Beach Party

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This story is based on actual events. It is taken from my journal.

I rented a beach house on west Galveston Island in late September and invited three of my female friends for a four day stay. The first to arrive was Teri who drove down from Dallas. Teri is about 10 years older than I, about my height, slightly heavier, with dark brown hair. I met Teri on the internet in a bicurious chat room. Teri is divorced from an abusive husband. We have been together on two previous occasions.

Soon, Karen and Teresa arrived. They had ridden together in Karen’s car. Karen, Teresa, and I have worked together but have never been together sexually. Karen and I have discussed her jerk of a husband and she has suggested that she would like to try sex with a female. Teresa is married, the youngest of the group, and quite inhibited emotionally.

Karen is quite short, athletically built, with red hair and freckles. Teresa is about my height, trim, big breasts, and light brown hair.

We were all tired from traveling, so we went into Galveston to eat dinner at Clary’s, a famous seafood restaurant. We had great food and much wine; so, when we returned to the beach house, we were sleepy and soon went to bed. Teri and I slept together on a double bed. Karen and Teresa slept on bunk beds in the other bedroom. Teri and I cuddled for a while but both fell asleep quickly.

Monday morning, Teresa was up early and cooked a huge breakfast of ham, eggs, hash browns, juice, coffee, and fruit. We were all wearing rather skimpy swim suits. I was particularly taken by Teresa’s large, sexy breasts.

After breakfast, we went to the beach, set up our shelter, rubbed sun block on each other, and swam in the surf or lay in the sun or in the shade of the shelter.

Monday night, we cooked dinner, and after we finished eating, we sat around talking. The topic soon turned to sex and our relationships. Since her divorce, Teri had not been sexual with anyone but me. Karen was aware of our relationship, but Teresa seemed surprised. Karen revealed that her once very active sex life had degenerated into once a week hand job or oral sex on her husband followed by her going to another bedroom and masturbating to orgasm. Her husband was “just too lazy to fuck her,” she said.

Teresa sat quietly for a while and then began softly crying. She revealed that she had never had an orgasm and that her husband’s idea of sex was to “fuck her between her tits for a while and then jack off and cum on the outside of her pussy.” She said that in their almost two years of marriage that her husband had not allowed penetrative sex but about ten times. He shamed her and called her a slut for wanting sex.

We all gathered around Teresa to comfort her. Soon, our hugs became more and, more intimate. I removed my top and Teri began to caress my breasts. Teresa began to hug Karen who responded by massaging Teresa’s buttocks. Karen gradually moved her hands under Teresa’s swim suit bottom and gently ministered her healing touch to Teresa’s clit and cunt.

Teresa at first resisted, but soon began to move and sigh as Karen used her woman’s touch on just the right places in just the right way. Teri unhooked Teresa’s bra and began a sensual kneading of her breasts.

Overcome by the love I felt for these friends, canlı bahis I began to cry while trying to hug them all.

Teresa was obviously very stimulated and needed release. I suggested to Karen that she turn Teresa onto her back and do her orally. As Teresa turned over and spread her thighs, Karen began gently, and then more forcefully, to suck and lick her clit. Teresa’s breathing became s series of high pitched squeaks as she reached her peak of ecstasy. Suddenly, Teresa began to grunt and hump uncontrollably, saying, “My God! What is it! What’s happening?!” When she finally came down to earth, we all began shedding tears of joy in celebration of Teresa’s first orgasm.

By then, I was so turned on that I grabbed Teri and began humping her thigh. Karen hugged Teresa and guided Teresa’s hand to her pussy. Teresa began to repay her debt to Karen by going down on Karen’s pussy and giving oral sex as though she was an old pro instead of a “virgin.”

By then, Teri and I had managed to lie pussy to pussy, cunt to cunt, and were humping each other like insatiable animals. In a wonderful explosion, we climaxed at the same time, moaning and groaning loudly. Our orgasms pushed Karen over the edge. Her moans joined ours.

Later, as we lay on the beach staring at the stars, we wondered what tomorrow would bring.

Teresa’s Awakening

Tuesday morning I eased out of bed just as first light appeared in the east. As my eyes adjusted to the soft pre-dawn glow from the windows, I saw Teresa and Karen, both naked, asleep on the futon in the living room. Teresa lay on her back, legs slightly spread, exposing her tuft of pubic hair. Beside her, Karen slept on her side, her head resting between Teresa’s ample breasts. The contrast between Karen’s almost boyish figure and Teresa’s definitely feminine form was both striking and erotic.

I quietly moved to the bathroom to relieve my bladder. As I was finishing, Karen entered the bathroom and sat down on the stool by the mirror. She sighed and said, “Teresa needs our love and help to deal with some serious inhibitions. If we don’t help her deal with her issues, she’ll leave here and go home today.”

I got off the toilet and Karen took the seat and relieved her self. “Teresa is so up tight about her body that she won’t pee if she thinks anyone might hear. As for taking a dump, she says she can’t at any place but home or in the complete privacy of a motel room. Her mother taught her that all bodily functions are nasty, sex included. Her letting go and getting an orgasm last night was a major step for her, but you watch, she won’t pee until we’re all gone outside, or she’ll run to the beach and get into the water before we get there. As for the other, she told me she’s gone for almost a week without a bowel movement because she can’t do it in someone else’s bathroom. I’ll also bet five dollars that she apologizes for the way she behaved last night.”

We went into the kitchen and, as we were getting breakfast together, Teresa shouted that she was headed for the beach. Karen ran after her and asked her to wait a few minutes so we could go together. Teresa came back inside and stood with her legs crossed in the kitchen door waiting impatiently.

Karen asked, “Do you need to pee?”

Teresa replied that she was just bahis siteleri anxious to go to the beach.

