Aunt Sharon , Friends Ch. 1

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It was my 18th birthday weekend and my Aunt Sharon (only five years older) had decided to take to some clubs in D.C. You only had to be 18 in those days to get in.

We danced and drank and by the time midnight rolled around, neither one of us was feeling any pain. We ended going back to her apartment, a one bedroom flat in Arlandria. I dumped myself on the couch, giggling all the way. She said she was going to take a shower because all the dancing and drinking had made her perspire a lot. I too was in a sweaty state so I cried out, “Me next!”

After she finished and came out in a silky robe, I tried to get off the couch, but had little success. She tried to help but she was still a little unsteady herself, and her robe came open What a glorious sight that was! Two firm breasts and as my gaze wandered lower a beautifully clipped crop of hair was covering her sweet pussy. She escort bursa helped me to the bathroom, not bothering to cover herself. A couple of times my hand brushed her vary hard nipples.

As we got to the bathroom, she helped me out of my clothes until I was only in my briefs. I looked at her body and immediately got a raging hard on. She stared at my covered member with what could only be described as pure lust. She let her robe fall to the floor and then turned the water on for my shower. I removed my briefs and she walked over and started stroking my member.

Looks like you need someone to wash your back”, she said.

With that we got in the shower with my back to the water. She got down on her knees and slowly “washed” my hard cock. She rinsed it off and then started licking and sucking on it. I was in heaven! I couldn’t hold back and started fucking bursa merkez eskort her mouth for all it was worth. Her answer was to grab my ass and slowly stroke my crack all the while playing with my hole with her finger. When she inserted one of her digits it sent me over the edge and unloaded at least what seemed like a gallon of cum, which she swallowed greedily. After she stopped sucking she politely said, “You’re turn”.

She sat on the edge of the tub and spread her legs over my shoulders and said, “Eat me”.

I buried my face her warm wet pussy and started using my tongue like I never had. I found her clitoris and worked feverishly licking and sucking on it. I stuck one, one then two fingers inside her, ramming and twisting them as I continued to suck on her clit. All of a sudden she tensed and screamed as her orgasm bursa sınırsız escort hit her, clamping my head between her thighs.

When she finally came down off the ceiling, we toweled each other off and she led me into her bedroom. She started to slowly suck me again until I got another huge hard on. She was wet again and needed my cock bad! She climbed up on me and fed my cock to her wet, hot pussy. It felt like a warm , wet bonfire around my cock. Her tits were dangling in front of me and I caught one in my mouth and started sucking and rubbing my tongue over her nipples. She started really rocking her ass and I could feel her starting to have another orgasm. As she built up the speed we both just let ourselves go. When our orgasms hit it was a thing of beauty. Both were intense and riveting.

She leaned over so her breasts were crushing my chest and whispered, “Happy Birthday to you, happy Birthday to you”. I giggled as we both fell asleep the smell of sex permeating the room.

The next morning we fucked and sucked ourselves awake and then hit the showers again. I spent a lot of time with Aunt Sharon after that, but that was just the beginning!

To Be Continued…

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