Barry and Diane, Encounter No. 05

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Boss Sex

We arrived back at the truck; I unlocked it and everybody piled inside. I was driving of course, and both the girls jumped into the back seat. I eased the big Dodge into gear and pulled out of the parking lot and wound my way to the light. Turning left I accelerated smoothly up thru the gears; the big Hemi propelling us up the on-ramp at good speed. I merged into traffic and glanced into the rear view mirror to see what the girls were up to. Both were giggling and sitting nearly on top of each other, their hands exploring each other’s body. Diane had her hands on Susan, feeling her breasts, and Susan was doing the same. Susan reached up from Diane’s chest and tenderly brushed her hair away from her face. Susan paused for a moment, looking into Diane’s eyes, and then she pulled her face closer and closer to hers, Susan’s lips parting just as their lips met. Susan’s tongue snaked out and found Diane’s mouth, gently pressing between her lips, licking, tasting, and dancing with Diane’s. Diane moaned and pulled Susan closer to her, wrapping her arms around Susan’s body.

“HOLY CRAP!” I thought to myself as I watched the two women making out in my back seat. I quickly reached down and unbuckled my belt and yanked my jeans open to relieve my throbbing cock of its confines. I pulled on my dick a couple of times and then decided I better quit unless I wanted to waste a load in my truck! The scene behind me was intense. Susan was aggressively kissing Diane, feeling her canlı bahis breasts and pinching and twisting her nipples. Diane was responding with her own kisses, occasionally nibbling at Susan’s lips, her neck, and her ears. I drove a little faster, the pure lust in the back seat intensifying.

We reached the house and I nearly leaped out of the truck, quickly snapped the mirrors in, and folded down the antenna so I could get the beast into the garage. The girls were oblivious, lost in each other. I pulled into the garage and shut the door behind me. Turing off the engine I got out and opened the passenger side back door to retrieve my wife and her new friend. “Come on girls” I said as I opened the door to the house. Taking Diane by the hand I led her into our bedroom with Susan in hot pursuit. I quickly spun Diane around and untied her top which fell revealing her lovely breasts, nipples hard as diamonds. Susan wasted no time in finding one with her mouth and set about sucking and nibbling, pinching and twisting the other with her hand. I reached around and unbuckled Diane’s belt, her jeans, and slid them quickly down her body. Diane was busying herself with removing all of Susan’s clothing as well. Susan had a great body, with firm breasts that sprouted perky little nipples that were hard as rock. She had a trim waist, with just a hint of that “past the twenties” fluffiness that we all experienced sooner or later. Her pussy was shaved, completely, and she bahis siteleri was dripping wet. Once naked, Susan pulled Diane by her hands toward our bed, landing on her back in the middle of the king sized mattress. I was naked now too, except for my hat I sheepishly realized, with my rock hard cock jutting obscenely toward the bodies writhing together on the bed.

Susan pulled Diane down on top of her and kissed her some more, her hands finding Diane’s wetness. Next she rolled Diane over onto her back and knelt between her legs. Spreading them gently, Susan looked up into Diane’s eyes for a moment, and then plunged her tongue into her pussy. She licked her long and hard, from the bottom folds to the top, pausing to flick her tongue across Diane’s clit at the top of each stroke. Nearly out of my mind with lust I jumped onto the bed and straddled Diane. Seeing what I was up to she smiled wickedly at me and pulled my ass toward her face. Opening her mouth Diane took the head of my erection into her mouth and sucked, her tongue swirling around the head, before pushing it out and licking up and down the shaft. Pulling more of me into her mouth Diane sucked harder on my cock, taking more and more of me down her throat. I felt Diane start squirming in that all too familiar way when she is about to cum and that sent me over the top. I exploded into her mouth shooting spurt after spurt of my hot cum down her throat. Diane squealed and climaxed hard, her hips bucking bahis şirketleri but maintaining her constant sucking on my squirting cock, making sure not to let a single drop of my cum escape.

I rolled off of Diane, and lay on my back for a moment, regaining my composure. Looking down I saw that Susan was on her back as well, playing with herself. I grinned at Diane and asked “Which end would you like?”

“You go ahead and eat her baby, you enjoy it so.” Diane smiled back at me.

With that I shimmied down between Susan’s legs and spread them apart. Folding her legs over my back I set about licking Susan’s delicious pussy. Diane straddled Susan the same way I had straddled her and offered her own dripping snatch to Susan’s hungry mouth. I drove my tongue into Susan with gusto, relishing the moans and squirms that I was eliciting from her. Diane was moaning too, leaning forward over Susan’s face and grinding her pussy onto Susan’s tongue. Susan reached up and pinched both of Diane’s nipples as she ate her, causing Diane to moan even louder. I reached up and pulled on Susan’s nipples as well, increasing her squirming until it was becoming nearly impossible for me to remain on task. Just then I felt Susan start to climax, and when she did she screamed out. Diane, upon realizing what was happening, came as well drenching Susan’s face with her sweet nectar. Diane then collapsed on top of Susan, breathing hard. I slowly pulled away from Susan’s sopping wet pussy and rolled over, crawling up next to Diane. I snuggled up next to her, pulling her bottom against mine; Diane did the same, pulling Susan’s body tight against hers. We lay like that for a bit, falling asleep, three, as one.

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