Karen handed her a cup of coffee and we all sat down at the table. Soon, Teresa was crossing her legs and squirming, obviously needing to pee. Karen told Teresa that it was obvious that she needed to pee. Teresa looked away and told Karen to mind her own business. Karen reminded Teresa that we all had seen her orgasm last night and that peeing was not nearly as intimate as sex.

Again, Teresa began crying. Karen went to her and gently helped her up and walked her to the bathroom. Karen pulled Teresa’s swim suit bottom down, sat her down on the toilet seat, and said, “Pee for Karen. Let me see that golden stream. ”

Teresa looked at the floor and shook her head. Karen knelt in front of Teresa and began to massage her lower abdomen, pressing on her bladder. A few drops of urine dribbled out; then, with a loud sigh, Teresa relaxed and the floodgates opened. When she was finished, Karen gently wiped her bottom with toilet paper.

For some reason, I found this to be very erotic. When Teresa stood up, I hugged her and pulled her pussy against my thigh. She responded by spreading her legs and squeezing my thigh between them.

Teri walked into the bathroom, saw us, and said that it was a good thing she had waked up because Teresa and Norma need to go back to bed.

I grabbed Teresa’s hand and lead her to the bedroom. We lay down and I buried my face in her ample tits, rubbing and sucking. She began arching her back and pressing her body against mine. As I sucked, I felt hands spreading my butt cheeks and a finger probing my rear hole. I pressed back to allow freer access to my bottom. I heard Teri’s voice tell Karen to leave us alone and to come with her. The door closed.

Teresa pushed me away from her breast, laid me back on the bed and said, “I’ve always wanted to eat pussy and now I’m going to eat yours.” She straddled my body in the 69 position. I spread my legs and she aggressively began sucking my clit. Her beautiful pussy was only inches from my face, so I bean probing for her gspot as I played with her clit. We ministered to each other’s pleasure for several minutes when her cunt began to contract with the spasms of orgasm. She finally relaxed and rolled off me. She laughed and said, “All these years I’ve been missing the best feeling a woman can have.”

We showered and went to the beach.

When Teresa and I got to the beach, Karen and Teri were already lying under the shelter. They were both nude, so we took our swim suits off and joined them. Karen couldn’t resist Teresa’s beautiful breasts, so she began to fondle and caress them. Teresa responded, hugging Karen and rubbing Karen’s tight bottom. Teri and I watched as they became more and more heated. Then it happened – Teresa farted.

Karen sat up. “Teresa,” she said firmly, “do you need to poop?”

Teresa gave her a disgusted look, stood up and walked away. Karen ran after her. They talked quietly and, after putting on swim suits, slowly headed to the house. Teri and I remained on the beach.

Later, Karen shared this story, so I’ll write it as I remember Karen telling it. Karen is speaking.

Tears came into Teresa’s eyes as we walked to the house. Nothing was bahis şirketleri said. When we got near the house, she said that she wasn’t going to poop, no matter what. We went upstairs and I turned on the shower and asked Teresa to shower with me. I began washing her back, then her front side, paying special attention to her breasts.

As she relaxed, I eased my hand between her thighs and gave her vulva and clit special attention. I moved behind her, bent her over and fingered her pussy from the rear. I found her gspot. She began to respond by contracting her vaginal muscles. As she approached orgasm, she stood up and said, “I can’t do it. I’ll fart and it’ll stink.”

We got out of the shower and dried off. I laid her on the futon and began to massage her entire pelvic area. When she once again became aroused, I concentrated my massage on her lower abdomen. She began to pass gas. I kept massaging her belly and rubbing her clit.

I paused, went to the first aid kit and got latex gloves and Vaseline. I put on the gloves, lubed my finger and inserted it into her rectum.

She gave a startled cry, but I continued fingering her hole. I simultaneously rubbed her clit. My attention to her paid off. Before long she was cumming and farting vigorously.

All of a sudden, she said, “I can’t hold it!” She ran to the bathroom, sat on the toilet, and dropped a huge turd.

Norma talking.

Karen and Teresa returned to the beach. Teresa apologized for being such a baby and thanked us for helping her. We spent the rest of the day at the beach.

I planed in my mind the activities for Wednesday night, knowing it was our last night together.

After a day on the beach, we were ready to shower and eat dinner. Giggling like kids, we all four squeezed into the outside shower and washed the sand off each other. Not caring what the neighbors might see, we ran, naked. up the stairs into the house.

Teri and Teresa cooked a pasta dish while Karen and I cleaned the house. After much pasta and wine, Karen told us she had a surprise she had been saving for our last night together. She gave each one of us a sack and told us to take out the contents. Each sack contained a dildo.

Mine was a pink penis about 10” long and 2” around. The others each got a similar dildo, but a different color. Karen handed each of us a tube of lube. She began the party by rubbing her pussy with the dildo. I lubed up and began slowly to insert mine. Teri and Teresa looked at the dildos and, without a word, began to rub each other in what soon became an exciting show of mutual pleasuring. Teresa urged Teri to push the dildo deep inside her vagina.

As Teri probed, Teresa masturbated her own clit, moaning loudly. I eased behind Teri and rubbed her bottom. She raised her bottom in an obvious invitation. I pushed a finger into her anus. She responded warmly with a sigh. The sight of three women together sent Karen over the edge. Her orgasm came with heavy breathing and sounds of “Oh God, Oh God!” Next, Teresa began to hump vigorously and grunted her way through an intense orgasm.

By that time, I was ready, so I retrieved my personal vibrator from my room and gave my clit an intense workout, cumming quickly and strongly. Teri then asked me to do her, so I applied my vibrator to her clit and relieved her tension in short order.

After group hugs and kisses, we went to bed.

Thursday morning was rainy and cool, so we left early for our respective homes, vowing to get together again soon.

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