Almost Brothers Ch. 03

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Cooper drove to the auto repair shop where Scott worked. He parked his car and a handsome young man wearing mechanic overalls while wiping his greasy hands on a rag walked out to meet him.

“I’m looking for Scott Barber, is he around?” Cooper asked.

“Yeah, follow me,” the mechanic said. While Cooper followed, he checked out the young man’s ass. Once inside the garage, the young man led Cooper to a car where Scott stood underneath it. “Hey, Scott? Man to see ya!”

Scott looked over and saw Cooper standing a few feet from him. “Cooper!” Scott yelled and dropped the wrench from his hand. He produced a rag from his back pocket, wiped his hands and then held his right hand out to Coop.

“Hey man,” Cooper said while they shook hands, “Hope I’m not interrupting you.”

“Fuck no, Coop. What’s up? Having trouble with your ‘stang?”

“Nope. Car’s running fine. I just wanted to talk to ya about something.”

Scott led Cooper outside to the back of the garage. “What’s on your mind?”

Cooper began, “Rusty’s birthday is in a couple of weeks.”

“Yeah, that’s right.”

“I was thinking…maybe he’d like a surprise birthday party?”

“Fuck, he’d hate it. Which would be all the more reason to do it.” Scott said, grinning. “When?”

“Two weeks from Saturday, the 15th, at 7pm.

“Sounds great!”

“Scott…..two things. One, I’m going to need some help inviting his friends.” Scott nodded. “And two…I was thinking of hiring a stripper.”

“No problemo.”

“I’m going to cruise the gay bars tonight and ask around.”

“Ok. Do you need some cash?”

“Naw, I got it. This is on me. And one more thing, I need for you to make sure Rusty is out of the house while everyone arrives. Have him there, oh, I guess around 8.”

Again, Scott nodded his head, “I’ll think of some excuse. You can count on me.”

Cooper extended his right hand and Scoot shook it. “Cool. I’ll be in touch, you know, with the details and shit. Thanks Scott.”

“Coop, seriously, Rusty is going to love this.”

“I hope so.”


Two weeks from Saturday later, the phone rang and Rusty answered it. “Hello?”

“Rusty! Fuck, I’m glad you’re home,” Scott said to him.

“I’m waiting on Coop. He’s taking me out to dinner.”

“Rusty, I need your help.”


“I’m at the shop. I have to deliver a part to a dealership but I lent my truck to one of the guys here. I need you to pick me up and take me there. I HAVE to deliver this part or my ass is grass.”

“Fuck, Scott! I’m all dressed up!”


“Cooper’s on his way.”

“Call him and tell him to wait for you there. It’ll only take an hour.”

“Fuck Scott!”

“I’m sorry but I really need you right now.”

Rusty sighed. “Ok. I’ll be right there. You OWE me, big time.”

“Yeah yeah, I’ll let you suck my dick.”

“In your dreams.”

“Leave now, so I can get there before they close.”

“Ok, fuck, hold your water. I have to call Coop. He’s gonna be pissed.”

“He can suck my dick, too.”

Rusty hung up the phone. “Fuck!” He dialed Cooper’s cell phone and explained the situation to Cooper who feigned exasperation but agreed to wait for him.

“Goddamnit!” Rusty said as he dug his keys out of his pocket and headed for the door.

In the meantime, Scott called Coop. “He’s fucking pissed!” Cooper said.

“I know!” Scott said to Cooper over the phone. “So you’re in position?”

“Yes, I’m across the street in a friend’s car Rusty doesn’t know. As soon as he leaves, we’re going in and get everything ready. And I got the stripper. He’s gonna do his ‘police’ routine! I’ve seen his uniform, its dead on!”

“This is great! We’re gonna get him good!” Scott sounded excited.

“In more ways than one!” Cooper said to Scott.

“You perv!” Scott said and hung up the phone.

A few minutes later, Rusty arrived at the shop. Scott tossed a box into the back of Rusty’s truck and got in the cab. “Thanks, Bro! I really appreciate this!”

