Babysitter, Nanny, Friend …

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Babysitter, nanny, friend …

By Sandy Paris

The babysitter grows up and finds new roles. There will a long lead-in before there is any sexual activity, so if that is what you’re after, look elsewhere. It’s a long story, stick with it.

All characters are fictitious and over eighteen when involved in anything sexual, which is all consensual. Any resemblance to other persons is accidental.

I only had to make a few minor changes to my homework when I read it over again. Then I saved it, backed-up and shut down the laptop. I smiled as I ran my fingers over the case, it had been my seventeenth birthday present and something that I’d coveted for a while. I packed all of my books back into my school bag, stretched and headed downstairs. Hopefully Mum would have started on dinner because I was starving.

“Hi, Mum. What do you need me to do?”

Mum turned and smiled as she answered, “Hi Isla, everything’s done, I’ve got enchiladas in the oven. You could get the cutlery out and fetch the sour cream from the fridge.” I did that, poured myself a soft drink and sat down.

“Did you get your paper finished?” Mum enquired.

“Yes, that’s the last one for history. I need to sort out my revision plan and get down to it. The thought of these exams terrifies me.”

“You’re a smart kid and you work hard, I don’t think you need to worry too much. You should hear how some of my friends and colleagues talk about their kids. I’m proud of you, I’m sure you’ll be okay.”

“Thanks, Mum. Nicola and I have been invited to a party on Saturday. It’s at a hall over at Kelvindale, would you give me a lift?”

“Okay. I nearly forgot, do you have plans for Friday evening?”

“No, why?”

“I met Eve Green in the supermarket; you know her, stays over on Oban Road. She asked me if you did any babysitting, she has a one-year-old and has been invited to a dinner dance.”

“The money would be good, but a one-year-old might be a bit much.”

“I’m sure you’d cope, you’ve looked after your cousins, changed nappies, made up a feed. I’ve got Mrs Green’s number here somewhere; give her a call after dinner. Maybe go over and meet her.”

After school the following afternoon I got off the bus two stops early and walked the half-mile to the Green’s home. I’d met Mrs Green a couple of times before, but I don’t think that I’d ever studied her closely until she opened the door and invited me inside. She was an inch smaller than me, so about five feet eight, slim with a neat waist, which her skirt emphasised. It was a few inches above the knee and showed great legs, which made me envious. As we sat on the couch I noticed that she had a pale complexion, with nice blue eyes. She wore mascara, but very little other make-up and her dark hair was centre-parted turning under as it rested on her shoulders. She had a wide smile, she was gorgeous. Her skirt and sweater didn’t come from M&S and were beyond my budget.

“So Isla, your Mum’s says that you’ve done babysitting before and have taken care of babies.”

“Mrs Green, my Mum loves me and will tell everyone how wonderful I am. I’ve done plenty of babysitting, but never sat for a baby, anyone under six actually. I have a couple of cousins who I’ve looked after for a short time, changed and fed them, but I’ve never sat for anyone as young as your son and I don’t want to mislead you.”

“You’re very honest, I like that. Would you be comfortable do you think?”

“Pretty confident, if anything was bothering me I could phone my Mum or you for advice. If he needs changing or fed that’s no issue and if he cries I can comfort him. Anything else, that’s where I’d need to ask for help. Can I meet your son? It’s Oliver isn’t it?”

We headed upstairs to the nursery, which was a largish room with soft lights, lots of mobiles, toys and a nice cot. Oliver was peering through the bars and started giggling when he saw us enter the room. I went over and spoke softly to him, After a glance at Mrs Green I picked him up. He giggled some more as I spoke to him and it was clear that we got on okay. He seemed to be a lovely little boy and I had no doubt I’d enjoy looking after him.


I slipped out of my school uniform and into a pair of jeans. I brushed my long, very dark hair as I stood in front of the bathroom mirror. My fringe had come about by accident, but as time passed I got used to it and never bothered to change it. I quickly twisted the hair into a loose bun. I had brown eyes and a heart-shaped face on top of, what I thought was a long neck. I’m pretty skinny; don’t have much of a bust and long legs that needed to fill out a bit. Maybe my bust would fill out as well over the next few years. I sorted out the books I thought that I might need and slipped them into my laptop bag, along with my phone and purse.

