Bait a Hook Ch. 12

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Chapter 12: Ebb & Flow

I was in my room sitting at my desk when I heard my dad come back home. I heard him as he marched up the stairs and barged in my room. My heart was pounding and my eyes threatened tears as he walked straight to me before pulling me up and into a hug.

“I love you Bobby. I’m sorry if I scared you.” I let out an audible sigh of relief as he continued. “I went over to give Mr. Evans a piece of my mind. I told him how proud I was to have you as my son, and if he or his son had a problem with you they could take it up with me. My heart stopped aching as I was flooded with relief. I cried on my dad’s shoulder as he patted my back.

“Thanks dad.” I said wiping my eyes on my sleeve. “I love you too.” He tousled my hair and gave me a final hug before he headed out the door. He stopped in the frame and turned around before asking “are you and Rob…?” I nodded and gave a nervous smile to my dad. “He’s a good kid Bobby.” Dad said as he headed out the door. I collapsed into the bed and felt like every burden had been lifted from my soul.

Rob came over the following morning and we went for a walk downtown, bundled from the winter cold. We stopped in the gas station and he got a coffee and I got a hot chocolate before heading out of the station.

“Well if it isn’t Rob and Nancy.” I groaned as I saw Eric heading towards us. “What brings you and the fairy out this morning?” He said and made sure to emphasize the word ‘out.’

“Don’t you call him Nancy, or fairy Eric. His name is Bobby and he deserves your respect. He’s a great person.” Rob said pointing at his chest.

“Respect, for the queer?” Eric laughed maliciously as he spat on the ground beside me. “Honestly Rob, if you want people to have respect for you, you’ll quit hanging around this fag.”

“Fag? Fag. I’ll show you fag!” Rob’s eyes were wild and his face was red. Rob grabbed me and pressed a possessive, needy kiss onto my surprised lips. “I don’t give a fuck what you think Eric; you’re a piece of shit.” Eric’s jaw dropped open and he sat staring as Rob grabbed my hand and pulled me down the road. I know a look of shock and awe was on my face, but when Rob finally looked at me he looked relieved. He just started laughing.

“I’m sorry Bobby. I just thought that might shut his dumb ass up.” I shook my head smiling at him as I reached up and kissed him.

“Thanks for sticking up for me Rob… This is going to cause some drama. I guess you’re out of closet.” I said as we walked back to my house sipping our drinks. Rob headed home after lunch and I just lounged on the couch watching movies with Emily the rest of the day.

We were sitting down to dinner when we heard a pounding on the door. Mom got up and answered the door to reveal a distraught Rob.

“I’m sorry Mr. & Mrs. Thompson, can I talk to Bobby please?” Rob asked, his eyes glazed and blood shot.

“Sure sweetie.” My mom said, “we’re about to eat dinner. We’ll set you a place. Come down when you’re ready.”

Rob followed me up to my room and sat beside me on my bed. “Eric’s dad told my dad.” Rob said as he hung his head. “He kicked me out, said he wasn’t going to have a queer living under his roof. Mom tried to defend me, but dad wouldn’t listen. He said he didn’t have a son.” Rob was almost crying as I wrapped my arms around him and tried to comfort him.

“I’m so sorry Robbie. I’ll always be here for you. I’ll talk to my parents, I’m sure they’ll let you stay here. We’ll go pick up some of your stuff after dinner and you can stay here until you work things out with your dad.” I said as reassuringly as I could manage.

“Thanks Bobby.” Rob sniffled as he tried to hide the evidence of his tears and rubbed his face in his sleeve. “I don’t think I will be able to work things out with my dad. My mom seemed to be okay with it, but she won’t go against him.” I just sat there holding him until finally he stood up trying to regain some composure.

“Come on Bobby, supper is getting cold.” He smiled half-heartedly and we headed downstairs.

“Everything alright Rob?” Mom asked as she gave Rob her warmest smile.

“Not really, but I’ll manage.” Rob answered with chagrin. I squeezed his thigh under the table before speaking.

“Mom, dad, is it okay if Rob stays here for a while?” I asked with a pleading look on my face.

“I don’t mind if you stay here Rob.” Dad began, “but I need to know why you need a place to stay, what happened?”

Rob took a few seconds to compose himself before speaking. “Eric Evans has been picking on Bobby for being…” Rob hesitated.

“Gay.” Dad said plainly as he nodded for Rob to continue.

