Babydoll Ch. 10

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Fat Pussy

This is the direct continuation of the last chapter. Any likenesses or similarities are purely coincidental. Please read the previous chapters, if you haven’t.

This is a taboo topic, so I know that it is offensive to many people. The material is erotic to me because it is forbidden in society. In no way do I condone such activity. This is purely fantasy. Hope you enjoy the fantasy. Once again, I appreciate the comments and feedback of the Babydoll series. The encouragement has far and away outweighed any criticism that I have received. I really want feedback for all of the chapters. I truly think that whether positive or negative, that it leads one to become a better author.


After I got out of the bathroom, I made my way back to my bedroom where I put on a t-shirt and a pair of jeans. It was a few minutes before 1pm, as I looked at the clock. I was nervous as shit. I didn’t hear Mom coming up the steps, but I knew I was going to have to make contact at some point.

Swallowing the butterflies, I made my way down the steps to see my mother. Ashley was still in her room and you could here a pin drop from that direction of the house. When I got to the bottom of the steps, I walked toward the kitchen where I heard the refrigerator open and close.

There was Mom in her business dress. She appeared to be a little tired. She looked up toward me as I entered with a blank look on her face, “I got through with my meeting so I came home to bring you some lunch. I got you a chef salad. It’s in the fridge.”

She grabbed her Iced Tea off of the shelf and sat down at the kitchenette and started eating her salad. Then she inquired “Is Ashley home?”

Nervously I gave a little less than honest answer. “Yeah, she got home a little while ago.”

(Mom) — “Where is she?”

(Jimmy) — “I guess she’s up in her room.”

(Mom) — “Have you talked to her.”

(Jimmy) — “Yeah, we talked.”

(Mom) — “Did you talk about what we discussed last night?”

(Jimmy) — “No. I haven’t brought it up yet.”

“Jimmy, I am serious,” Mom gave me a demanding and unyielding look, “Look at me. I am serious.”

I meekly responded like the weasel I felt like, “I know you are.”

Then Mom quickly changed direction as she placidly expressed, “About last night….”

“Yeah?” I nodded.

Mom looked around, then shaking her head negatively, quietly said, “I’m sorry…It was a mistake…. That can never happen again….never…do you understand?”

In a stupor, I just nodded my head affirmatively. So here she was insisting that I end my sexual relationship with Ashley and I was feeling terribly guilty about the intimacy of the night before, I knew I had terribly fucked up by letting myself get into that situation. How could I betray the one that I loved so much?

I just wanted to forget the night before and put that out of my mind. I knew that I had stepped through a vortex and this was another situation where I knew that I couldn’t go back to where I wanted to be. Things had changed and they would never be the same. My mind was swirling, because I was so hooked on Ashley that there was no way that I could live without the attachment. I admit that I enjoyed the sex with my Mother, but Ash the one that I needed.

I had to get away. I had to get out of the house. I let her know, “Mom, I need to go take a walk and think. I’ll be back in just a bit.”

I really couldn’t read what she was thinking at this point. She looked at me with a somewhat perplexing look on her face, “OK Jim, I’m going back to work here in a few minutes. You have that talk with Ashley. I’ll be home around 6(pm).”

I went for a walk in the woods and contemplated the situation. It was one of those mortal moments where you feel the world closing in on you. I didn’t want to give up my Ashley, but I also was feeling the pressure that my mother was placing on me. I knew that I would have to walk a tightrope if things continued with Ashley and I felt I would be walking the plank if I didn’t do things right.

I went to the woods and sat on my favorite stump reflecting on the past year. I knew that I had broken every taboo, but I had not really over indulged sexually. I had been with only one woman sexually before being with my mother the night before. God that sounds fucked up doesn’t it? — especially when the other had been my sister.

The one good thing was that it seemed that mom didn’t show any knowledge of the fact that Ash and I had been having sex when she came in at lunch. If she did, she sure wasn’t letting onto it and she was being cool about it.

It was another beautiful 70+ degree day outside and I was enjoying the weather — somewhat. When I headed back to the house, it was a little after 2pm. As I entered the living room, Ashley gave me a somewhat poignant stare as she spoke, “She didn’t say anything, but she knows.”