As soon as dinner was cleared away Mum gave me a lift over to the Greens’ home. Michael Green was a tall man with some grey appearing at his temples that made him look quite handsome and distinguished, more canlı bahis mature than his age. I knew that he was twenty-nine because I’d seen a pile of birthday cards on my last visit and his wife had commented that she was putting them in a memory box.

“You must be Isla, come on in. Eve’s just finishing getting ready.

“Hello. Yes, I’m Isla. You look quite dashing.” I giggled when I realised what I’d just said.

“Thank you, that’s nice of you, now you’re embarrassed and turning red.” He was teasing and paused. “I just need to wait for Eve to tie this bow tie. I can never manage it.” Mr Green seemed like a nice man and I liked his smile.

“Let me try. I’ve done my Dad’s, but that was a few years ago. He could never do it either.”

“Really?” He looked surprised at the suggestion. I shrugged and stood in front of him. I wasn’t hard to do on someone else, but I was sure doing it while you were wearing it would be difficult.

“There,” I said as a stood back. It was then that I was aware of Mrs Green in the room.

“Mike, I know she’s gorgeous, but she’s the babysitter, so leave her alone.” She turned to me, “Thanks for doing that Isla. He looks quite dashing doesn’t he?”

“Yes he does, that’s what I told him, but no one’s going to notice him beside you tonight.” She wore a long dress which appeared to be a dark blue sheath beneath a greenish fine chiffon overlay. Her cleavage was not exactly demure, her hair was up and the make-up very dramatic.

She smiled, “I look okay then?” Mr Green nodded and I was surprised that his tongue wasn’t hanging out.

I’m sure that I looked a bit stupid as well; they were a very good looking couple. “You both look … hot?”

Oliver was awake when I went to check on him as soon as his parents had left. He giggled when I picked him up. We went for a walk around the house and I pointed everything out to him. Actually, I was being a bit nosey and wanted a look around. It was a modern house with four bedrooms and three bathrooms. Each room was nicely decorated and looked homely. Eve had quite a collection of clothes and shoes, now I admit that I was snooping just a bit, but I merely opened the wardrobe doors and peeked inside, nothing creepier than that. I was envious of her style and the rather lovely things she owned. The ground floor was open plan, kitchen, dining and living area all in one big open room with huge glass doors onto the garden. There was also a small lounge and study. All in all, a delightful home.

I played with Oliver for a while, then read to him and he was soon asleep on the couch where I could keep my eye on him. I made myself a cup of coffee and sat working through some revision. When I went to make another drink I called my Mum to let her know things were okay and I’d only just hung up when the phone went again. This time it was Eve checking in and of course, it woke Oliver up. I changed him, gave him a drink and put him to bed, staying in his room until he dropped off.

The Green’s got back just after midnight, earlier than I expected. I had a cup of tea with them before a taxi arrived to take me home.


Nicola was waiting for me in the doorway of a shop when Mum dropped me off. “Hi, Nic, sorry have you been waiting long?”

“No, got here exactly one minute ago. The place is just over there.” We hooked arms and walked over the road. The party was being held for one of our classmate’s birthday and although we weren’t close friends, she’d invited Nicola and me.

I hung our coats up and admired the trousers that Nicola was wearing. “Jeez, girl they look great, not much room for eating with them.” They were very close fitting and she also wore a nice blouse, looking a good deal more mature than she was.

Her eyes opened wide as she stared at me. “And if your skirt was any shorter I’d be able to see your navel.” I laughed, it was short and my legs looked good, even if they were a bit skinny.

As parties go it wasn’t outrageous; there was music, dancing, some good snacks and a low alcohol punch. We all knew that there was booze aplenty hidden in pockets and handbags, including mine. Just enough Bacardi for Nicola and I to enjoy with our cola. We danced together and with a couple of the boys, but by the time midnight arrived I was ready to go home. When I reflected on the evening later, I realised that it seemed to be a bit immature for me. I wanted something with more substance and conversation about events, issues and not who was sleeping with whom or what I thought about the latest celebrity show on TV.


It was about a month later that I next went over to take care of Oliver, as his parents were out for the evening. This time I didn’t have to worry about revision, exams were over and they seemed to have gone well. I played with Oliver for a long time and he liked me reading to him. He was a lovely little boy and very little trouble.

I confess that I snooped a little more this time. I checked out Eve’s wardrobe and several items of her clothes, I didn’t try them on, just looked! She was a stylish dresser; there were a bahis siteleri few things I’d like to have owned and some very nice shoes.

