Anal Alice Act 05

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Preface – PLEASE READ!:

This is the FIFTH part of what is a running story. It is all about the taboo. You will not find romance here. Any notion and talk of love is subverted to serve the taboo.

Anal sex and incest are MAJOR themes of this story.

You may want to not read this part and other parts if you take offence to any of the following in a lurid, obscene (and of course fantastical) context: incest, rough sex, extreme sodomy, objectification and degradation, and nonconsensual/reluctance themes.

All characters involved are 18 or older!

I want to say I am sorry for such a long time since Part Four, but it might come across as dishonest, given that I don’t know how long future periods of inactivity will be. In the time since Part Four was written I became a published author (writing serious fiction, nothing like these lurid tales I’m afraid!) and it is building that career which has been the target of all my writing energy. I was moved eventually to make myself continue this story by the sheer deluge of people crying out for it!

I am honoured by such fervent desire from my fans. If any of you want to show your thanks by any measure, no matter how small, you can donate to my Paypal which is listed on my profile. I figure if only a tiny fraction of you do so it will make it worthwhile and encourage me to take more time off from my serious writing to devote to this.

Again, I am thankful for all my readers, patient fans (and impatient ones!), and especially comments, ratings and emails. Hopefully one day, with your help, I may get one of my stories rated high enough to be ‘Hot’. Very close but no cigar!

P.S. The fantasy is everything.


Alice woke up to Dan fucking her bottom. It was a confusing start to the day, although she adapted a little quicker than last time. She figured he must have woken up hard and wanted it to go away before he went off to his early morning shift. Mike was still asleep, judging by his heavy breathing next to her. He had his back to her, his arm draped over the edge of his bed; he was almost falling off.

She realised she must have passed out again last night while they were assfucking her, and been so tired that she’d stayed asleep after they’d finished (whenever that was).

I’ll have to tell mom a bit later, when she’s up, she thought, determined. They can’t keep putting it in my bottom, even if they do have good intentions.

As she woke up properly to the anal fuck, she became conscious of how sore her bottom was. It was hardly surprising given what had happened last night, but it would have been nice if Dan could have left her poor bum alone just for a bit. She would have tried to push him off or at least ask him to stop, but she didn’t want to make any noise and disturb Mike, who might want to mess with her as well. One cock in her bottom was preferable to two at once.

Still, she contented herself with thinking, this’d be the last time either of them would be able to. Her mom would step in and give them a talking to once she’d become aware of what had been going on.

She pretended to still be asleep, keeping her eyes closed despite the soft ache in her bottom as Dan breathed lightly behind her, pumping her tight teenage butthole. She was being clever; there was another advantage to pretending to still be asleep; she’d remembered that they’d let slip last night that they found her at her sexiest when she was asleep (for some reason). And if that was the case, then Dan would finish a lot sooner inside her!

Alice tried to stifle a smile from her face, knowing she’d secretly outsmarted them. As long as she pretended to be unconscious she knew Dan wouldn’t be able to resist cumming in her bum soon. She didn’t know why they liked it so much, but she was sure gonna take advantage of it.

She wondered if they liked it because they thought she looked more sweet and innocent with her eyes closed, and so more attractive. Or maybe because she couldn’t be annoying and complain about them putting their penises in her bottom.

She was considering the first possibility when she had another brainwave. She didn’t quite know where it came from, or if it made total sense, but it was worth a try. Maybe if she made herself look even more asleep, and also more like an innocent sister (not that she understood that part), it might encourage Dan to finish even quicker!

Alice hadn’t sucked her thumb in a few years (she knew she was later than normal to stop, but it’d been an enjoyable habit and hadn’t seemed to harm anyone, until she finally decided for herself she was too grown-up for such things; nonetheless she still missed it on occasion), but she raised her thumb now with a sleepy moan and stuck it between her lips, and began sucking. It felt nicer than she imagined, and if not for her brother’s big cock forcing in and out of her bum she felt very relaxed and content. She really had missed it. For some reason it felt even more satisfying and pleasurable than when she used bursa otele gelen escort to do it, and she wondered vaguely if it had anything to do with the bumfucking she was receiving at the same time.

