Behind the Iron Curtain Ch. 03

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The next morning Danica looked very smart in her skirt suit. The blazer and skirt were dark and the blouse was cream-coloured with soft big collars and buttoned down the front. The top two buttons were undone, showing a nice amount of décolletage. The skirt was tight round her ass and came to mid-thigh. She wore stockings with a seam down the back of her legs and high heels that screamed ‘fuck-me’. I whistled when I came out of the dining room and saw her standing by the door and she blushed. Her sister Natalya came out of the bedroom with my briefcase. Even though she wasn’t going anywhere this morning, she had smartened up too and was wearing a pair of jeans and a tight tee-shirt that showed off her lovely chest. She handed me the briefcase and kissed me on the cheek. ‘Thank you,’ she said, looking briefly at Danica.

I patted her ass and said, ‘English lessons, don’t forget.’

She nodded, then threw her arms round my neck and hugging me close, kissed me hard on the mouth. I handed my briefcase to Danica, then placed both my hands on Natalya’s ass and kissed her back. I squeezed her ass, feeling her firm, youthful flesh. Natalya had sacrificed her own ambitions to take care of her sister after their parents died and they had been put in the care of their alcoholic uncle. Despite being intelligent, she had not studied past high school and did not know any English beyond thanks, sorry and please.

The Berlin Wall had fallen just a few months ago and the Eastern European economies had imploded with the collapse of communism and the rise of organised looting by oligarchs. In this new world, there were few opportunities for a young woman like Natalya. I had come over from London to take over our newly-set up Eastern European division and the company had rented this house from one such oligarch who was now living on the French Riviera. Natalya had come with the property and she had been ready to do anything to stay on. I had taken advantage of her – there was no other way to put it – and fucked her several times already. As a salve to my conscience, I had told Natalya that I would pay for her English lessons as long as they were during the time when I was in office.

Her younger sister Danica was twenty years old, just as pretty, busty and firm-toned as Natalya. Danica could also speak very good English and I had hired her as my assistant. She too had been grateful to earn several times more than what she was earning in a pork-pie factory and I had fucked her too. In fact, I had taken both sisters to bed together. I let Natalya go, turned to Danica and said, ‘Shall we?’

She nodded and we stepped out together. ‘You are looking smart,’ I said.

‘I will be a very good assistant for you,’ she said sincerely.

‘I have no doubt about it.’

A short drive in my newly hired Merc took us to the office. When we walked inside, Danica was impressed. It was still fully empty – we had no staff yet, other than Georgi, our office manager. I wasn’t looking forward to meeting him because I had hired Danica in preference to his suggested candidate. ‘This is mine,’ I said, showing her my cabin. ‘This is yours,’ I said, pointing at the desk just outside my office. ‘Settle down and come in.’

Danica looked so proud as she sat at her desk that my heart broke for her. Despite being intelligent and well-educated, there were few jobs available in this country and she had been working for a measly sum in a pork-pie factory, stuffing meat into pastry – a job that she hated. I turned abruptly and walked into my office, shutting the door. I settled down and called our London office, flirted for a moment with his assistant Maria, before being put through to my boss. There wasn’t much to talk as I was fully independent here, but it was always good to keep up with the gossip back in the head office.

As I put the phone down, Danica walked in. She had taken off her jacket and she looked fantastic. I was showing Danica my cabin when I heard Georgi walk in. I opened the door to my office and called him in. He had the only other cabin in the office and he veered away from it and came into mine. ‘This is Danica, my assistant,’ I introduced her. ‘Danica, this is Georgi, our office manager.’

Danica held out her hand and shook it professionally. I could see Georgi leering at Danica, undressing her mentally, and I hated it, even as I recognised that this was hypocritical of me, given that I was fucking her. Georgi eventually tore his eyes off her and turned to me. ‘I can see why you rejected Marja,’ he said grinning and giving me a wink. I frowned and he shrugged and said, ‘I’ll be in my office.’

He left and I sat down behind the table and asked Danica to take the seat on the other side of the table. ‘Have you worked in an office before?’ I asked her.

She shook her head. ‘No,’ she said. ‘It’s always been my ambition to work in a proper office. Thank you.’

‘Your duty is to help me out in any way that I need. I will rely on you to contact people first and get through to someone who can speak English before şişli escort handing it to me. You’ll have to do filing, some accounts, take dictation and type out any letters I ask you to…’

Danica nodded her head vigorously, in a way that made her boobs jiggle and was very distracting. ‘Anything. I’ll do whatever you ask.’

