Anniversary Week

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Special thanks to MaximustheMad for his editing help, and for encouraging me to expand on my original thoughts for this story.


My wife, Trish, is a kinky bitch. I say that with the utmost love. I also say that as she is licking my cock like a lollipop while I write about what she did to me last night. She is also here to make sure that I don’t leave anything out.

We’ve been married for five years. We met shortly after college, and after a whirlwind engagement, we were married and settled into adult life. I worked as an engineer at a tech firm, and Trish as a pharmaceutical sales rep. We earned enough money to live a satisfying upper middle-class lifestyle, and at the healthy age of twenty-nine, we both feel that we can wait a few more years and have a few more adventures before moving on to raising children.

I am typically in a constant state of horniness around Trish. Her sexy ass moves with the perfect little shake every time she walks across the room, and her eyes always have a mischievous look to them. She has lips that were simply made to wrap around my cock, as if they had been designed by a plastic surgeon with a love for collagen. Her 34C breasts are the stuff of wet dreams, and she knows how to use them to their full advantage.

She is constantly parading around our apartment in various states of undress; she has quite the exhibitionist streak. She regularly cooks dinner in aprons and panties. She often lays her head in my lap as we watch TV, rubbing and teasing my cock.

We spend a lot of our free time at the gym, and every item in Trish’s wardrobe accentuates a different fabulous feature of her body. She is not above using her God-given assets to her advantage at home or at work. She attributes a great deal of her success as a sales rep to the many distractions her body can provide.

I really can’t tell you about our date night last night unless I explain to you the events that led to our most recent erotic sexscapade.


Last Sunday morning, I awoke to the sun shining in through our 18th floor windows. Trish was snuggled up against my body with her head pressed into my chest, and her hand wrapped around my hardening cock. She was lazily stroking it as she was enjoying the sun warming her naked body.

I smiled and said, “We’ll, good morning to me!”

She responded, “I was wondering when you’d wake up. I was afraid I’d make you cum before you woke up.”

With that, she climbed atop my cock and began to slowly ride me, not caring that the people in the apartments across the street might be able to see into our windows.

Trish loves being on top. It forces my cock deeper inside of her, and she can more readily control the speed and action. In fact, I think ‘control’ is exactly what she had in mind. She clearly had a plan.

While she was riding me, she said, “Our fifth anniversary is coming up Friday, and I’d like to have a little fun leading up to our night out. I want to play a little game this week, and if you’re really good, I will help you fulfill one of your fantasies on our date night.

“My game is called teased and pleased. You please me with multiple orgasms all week long, and I tease you all week until you’re a quivering, beggin’ sexual mess. If you can play my game by my rules, then I will fulfill several fantasies for you on Friday”

I could feel my cock growing even harder inside her – she could too.

“I’ll take that cock twitch as a yes?”

I said, “I’m all yours.”

Trish said, “I’ll let you cum this morning, and then I am going to spend the rest of the week teasing you until you’re begging me to let you cum.”

She spun her sexy five-foot six-inch body around on my cock so that she was riding me in a reverse cowgirl. We both love this position. I can watch her sexy, tight ass bounce up and down, and she tells me that it makes my cock hit her in all the right places. It also provides the added benefit of letting her play with my balls and taint.

She started to slowly rise and fall on my cock, lifting her body up high enough for me to almost fall out of her just before easing herself ever so slowly back down onto my cock, all while gently tugging and squeezing my balls in her hand. She knows exactly how to push my buttons.

I sat up so I could take a little more control. This had the effect of making her sit in my lap and grind her pussy onto my hard cock. I grabbed her breasts, allowing her pierced nipples to poke out between my fingers while cupping each beautiful orb in my hands.

I started squeezing them with a bit of intensity as I sucked and nibbled at her neck. The more I squeezed, the harder she ground her pussy into my lap.

Trish asked me, “Which fantasy do you think I’m going to fulfill for you? What’s your number one?”

I said, “That’s not fair. You know my fantasies get out of control when I get turned on.”

She said, “Exhibitionism? Public sex?”