When Dan realised she was sucking her thumb he groaned and began to fuck her ass all the more vigorously. She smiled inside, knowing it had worked. And people said she was naïve! Who’s naïve now! she thought smugly to herself. She always considered herself a fast learner. She began to suck her thumb harder, making loud sucking noises that took on a moaning quality as Dan pumped her butthole even deeper and faster.

The early morning pounding her poor bottom was taking would have been overpowering if not for the fact she could focus on sucking her thumb right and encouraging her brother to finish. She had a tendency sometimes to lose herself in particular activities or mental states; things demanding her attention quickly took over her mind and she’d get easily lost in them, both physically and mentally, forgetting about the wider situation at hand. At those times she’d get called a ditz or ‘away with the fairies’; she’d look up dumbly to someone snapping their fingers at her, too lost in something to perceive what was actually going on around her.

Here her deliberate concentration on sucking her thumb just right took her almost to the point of obsession, her mind narrowing directly to this one activity and her body obeying. The reasons for doing it started to fade away in the background; she only knew it was an important thing to do. It wasn’t as though she was on autopilot; she was far too involved and passionate about it for that, it was simply that her mind was a bit of a tunnel, everything that was Alice fixed on that single point.

So, while her brother’s fat cock bottomed out over and over in her hot and clasping teenage anus, and filled her with intense sensations, those sensations could not truly be separated from her thumb-sucking: it was all together, as one. The thumb plopping in and out of her mouth and sucked and licked and tongued and slurped on might as well be the same action as what her bottom was doing to her brother’s dick (which kinda questioned why she was still doing it, but then she was temporarily beyond such higher thought).

Her moans around her thumb only got louder and more fervent, matched by the aggressively voluminous sucks as she drooled around her sopping wet thumb. The pressure she engaged in her mouth and the assertiveness she displayed with her thumb and lips and tongue gave the impression she was trying to suck her thumb off. Spit dribbled down her lips and chin; her whole lip area was wet and her thumb might as well have been held underwater. She continued to groan and ‘mmph’, now jamming her thumb in and out of her tongue-outstretched mouth, practically fucking her mouth with her thumb as her cute bum received the same treatment from behind.

‘You are so fucking sexy, you’re the best little sister ever,’ she heard Dan breathe in her ear, mildly interrupting her focus, and she moaned in instinctive, thankful response and sucked ever more fiercely, knowing he was close.

Suddenly she felt a huge, uncomfortable void in her bottom, and she was forcefully turned to face the other direction, jolting her completely out of her concentration. She pulled her thumb out of her mouth, feeling hazy and blurry like coming out of a dream, as she would generally do after coming out of one of these kind of moments, and she slowly opened her eyes at the same time as she felt something big and sticky press against her lips, something much bigger than her thumb.

There was a large and sordid-looking, pre-cum-drooling cock held against her lips, pushing insistently forward. Alice frowned and stubbornly kept her lips closed. That wasn’t part of the deal! What would he even get out of that? She didn’t want to say anything because then her mouth would be open and Dan might take advantage.

Dan grunted in annoyance and reached out. He twisted her nipple and her mouth went wide in shock. He immediately slipped his dick in — slipped being too small a word to describe her mouth suddenly filling to the brim with thick brotherly cock, stretching her lips obscenely wide around its girth.

She gave him the best annoyed-sister glare she could, but somehow it only seemed to turn him on more, for he groaned and started to fuck her mouth in earnest.

‘Fuck, you even do ass-to-mouth, what a dirty slutty sister I have,’ Dan said as he thrusted away with very wet and sloppy sounding strokes.

It was only then that she remembered that the thing had just been deep in her ass, and she made a muffled sound of protest. She didn’t really know what cocks were supposed to taste like, or if they all tasted different to each other, so she’d just assumed the strange, soft-spice, earthy taste mixed with the super-salty-honey like flavour that coated her tongue and the sides of her mouth bursa eve gelen eskort and dripped down her throat was normal, or at least normal for Mike’s particular penis.

It could have been worse she supposed, so it wasn’t really the taste that bothered her (she wondered briefly if she’d have happily sucked on something with this kind of flavour if it hadn’t been her brother’s dick), just that it was another instance of her brother not really asking permission of her, plus the fact that she didn’t want to be known as someone who did ‘ass-to-mouth’ (so that’s what that meant!), but much more than all that, she was irritated by the fact her thumb-sucking plan hadn’t really worked; she’d really wanted her brother to cum inside her dick-sucking bum — hadn’t she made it really fun for him? — but instead he’d just moved onto the next phase.