I must have been over there half a dozen times, mainly when Eve and Mike went out for the evening. I was also there a couple of times during the day when Eve had to go into the office or had some other engagement. I really enjoyed looking after Oliver; he was great, very funny and made me smile. He loved going for a walk, well I did the walking and the pushing, but he liked feeding the ducks and watching all of the activity in the park and on the streets. Every time a bus went passed he pointed and giggled. One day I was shopping with mum and happened to see a toy bus, it must have been about six inches long made of red plastic. His little face lit up when he saw it and it made me very happy. Maybe one day I could be a Mum to a little one, just like him.

Girl’s night

Mum was away at a business meeting and staying overnight, so I was on my own. I decided to call at the supermarket to pick up something for my dinner and maybe a wee treat of some sort. I was wandering, browsing, with a basket over my arm when I heard a child crying and spotted a frazzled looking Eve. “Mrs Green, are you okay?”

She looked even more harassed close up but forced out a smile. “Hi, Isla, sorry Oliver is being a bugger. Trying to manoeuvre both his buggy and this trolley is getting to me. I’m sure that one of these wheels is square.”

“Okay, let me deal with Oliver and you get what you need. I’m not in a hurry and have what I came for anyway.” I managed to get Oliver out and cuddled him. He stopped crying and giggled at me.

“I have no idea how you do that. Are you sure it’s no trouble, I don’t want to keep you back?”

“I’m good. My Mum’s away overnight, so I was just getting a ready meal and some chocolate. I’ll help you and maybe you can drop me off.”

“It’s a deal.” She smiled. I got Oliver settled in his buggy again and kept talking nonsense to him as Eve collected her groceries. As we headed towards the tills she checked out the contents of my basket. “Not sure that looks very exciting. Are you going out later?”

“It’s fine, I’m having a night in front of the telly and I have a good book on the go.”

“Mike’s away tonight. Why don’t you come over and we can have dinner, a girly night, lots of gossip and maybe a movie?”

“Mrs Green, aren’t I a bit young for you to be spending time with? I’m not complaining, in fact, it might be nice.”

“I don’t think so. You’re a remarkably mature young lady and I like you. Come on, we can have fun, we won’t be sad lonely people and Oliver loves you.”

Once we got through the checkouts we packed the car and Eve dropped me at my home. “If you want, you can spend the night, pack a bag.” She laughed as she drove off.

I went inside to get changed and thought about her invitation. Eve is gorgeous and really nice; I like Oliver, so it couldn’t be any worse than kicking about here alone. I packed some clothes for the next day, a nightshirt and a few toiletries. It took me fifteen minutes to walk over there by which time Eve had everything put away and was sorting out Oliver.

She called to me. “Hi, Isla. Do you fancy pasta and some garlic bread? If so stick a pan of water on to boil and warm the oven for me. I’ll be there in five. Oh, and open the wine I left out.”

I wasn’t much of a wine drinker, but a glass might be nice, so I popped the cork and tried a sip. I could get used to this. I got cutlery and crockery ready and helped Eve with the cooking, not that there was much to it.

Eve cleared away whilst I played with Oliver before we went to put him down. Then we settled on the sofa with another glass of wine and the chocolate handy.

“Where’s your husband?”

“He was seeing a business client and talking to a supplier today. It was a bit late to travel back tonight and it just so happens that his favourite football team are playing an away game this evening, not far from where the meetings were. Do you think that there was a plan or that it was just chance?”

I smiled, “I suspect that the stars aligned. I suppose it makes sense, but it does leave you and Oliver on your own.”

“Ah, but I’m not on my own, I’m with you. So tell me about school and what plans you have.”

“School’s fine, but I don’t pretend to like it much. I know that I need to work hard so that’s what I do, it doesn’t win me many friends and to be honest, I hate all that bitchy gossip; who’s in, who’s out and all that talk about boys. Either some of them have really good imaginations or they’re sluts and I suspect the former, at least for most of them.”

“No boyfriend or anyone you have your eye on?”

“Nope, none of them interests me at all.” A look of something I couldn’t decipher crossed her face. “What is it?” I asked.

“I’m sorry and it’s none of my business, but are you interested in girls?” She went red and so did I.

“What? No, why do you think that?”

