Anne Working Overtime Ch. 14

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AWO14. – Introducing Lana

Anne was in the fashionable reception at Excelsivor at seven sharp. On Ms. Sommers’ request she had dressed much more conservatively than at their first meeting. She had selected her most formal secretary suit, one especially chosen for her by her goddess Jean the day she started her part- time job. She sported a dark grey knee- length textured skirt and jacket, a white blouse with a thin golden chain which hung smartly from the opening. Golden brown middle high- heeled shoes with matching colour on handbag and belt completed the enchanting image.

She had to admit she felt a little ridiculous every time she dressed this way, but on the other hand it was no doubt that she had better start getting used to it. It would be an important part of her role as a perfect service girl for the type of clients that formed Jean’s prime target group. The service girl that could do anything to perfection!

And conservative was definitely a key word in Ms. Sommers’ vocabulary as well. Anne’s heart almost skipped a beat as the lady appeared out of the elevator at the opposite side, accompanied by a young, very good-looking girl.

She could see them gesticulate for a moment, and then stop to look around. The older woman soon spotted her, and the two of them started walking over on high, clicking heels. It was a huge roomy reception area with marble pillars, glass ceilings and walls, and enormous chandeliers with twisted sculptures hanging down from silvery- sparkling wires. All of this amplified the clicking of the approaching heels to a loud, ‘packed’ sounding echo that added to the almost cathedral- like acoustic of the place. Until it was abruptly broken as the two approaching women suddenly stepped onto the soft carpet over at the reception lounge.

Anne rose to hug and kiss her new clients. Ms. Sommers’ perfume was as exciting and ladylike as ever, heavy and sweet somehow, in complete contrast to Anne’s gentle aroma. As she had grown used to the scent of the maturity that was filling her life these days, it was almost like a shock to be in close contact with a person – a body and personality – of just a little more than her own age. Different posture, different movements, different scents. Sure she had a lot of ‘ordinary’ girlfriends with whom she was quite close on a daily basis. But in this setting it was different! All completely different!

Ms. Sommers had a grey, conservative suit with thin vertical stripes in a little lighter grey tone. She wore her jacket, which was the same tone as her suit with the buttons fastened down over a thin white shirt and a discreet tie. The effect did very little to conceal the shapely swell of her mature breasts and Anne wondered if that was her intention. The skirt reached to her knees, and sat perfectly over her hips and bottom. Belt, handbag and arm ring had matching nuances of brown, and the high- healed shoes finished it all off with a deep brown- reddish colour. She used a light read almost pinkish rouge on her cheeks, a colour that even matched that of the rim of her glasses. The glasses made her eyes look even bigger and prettier than last time.

Like at their first meeting she had her hair set up in her voluminous curly fashion, with stray lock elegantly hanging down in her neck and forehead.

The young girl at her side had quite a different appearance. She wore a light cotton skirt and summer jacket with a light- red pinkish tee shirt underneath. She had her mother’s blond hair colour, but had it sleekly hanging down on her shoulders with a part in the front. Even her eyes had the same deep- brown colour. Her skin was incredibly soft and quite tanned, revealing her as a person who also cared a lot about her appearance.

“Anne dear. This is my dear daughter Lana. Lana, this is Anne Thornton, the girl I’ve told you so much about.”

The girl looked at her with a friendly but slightly critical expression on her face. Like she really wasn’t sure about what she saw. Not even the slightest sign of nervousness or uncertainty in eyes or body language! Just some kind of a somewhat bored politeness.

Her mother broke in before the situation got embarrassing.

“I thought we could sit down a little and have a small chat before we do anything else.”

She waved a hand elegantly over her shoulder. “I reserved a table here in the corner for a lemonade or a beer or whatever you’d like, if it’s okay with you!?”

“Fine” the two girls answered at exactly the same moment. The small giggling that followed eased the tension a bit as they moved over to the table. On the way they came out on the marble floor, and the intense clicking of heels immediately filled Anne’s ears again. The cathedral effect was almost a little disturbing. After all this definitely wasn’t a monastery reception!!