He continued to fuck her mouth, her cheeks, and the tops of her throat, as she looked annoyed at him, making sure to keep her frowning eye-contact with him so he knew he was in her bad books.

She could feel her face flushed completely red, and she hoped her brother would stop when he saw that she looked like she was on the verge of a tantrum. Instead the sight of her face seemed to drive him to some kind of growling ecstasy, grabbing a fistful of hair in both his hands like pigtails and fucking her face like it was her ass.

She suppressed her gag reflex — it was something she’d learned to do with ease when younger, doing party games with her friends where they had to eat fried chicken skin without chewing, or take a curly straw all the way down their throats without choking. She never thought the skill would have more real-world applications, though. Despite her annoyance, she felt pleased, like she’d got one over on her brother. If he thought he was going to make her gag with his long penis, he had another think. . . thing. . . think coming!

If she only knew how right she was; he did have another thing coming — in her mouth! As the deep and unrelenting facefucking caused spit to froth and bubble up around her mouth, and tears sprang unbidden to her eyes (ruining her firmly annoyed expression), streaming down her face to mix with the spit and precum foaming from her lips, she heard Dan groan and shut his eyes, gripping her hair so tight it drew pain. The meat in her mouth throbbed hotly, and with each pulse came a heavy spurt of salty fluid, almost as thick as yoghurt.

Alice wasn’t sure if she was supposed to swallow or not, and she was kinda in the mood to do the opposite of whatever Dan would have wanted her to do at that moment. So she decided not to swallow, and it slowly filled her mouth. Dan had his eyes clenched shut and teeth gritted, and was moving the head of his penis in very short movements across her tongue, where she could taste it the strongest.

She was glad it wasn’t down her throat, where she wouldn’t have had a choice to swallow or not. Maybe Dan had decided to be good to her at this moment, pulling his lengthy dick out just enough that it only coated her warm tongue. She debated whether it was something to thank him for afterwards; after all, he could have easily filled her stomach by jamming it all the way down her throat, but he was clearly still her brother and sensitive to her wishes. She smiled around his big dick (or rather tried, because it wasn’t an easy thing to do), happy that her annoyed glare had worked in the end.

She hadn’t really counted on just how much he was going to cum, though. It just kept, well, coming. She imagined this pantomime sight of her cheeks bulging out through sheer amount of semen. She didn’t want to choke but her entire mouth was full to the brim, and to begin swallowing now seemed a risky business, what with so much at once.

Cum began to run from her lips, pouring out around his cock as it still throbbed and pumped, slower now, through her widely stretched mouth. It began to drip in thick sticky globs from her chin, and she was concerned that it’d stain the sheets and might be hard to explain away.

Then again, I’m going to tell mom everything anyway, she reminded herself.

Just as it seemed the flow of brotherly cum was about to dry up, Dan breathing hard but loosening his grip on her hair (he’d made it so messy! It’s a good job it was in the morning and she hadn’t done anything with it yet), the sudden urge to swallow competed with the demand not to, and coinciding with the amount in her mouth — surely bigger than the biggest gulp of soda, even though she supposed a lot of it was just her brother’s cock — she half-choked, and cum didn’t just erupt from her mouth but was also snorted from her nose.

She pulled back instinctively, and Dan let his drained cock slip from between her lips. She coughed and spluttered, feeling a total gross mess. Cum covered her nose and her entire mouth area, her chin and even spread across her cheeks. It had run in a pool onto the bedsheets, and bayan escort bursa was all over Dan’s dripping cock.

Dan reached out to the pool of cum and scooped it with his fingers. He spread it onto Alice’s flushed forehead, and she immediately broke into fresh tears, not that it was obvious with how wet and sticky her face already was.

‘Aw sis, what’s wrong?’ Dan said, his tone now soothing. ‘I only did that so it wouldn’t dry into the bedsheets.’

‘I must look awful!’ Alice cried. ‘My face feels such a mess.’

Dan took her face firmly in his hands, ignoring the cum sticking to his hands. ‘Don’t be silly sis. You’ve never looked more gorgeous.’