Playing ignorant I asked, “What do you mean she knows?”

Ashley with her gorukle escort voice somewhat wavering spoke, “I could just tell that she knows. She came up to my room and she was asking when I got home and I told her about 11(am). She seemed to be looking all around the room. She knows. I just know that she knows.”

I walked over and tried to calm her down, even though I had to lie, “Ash baby, we’ll just chill out. Everything’s all right. I don’t think she knows. You’re just a little paranoid about it. I am too. We’ll just chill. Okay.” Then I kissed her and rubbed her cheek.

“It’s going to be hard to do this Jimmy. I’m going to have to stay away from you. When we’re close I feel so out of control anymore. I just want to feel you and touch you.” She leaned in and hugged me while she pouted on my shoulder.

I knew exactly what she meant. She was the woman that I truly desired. She was the one that I felt I had a special connection with. I know that is fucked up, when she is my own sister, but it was the truth.

Ashley told me that she had to get out of the house. She said that she was going over to see her friend Jodie. She went upstairs and got dressed before leaving. She looked so sad as she came in to tell me she was leaving and we kissed goodbye. The sexual tension once again began to flow, but Ashley reluctantly pulled back, “We can’t.” I gave her a kiss on the cheek and assured her that everything would be alright and then she was gone.

I went upstairs and fired one up before trying to call some of my friends. It seemed that they were all busy or not at home for break. I decided to go for a drive out in the country to try and sort all of this stuff out in my head. I couldn’t get Ashley out of my mind. I knew it would probably be best to get to some semblance of a normal lifestyle, but it was going to be really hard.

It was getting towards evening when I returned home. When I arrived at the house there was no one home. I went up to my room and called Jill. She didn’t answer her phone and this made me wonder what she was up to. A jealous pang ran through my heart, as I wondered where she was. I couldn’t blame her if she was going out with someone else. I sure felt I hadn’t shown her enough interest.

I was in my room with a little buzz going. I had my headphones on and was listening to some tunes when I noticed the door opening. In stepped my mother. I could see that she had gotten her hair done. She stepped forward towards me and was saying something, but I couldn’t hear her so I took the headphones off.

She let me know, “Jim, I’ve been calling you. I stopped and got some food on the way home.”

“I’m not really hungry,” I glumly replied.

She tried coaxing me, “Come on now. It’ll be cold. I got a big pizza with everything on it, just the way you like it.”

“Maybe after while,” I retorted.

“Where’s Ashley?” she asked in a telltale inquiry.

I answered harshly. I was pissed, but not totally honest, “She went to Jodie’s, she knew that you knew something, but she didn’t know for sure. I told her that you didn’t know. I lied to her and I feel really bad about that. I just want to really be alone right now.”

“You know this is for the best,” she chided and abruptly turned around and left the room.

I never went down to eat. I sulked the rest of the evening and just stayed in my room sleeping. Ashley never came home that evening or the next day. I missed her very badly. I just decided to be reclusive and sleep spring break away.

The next afternoon I tried several times to get in touch with Ashley on her cell phone. I couldn’t understand why she wouldn’t respond to my phone calls. She was making this whole situation even more difficult than it already was. When mom got home from work, I asked if she had seen or heard from Ashley.

Mom answered, “She called and said that she and Jodie were going out of town for the night and would be back tomorrow.” She gave me a knowing look, “Look Jimmy, I know this is hard, but you need to get passed it. This is for the best. I know you can’t see that now, but you will see it’s for the best.”

Tears welled in my eyes as I responded, “I know what we have done is wrong. It just happened. Just like you and me the other night. I’m sorry, it just happened.”

No matter what was said or done, we all knew that it was just a matter of timing and circumstances. We just spent so much time together and we knew one another’s vulnerabilities. I don’t know if this kind of thing happens in other families, but it just seems like it has to.

We all have sexual needs and sometimes it is so easy to fall for those that are closest to us. It’s just a matter of whether the mind crosses the line that carries us forward to the need to satisfy that sexual craving. Even the inhibitions of sexual taboos can collapse in a split second when carnal desires cross a certain boundary.