“Well I just couldn’t take Bobby bearing the burden alone. Eric was harassing Bobby this morning calling him names and I kissed him in front of Eric to shut him up. It worked too.” Rob gave a mirthless chuckle before continuing. “Well the little shit–, sorry for my language Mrs. Thompson.” Rob apologized as she waved him off. “Well he told his dad, who told my dad. My mom seemed canlı bahis to be okay with it, but dad disowned me and kicked me out. I don’t want to impose, but I don’t have anywhere to go. Maybe my uncle…” Rob trailed off looking down at his plate.

“Oh honey.” My mom got up and gave Rob a hug through the chair and kissed the top of his head. “Of course you can stay here, as long as you need.”

“I will let you stay here Rob, but we are going to need to figure out the sleeping arrangement. I can’t have you two lovebirds shacked up In Bobby’s room.” Rob and I blushed as Emily laughed.

“I can’t thank you enough.” Rob said to my parents, “I’ll earn my keep.” After we ate dinner we headed to Rob’s to pick up the stuff he needed. After a couple of hours we had packed up most of his clothes, his books, and computer and were making the last trip to his truck.

“I’m so sorry Rob, I love you. You know your father; he’s stubborn as a damned mule.” We looked up to see his mom looking sadly at Rob. “You going to stay with your friend?” She asked looking at me.

“Yes ma’am.” I answered nodding, “my parents said he could stay with us until Rob and his dad worked things out.”

“That’s sweet dearie, but I wouldn’t hold your breath.” She came down the stairs and gave Rob a hug. I was surprised when she gave me a hug. “He’s very handsome Rob; I think you made a good choice.” Rob grinned and I blushed as he tousled my hair.

“I made a great choice.” Rob said as he held open his truck door for me to get in. We waved bye to his mom before heading back to my-, our house.

“Your mom is sweet.” I said grabbing Rob’s hand.

“She has her moments.” Rob answered lacing his fingers with mine. We were hauling some boxes and bags upstairs when we heard a strange noise coming from my room. Peeking in we saw my dad with a mess of tools, screws, and lumber strewn on my floor. My full sized bed was no longer in the room.

“What’s going on?” I asked as my dad looked up at the two of us.

“I was going to make Rob sleep in the attack, but your mom thinks it’s too cold. She thinks you’ll end up sneaking to see each other anyway. So I got bunk beds. I know you’re both 18, but if you’re going to be sharing a room, you won’t be sharing a bed. This door is going to be opened a lot more than it’s closed. Do you two have a problem with these rules?”

“No sir.” We said in unison. Rob walked in and immediately started helping my dad organize the parts for the beds.

“Do you want two twin beds, or bunk beds?” Dad asked looking at me.

“Surprise me.” I said as I grinned and headed down the stairs. I hauled the rest of Rob’s things to the upstairs hallway before settling down to watch TV. I knew what a pain dad was when trying to put something together and I didn’t want to be around during his frustration. I felt bad leaving Rob with my dad. That fear faded when they came down the stairs an hour or so later, they were happily chatting and I saw dad pat Rob on the back before heading to the fridge. He grabbed a bottle of beer for himself and handed Rob a Coke.

“Thanks for the help Rob.” He said as he sat on the couch.

“It was the least I could do Mr. Thompson, I can’t express my gratitude to you and Mrs. Thompson.” Dad waved him off and Rob led me to our room to show me the new addition. The beds were stacked on top of each other.

“I got top bunk.” Rob said laughing at me.

“Oh I know how much you like being on top.” I rebuffed and he burst into laughter.

“You got that right.” Rob said as he pulled me into a hug. “I was upset at being kicked out, but now I realize I get to spend all of my time with you.” He kissed my forehead before heading into the hall and bringing in one of his boxes. We rearranged my room the best we could to fit all of his things in with mine. It was getting late when we finished and Rob gave me a sweet kiss before he climbed the ladder to his new bed. I closed the door so it was just opened a crack before climbing on the bottom bunk and drifting off to sleep. I don’t know how long I had been asleep, but something caused me to stir.

“What the hell?” I mumbled as I was startled out of my sleep by something soft hitting my face. I pulled the soft fabric off of my face and looked, using the moonlight, trying to focus. I moaned when I realized Rob had thrown his boxer briefs to me. I heard him chuckling as I inhaled deeply, groaning at the wet spot I found. I was hard in my own underwear now moaning and lapping up any taste of Rob I could suck out of the cotton. I was jerking my cock with one hand, while with the other I pinned his underwear to my face, engulfed in Rob’s manly aroma. I was sucking the underwear into my mouth as I shot my load into my own boxer briefs. I kept Rob’s underwear over my face as I removed my own, wiped up the remnants of my mess, and tossed them in the top bunk.