“By the way!” Ms. Sommers smiled at Anne, “I never presented myself properly to you, dear. My name is Lauren, and I hope you don’t mind calling me that from now on. Okay?!”

Anne just nodded and smiled back. casino şirketleri “Of course… Lauren!”

They came over to a discrete table at the corner. Lauren and her daughter sat down on one side and Anne opposite to them.

The two girls each had a coke. Anne noted that Ms. Sommers ordered some kind of brandy for herself. It didn’t show in any way, but Anne still sensed that the lady probably was a little nervous after all.

“I know you’ve met Bridget Ellisby. She is a very good friend of mine, and she actually was the one to tip me of Ms. Alden’s concept in the first place. And she never misses an oportunity to tell me that I owe her for that one!” Lauren smiled knowingly as she crossed her legs with an elegant movement.

“I must say that Ms. Alden’s strategy of using the jungle drums to spread the word of her business has been extraordinary successful. Cheap and extremely efficient, right?!?” Her eyes narrowed slightly.

“And girls like you make it all happen. You and your young girlfriends make her a very wealthy woman!”

Ann froze for a moment as she understood what the woman was getting at. She said it with a voice and a body language that took some of the ‘edge’ out of it, though. More like she wanted to remind her about what she actually was getting herself involved in. Still she felt they had been talking this thoroughly through during their first meeting, so there really shouldn’t be any reason to bring it up on a broad basis again now. And especially not if she was planning to involve her daughter in one way or another.

Then the woman straightened up a little bit before she continued.

“Our first meeting together last week got me thinking. I could see the frankness in your eyes that told me that you were serious about what you’re doing. I like to think that I can judge these things quite well after so many years in my business. So, as far as I’m concerned, you’re not in any way exploited or pressed into any of this. Not more than usual I mean. We all have to do something to strive and survive, don’t we?”

She smiled warmly, and then looked over at her daughter.

“Lana here is 21. I love her very much, and would like to do anything in order to help her do the right things in her life.”

Immediately the girl jumped up against her.

“Mum please! Don’t start that again. You told me this was going to be a pleasant surprise, not another one of your lectures!”

Lauren raised her hands.

“Don’t worry. I know what we’ve been talking about. I’m getting to the point right away!”

She turned back to Anne.

“Please forgive me if I’m being to straight forward with you, but I’d like to make my intentions very clear to both of you.

I have been enjoying the service of young girls for many years. I’ve seen how easily you can affect them with some appropriate taste, style and elegancy… by being a classy lady. Men seem to go for the innocent youth in women. My kind of young girls are looking for safety and guidance – confidence, mental strength and authority. That ignites the flame of sexuality that makes them drawn towards the people who represent all of this. Warm, strong, grown up female bodies, dressed in stockings, garter belts, straps, lacy underskirts and panties, skirts, shirts, elegant belts, arm rings, ear rings, perfume… everything! Everything that makes a lady a classy lady!”

She threw a short glance over at Lana again.

“My daughter is definitely not one of these girls.”

The girl had been waiting for the opportunity to raise her voice against her mother again, but the last remark made her sit back with a small nod. She looked over at Anne.

“I don’t know what she’s actually getting at, but I like men – boys. I mean…. Boys!”

“She certainly does. She is nearly insatiable!” her mother laughed, caressing her daughter’s fair locks with her hand.

“Now; that actually brings us to the problem – or should I say challenge – that I’m facing as a mother. I have been able to build quite a prosperous business all of my own after I divorced. I have serious plans for my daughter in this business, and I really wouldn’t like to see those plans ruined or even harmed by the hot- blooded temper of this little strumpet of mine.”

Again the girl rose to protest, and again the lady managed to calm her down with her next remark.

“So, consequently, I would like to find a solution where we can make sure that she has all of this… all that she wants.” She looked over at Anne with a snug smile. “With her sexual appetite satisfied, she can handle her love affairs in a much better and controlled way. And that’s where our dear little friend here comes in.”

Lana looked back and forth between the two.

“I… I thought I just told you that I’m really not a lesbian. I said I like boys!”

Lauren laughed and took another sip of her small brandy.

“I should know that by now, don’t you think?”