“You fucking had better appreciate it. Where are we going?” Scott told him where the dealership was. “Fuck! That’s all the way across town! It’ll take an hour to get there. Another hour to get back!”

“I know.”


“The sooner we get going the sooner we’ll get back.” Scott suggested.

Rusty sighed. “Fuck!” He put the truck in gear and drove off as Scott looked out his window while suppressing a laugh.

As Rusty put it, THREE FUCKING HOURS! later, they arrived home. Cooper’s truck, driven by a friend, was in the driveway. “He’s gonna be so mad!” Rusty said to Scott.

“He’s young, he’ll have time to get over it.” Scott replied. They walked into the house.

“Where the FUCK have you been?” Cooper exclaimed.

“I’m sorry, Coop. I’m so sorry to make you wait.”

“I’ve been waiting for three fucking hours!”

“I said I’m sorry.” Rusty told him. He approached Coop to embrace him who pretended not to care when Rusty kissed him.

“Well, fuck, can we go now?” Cooper opened the canlı bahis şirketleri patio door and motioned for Rusty to go out first. Rusty walked ahead of Cooper who grinned behind Rusty’s back to Scott. The two men followed closely behind Rusty as he walked out of the house.

All of a sudden, the outside lights went on and all the guests jumped from their hiding places, yelling, “SURPRISE!”

Rusty stopped suddenly. Everyone yelled “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” and ran up to greet him. Rusty was caught completely off guard. His jaw dropped to his feet and an incredible look took over his face. He realized he had been duped. The guests broke out into a chorus, singing “Happy Birthday” to Rusty while Scott and Cooper joined him at his side, singing loudly. Rusty, totally embarrassed and surprised at the same time, grinned from ear to ear. He put his arm around Cooper and Scott who also put their arms around him. Rusty stood there, grinning profusely, as the song finished. “And many more!” A huge applause ended the song.

Rusty turned to Cooper. “You did this?”


“I love you!”

“Happy birthday, my love!” Cooper said and they kissed. A loud whoooooo from the crowd accompanied the kiss.

Then Rusty looked at Scott. “You fucking bastard!”

“Happy birthday, Bro.” Scott said grinning and then he hugged Rusty. They clapped each other on their backs. “Where you surprised?” Scott asked while a slightly quiet crowd of friends watched.

“Fuck, yeah! I had no fucking idea!” Rusty said, laughing and then the rest of the guests took turns hugging Rusty and offering best wishes.

Cooper backed away from them and pulled out his cell phone. Scott moved next to him and listened. Cooper closed his phone and whispered to him, “The policeman is on his way. About thirty minutes from now.”

Scott laughed. “This is gonna be good!”

Thirty-five minutes later, the side door to the backyard fence around the pool swung open and a tall, burly, uniformed officer appeared. Cooper made eye contact with the officer and secretly pointed to Rusty who was talking to a group of friends. Cooper motioned to Scott who saw what was happening. He watched with anticipation while slowly making his way towards Rusty.

The policeman walked up behind Rusty and tapped him on the shoulder. Rusty turned around and the smile ran away from his face. “Are you Russell Dale Jordan?” the officer asked in a loud voice.

“Yes?” Rusty said. Everyone grew quiet.

“I am Officer Harris. I have a warrant for your arrest.”


Scott moved next to Rusty, watching intently.

“I have a warrant for your arrest. Will you please turn around?” The officer produced a pair of handcuffs.

“What?” Rusty asked again.

“I have a warrant for your arrest, Mr. Jordan.”

“Rusty, what did you do?” Scott asked.

Now Cooper was there. “Rusty? What the fuck is going on?”

“I…I…don’t know. Officer, what is going on?”

“Mr. Jordan, you have the right to remain silent,” the officer said as he pulled Rusty’s arms together behind his back.

“Wait! What’s the charge?”

“Solicitation,” the officer said as he clasped the handcuffs around Rusty’s wrists.