“Thanks babe, I needed a late night snack.” I laughed at Rob’s silly comment, slipped Rob’s underwear on, they were a little too big, but I didn’t mind. I fell asleep bahis siteleri thinking of him coaxing my load from the fabric.


I heard Rob jump down from the top bunk and rolled over as he stood up stretching.

“Morning babe.” He said as he pulled out his gym bag and took some clothes out before replacing them with clean ones.

I moaned and laughed at the sight. “Robbie, my underwear is too small for you.” He laughed as he came over and pulled me out of bed.

“Yours are a little too big babe. Wanna switch back?” I shook my head, I liked wearing his used underwear and wasn’t ready to give them up yet. “Have it your way.” He chuckled as he started to get dressed for football practice. They would have it every morning this week before the semi-final game Saturday.

“Rob you can’t wear those, you can see a stain.” I said as he was pulling on some sweats.

“I’m going to switch to a jock anyway for practice, no one will notice. I like wearing your skivvies babe.” Rob said pulling up his sweats as I chuckled at him.

We went downstairs and ate some cereal and chatted. “I’m going to run a quick errand after practice, but I’ll be back by lunch time.” Rob said as he looked around before wrapping his arms around me a giving me a sweet kiss. I followed him to the door and watched as he headed out of the drive.

I helped mom in the attic locating boxes of Christmas decorations and hauling them downstairs for her to go through. I had just finished untangling strands of Christmas lights, and was about to start putting together the artificial tree when a grinning Rob walked in the door.

“Do not unpack that tree Bobby. Come outside and help me.” Rob said as he waited for me at the door. In the back of his truck was a beautiful 8 foot tall Christmas tree. He handed me a tree stand. “Go put this where you want the tree and I’ll bring it in.” I smiled and skipped into the house where mom and I found the perfect spot to place the tree. Rob came in the house carrying the tree with ease and placed it in the holder.

“Rob you are so sweet, you didn’t have to.” My mom attacked Rob with a hug, squeezing him tightly. “I’ll be right back.” Mom said as she jaunted off and out of view. Emily came in and admired the tree with us.

“It’s awesome Rob. Where’d you get it?” I asked gazing at the tree; it had been years since we had a real tree.

“There’s a Christmas tree farm up the county, they cut it down today when I picked it out.” Rob answered.

“I was going to save these for later, but it’s the perfect time.” Mom said as she handed the three of us a small wrapped box. Emily and I ripped the paper off of ours while Rob carefully removed the tape and revealed his package. Mom had gotten us each a Christmas ornament. Emily’s was a volleyball with Emily engraved on it, mine was a track cleat with my name across, and Rob’s was a football with his name on it.

“Thanks mom.” Emily and I said in unison and we hugged either side of her. Rob grabbed my mom into a hug and didn’t say anything. When he pulled away I saw his eyes were threatening a tear.

“Thanks Mrs. Thompson, I love it.” Rob said as he looked at the ornament in his hand.

“I’m glad sweetie.” Mom said patting his back before she headed into the other room. The three of us made quick work of stringing the lights and decorating the tree. The three new ornaments held a prominent place in the center. Mom brought in a tray that had mugs of hot chocolate and sugar cookies. We sat and talked merrily as we admired the Christmas tree.

Rob and I headed off to our room. “How were the guys at practice today?” I asked, nervous that he would be harassed after Eric had outted the pair of us.

“It was okay. Most of the guys didn’t care, teased me a little about not turning their backs on me in the shower and crap like that. A few were shitheads about it. Saying they don’t want to be in the locker room or shower with a ‘butt pirate.’ Rob said smirking at the term. Most of them realize I’m the same guy, and am not going to try to jump their bones. You on the other hand…” He trailed off smirking at me.

I closed the door before pulling him into a hug. “We’re going to be ok.” I said squeezing him tight to me.

“Yeah babe.” Rob kissed my nose before continuing. “We’ll be ok.”


Saturday morning Rob got up early to head to the school to take the bus to Old Dominion University, where the semi-final matches were to be held. I wished him luck as he headed out the door. Thankfully ODU was about an hour away in Norfolk, so it was no problem for me to make the drive. Emily rode with me as we made the trip to the campus. After we parked we realized we were running late, so we headed straight for the stadium and took a seat in the section with our fans. I saw Eric glare at me as we walked by, but thankfully he didn’t say anything.