She bent forward slightly.

What I want you to do is casino firmalari to try my way of calming my nerves. To try the service of a girl like Anne! That gives you exactly what you want, the opportunity to enjoy the best from the two worlds!”

The girl still didn’t get it.

“But… but… I don’t want…”

“Please Lana! To say it in straight terms; All I’m asking is for you to open your mind and your legs to Anne, and just give it a try. Nobody’s asking you to do anything more than that!! I guarantee you’ll not regret it once you’ve tried it.”

Again she took a deep breath and continued before her daughter managed to speak up.

“We’ve been through this a lot of times, and I know exactly how sceptical you are. But the difference between you and me is that I do it for my personal enjoyment, and feel happy about that. Very happy, as you know! You can do it to cool down your temper, while you at the same time go after your favourite boys. Get it?”

Lana obviously wasn’t convinced, and mother and daughter argued strongly for a while with Anne listening and sipping her coke. Things hadn’t come out the way she had expected at all. A ‘standard’ service session for a wealthy and attractive lady seemed to turn in to some kind of an introduction lecture for this young girl. If this proceeded the way the lady wanted, she would face not just a girl of almost her own age, but one that wasn’t even sure if she would go for it. That had definitely not been the problem up until now!

But it soon became clear to her that the girl actually was a little curious about the whole thing… that it wasn’t really a completely new thought presented to her for the first time this evening. Anne knew from her own experience how difficult it is to talk a young girl into something that she doesn’t want to go along with at all. Especially if it is something sexual. And especially if it’s done by someone’s mother!!

When Lana looked over and met here eyes after her mother’s last monologue, Anne knew she had accepted. Her look reflected a mixture of embarrassment and excitement, and almost none of the defiance she displayed just a moment ago. She definitely had an erotic curiosity about it. Obviously! Otherwise she would never even consider trying something like that. Never! Alas… this girl was ready!

Anne wasn’t sure if she was too happy with it though. Her attraction definitely was to more mature women. She knew from the bottom of her heart… now more than ever. The taste, style and… superiority of a real lady. And she had the distinct feeling that such a lady couldn’t be less than in her late thirties. That was just the way it was! Still there was no doubt in her mind that she could see it through… that she wanted to do it. It was a new experience of course. But then again – and that was the absolute most important thing – there was the challenge of breaking in another ‘victim’. Crush her defences, and make her surrender unconditionally to her own sexual rapture! Like she had done to all the other ladies she had met.

Once again someone was in for a devastating lecture in real top quality service!

A small round mahogany table with a bottle of champagne on ice and tree glasses were the first things to welcome them inside the suite. On the breakfast table over at the balcony door there was a huge decoration of fresh flowers. In an alcove to the side, an enormous four- poster was the dominating part. The room was completed by a corner section in shiny black leather and oak. And even here an impressive chandelier was hanging from the ceiling. That obviously was a kind of governing idea in this place.

The champagne was already opened, and Lauren proceeded to pour it, using a white folded napkin like the most experienced waiter. When Anne clicked the glass with the two of them and put it to her lips, she realized that it must have been opened just minutes before they came upstairs. It was wonderfully cool and refreshing after the somewhat flat and lukewarm coke.

They stood for a moment without saying a word, just enjoying the flavour of their sparkling drink. Then the lady went over to sit down on the leather couch. Looking up at Anne, she patted her hand on the leather beside her. As the girl sat down, she put a loving arm around her shoulder. Lana was motioned towards the broad single chair opposite to them.

Lauren swept down the rest of her champagne and put the glass on the solid table.

“Well, my lovelies!” she smiled, “I have to admit that I am quite looking forward for tonight’s experiments, so please bear over with me if I should be a little impatient!”

She started paying with Anne’s locks with well- manicured fingers.

“Now, from what I’ve heard, and the impression I got during our meeting, you’re the best of the best. And that’s exactly what I want. For me and for my daughter!”

She turned back to Lana. The girl sat with crossed legs, still with the glass in her hand.

“Are you ready my dear? Do you think you can güvenilir casino go through with it?”

