Anne’s Story Ch. 02

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Ch 2: Morning Delights

The second part of saga where Anne is caught deep in her lust by her partner Dan.

Anne woke at six am. The birds were singing, the courtyard fountain, which could be seen through the bedroom window, made a restful splashing.

She felt the weight of another body in the bed and turned to see who it was. ‘Dan wasn’t due home till tomorrow.’

It was John, her new lover sprawled on his back, breathing softly. He lay, pubic hairs crusted with dried cum and pussy juice, his hand cradling his half erect cock.

She gazed at it, nestling there, a faint purple bulbous head with a prominent swelling around the gland. The slit on the end of the penis was blocked with dried cum.

‘Hmmm,’ she thought ‘I must do something about that’.

Quietly she slipped from the bed and showered. Washing the dried cum from her breasts and belly; lingering over her pussy, she languidly cleaned her slit and slid two fingers into her cunt, bringing back the feeling of his cock inside her. Paying particular attention to her bottom, she washed it clean and stuck a soapy finger inside to check it was clear. Turning her finger, she felt her knees start to give as pleasure flowed through her. Oh yes! She had plans for that particular hole. Drying herself, she brushed her hair and rubbed lightly scented oil over her body, then tiptoed to the kitchen.

Quickly cutting a bowl of fruit and pouring two glasses of juice, Anne made her way back to the bedroom, placing the tray on the bedside table. John had not moved. Reaching over, she gently took his hand away from his cock and replaced it with her own.

She picked up a cube of melon and balanced it on the tip of his cock. Anne opened her mouth and encircled his cock head; she engulfed it and using her tongue, crushed the melon so the juice ran down the shaft. Anne sucked it up and swallowed the crushed pulp. John’s eyes fluttered open and he sighed with pleasure. Being woken by an angel with a soft cool tongue was his idea of heaven.

John sat up as Anne propped pillows behind his back and held the glass of juice up for him to drink.

“Come on lover!” she said, “I have plans for you this morning and they don’t include you lying there sleeping. You will need to get some fuel in your body, so eat up!”

John tucked into the fruit while Anne went to the bathroom and returned with a warm moist oil scented washer.

She rubbed John down gently loosening and soaking up all the evidence of last evening’s lust.

Using the tip of her tongue she gently loosened the crust on his penis tip. Holding the slit open she pointed her tongue and flicked the soft skin just inside the opening. John jolted and clenched his legs together as the exquisite feeling rippled the length of his flaccid cock and into his groin.

Anne spent a minute there, flicking away with her pointed tongue. John’s legs were twitching as the pleasure shot through his body. All the while the warm washer in her left hand was rolling his balls cleaning and scenting them. She then spread his legs wide and washed his anus and perineum.

“Go and pee! Then, hurry back while I get ready for your next adventure.” While John was away, Anne slipped on a vinyl glove and opened the toy box. The box contained a selection of lubes, vibrators, dildos and strap on harnesses. She rummaged through and selected some, and then placed two pillows in the middle of the bed.

John returned from his ablutions and stood beside Anne; stroking her back, fondling her breasts, feeling the soft globes watching them swing under his touch.

“On the bed” said Anne “get your tummy over the pillows and kneel down.”

John, excited about what may be coming next, quickly complied; kneeling there with his taut backside presented and vulnerable.

“Don’t look just feel” said Anne as she moved to the end of the bed and selected a vibrator.

Activating it, she proceeded to run it along the inside of John’s thighs up and over his buttocks and down the other leg. She did this for five minutes, allowing John’s senses to come alive. He knelt quietly just absorbing the tingling pleasure. His cock visible against the white pillows was slowly growing an inch at a time as the pleasure registered.

Anne changed objective, dipping the tip of the vibrator in some lube, she moved the point of attack to his balls and cock. Ever so gently with a deft touch, she caressed his balls watching them react to the titillation, by pulling up to his body and become two crinkly walnuts. The skin was so taut it was vibrating by itself as she lifted the vibrator away. Allowing the tip of the vibe to follow the length of his growing cock, Anne caressed the rim of his gland following each twitch, keeping up the light pressure.