“Solicitation for what?” Rusty asked. His face was ashen.

“Solicitation for sex, with a minor.”

“WHAT?” Rusty asked incredibly. A few of the guests snickered behind thier hands.

“Yes, I have to take you in for questioning. Unless……you want to offer me something to forget the charge.” Then the officer began to unbutton his shirt.

Rusty watched as the “officer” unbuttoned his shirt to reveal a wide, muscular chest with huge nipples. The “officer” opened his shirt fully and then pulled the shirt tail out of his pants and let the shirt fall to the ground.

“YOU FUCKING BASTARDS!” Rusty exclaimed to everyone watching.

Everyone busted out laughing, whoooping and hollering.

“Let’s just sit down, Mr. Jordan,” the “officer” said.

“Wait, take these off!” Rusty tried to move his arms from behind him.

“No! Now sit down Mr. Jordan or I’m going to use my stick on you.”

Someone from the crowd yelled, “Make him use his stick, Ruuusty!!!” making everyone laugh out loud.

Rusty sat in a chair and pre-arranged music was turned on and “officer” Harris began to dance in front of Rusty, gyrating his crotch in Rusty’s face. Cooper and Scott laughed together, clapping each other on their backs.

“I’m gonna get you!” Rusty said to Cooper and then Harris pushed Rusty’s face into his crotch.

Next Harris removed his wide belt and dropped it on the ground. He stood back from Rusty, still dancing and unzipped his pants. The women in the crowd and most of the men looked on excitedly. He turned around, faced the crowd around him and bent over, pulling his pants down to reveal a well rounded ass and huge thighs. He kicked off his shoes and pulled his pants off completely and stood up showing everyone the tight shorts he wore. Again, the women and most of the men looked to see the outline of a substantial canlı kaçak iddaa bulge. The stripper reached into one pocket of his pants and produced a small key, holding it for someone to take.

Scott stepped forward and grabbed the key. He went to Rusty and dangled it over his head. “Should I?” he asked the crowd. He was answered with a loud “NO!” So Scott stepped away from Rusty, clutching the key in one hand.

“Scoooooott!” Rusty pleaded however, all Scott did was motion to Rusty to look at Harris who had ended his trip throughout the crowd with one and five dollar bills stuffed into his shorts. Scott moved back into the crowd and Cooper walked to him

“Give me the key.” Cooper said and Scott handed it to him before moving to stand with some of his and Rusty’s straight teammates. Then Cooper went to Rusty as Harris bent over again in front of Rusty. Cooper pushed Rusty’s face onto Harris’s butt. Rusty was getting into the fun, now, and licked Harris’s butt through the cloth. Harris turned around and motioned with his hand to Cooper who reached behind Rusty and removed the handcuffs.

“Fuck! Its about goddamned time!” Rusty said while rubbing his wrists.

Harris pulled the dollar bills from his shorts and handed the money to Cooper. He stepped up to Rusty and pulled the edges of his shorts away from his body at each side. Rusty put his hands where indicated and pulled the shorts down Harris’s legs. Underneath, Harris wore a flimsy, golden g-string. Inside, his huge organ hung down, the large head was clearly evident. It swung from side to side as he danced. Next, Harris stepped out of the shorts and flipped them onto Rusty’s head. The crowd cheered. A man grabbed onto his male lover and pretended to faint.

Keith, one of Rusty’s teammates leaned to Scott. “I’ve never seen a male stripper before. Gay men sure enjoy this, don’t they?”

“Of course, they do.” Scott said to him. “Its not any different than a woman stripping at a bachelor party.”

“I guess,” Keith replied.

After dancing around the edge of the crowd and obtaining more tip money, Harris again removed the bills and handed them to Cooper. Then, while dancing sensually in from of Rusty, Harris slipped his g-string off and his 9 inch, but still semi-flaccid, thick cock flopped out at Rusty’s face.

“DAMN!” Keith whispered to Scott. “He’s hung like a fucking horse!”