Alice sniffed. ‘Really? You’re just saying that.’

‘I’m not. You look like you’ve always looked — my beautiful little sister. Except even better.’

Alice sniffed again and gave him a smile.

‘Really,’ Dan said. ‘We’re so lucky to have such a gorgeous, sexy, stunning, slutty, bigtitted, blowjob-lipped, perfect-assed, most fuckable little sister to ever exist. You’re so cute sis, it’s unreal.’

Alice’s smile broadened. ‘Thank you Dan,’ she said, feeling the warm glow spread through her, overpowering the feel of her aching bottom and her abused mouth and throat. ‘You’re so sweet and lovely to me sometimes.’

‘All the time,’ Dan said, kissing the top of her head.

‘When you’re not putting your thing in my bum,’ she said, sticking her tongue out to soften her words, in case he’d take it as some kind of rejection, which wouldn’t really be fair at the current moment, not after he’d said all those nice things (some of which she’d sort of disagreed with, but it was the kind-hearted intent behind them what mattered).

‘Silly,’ he said, giving her a tickle. She squealed and kicked him away.

‘Alright,’ he said. ‘I better get ready for work, have a shower and all that, clean off all your buttjuices and this cum you snorted back onto my dick.’ He laughed, and left the room.

Alice mused for a few seconds, although she couldn’t really say on what. Her mind was feeling a little blank. She reached up to scratch an itch on her cheek, and when it came away sticky she remembered she still had it all over her face. She sighed and got up off the sweaty, smelly bed, looking around the room to find tissues. She didn’t want to risk leaving the room and having her parents see her like this — they might not believe her later story and just think she’d been a slut.

The best she could find was a single tissue in the bin, and she used it to wipe up her face best she could. The tissue was absolutely sodden by the time it was done, just a ball of soaked tissue. Her face was still sticky but it was no longer running down her face or pooling around her nose and mouth, so it’d have to do for now until she could rush into the bathroom when her brother was gone.

She was looking around for her pyjamas when she heard a noise behind her. She turned to see Mike stirring from the edge of the bed. She’d totally forgotten about him, and was fairly amazed he hadn’t woken up. The bed must have been shaking a lot what with all the buttsex, and she’d been sucking her thumb so noisily right up against his back.

‘Morning sis,’ Mike said, stretching.

‘Um, morning Mike. Did you, um, hear anything?’

‘Like what? You know I’m not good in the mornings. I’m still so tired.’

‘Oh, nothing, doesn’t matter,’ Alice said, relieved.

Mike looked her up and down, making her a little uncertain. She hoped her face wasn’t looking too flushed and shiny in the light coming from between the curtains. She hoped she didn’t have that ‘just had a whole lot of early morning buttsex from her brother, followed by a very wet and energetic blowjob,’ look. Whatever that was supposed to look like.

‘Can I have a hug, Alice?’ Mike said, in a perfectly innocent tone of voice, pushing thoughts of this morning’s and last night’s activities out of Alice’s mind.

‘A hug?’ Alice said, looking at him and smiling happily.

‘Anything wrong with a brother wanting an affectionate hug from his little sister?’

‘Not at all!’ Alice beamed, trying not to show how overjoyed she was about the simple, innocent request from her brother, and failing. She realised she was bouncing a little on her heels. She couldn’t help it — she loved when they were like this, and it was such a welcome relief after all the inappropriate behaviour they’d been showing her recently (even if that was just another way of them expressing their love and affection for her, if hardly an ideal one).

Mike grinned, and whipped the cover off him as he lay back. ‘Cool, come and sit on my lap like we haven’t done in a while, and I can pull you to me and hug you properly.’

‘Um, but. . .’ Alice started, staring.

‘What’s the problem? We can cuddle properly that way. I’m tired and we can just relax in each other’s arms.’

It wasn’t that it didn’t sound a nice proposition to Alice, but the fact was she was a little concerned. Mike might not have realised it, but his cock was out and pointing right up at the ceiling. It was probably just, what was it called again? Morning wood? It was both impressive and intimidating, and most of all it was not something a sister should have to deal with. But Alice didn’t know how to tell him. She didn’t want to embarrass him (or herself).

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