John began to moan, the intensity almanbahis şikayet of the feelings was overwhelming. Not pushing him on a path to ejaculation, but heightening all his nerve ends and setting them a jingle.

Anne spoke not a word, but worked away steadily using the vibe to heighten his pleasure. John moaned loudly.

Anne slapped him on the buttocks leaving a stinging red hand print and said. “Shut up! Concentrate on the pleasure.”

John quietened, burying his head in the mattress and gritting his teeth.

The vibrator slid ever so slowly up from his cock, around his balls and traced a path along his perineum coming to rest just beside his anus. The dark brown ring contracted and puckered, the fine down of hairs surrounding it stood upright.

Anne said to the immobile lover, “Take your hands and pull your arse cheeks apart.”

She took the vibrator away and dipped it in the lube; bought it back and began tracing circles starting on the pale flesh surrounding his now partly open hole. The circles became ever smaller, as she crept over the border to the brown ring all speckled with tiny raised lumps. She touched those trigger points and another loud moan issued from John’s mouth.

Anne slapped him again, this time on the other cheek “Remember no noise.” She leaned close to his ear and whispered “If you are a good boy, after I have finished with you, I will let you fuck me in the arse.”

John squirmed and snuggled down on the bed; this was one pleasure he was not willing to forgo. Anne stood back to look at John’s bare buttocks now sporting two glowing red handprints. He was now very still. He lay there thinking of how Anne’s hot arse might feel, his already excited cock started twitching and leaking a little precum.

Anne resumed her attention to John’s arsehole. Lightly and ever so slowly, she circled the vibrator till it was poised over the centre of the stretched brown ring. She slid the tip into the puckered lips and entered just a mite. John humped his back and ground his face into the bed to stifle another moan.

Anne took the vibe away and dipped it in the lube again, with her left hand she took more and coated the shaft. With her slippery latex finger she transferred a dollop to John’s hole and pushed a little inside.

“Now John this is for your own comfort” said Anne, as she inserted her fingertip inside John’s twitching arse.

Moving her gloved forefinger in to the second knuckle, Anne rotated her finger, coating the inside with lube. She pushed deeper and curved her finger towards his balls, finding the lump of his prostate, she rubbed it gently. John bit into the pillow to stop himself from moaning and his thighs trembled with pleasure.

Selecting the long thin arse plug from the toy chest she covered it with lube, stroking it up and down with her fist as if she was jerking it off. Nice and wet, she poised it above the pink inner ring of John’s arse and slowly shoved it to the hilt.

John’s back humped, as he felt the length of the plug slip into him and slide along the tight walls of his rectum. The bulbous middle of the arse plug filled the rectum and his sphincter pulled tight around the thinner end. Anne flicked the switch and electricity coursed through John’s belly as the intense vibrations caused his rectum to clench tight around the body of the vibe. John’s cock took on a life of its own as it twitched up and down with the rhythmic contractions of the vibrator.

Slowly she pulled it back and watched as the sphincter closed slowly following the withdrawal of the vibe. While it was out, she flicked the vibes controls to full on and shoved it back down that brown tunnel.

The response was majestic. John’s back humped as the intense vibrations flowed from the thousands of nerve endings around his arsehole, along the length of his spine to the base of his skull. His head pulled up and as his mouth opened a long soft, “OOOOOHHH”, issued from his lungs. John’s hands, still holding his arse cheeks apart, began to clench pulling his cheeks further apart and then relaxing them, causing the vibrator to move in and out by about an inch, intensifying the feelings that jolted through him.

Anne stood back to admire the tableau, watching the vibe push in and out of John’s arse, as his body humped and twitched to the music of his own lust.

He revelled in the carnal feelings flowing from his once virgin arse. Anne’s hand felt for her labia’s and she inserted two fingers between them, then slid them up and down; feeling the throbbing clit pulse and grow in anticipation of what she planned next.

Leaving him, but never taking her gaze from the body on the bed, Anne leaned down taking up the harness and began to fit it around her thighs and bottom. Selecting a six inch dildo, she almanbahis canlı casino fitted it and smeared it liberally with lubricant. She knelt on the bed and ever so slowly pulled the vibe out of John’s arse.