My cock started to grow harder with the suggestion that she was thinking about these sorts of things. We have always Kayseri Escort had a great sex life, and Trish was always willing to show off her gorgeous body, but for her to voice my fantasies to me was rapidly becoming more than I could handle.

“I know you fantasize about having an orgy? Maybe I can work on that.”

At that suggestion, I simply had to flip her onto the bed doggie-style so I could have my way with her.

“I know you strategically set up the computer to play orgy videos when we watch porn. Maybe you’d like to see another man fuck me. Would you like that? Maybe I’ll let you clean me up afterwards.”

This was too much for me, as I slammed my cock into her, I could feel my balls contracting and filling her with cum. I could feel her tense up in her own orgasm. She always tells me how feeling my cock cumming in her always gives her the best orgasms.

I rolled over onto my back, and she slid up my body, letting my cum empty out of her pussy onto my chest. I could see our mixed fluids pooling there, and she reached down and scooped a little up with her finger and put it in her mouth.

“Delicious. I love the taste of our cum. Maybe someday you’ll enjoy it as much as I do.

“I may have found your secret kink. You dirty minded man.”

Trish made sure to keep my attention on her all day. She wore tiny little jean shorts and an old t-shirt that was so worn it was nearly see through. It had oversized holes for the neck and sleeves cut out of it. Every time she moved, she would be flashing side boob, or so much cleavage that it could hardly be considered decent in public.

I thought she was going to cause a traffic accident when we ran out to the local grocer to grab food to make for dinner. The poor kid at the register looked like he was about to lose his mind when he rang up our selections. My wife didn’t help when she placed our items on the counter and asked him to “Check us out.”

Trish turned on a chick flick after dinner, and said to me, “Brian, you know how you ask me to go down on you while you watch football? I see how much you enjoy it, and how masculine it makes you feel.

“I was wondering if you’d return the favor. Would you go down on me while I watch this movie? You know how a girl’s emotions and her orgasms can be connected. I’ve always wondered what it would be like to watch a movie like this and be pleasured.”

How could I argue with that kind of logic? She had been teasing me all day, and I was still pretty turned on from our sex this morning, so I pulled off her shorts and dove right in.


Again, I awoke to Trish sucking my cock, only this morning it wasn’t a slow sensual one. She was working my cock and balls over like she was on a mission to prove something. Trish had twisted her body around so the first thing I saw when I opened my eyes was her cunt dripping with wetness.

I could feel my orgasm building, and I didn’t want her to stop, so I slid three fingers right into her juicy slit. She moaned around my dick as I filled her with my fingers and rapidly slid them in and out of her.

My balls were beginning to fill. Trish began to tighten her hand around my cock, and then…

Nothing… She let go and eased her mouth off of my dick. I moaned in protest.

My hands involuntarily stopped fucking her – to which she responded, “Don’t stop what you’re doing. I told you yesterday, the game is called, ‘Teased and Pleased’. I tease. You please.”

I decided to try to convince her to finish me by giving her what she wanted. I went right back to fucking her with my fingers, and I rolled her onto her back so I could have better access to her pussy.

I used my other hand to tease and pinch her cunt lips while rubbing my thumb over her clit. I could see her clit growing harder and standing out like a little pebble in her pussy. I began to flick her clit from side to side as I rammed my fingers in and out of her.

She started to grunt and moan, and lift her hips into my hand with each thrust. She became so wet that I could easily slide a fourth finger into her all the way to my thumb. That did it for her and she came hard on my hand, shaking and convulsing in ecstasy.

She began to settle down, and looked up at me and said, “Thank you so much, but you’d better hurry, or you’ll be late for work.”

Then she hopped up off the bed, locked herself in the guest bathroom and started the shower.

I resigned myself to my fate, and stepped into our master bath, and turned on the shower. I let the water run over my body, and decided that the best way to survive the morning would be to rub one out here in the shower. So, I closed my eyes and began to fantasize about my wife teasing and pleasing me.

I was beginning to build up a bit of steam, and I could feel my cock getting closer to release when I was abruptly shocked into reality by a wave of freezing water. I sputtered and yelled, only to see Trish laughing hysterically.

