Bathhouse Temptations Ch. 05

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My reaction in the steamroom to his finger touching my ass was pure sluttiness, moving my hips to encourage further explorations. I’d already been involved in a delightful threesome, then sucked by a couple of men. Including one who tried, at least twice, to have my slick rod enter his ass – after I’d already played with his naked cock as another man fucked him. There are certain fundamental rules involving bathhouse fun, just as there are rules involving riding a motorcycle, regardless of what one feels in the moment.

His mouth was talented, and though getting my horny cock sucked among all the other men getting off in the steamy dimness was as satisfying as ever, there was no question of breaking those rules, especially after knowing how casually he was breaking them himself. Turning away after a third attempt to switch his mouth with his truly tempting and slippery soft hole, another willing partner quickly took his place.

While my left hand found this new man’s jutting shaft, we soon brought our cocks into contact. By this point, no longer caring about the sort of concerns that used to be part of a cautious approach to bathhouse sex, wanting nothing but the wonderful turn on of a man’s sexy stiff rod touching mine. Besides, though the cocksucker was unable to turn me on enough to slide my cock into his offered and already fucked ass, his sincere desire and oral skills had left me in a truly turned on state.

A state clearly shared by the man I was beginning to move closer to, feeling his fingers gently rub my sweaty nipples as our cocks slid sensually back and forth. We were both falling under the same spell, focusing on each other even as we were surrounded by strangers having sex. He began to kiss my neck, making it easy for my tongue to find his ear, hearing him sigh in response to my actions. Soon, we became ever more intimately entwined, his hand replacing mine as our cocks kept sliding in pure male bliss. A stranger’s saliva was mixing with sweat and pre-cum, providing irresistible lubrication in the easy fashion that makes group sex at a male only sauna so attractive, and why so many men who encounter it once become dedicated repeat visitors.

The now free right hand began sliding over his wet chest. Thumb and index finger squeezing his hard nipple as our cocks kept grinding, mouths joining. Our tongues played back and forth, pleasure shifting between conquest and surrender, sometimes letting the other take control, sometimes forcing the other to be controlled. We were an obviously experienced pair enjoying themselves on a Sunday afternoon at the baths in traditional fashion, though finding such a matching partner is always surprising.

He moved back a bit, pausing in what had started to become a heady rush to mutually flooding orgasm. His hands began to do delightful things to my nipples as I returned to jacking off, his tongue sliding over my neck, making me twist it to expose as much area as possible to his kissing. His cock remained delightful to stroke, prompting me to look at it in the dimness.

Our cocks appeared quite similar when gazing down, holding his stiff shaft. I love looking at hard cock, the first orgasms with another person involving jacking off with a high school friend. Getting turned on enough to no longer look at the porn mags, with the glorious bushes and sexy bare nipples that had brought us to this enthralling condition, but at each other. Seeing how sex ruled the expression on another’s face, before shifting our interest to the other’s horny, and then orgasming cock.

Back then, we never touched, which at least allowed one’s attention to hot cock to be concentrated enough to feel no shame at getting off with another male. And to avoid any question of whether our friendship had a distinctly sexual aspect, beyond just jacking off around each other. Looking back, it was probably better in general that we never fell into the easy sex that men can enjoy.

A fact discovered decades later, sinking into an entirely new realm of sex. Cock to cock games erase any sense of dimension with the pure intensity of sexual contact, a contact that feels immense, wiping away rational frameworks in primal lust. Having seen enough in the dim dampness, I brought our flared cockheads together again, making both of us moan as our most sensitive skin slid around another man’s.

The heat’s presence became stronger, making me lean back a bit against the curved tile wall. His hand went between us, positioning each cockhead into the sack of the other, providing the first enticing hint of his interests. Quickly, it became impossible not to respond to such temptation, our cocks returning to their previous rhythm, surrounded by the other’s wetly yielding flesh. Our mutual enjoyment continued until he pulled back again, saying he needed to slow down as his hand began to slide between my thighs.