Before the hole could close fully, she inserted the tip of her dildo. As she took the weight and pushed forward, John’s hole opened, slowly swallowing the soft silicone dick. Anne looked down, amazed that the distended hole could accommodate the thickness of the dildo.

John humped and pushed back his greedy arse, taking all Anne could give him. Anne felt tingles in her loins as the backward pressure from John pushed the base of the dildo onto her slippery swollen labia’s and clit. She couldn’t help herself. Anne ground her hips in a circular motion, intensifying and spreading the pleasure over as much of her genitals as she could.

Anne slowly began to fuck, driving the cock in and out of Johns arse, slowly at first and then with more intensity as the lube spread and aided the movement. John had let go of his arse cheeks and was resting on his elbows arching his back and pushing back to fully take all that Anne could push into him. Anne, meantime, was feeling the power of being in charge and able to use the cock to enhance both their pleasure. She leaned forward reached under and closed her fist around John’s swollen cock and began to stroke in time with her thrusts deep into his slippery hole. Her other hand grasped his balls and on the in stroke pulled his scrotum to keep him coming back and hitting the base of the dildo and driving it into her swollen clit.

As Anne kept up the thrusting she let go and with the nails of both hands, scraped them down John’s back, forcing him to bend his back down and take that rubber dong deeper into his distended bowel. She eased the pressure of her thrusts and slowed the rhythm of her fucking, eventually pulling out and letting the dildo slide down his balls and hang between his legs. Her clit was swollen from the pressure of the back of the dildo pushing on to her vulva, and juice from her pussy was staining the straps of the harness

Anne stood and unstrapped the harness letting it fall to the floor. She thrust her hand down and parted her pussy lips, rubbed her labia smearing pussy juice over her hardened clit. Her knees trembled. She moved to the bed, where John was still lying draped over the pillow.

Stroking his back, she said, “Up now lover it’s my turn!”

John stood and, as he eased by Anne, she bent down and kissed the tip of his cock as it passed by.

Anne knelt on the bed, bending over the pillows and said, “It’s yours”.

John stood behind Anne and placed his hands on her arse cheeks. He slowly parted them and gazed on a brown ring, surrounded by little bumps and fine hairs. The whole area was glistening with juices that had leaked from Anne’s vagina, when she was humping him with the dildo. He leaned down and with his tongue pointed, rested the tip against the puckered hole and gently pushed it inside, till he felt the smooth skin of the anus. John left his tongue there tasting the flow of pussy juices as Anne humped back, pushing his tongue further in. John revelled in the taste and feeling of that sweet arse as Anne moved back and forth feeding his tongue in and out.

At that moment the airport shuttle drew up outside the bungalow on the hill and Dan alighted. He was home half a day earlier, his work completed. As he strolled down the front path, he was anticipating the surprise on Anne’s face as she saw him home early .He noticed a strange car on the lawn.

‘Curious,’ he thought as he walked up to the front porch and keyed the front door open.

In the lounge, Dan was confronted with a mixed pile of clothes on the floor besides the couch, and he heard moaning sounds coming from down the hall. His suspicions aroused he carefully placed his luggage on the floor and slipped out of his shoes. Tiptoeing down the hall, he stopped short of the bedroom and went to carefully look around the door but, before he could do so, movement reflected in the dressing table mirror caught his eye. He was confronted with the sight of his lover naked, glistening with sweat, and bent over a pile of pillows, her beautiful rounded bottom in the air. Behind her, kneeling up and about to enter her, was a handsome well muscled stranger. His hand was on his cock and his fingers were playing with her, opening her arse. Dan could see him slowly push his lubed, slick, engorged cock into that welcoming hole.

Dan’s eyes moved to watch the expression on Anne’s face as the stranger’s cock slowly slid into her. A look of shock as the width of the cock stretched her was replaced with a smile and a expression of bliss, as the pleasure sensors in the arse adapted to the size. The movement as his cock rocked almanbahis casino back and forth, was burying itself inch by inch into that brown ring.

Soon, what appeared to Dan to be eight inches of hard cock was buried in Anne’s arse. She arched her back and pushed backwards to take it all. At the sight of this raw sex being enjoyed by Anne, Dan’s cock swelled and tented his trousers. He moved slowly back down the hall and quietly shed his clothes. His cock grasped in his right hand, he crept back to his vantage point.

