifting it carefully, I noted her nightie untied and unravelled, leaving her body totally exposed with her legs conveniently spread as if it were her wish to be taken. But she was gently whispering a little snore.

With her partially unravelled from the duvet, I wanted to ensure she didn’t wake from being chilled. I just stood there stroking myself taking in her mature form ready for taking and eating.

I knelt down between her open thighs and carefully opened her lips to disclose her prominent little clit. Placing my tongue gently at her dark moist flesh I offered a lick. She didn’t stir which gave me an estimation of the depth of her sleep. Feeling unencumbered by her dozing I swept my tongue more vigorously across her cunt so as to take in the soft folds around her vagina and up and across her clitoral mass. I felt a slight stirring and then a conscious, ‘ah, ah’ but nothing else.

Running my hand beneath her buttocks I found what I was also looking for, her anal passage. Very slowly and so as not to disturb her I wove my index finger into her tight crevice.

I could sense she was now fully awake as she adjusted to the pressure on her arsehole. I soon got into a rhythm with my anal explorer, my clitoral tongue and my spare hand penetrating her vagina. She soon began to roll and move as in a dance between these pressures. I was still very aware of her not responding to me as person or her son, for god’s sake but still endeavouring to believe this was some wet dream or external non-human agent bringing her off. I suddenly got angry and decided I would prolong this no longer. With a quick and deft flickering of my tongue along and aside her clit, she let out a wailing but controlled scream that evinced her orgasm. I let it have its full flow, and then quietly withdrew without as much as a murmur from my mother. I had just made her cum and she still couldn’t acknowledge it.

Phoning Ruth later I muddled my titillation of her with the story whilst unwittingly revealing my anger at her refusal to share what we had done over the last two nights. Ruth picked it up after she had a good wank as I relayed my actions to her. I decided that I wouldn’t masturbate but wait to see how I felt in the morning. I did recall my wank over Dawn and that gave me some satisfaction. Bless Ruth for recognising and being empathic with my feelings.

I woke in the morning about 7.30 with a raging hardon and the sound of someone, Mum downstairs eskort bayan in the kitchen. Before I could get up there was a tap on my door followed by Mum entering with a morning tea. Still slightly befuddled and with my stiffy hidden under my duvet she came in to place the mug by my bedside cupboard. I did take in what she was wearing. She had entered my room in her nightie, now tied together around her breasts which were vaguely noticeable because of the diaphanous material. Startling though, was the fact that she was also wearing black garters and stockings as well as two inch heels, yet still had to put on panties for I had a good glimpse of the place I had been immersed in last night. The effect was startling. The combination was so incongruous. But then I realised she was going to work in about half to three-quarters of an hour. She smiled and retreated.

Unusually, I felt rampant at her disappearing sight. I thought one moment whether I should wank immediately, go to the bathroom and do it or just go downstairs, for I knew she had returned to the kitchen.

I got up and started to go downstairs. Stop. I wasn’t wearing a stitch and my cock was hard and full from my personal imposed deprivations. Sod it. I decided to continue downstairs.

Mum was standing with her back to me at the kitchen table unpacking a cereal packet wearing exactly what she had upstairs. I silently went up behind her and took hold of her hips with a clear view of her buttocks and her clear arse cheeks clasped together. I recalled my anal penetration last night. Another time I thought. Too much to cope with now. However, an urgent need overcame me.

Without asking. I ripped her nightie open by simply tearing it at her hips instead of reaching in front of her and untying it as a gentleman might or even of lifting it above her hips. She shrieked

“What the hell Ian.” she glanced behind her and saw that I was naked. I don’t know if she looked down and saw how stiff I was. I pushed her over the table, spilling the cereal all over and on the floor.

Seeking her cunt, I pushed a finger between her thighs whilst holding her head and shoulders down and her barely covered breasts squashing the cereal. Once I found her cunt I followed up with my urgent cock at her opening.

“Ian please don’t we mustn’t for god’s sake, you must know that please -no.”

“Look Mum you’ve been getting off, like last night, trying to ignore the fact that I sucked you off last night. You’ve sucked me off. I am fed up playing games. We both fucking want each other so fuck here’s my cock. Now take it.”

With that I plunged myself into her warm, wet cunt up to her hilt, given the position I had her in. she continued trying to tell me to stop altıparmak escort but her actions were very different. Her hips began to get into unison with my movements so that we were in perfect fucking harmony.

“Now give me your hand Mum.” I took it and pushed it round her thighs towards her cunt.”Now wank away Mum. Let’s try and coincide shall we?

In a moment she was releasing her cum as she went rigid under me. I found myself holding back as she wound down from her heavy clit induced cum.

“Ian, darling what can I say? What about you?” she looked a little sheepish, given her earlier objection about my fucking her. I turned her over so her back was now lying in the cereal. I felt like adding milk as some of it stuck to her chest. Instead I ripped open her nightie to open up her tits. They fell either side of her chest. I returned to fucking her with her watching me do it. She looked at me lovingly. I almost relented but still felt angry at her duplicitous hypocrisy of having sex with me but not acknowledging it.

“Oh Ian that’s lovely, I never realised fucking could be so wonderful.”

I kept that in my memory box for the future and continued fucking her aggressively. What was my plot? She was near the end of the table so I could easily slip out and do my filthy actions. I felt that base. Holding her down on her back with her tits flopping on each side of her chest I contemplated what to do.

“Mother you’ve been a calculating teasing bitch to me. You know that don’t you?” I started slapping her tits and teasing her nipples. She didn’t dissent from my protestations. It was as if she had anticipated it. As I fucked her and surprised at my duration fucking her, I thought about what I was doing and revelled in my joy at finally having her and her willing acquiescence. Now I knew what I wanted. Really.

Holding her down, I pulled out of her cunt and stood over her face, which had been prepared for work with foundation, lipstick, the lot. I wanked furiously and angrily over her face, ready to cum and upset her usual plans for work. My spunk splayed over her face, her mouth, nose, eyes, cheeks, with a final dollop all over her hair. That last was naughty as I knew she had little time to prepare for work at the pharmacy now. Glancing at the clock I knew she had ten minutes to get out and be on time.

To my utter surprise, she reached for me and kissed her spunky mouth with mine and,

“Thank you Ian for taking control. I need it.”

I let her get up off the mass of cereal and promised I would clear up. She ran upstairs with a zest I hadn’t seen for ages and returned two minutes later fully dressed but with sheen on her hair no one would recognise but we shared. She hadn’t even washed. At that moment I took her and held her close. She had found her strength and was at one with herself.

“Ian, darling, I’m so glad you took control. I’ve been so anxious about expressing my feelings. Now let’s be absolutely honest with each other. I promise I will be with you. Will you fuck me when I come home please?”

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