Flexing a bit, spreading my legs, sinking into the sensation of his fingers lightly running over hair güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri and skin. Feeling my hips begin to gyrate, wanting his tempting finger to touch my soft ring. A desire he soon responded to, though in measured fashion, letting me fully reveal my sluttiness. It was like dancing in a way, prompting a partner to follow an obvious lead.

I had his cock in my firm grasp, but the lead being followed was the circling of his hovering fingertip, lightly caressing the hair around my hole. He could feel my grip gradually slacken in response, the motion stopping completely when he begin to play with a nipple. Groaning in satisfaction, his finger began to move against my ass, making me sink against its enticing pressure, wanting it to penetrate further.

As his gentle fingering continued, my hand fell from his cock. Allowing the chance to take this visit’s first hit of rush, a perfect opportunity to indulge, a finger playing with my horny hole, surrounded by men having sex with each other. I held the hit as long as possible, feeling his hand join my cock with his, saying ‘slowly .. oh fuck .. slowly .. cock lover.’ My hips swayed, cock and ass and nipple blending in sexual ecstasy, hovering on the verge of cumming. Fortunately, he seemed to understand how to keep a man from losing control during that first wave, fully aware of how good that can be.

After a delightful interval, I brought the bottle back up, telling him that poppers were available. He said he wasn’t interested, so I did a second hit, breathing out slowly near his nose and mouth, aware that rush can be shared this way. Something my first girlfriend and I used to do regularly when having sex face to face, though he preferred using poppers when getting fucked hard from behind on her hands and knees. I held myself as still as possible while exhaling over an extended period of time, riding waves of sexual intensity, waiting for him to respond to the poppers.

Which he did, his breath quickening as my mouth stayed near his, lungs finally empty of the intoxicating scent. Starting to play with one of his nipples, he groaned and moved, his cock soon rubbing against mine. Rubbing that rapidly became grinding as our tongues met and swirled in a deepening kiss, fueled by the animal power that rush provides to its turned on users. His finger returned to its magical touching, making me return to doing my best to entice him play with my still unusually willing hole, distantly surprised at how slutty I’d become in the steamroom.

His finger circled my quivering ass as his tongue explored my yielding mouth. When the finger’s tip began to move past my pulsing ring, I moaned loudly, the sensations perfectly enhanced by the poppers we’d shared, letting him do me, urging him on as sexily as possible. I could see and hear men sucking and fucking all around when softly spoken words entered my awareness.

“… to a booth?”

“Upstairs? Yes .. oh fuck yes. Sexy cock .. finger me .. upstairs” was my vaguely coherent reply, humping his upward jutting cock against mine. Then sinking into uncontrollable bliss, feeling his finger go deeper, unable to keep from slumping as his finger began moving inside me. This was starting to resemble my last memorable visit, where I had been wonderfully fingered while deep throating a man in the darkroom.

We left to shower and soap, quickly moving together under one showerhead, our slippery cocks soon sliding together, returning to our earlier rhythm, uncaring if anyone could see us. He fingered my ass again as we kissed deeply, all in public on a Sunday afternoon in the bathhouse showers. I soaped our cocks, loving another style of lubrication, one that has often tempted me to play with myself here over the years. My soapy fingers explored his ass cheeks, including a bit of touching of his clearly sensitive hole, feeling his reaction along our joined cocks. Disengaging, he needed to move my hand off my rod a couple of times, having become completely overwhelmed by lust.

Upstairs, it took little time to resume our games. We lay side by side, my right hand playing with cock as he rose a bit to begin to tongue my nipple, his fingers lightly touching the sensitive hair on my inner thighs. My growing sighs encouraged him to do the same over the curly hair covering my sack, his lips sucking my nipple past his teeth. The grip on his cock became less consistent, my attention becoming less focussed, allowing him to know precisely the things that made me ever hornier.

Sighs soon turned to groans, his fingers now playing with the hair around my hole. His cock was still hard, but my hand had stopped its stroking, letting him continue to make me a complete slut. A true ass slut, in surprisingly direct fashion. Anal play has always been a real turn on, but this was the first time I was being a truly active participant, encouraging what was happening, not merely delighting in it.