He watched the two lovers, enjoying the feelings they were sharing. Anne, humping and pushing her hips back to take the length of the cock being thrust into her arse, her hair flying as her head was bounced up and down by the strength of her lover’s thrusts. Her beautiful breasts were swinging free to the rhythm of the animal lust on display. The stranger’s hands were on Anne’s hips, his head bent back in ecstasy as his cock pounded into her. Grunts issued from both mouths, as the thrusts pounded breath from their lungs. There was a rhythmic slapping sound as John’s hips hit Anne’s luscious arse globes on each inward thrust.

Dan stood watching the tableau as it unfolded in the mirror, his hand pumping his cock and knees about to buckle under him, as the pleasure grew and shifted towards a climax. He slowed, relaxed a little and let the pending flood subside. His thought was of what the stranger was feeling, as Dan remembered the feel of that tight ring that had surrounded his cock giving them so much pleasure.

Anne had slowed her thrusting, satisfied now that her lover was keeping the rhythm, she reached up and began fingering her clit, rubbing the inside of her labia in time with the thrusts. Every so often, she dipped two fingers into her steaming cunt and pulled out some cream to coat her pussy. Her hand occasionally grasped and squeezed John’s balls as they swung forward on the in thrust. Each time she did this, John would hump and thrust deeper, while letting out an animal moan.

Anne’s head was bent back and her eyes were closed as she revelled in the pleasure being delivered to her. Dan moved into the doorway. John saw him and his eyes went wide with surprise. Dan quickly put a finger to his lips motioning for silence and for John to keep fucking as he moved to kneel on the bed in front of Anne.

Feeling the extra weight on the bed Anne’s eyes opened and registered shock when she saw who it was. Dan moved quickly, kissing Anne on the cheek as he murmured “I’m so happy to see you deep in pleasure my darling, enjoy and let me share some with you”. With that he knelt in front of her presenting his rampant erection for her oral pleasure.

Anne, after hesitating for an instant, bent forward and kissed the tip of Dan’s cock, then slowly began to suck it into her mouth. John looked at Dan and gave him a smile of relief as he continued to thrust into Anne. The rhythm of his thrusts made Anne’s head move back and forth on Dan’s cock. She relaxed and was just there to absorb the pleasure and transfer the motion.

Anne’s lips sucked and kneaded Dan’s cock. He held her head and stroked her back. His hands roved down occasionally to cup and fondle her beautiful breasts as they swung free beneath her. With the slowing rhythm of John’s thrusts, she was able to rotate her hips and her arse to increase the pleasure on the sides of John’s cock. The increased feeling transferred to John’s body began sending him towards climax. Dan benefited by the change in the rhythm of Anne’s sucking as her head rotated in time with her hip movements.

Dan watched John’s eyes as they began to roll back into his head and his hips beat a faster uncontrolled rhythm on Anne’s bottom. Dan pulled his cock from Anne’s mouth and with a few deft flicks of his wrist sent a stream of cum over his lovers’ hanging breasts. Anne reached up and squeezed his pulsing balls, causing them to empty completely.

John grunted and thrust deep. Dan braced against Anne to help her absorb John’s final thrust. Anne could feel his cock pulse as it began to spurt streams of warm cum into her bowels. She felt the warm liquid fill, then flow from her anus as John’s thrusts slowed and he withdrew letting the last spurts of creamy sperm flow between the top crack of her lovely bottom and down her back.

Both males stood back and gazed in awe at the woman that had served their pleasure so well. They both leaned over and stroked Anne as she rolled on her back and began to finger herself towards a kundalini climax. Dan kissed her and softly licked his cum from her breasts while John cuddled into her side. Her fingers slipped from her pussy, and she began to tremble and twitch as the orgasm took hold. Slowly she came down from her high and her body relaxed.

Over coffee for the men and herbal tea for Anne, the introductions were finally made. Friendships were cemented. John was made to feel at home and welcomed back on occasion, to share the joy of love and lust with either the couple or with Anne if she felt the urge when Dan was away.

To be continued.

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