My mother seemed to show a very progressive attitude about the whole situation. altıparmak eskort bayan Most parents would have really been waylaid by such a situation and gone off the deep end, but my mother has always been more of a friend, than a motherly figure. Even though I could see she was perplexed by the circumstances, she showed a kind compassion about the abnormal state of affairs.

Mom let me know, “I marinated some steaks so that we can have dinner together. We need to talk about some things that I can’t talk about with the others around. This might be the last chance to do that this week. Will you go light the grill, while I get everything ready?”

I nodded my head before heading out to the grilling area by the pool. As I went outside, I could see that Mom had set up everything and lit the candles around the pool area. The dusky sky created an amber hue that illuminated the warm evening.

Mom brought out a couple of bowls of salad, plates, New York Strips, a bottle of wine, and wine glasses. She set them all up on the outdoor dining table adjacent to the deck. Mom handed the steaks to me and I threw them on the grill. She always expected the man to grill them in any situation and I had become pretty good at grilling a good medium rare steak.

Mom asked, “You would like some wine, wouldn’t you?” I nodded affirmatively as she poured a couple of glasses. I walked over, sat down, and nibbled on my salad as we waited for the steaks to finish.

She opened the conversation, “I never have had the chance to ask you how school was going? Are you doing alright?”

I replied “Yes, its fine. I’m doing well in my classes, it’s not easy.”

“So what about this girl you have been seeing, will you tell me about her?” my mom asked.

“Jill is very nice and she’s intelligent. She’s in a couple of my classes. That’s how I got to know her. We study together.” Nervous about this interrogation, I got up and walked over to the grill and flipped the steaks before walking back.

“Are you two close?” Mom needled.

I knew what she meant, but I played dumb, “What do you mean?”

“Come on Jimmy. You know what I mean,” she retorted.

“No mother. I haven’t slept with her. If that is what you are asking.” I reproached.

We sat for a few minutes continuing with our salads before I went and pulled the steaks off of the grill. Mom continued with further small talk about what I might need to take back to school. I could tell that there were other things on her mind, but she didn’t want to push me too far.

I sipped and savored the wine that she had poured as we finished our dinner. Mom had a couple of glasses and poured another for me. I guess she had loosened up and decided to inquire further about her curiosities. “You get homesick because of Ashley, don’t you?”

I shrugged a half yes and half no. How could I answer such a question truthfully?

“You know honey, I was an only child, so there is no way that I could understand any of this. But, I did love your father and I met him when I was 16 and he was 18. He was my first and only love until he died in that accident. You remind me so much of him. You’re a little taller, but he was a little thicker. He was so strong.” She almost went into a trance with this recollection.

I wondered where she was taking this. Life had grown ever so confusing over the past year. Wrong seemed right, up seemed down, and forward seemed so backwards, where was all of this leading?

Mom continued, “I definitely can see the attraction that you two have for one another. Ashley is gorgeous and so are you. You carry yourself just like he did.” With this she placed her hand on my shoulder and caressed it lovingly. “I don’t know how all of this got started, but you will see that it is for the best that you put this behind you.”

I really don’t understand why some people interject themselves into others lives and try to make decisions for them. My mother had just finished saying that she couldn’t understand the relationship and then in the next breath was telling me what was best for me. How were those two subjects supposed to coexist?

(Mom) – “The other night I was lost in the moment of feeling your father. I could almost feel his presence. I felt so young again. It was wrong, I was confused and making excuses… well it’s just not right.”

I reached out and caressed her hand, letting her know, “I understand mom. Believe me, I understand.”

Mom let out an anxious smile. “Honey,” she interjected, “I have some champagne from New Year’s Eve that has never been opened. Would you like to share a glass.”

“What’s the occasion,” I asked.

“Does there have to be an occasion? I’m just glad you’re home and we’re enjoying this lovely dinner.” She got up and headed inside for a couple of minutes. When she came back outside she was carrying a couple of champagne flutes and one of the bottles of Korbel that I remembered from New Year’s nilüfer eskort bayan Eve.

She motioned me over to the patio couch where she placed the glasses on the wicker-glass coffee table. She opened the bottle and poured a couple of glasses. We toasted the flutes before taking a couple of sips. The bubbly champagne gave me an energized feeling.

I sat back and relaxed with nary a thought running through my mind. The next thing I knew Mom boldly asked, “You smoke marijuana don’t you?”