His mouth moved from my güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri nipple, tongue sliding over my neck before reaching opened lips. At the same time, his finger began to teasingly press against my wanting hole. We continued to kiss, my moaning being smothered as his face covered mine. Finding and jacking my stiff length, his fingers continuing to explore between my legs, caressing skin and hair in fantastic combination.

Just as in the steam room, this first contact prompted me to do a hit of rush. Which required far more concentration than expected, even though all I’d brought into the room was a couple of condoms and the brown bottle, removing the need to fumble through the black bag. My moving hips, rising and circling beneath my raised knees, continued to be the center of my being. This forced my hand to sweep futilely for a bit, before turning my head sideways to look around.

His tongue returning to my nipple did not make finding the poppers easier, but after an interval of pure surrender to his finger, hand, and mouth, I finally did a hit. Followed by being extremely careful ensuring the bottle was tightly closed before breathing out. Knowing that very soon, my entire being would be overwhelmed by the addictively sexual enhancement provided by poppers.

Breathing out, I felt his now wettened finger began to circle the smooth skin around my ring. “Fuck yes .. oh fuck yes .. like that .. just like that” I said, spreading my legs. At some point, his finger left, but before I could beg him to keep touching me there, it returned.

It slid deeper, his saliva providing the ideal lubrication, distantly shocked as I began to do my best to fuck his finger.

As the effects of the poppers receded, it became possible to find and open a condom. Lifting myself up to suck his cock, an intention made plain as I began to unrolling the latex down his cockhead, mouth following. However, before I had even covered his glans, he took the condom from my hand, and put it on himself properly.

I love cocksucking, and it did not take long for my experienced mouth to bring to the edge of orgasm. His hands wrapped around my head, stopping me, a reversal from our previous roles. For the next period of time, we played the same game of bringing a man to the brink of cumming, only to be stopped using his hands or thighs to prevent me from moving my mouth along his quiveringly sexy rod. Though I did add the exquisite torture of using my tongue, slowly licking over his tight skin whenever he forced such a pause on my going down on him.

When my left hand rubbed over his tight balls, he shuddered, quickly stilling my head from further motion. The same thing happened when I touched his ass, making it easy to keep him truly turned on, orgasm remaining just out of reach. Not cumming for an extended period of time is a simple way to ensure a larger orgasm after it becomes impossible to stop the hot flood from jetting out, beyond any control.

He finally rolled away, and stood up at the end of the platform. His hands held my ankles as he lifted his arms. forcing my legs higher, causing my back to bend as my hips rose effortlessly. He was between my open thighs, in a perfect position to do anything he wanted with my horny ass.

A position very rarely felt in over 40 years of sexual experience. The initial time involved my first girlfriend rimming me, after getting me wonderfully stoned, turning me on before licking my ass. She told me to lay down and lift my legs, positioning me so my ass was pointing towards the ceiling, completely accessible. Holding my stiff rod, promising that I would love what was about to happen, saying she had read about this technique in the Joy Of Gay Sex.

Creating an indelible association between rimming and gay sex, one cemented by the reality of getting rimmed on my first bathhouse visit, decades later. Over the next couple of days, we would get stoned and read through the book together before she had to give it back to its owner. Though sexy at times as we played with ourselves looking at our first exposure to gay sex, the section on rimming had been the highlight of what we tried.

In the present, it wasn’t a woman about to give a rim job that stood over me like that. Slowly, the realization grew that he could fuck me. A realization that effortlessly led to simple acceptance, finally giving in to possibly my oldest remaining temptation. Knowing he had a condom covered with my spit made it easy to dismiss concerns about losing my virginity this way. Especially considering just how much I wanted to be fucked by a man, a desire fueled by today’s couple of bowls and beer, returning to a later 70s style of sex. Getting stoned before getting off is something I’ve been in love with since first experiencing it, though it has become truly fantastic in combination with regularly visiting the baths.

The first touch of his cock on my ass not only brought a güvenilir bahis şirketleri gasp at the sensation, but an overwhelming desire to let his cock use me however it wanted. From the point he’d lifted me, I’d been stroking myself, able to enter the sort of horny haze that arose whenever playing with my own ass and looking at porn, straight or gay. Anal play had been something explored in that youthful stage, becoming less important as the 80s continued, with its dire consequences for what had so turned me on.