Harris moved to Rusty and shoved his cock into Rusty’s face. Rusty opened his mouth and licked the thick cock. “AHHHHHH!” the crowd yelled and then applauded.

“This is TOO MUCH!” Keith exclaimed.

“This is nothing,” Scott said to him. “I’ve seen things happen at gay bars that you wouldn’t fucking believe!” Keith looked incredibly at Scott. “What?” Scott asked sarcastically.

Rusty was holding Harris by his hips while the huge cock flopped up and down in front of his face. Rusty would catch it every so often and suck on the head. The crowd had closed on them and watched intently as Harris’s cock began to grow. Soon, it stood out from his body at a 45 degree angle with two chunky balls hanging below it. Rusty was grinning profusely, clearly enjoying himself. Harris gyrated from side to side, slapping Rusty with his huge cock. Rusty reached up and grabbed Harris’s nuts. He pulled the man to him and engulfed the cock, going down halfway on the large shaft. Harris started fucking Rusty’s face, while the crowd cheered him to continue.

“Suck it! Suck it! Suck it! Suck it! Suck it!”

“Suck it, Rusty!” Scott yelled.

“Suck it, Rusty!” Keith yelled. Scott looked at him and Keith shrugged. “What the hell!” Keith said to him.

Rusty sucked Harris’s cock for a few minutes. Then Harris pulled out of

Rusty’s mouth. He leaned to Rusty. “Happy Birthday from Coop and Scott,” he said and kissed Rusty on the lips. Harris stood up and turned to the crowd. His big cock hung over his large balls. He bowed to the crowd and they chanted, “MORE! MORE! MORE! MORE!”

Rusty stood up and applauded. Harris turned around and Rusty hugged him.

“Thank you,” Rusty told him.

“Happy Birthday, Stud.” Harris said as he hugged Rusty.

Cooper approached them both. He held Harris’s clothes and money in one hand. Rusty hugged Cooper and then kissed him. Many of the guests came up and thanked Harris for the show, offering their hand to shake his. Scott had made his way to them and thanked Harris before hugging Rusty.

Cooper handed Harris his things and Harris handed the handcuffs back to Cooper. “Here, these are for you guys.” The guests laughed and Harris began to dress.

“Want to hang around and party?” Scott asked Harris.

“I’d like a drink but then I have to leave.” He looked at his watch. “My boyfriend and I are going out.”

“Can I be your boyfriend?” a man yelled from the crowd and they all laughed.

A few minutes later, Harris left and the party continued. After a while, Rusty was talking with Keith when he saw two men enter the yard. They were big guys, fucking handsome, too, he thought. One was dark haired, the other, canlı kaçak bahis blond. The blond was heavily muscled, his chest seemed three feet across. “Excuse me,” Rusty said to Keith. He walked a few feet to Scott and nudged him. “Who are they?” Rusty said, nodding in the direction of the two men.

“I don’t know. Probably someone Coop invited,” Scott said. It was then they saw Cooper approach the two men. They shook hands and hugged. Rusty left Scott and walked to them. Cooper looked around and saw Rusty heading towards them.

“Rusty!” Cooper yelled above the crowd and music. He waved for Rusty to join them. “Rusty Jordan, this is Jake Chambers,” Cooper said, introducing the dark haired man.

Rusty shook his hand. “Pleasure to meet you, Rusty and Happy Birthday,” Jake said.

“Thanks, Jake.” Rusty replied. He was taken aback by Jake’s good looks and fine body.

“This is my partner, Lee Dearborn.” Rusty shook Lee’s hand and almost drooled. Goddamn, he’s gorgeous! They both are! Rusty thought. “

“Happy Birthday, Rusty,” Lee said.


And then to Cooper, Lee said, “Thanks for inviting us, Coop. Looks like a great party,”

“You should have been here earlier. I hired a stripper for Rusty.”

“I’m still gonna get you for that!” Rusty interjected.

“Yeah, right! You loved it.” Lee and Jake grinned and nodded. “You guys want a drink?” Cooper asked.