She said, “I knew you would have a hard time resisting the urge, so Kayseri Escort Bayan I wanted to help you ‘cool off’

“Now, no servicing yourself this week. I want you so full of cum for me on Friday that you’ll set a world record when you fill me!

“I promise to make it worth your while”

I finished my shower and headed to work. Around lunch time, I got a text from Trish with a picture a set of breasts with hoops dangling from the nipples. It read, “You like? The guy in the shop thinks they look great!”

I don’t know what turned me on more, the way they looked on her tits, or the fact that she just showed off her tits to some stranger.

I’m not interested in giving Trish a hall-pass, but I do get turned on when she flashes other people. We both have that exhibitionist kink, but I think my kink involves showing her off more than showing me off.

I texted her back, “I can’t wait to see them in person. You’re such a tease”

Her response, “That’s the name of the game”

The rest of the day was a bit of a challenge. I kept going back and looking at that pic of her nipple rings, which left me in a state of semi-erection all afternoon. I arrived home to find Trish nude on our couch with her fingers teasing her clit and nipples.

“Flashing that jewelry guy left me so turned on. I need you to fuck me.”

I started stripping down, and she stopped me.

She picked up a dildo about the same size as my eight inches, and said, “With this.”

I sat down next to her and began slowly sliding it into her hoping to tease her into letting me fuck her.

She reached down and rammed it into her pussy.

“I want to be fucked by this cock, now! If you want your surprise on Friday, you need to be good to me all week!”

“Then keep siding this, and I’ll be right back,” I said.

One of my fantasies has always been to see her fucked by a huge cock, and several months ago, I bought a dildo for her, and I’ve been waiting to Spring it on her.

The dildo is about twelve inches long, and two and three quarters inches across. It would likely look more at place on a horse than a man, but I really wanted to see what it would do for her.

I made my way back to the couch, and watched my wife fuck herself. She is so sexy, especially when she is in the heat of passion. I could hear the squishy sounds of her pussy as she slid that cock in and out.

The sights and sounds were making me even more horny than I thought they could. I could sense her growing closer to orgasm, which kind of surprised me that she would be so close after such a short time. Flashing must turn her on more than I realize.

I sat back on the couch, but she barely registered that I was there, until I started to pull the dildo away from her.

She looked at me with frustration in her eyes – until she felt the new cock at her entrance. I slowly pressed it against her pussy.

“No, Baby, it’s too big.”

“Just trust me. I’ll take it slow. You said you wanted to be pleased. Let me do this.”

I pressed it gently and slowly into her pussy. I watched as the mushroom head pushed her cuntlips apart and began to stretch her wide open.

As the widest part of the head entered her, I heard her groan in both pain and pleasure, and I looked up to see a tear forming in her eye.

“Are you ok?”

“Mmmm. Yes. It hurts a lot, but it also feels amazing. Don’t stop, but please go slow.”

I pushed about an inch into her, and she made me pull it out slowly.

Before I could pull it out, she said, “Push it back in”

We continued like this for about fifteen minutes. Pushing the cock into her a little further each time, until she had about ten inches of it in her.

The she stood up, with the cock still in her, and squatted over the coffee table. She lowered herself onto the table until the disco rested on it.

Trish then began to push herself further onto the dick. Forcing it into her cunt.

“I can feel it right at my cervix. It’s pushing right up against me.”

There was still an inch to go, and she was pressing up against it, slowly grinding her hips in circles on that hard fake cock.

Sweat was dripping off of her forehead and breasts, and she was moaning so loud, I thought the neighbors might call the cops on us. Then, Trish grabbed either side of the coffee table and literally pulled herself down on the cock. Forcing the last bit of that dick all the way into her pussy. I could only see the giant balls peeking out from the front of her pussy lips as she ground her chant into the table.

Trish started moaning like a wild animal, she grabbed a nipple with one hand and started rubbing her clit with the other until she let out a shriek as she came, and collapsed on the table from exhaustion.

She laid back on the table as I slowly pulled the dildo from her stretched pussy, and she said, “Where has that been all my life?”

I carried her to the bathroom, and poured her a warm bath.

“You are definitely getting lucky Escort Kayseri on Friday.”

She relaxed in the bath as I ordered take-out.