His cockhead circled my soft ring, sliding smoothly, lubricated with my, spreading it over my crack. By this point, perfectly aware that for the first time in my life, in this position, a man would fuck me. A man whose sexy rod I’d gone down on, who had fingered me expertly, kissing wetly while cock to cock, a stranger as turned on as I. A man that wanted to enter my still virgin ass, just as I wanted feel a cock enter me.

His hand moved his cock down, making me gasp in wonder, as this small shift led to a fantastically encompassing sensation. A mutually desired result, one I’d never knew felt so good, his cockhead spreading my ass wider, pressing in. Making me realize just how perfectly cock is designed to enter another person for their pleasure. Offering myself to a man, the still stroking hand merely becoming a part of the background as his cock kept going further.

“Fuck me .. oh god yes .. fuck me” I begged, his cock beginning to pass through my yielding but tight ring. Allowing more than just letting a man’s cock touch my hole, feeling it move deeper, fulfilling a 4 decade old fantasy. The reality, as has essentially been always the case when having sex with men, was far beyond previous imagining.

Moving inexorably deeper, a sense of burning also arose as he forced himself deeper. And unlike during an earlier visit being finger fucked when sucking cock, the loosening I’d experienced moving my lubricated ass did not seem to happen. Not that I cared, precisely, particularly knowing that the size of his cock was much greater than any finger. Besides, such burning is almost a cliche, especially when lube is not used liberally.

“Take a lot of hits now” he said, reminding me of the poppers. Oddly enough, poppers are personally associated with having someone go down on me, both for some of my first truly addictive experiences and in the present. Though in the past, when playing with my ass using fingers or dildos lubed with Vaseline, they had certainly played a role, at least until becoming unavailable in the later 1980s.

Putting my knees over his shoulders, I turned my head, the right hand leaving my cock so as to do a hit from the brown bottle, fully aware that a man’s cock had started fucking me. Floating in the reality of experiencing gay sex at its late 70s peak, doing poppers after getting stoned, finding a hot man to fuck me. Knowing that as far as possible, this opportunity met all necessary conditions, based over decades of learning. The scent from the opened the bottle led me on, fully giving in to something desired since learning about it as a high schooler, something none of the woman that pleasured my ass provided.

That may sounds strange in a sense, but in my experience of several women getting me off with anal games, none truly understood what it meant to fuck someone. Here in the baths, a man stood over me gripping my legs, beyond question taking what he wanted from the willing slut underneath him. The one whose jutting cock was more obviously turned on than any woman’s wet pink cunt, even the one during the first time I fucked my first girlfriend’s tight ass, both of us stoned and drunk on plum wine.

With the roles reversed in the present, me being the one wanting cock, not the one on top. Accepting that my body had been passively offering anal sex from the point he lifted my legs, realizing that our desire had grown overwhelming following his first touch at my horny hole in the steambath. A style of touching whose effects he appeared confidently more aware of than I, adding to the excitement of finally being fucked by a skilled man.

Breathing the poppers in for a single deep hit, ensuring the bottle was firmly shut before letting myself go. My hand returned to playing with my stiff length, a man’s cock starting to move in and out of my ass, abandoning myself to whatever happened, trusting in circumstance and preparation. Though soon being carried along in a roaring current of unstoppable lust, beyond any such thoughts.

Breathing out, hearing myself beg “Fuck me, fuck me so good, fuck me like a man.” The burning receded, though the tightness remained. His balls were against mine, his progress stilled as my ass held his cock. My own stroking slowed, finger and thumb pressing just below my flared cockhead. The combination of sexual impulses overwhelmed me, making me realize just why so many men want to be fucked. Understanding that getting fucked is as good as doing it.

As the rush receded, his cock withdrew slowly. My fingers went between my legs, in part to see if the condom was still on, giving in to a bit of remembered caution. But mainly to feel his hot cock reverse direction, letting me become aware of how it felt to be a bottom, the one wanting to be fucked.

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