The girl’s hand trembled. For the first time her cheeks got red. First lightly… the purple red! She looked down into her glass. Stiffly.

“I know it’s difficult,” Lauren cut in to break the silence, “and I have something that I think can make it easier. Let’s try that.”

The woman opened her handbag. With a steady hand she picked up and unfolded a black piece of cloth and held it up.

“A sleeping mask!” she smiled at them. “For intercontinental flights. I use them quite often. And this one I saved especially for this occasion!

She held it up in front of Anne.

“Here, feel if!”

Anne reached out and caressed the silky material. Her scepticism was slowly giving way to mounting passion as she immediately realised the purpose of the somewhat strange looking piece of material. Suddenly she wasn’t so relaxed any more. Her heart started its familiar heavy pounding. The kind of hammering that told her that her entire system was tuning in for ultimate erotic performance.

“Anne, I want you to put this on… at least now in the beginning. It is all to make things easier. Easier for Lana. Easier for you. This is her first time, remember?”

She looked deeply into her eyes.

“Think you can do it?”

Of course she could do it! It really did make things easier… for her too.

“Yes… I think so.”

“Excellent! Remember, it’s for making things a little easier. That’s all! Not for hiding anything or making you feel unsure or unsafe in any way, right?”

“Sure; no problem!”

So, once again she found her self on her knees, crawling in between the thighs of a horny woman. This time it was quite much more of a challenge though. She made sure to seek out a route between the iron legs under the glass plated table before she got her blindfold on. Still she felt quite unsure about the direction by the time she expected to be out on the opposite side, and nuzzling against the girls knees. And sure enough she raised her head a little too early and hit the edge of the plate. Not hard, but terribly clumsy! Sore trunk f….!

Then she felt that oh-so-familiar scent and heat of soft skin in front of her. As she moved slightly further, her nose touched onto a knee, making the girl jump almost unnoticeably at the contact. She had expected her to still keep her knees tightly closed, and was surprised to find them separated exactly enough for her to drive them further apart by her head’s gentle inward push.

The uncertainty was still there though. And some meek signs of defiance. As Anne slid painstakingly slowly further in between, the thighs kept squeezing and then relaxing around her cheeks. At one point her progress was even interrupted by a persistent finger on her forehead. But then she slipped out of vision under the edge of the girl’s light cotton skirt, and was met by that intoxicating fragrant of horny woman! A little different, but still completely unmistakingly! She was still slightly defiant and unsure all right, but she wanted it. And she wanted it desperately!

Anne could sense that there probably were no panties to separate her from her final goal. Another signal to show that she really had expected to go through with it, already before they even met. Still, as she closed in, she decided to make a final test. It would have to be, because her own passion grew so strong she wasn’t able to hold herself back much longer. She stopped her movement completely, and even sent a vague signal to retract ever so slightly. Just to see. It took a few seconds, but then it came! That little, impatient movement in the hips. The movement forward. To meet the desired touch. Like getting in a better position to be more receptive. The very confirmation Anne felt she needed to keep up her own excitement for the task at hand. Although her advance had never been rejected by anybody so far, she still would feel terrible if that should ever happen.

A breath- taking heat flushed through her body as she continued onward to collect her prize. The uncertainty she had felt was all gone, and she had the same wonderful feeling that she would have with any of her demanding senior ladies. Age obviously made a difference in many areas, but clearly not in that area! She let her hands slide up to the girl’s waist under the skirt to hold around her with caressive fingers. The skin under her fingertips trembled lightly as the hips made another little bounce to urge her on.

The silky thighs kept up their caressive squeeze onto her cheeks as she pouted her lips to meet the soft opening with a first welcome kiss. The body jumped again at the first contact, and the legs gave way just slightly to allow for a firmer and even more stimulating contact. The light movement of well trained muscles in thighs and waist made Anne so hot she could eat her alive! An appearance advocating fitness, eagerness and enormous hidden passion.

She let her lips run caressively over the pussy lips in front of her, seeking out the contours and crannies and familiarizing herself with this new and slightly different source of pleasure. Looking for the grooves around her clit; the right place to start the advance with her experienced tongue.

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