“Yeah, sure,” Jake replied.

“Sure,” Lee said. Cooper led them inside the house and fixed drinks. Afterwards, Cooper left them to get some more ice.

“So, what do you think?” Lee asked Jake.

“About Rusty?” Jake replied. Lee nodded and Jake continued. “Yes, definitely yes. You?”

“Oh hell, yeah,” Lee said. “He’s good looking. And Cooper is hot, too. I love his tight, compact body.”

“Fuck, we haven’t done something like this since senior year,” Jake said.

Lee nodded his head. “Yes, I remember Joey, too.” he said.

“He had the hots for you. I remember that.” Jake said grabbing Lee’s arm and squeezing his hard bicep.

Lee smiled. “True. But, if I remember right, it was you that hooked him.”

Then Jake asked, “Are we going to do this?”

“Do you want to? If you don’t, just say so,” Lee told him.

Jake drank his drink. “Fuck it. Yeah. Let’s have some fun.” Then he put his arms around Lee.

Lee looked into Jake’s eyes. “I want you to know, I’ve loved you for eighteen years and that’s not going to stop no matter what happens tomorrow night.”

“Lee, that’s so sweet. I love you, too.”

“However, I think we’re going to have a blast!” Lee said and then kissed Jake.

After Jake kissed Lee, he grabbed Lee’s crotch and whispered in his ear, “I want some of this when we get home.”

“You can have it all, babe, from the root to the tip.” He kissed Jake again.

“Woof!” Jake said. They kissed again and after, there was a big, tall, broad-shouldered man standing next to them. The three men made eye contact.

“Don’t stop kissing because of me,” Scott said jokingly. He smiled at them. “Hi,” he said, holding out his right hand. “I’m Scott, Rusty’s brother.”

“Jake Chambers,” Jake said, shaking Scott’s hand.

“Lee Dearborn.” Lee said. He shook hands with Scott after Jake.

“Goddamn, you’re big!” Scott said to Lee. “Both of you look like something out of a gay muscle magazine.” Lee and Jake grinned and drank their drinks, almost embarrassed. “Friends of Rusty?” Scott asked.

“No. We…that is..I know Coop,” Jake said. “He invited us.”

“Cool,” Scott said. “Great party, huh?”

“Yes.” Jake and Lee said simultaneously.

“Gay men as far as the eye can see,” Scott said, surveying the crowd. “I almost feel like the last living heterosexual man.” Scott drank heavily from his drink.

Lee and Jake chuckled. “I doubt that,” Lee replied. “You know, Scott, you and Rusty don’t look much alike for brothers. I hope you don’t mind me saying that.”

“Well, I’m sort of adopted, I’d guess you could say. Or maybe foster brother would be more correct.” Jake and Lee nodded as they listened. “Rusty’s parents took me in when he and were in high school. But, I count Rusty as a brother.”

“Cool,” Jake said.

Then Scott leaned to them and spoke only loud enough for them to hear. “Yes and I have the big dick to prove it.” Jake and Lee grinned. “Rusty,” Scott began. He held his hand up with his thumb and forefinger three inches apart, “three inches…that’s it. The poor fucker.” Lee and Jake roared with laughter as Scott grinned and nodded. “I fucking swear.”

“That’s not what Coop has told us!” Jake said.

“Coop? He’s a fucking liar. Don’t trust him.” Scott said, grinning a drunken grin.

Lee grinned back at Scott. “And you?”

Scott set his drink down on the counter. He held his hands up, “Ten! Ten big, fat, fucking inches, man!”

“YEAH, RIGHT!” Jake said, then, “Prove it!”

Scott drank from his drink again and then looked around the room. No one was looking. He quickly unzipped his pants and hauled out his dick. It was soft, yet, five inches long.

“Whoa!” Jake said.

“See, I told ya!” Scott said. He stood facing them, with his dick hanging from the fly of his pants.

“SCOTT?!” Rusty shouted as he came to them. “WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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