Rob had another great game as he recorded two sacks and a fumble recovery in the 17 — 7 victory. Our school went crazy as we would be heading to the championship game bahis şirketleri for the first time in over twenty years. Rob rode back with Emily and me and we congratulated him on his strong performance. When we got home mom pulled Rob into a hug and congratulated him before speaking.

“Your mom came by and dropped off some stuff for you.” She said as she handed Rob a box that had some clothes, a few knick-knacks and some mail.

“Thanks Mrs. Thompson.” He said as we headed up the stairs. Rob put the box down and sat in the desk chair as he pulled out two official looking letters. I stood behind him and wrapped my arms around his shoulders, resting my chin on his head. One had a seal that read ‘Christopher Newport University,’ the other read ‘Bridgewater College.’

“Open ’em Rob.” I squeezed him before stepping back and sitting on the bottom bunk.

He looked at me confused. “I didn’t apply to these schools, just the Apprentice School. Why would they be sending me mail?”

“Only one way to find out.” I grinned and encouraged him to open them. He opened them one at a time and carefully read them over. He set them down on the desk before turning to look at me with a look of shock on his face. He stood up came towards me and pulled me off the bed and into a hug.

“I never even considered this.” He started squeezing me tighter as he began to spin in circles. “They are Division III schools, and they’re offering me full football scholarships.”

“Holy crap!” I screamed as he put me down and I started jumping and bumping into him. “That’s awesome; do you think you want to do it?”

“I mean, I had never thought it was possible. I’m in shock.” He said and I squeezed him again.

“What’s all the commotion in here?” My dad poked his head in the room.

“Rob got two scholarship offers to play football.” I said as my dad walked into the room. My dad’s face broke out into a grin as he walked over to Rob and pulled him into a hug.

“Congratulations! That’s tough to do. You did good son.” Dad said as he pulled away. Rob’s face lit up, but had a hint of sadness. “You’re a good kid Rob. I’m happy for you. You deserve it.” Dad said patting him on the back before heading out the room.

Rob was shaking his head dumbfounded and I saw a tear fall down his cheek. I rubbed it off of his lightly-stubbled cheek before pulling him into a hug. We just held each other for a few minutes before breaking the embrace.

“I think Bridgewater is really close to JMU, and CNU isn’t that far from W&M.” I grinned thinking how close we could be to each other. “I won’t hear back for a couple of months, but I’m so proud of you Rob.” Dad came in and said we were going out to eat to celebrate Rob’s victory and scholarship. Rob said we didn’t have to but dad insisted.

Later that night we shared a final hug before getting into our separate beds. Rob fell asleep quickly and I sat up and listened to his soft even breaths before I got an idea.

I silently climbed out of bed and closed the door. I climbed the ladder to the top bunk as stealthily as I could. Rob was sleeping on his back and I started to climb on top of him. He started to stir and I kissed him softly. He seemed to come to life as he pulled me down and deepened the kiss.

“Well this is nice.” He whispered and I put my finger on his lips as I slid down the sheets. I pulled down his tight underwear and was greeted with a happy thud as his erect penis slapped against his tight, fuzzy abdomen.

I quickly swooped in with my tongue and engulfed it with my warm mouth. He put his arm over his mouth and moaned while I worked him with my mouth. My tongue was twisting and laving around his member as I bobbed enjoying the feeling of his hardness in my mouth. I swirled my tongue around his head and tasted his leaking juices. He started squirming as his hands grabbed the back of my head forcing me engulf him completely, shoving his meaty cock down my throat. His fingers lightly knotted in my hair as he began thrusting his hips and held my head still. With one last thrust he collapsed and his body jerked as I had to swallow several times to contain his release. I savored the flavor of my man. I lightly lapped my tongue over his cock cleaning what traces remained before kissing him tenderly. He pulled me tight to him before I kissed him once more.

“Get some sleep babe.” As I started to pull away he tried to follow. I placed my hand on his chest. “This was to celebrate your win, and earning a scholarship. I’m sure you’ll find a way to take care of me later.” I kissed his nose and he sighed as I headed down the ladder before climbing into the bottom bunk. Pleasing him in that moment was all the satisfaction I needed. I heard soft, steady breathing above me before I drifted off to dream.

I was slowly brought back to reality by a glorious pleasure. I opened my eyes to see Rob kneeling beside my bed with his mouth full. I moaned and he placed his strong hand over my mouth to silence my sounds of pleasure. He must have been working a while before I woke up, because I was on the brink. He sucked hard and worked his hot, wet, mouth in quick long strokes up and down my needy shaft. My toes curled and my muscles tensed as my pent up love gushed into Rob’s skillful mouth.

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