She came out of the bathroom nude as dinner arrived and gave the delivery boy a thrill, and we spent the rest of the evening resting her weary body.


I arrived home from work on Tuesday to find Trish waiting for me at the door. She said, “Take a quick shower and throw on some workout clothes. We have to run or we’ll be late.”

I did as requested and we got in an Uber that she set up, only to be dropped off at a massage business. Trish seemed extremely excited about this place.

“I wanted us to have a couple’s massage on our anniversary, but I have other plans for Friday. I thought it might be nice in the middle of the week, and this place has great reviews.”

We were led to a room with two comfortable chairs, and two massage tables set up so we could be together. They had some champagne and fruit set out for us. They told us to take our time getting ready, and to press the button by the door when we were ready.

Trish began stripping out of her clothes right away and reclined on the chair as she enjoyed the champagne and fruit. There are few things sexier than a beautiful nude woman eating a strawberry and drinking champagne.

I have rarely gotten massages, and when I have, I leave my underwear on, so I said, “I didn’t think you were supposed to strip all the way down for a legit massage.”

“I always do, maybe that’s why I get better service than you,” she said with a grin.

Trish told me that I should strip down as well, ‘To see if I get better service.’ The moment I was nude, I had a full-on erection.

“Someone looks excited. Don’t get any ideas.”

I think the combined week of teasing, her sexy body, and me being nude in a strange place had gotten me pretty worked up.

She got into her table and covered herself with a towel, and I pushed the button to let them know we were ready, and made my way onto my table.

I picked up my towel to discover that it was dramatically smaller than the one that Trish had. It was barely the size of a hand towel. I pointed this out to Trish, and she laughed and shrugged her shoulders.

So, I covered myself with my towel as best I could just before the door opened, and our massage therapists entered the room. I was greeted by the sexiest couple I have seen in a long time. I assumed they’d be wearing clinical clothes, but they both had on thin running shorts. He wore a tight tank top, and she had on a small sports bra.

She looked like she could have been a model. She was about five feet nine with amazing long legs – shaped, tan, and toned. She was a perfect ten with incredible boobs that were barely contained by her top, and long blonde hair that was tied in a ponytail and stretched down her back.

He looked like he could have been a swimmer. He had a similar long lean look to him. It’s always hard for a guy to judge another guy’s looks, but from the look in Trish’s eyes, he must’ve been an eleven.

He took her, and she took me which pleases me very much, but did little to help my erection subside. They started with our neck and shoulders, and worked every kink out of them. They worked their way down our backs, and as she got further down, I could feel her hands slowly sliding under the towel that barely covered my ass.

Not that I minded, but it surprised me a little, as she was kneading my ass a little, and seemed to be working her way along my crack. I looked over to see if Trish noticed anything, and she was smiling at me while her guy was removing her towel completely and running his hands up and down her back, fully caressing her ass. Just as my girl was about to get too close to my ass for comfort, she stopped and worked her way down to my legs.

She began to work on my legs, making sweeping motions upward, and I could see that Trish was experiencing the same thing. Then I felt the slightest contact of her fingers barely touch my still hard cock. It was a fleeting touch, so momentary, that I was unsure that I had even felt it.

I felt like my every sense heighten, and I mentally strained to see if he actually felt it. I heard Trish exhale ever so gently, and I glanced over to see her therapist moving his hands up and down her upper legs. I couldn’t see if his hands were touching her pussy

I did notice that his cock was peeking out of the bottom of his running shorts- not hard, but not quite flaccid. If I had to guess, I’d say that in this state, he had to be about seven inches long. I wouldn’t dare to guess how big it would get if he was truly aroused.

Then I felt it again – she did just barely graze my dick – then back to rubbing like nothing happened. I looked up at her, and she simply smiled and looked over at my wife.

Her guy standing on the opposite side of the table from me. He was rubbing her ass with one hand, and reaching across her body and rubbing her side, rubbing his hand along her breast as it pressed out to the side from the weight of her body.

I think part of me wanted to be upset, but there was another part of me incredibly turned on. I didn’t say anything. I think maybe because I felt just the tiniest bit of guilt about hoping I would get more attention from my masseuse.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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