“Isla I’m sorry. I was rambling on about boys when I had a bahis şirketleri thought that maybe … It doesn’t make any difference to me but …”

“No, I’ve never thought about girls either. Maybe I’m … I don’t know the right term, asexual?”

“I doubt that, you just haven’t thought about it yet. One day you’ll meet someone who pushes the right buttons. Let’s face it you’re smart and attractive, you’ll be fine and working hard will put you in the best place. What about university?”

I sighed, “I’m keen to go, it’ll be better than school anyway. But I’m not sure what I want to do long term. I love literature and history, but there aren’t many career options. I’d like to write, but not many people become novelists.”

“There’s no hurry and it may well become clear in time. Have you written anything?”

“I’ve written a couple of poems, a short story and I have an idea for another one brewing.”

“Could I read them?”

“Really?” Her request surprised me.

“Why not?”

“Okay, I’ll email them to you later. What did you study at University?”

“I studied Business Management to Honours and of course that’s where I met Mike. After I graduated I went to work for a consultancy, but I became pregnant with Olly at twenty-five. We decided that I’d take some time to look after him full time. What happened to your Dad, he’s not around much is he?”

“No, Mum and he have moved in different directions. When he got the chance to go and work in the Far East he took it. I think it’s better for both of them. I mean, I still miss him and he pays his share, but we were never as close as some kids are to their fathers. He never seemed to be that interested in …”

“I’m sorry Isla, I didn’t mean to upset you.”

“It’s okay. My Mum loves me, I’m lucky. What about your parents?”

“They went to Canada a few years ago, we have extended family there. Then my Mum died and I haven’t really had much contact with my Dad since. He’s never met, Oliver. He was a stranger to me, maybe a bit like your Dad. Mike’s Mum doesn’t really like me that much. I stole her son and I suspect that even a Princess wouldn’t meet her standards. What a pair we are.”

We had a couple more glasses of wine and talked for hours. It may have been the best evening I’d had in a long time. I sent Eve an email with one of my poems and a short story attached to it before we eventually went to bed. I lay thinking, something was nagging at me, but I couldn’t put my finger on it.

I must have just dozed off when Oliver started crying. I was out of bed and in his room before I gave it a thought. I had him in my arms when I saw Eve standing there looking all shaken as if she’d been in a deep sleep. She was trying to tie her robe, in that brief moment I caught sight of one of her breasts and a hint of her pubic triangle.

“It’s okay Eve, I’ve got this.”

“But Isla, you’re not here to babysit.”

“I know, but I heard him and it was instinct. Put the kettle on and I’ll settle him.” She turned and went away. I have no idea why she did as I suggested; actually, I have no idea where that came from. We sat for long enough to drink our tea before heading back to bed.

Now I lay awake because of other thoughts — the sight of Eve almost naked. She was beautiful, no doubt about that, but there was more to it and my mind went back to the conversation earlier that evening. It didn’t take long before I had to consider the possibility that I might be more interested in girls, certainly ones that looked like Eve.


Two days later I heard my phone ring as I was leaving the bathroom and dashed to pick it up. I saw who it was from the caller display. “Hello Eve, is everything okay?”

“Yes, everything’s good thanks. I read your story and the poem. I wanted to tell you what I thought of them.”

That made me a little apprehensive; somehow it felt really important that she liked them. “Okay, I feel nervous now.”

“You don’t need to be. I liked the poem, it’s good and I’d be pleased if I could have captured my thoughts about flowers like that, but the short story is amazing. The angst that you created between the characters was great and you showed real skill in describing the emotions that Elizabeth felt when her best friend died. I loved it and think it’s brilliant.”

That meant a great deal to me. “Thank you, I appreciate your comments. My teacher liked it and it’s good to know that you did as well.”

“Maybe writing is something that you should think about.”

“I will, I am, but it’s a year away yet.”

“Mike’s away next weekend, more business and football. Do you fancy coming over on Friday evening for another girl’s night.”

I didn’t have to give it much thought, “Yeah, that would be nice.”

Another girl’s night

Eve had taken some trouble over dinner, this time we ate a big bowl of chilli and some cheesecake, both of which she’d made herself. I was impressed. We spent an hour playing with Oliver and I helped him with some words, but he was still a bit young for that. He giggled a lot and that made me giggle as well. Eve had been watching us, “He likes you and always giggles, then it makes you do the same, it’s really quite cute. I think that you’ll make a great Mum.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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