I nodded meekly in the affirmative, expecting to get blasted. I knew better than to lie about that after all of the revelations of the last few days. What she said next was a true surprise.

“You know, I’m not a nerd… some of my friends smoked pot … and I was around them when they smoked it…I’ve tried it, but I haven’t smoked any in a long time. I need something to help me relax. I’d like to try some….Life’s been a bit rough lately,” she blushed nervously from asking me to do this.

“You’d really like to smoke some weed?” I puzzlingly questioned her as she nodded affirmatively. “Okay,” I answered and got up from the sofa and headed to my room. I couldn’t believe it, “Damn, my mom wants to smoke some weed with me.”

I had some really good shit that I had been saving in my makeshift humidor. This was some good skunkilicious shit. It wasn’t a relaxing kind of weed, this was the kind that would get you good and fucked up. I had been saving it for a special occasion.

I headed back downstairs and outside under the deck to the candlelit area. The atmosphere had a golden hue, as my mother had poured us another flute of champagne. She was sipping on hers as I sat back beside her on the lounge sofa.

I held the joint up to my mother, “Here it is.” I lit the joint and took a long, slow drag before handing it to mom. As I exhaled the smoke, I watched mom who had taken a long toke — more than what she should have. She started into a coughing spasm, so I rubbed her back and asked if she was alright.

Mom had dropped the joint in the middle of her coughing episode. I bent down, picked it up, and took another draw before handing it over again. “Mom, you don’t need to take a big draw off of this stuff, it isn’t a cigarette. Just take a small one and hold it in.”

Mom took a small toke and held it in for a few seconds before exhaling. Then she took a few more sips of champagne. I took a couple of swallows myself. I was already feeling a little buzzed as I reached the joint back out to my mother. She shook her head no, before letting me no, “I think that’s enough for now.”

We sat in silence, relaxing and letting the buzz flow for a few minutes. I could tell that mom was high as we sat back on the lounger. I raised the courage to ask about what had happened a few nights before. “Mom did you have what happened the other night planned?”

“No, no way, not at all,” she shook her head. Her thoughts seemed to come out carefully as she blurted the unexpected out. “I think Joe might be sleeping around. I can’t really prove it; but we haven’t had sex in months. Our marriage has been monotonous for a while. We’ve just been going through the motions.”

I don’t know if it was the grass or the circumstances, I’m sure the buzz had something to do with it, but she started to tearing up. I tried to comfort her “Mom, everything’s going to be alright. Don’t cry.” I reached out and took her in my arms, hugging her. “It’s going to be OK. Are you sad because you think Joe has been cheating on you?”

Mom cried on my shoulder, “No, I’m not positive that he has. That’s not why I’m crying…. I’m a woman. I’m still young, and I need sex!”

She gasped as she thought about what she had just said, pausing a few seconds while searching for the proper words, “I haven’t been with many men in my life and I’ve never cheated… I shouldn’t be telling you these things. I’m just frustrated my life is so screwed up. I’m upset that my family is so dysfunctional. I feel so responsible!!! I’m fucking responsible!!!”

I reached out, hugged her, and then kissed her on the cheek. As I held her, her breasts pressed against my chest and somewhat unfortunately causing my cock to begin to stir. My tented pants pressed against her side. Mom stared me in the eyes and one thing led to another as we began kissing. Suddenly my mother pulled back, “We can’t do this. We can’t fucking do this.”

She stared at me and tried to speak, but no more words escaped the lips I had just been kissing. She seemed to be terribly flustered, as she continued to stare intently in my eyes, while she rose from the sofa, then she turned and hastily escaped into the house.

I knew that I had fucked up. I tried to convince myself that I really wasn’t a letch. I didn’t mean to put any moves on my mother. It felt like it was a mutual thing, but she had laid the rules down and here they were completely broken. Oh, I felt shattered.

I just sat in a lost daze wondering how I was going to remedy the situation. Before I knew it, I looked down at my watch and it had been thirty minutes. The air was becoming quite cool (temperature probably lower sixtyish), but I didn’t want to face the music whatever that might be. I felt like going inside to further sulk in my pity. I put out the candles and headed in.

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