‘Anything?’ I asked, with a smile.

‘Absolutely anything!’ she replied.

I had no doubt about it. When we had finished our conversation, I said, ‘Ok, go to Georgi’s office and get the list of suppliers from him.’

She nodded and left the room while I logged into the computer – a state of the art 75MHz Pentium. As per the company’s standard it would have WordPerfect and Lotus 123. The PC had barely booted and was showing the DOS prompt and blinking cursor when I heard a scream. A second later, there was a ripping sound, followed by another scream. Danica! I jumped out of my seat and ran across the floor to Georgi’s office.

I pushed open his office door and saw Georgi looking angry. Danica was sobbing and holding her shirt against her chest with both hands. ‘What happened?’ I cried, moving to Danica and holding her by her arms.

‘He grabbed my b..boobs,’ she cried. ‘When I pushed him away, he ripped my shirt.’

A cold anger gripped me. ‘Out!’ I said to Georgi, pointing to the door.

‘What do you mean out?’ said Georgi.

‘Out of my sight, you bastard. You are fired. Don’t ever come back to the office again.’

‘You can’t fire me. You don’t know anything about this place.’

‘I don’t care.’

‘She’s just a tart. I can get you ten more like her. Don’t make a mistake over her.’

‘That’s it,’ I said. ‘Out!’ He stared at me for a second, disbelief in his eyes, then stalked out.

At the door, he turned and shook his finger at me. ‘I have friends in high places and you’ll never survive here without me.’

I glared at his retreating back until he vanished through the door and turned back to Danica to see how she was doing. She was gazing at me in adoration. She had left her shirt and its tattered pieces exposed her breasts. I felt a tiny twinge of conscience that what I was doing was no better than what Georgi had done, but that was snuffed out when Danica threw herself at me and showered me with kisses. Between kisses, she said, ‘My hero! No man has ever stood up for me like that. Come!’ She dragged me to my office and lay down on the sofa, pulled up her skirt, slid down her knickers and opened her legs wide. ‘Fuck me,’ she said. ‘I am excited and horny for my hero.’

Who was I to deny a woman? My trousers came down in a hurry and I moved between her legs and thrust my hard cock into her dripping wet cunt in one long stroke. Danica moaned and came on that first stroke. I felt her juices coating my cock, enabling me to fuck her even harder. I lay over her and kissed her on the mouth while continuing to fuck her. This was no gentle love-making. This was raw, passionate, even primeval, sex. As I fucked her, I got rougher. I bit her lower lip and squeezed her tits. I held her hands tight in mine so she couldn’t move and was totally in my power. She came twice more as I continued fucking her before I felt my own orgasm approaching. I gave a bellow as I climaxed, shooting ropes of cum into her willing cunt.

After we had cleaned up and I was back in my chair and she on the other side of the table, I said to her, ‘Get a locksmith in and change all the locks. Urgently. I don’t want that bastard able to get back in without our knowledge.’

‘Yes, sir,’ she said.

‘Get that organised first before we talk about anything else.’

She nodded and left my office to go back to her desk. She closed the door behind her and I put my head in my hands and closed my eyes. I felt totally justified in kicking that sorry bastard’s ass out, but I had made my own job ten times harder. I didn’t know anything about this place. I didn’t even know the details of this office – who was the landlord? Had we paid the rent in advance or was a monthly payment being expected? How was this office cleaned? Who were our customers? Our suppliers… I knew shit. And I had got rid of the only man who knew all this. Georgi wasn’t boasting when he said he had friends in high places. That’s why we had hired him in the first place. Fuck, fuck, fuck, I thought, groaning. I now had a powerful enemy.

After several minutes, I went into the washroom and splashed my face with cold water. I’d make it work. I didn’t have a choice. My career depended on this, but so did the future of these two lovely sisters and I wouldn’t, couldn’t, let them down.

When I got back to my desk, Danica came in. ‘The locksmith is coming in one hour. It’ll cost two hundred and eighty Koruna. Sorry, I couldn’t bargain him down below that.’

I waved away apology with my hand. ‘That doesn’t matter,’ I said. ‘It’s more important that we get the office secure as soon as possible. Now on to the next thing. Go through all the files and take out all the documents you can find istanbul escort regarding this office – the lease contract, details of the landlord, payments etc. Also, get out all the files relating to clients or suppliers. Meanwhile I’ll go through Georgi’s computer and see if I can find anything.’

‘Yes, sir,’ she said and went back to her desk. I almost called her back to ask her to call me Fred, but then decided that I quite liked being called sir by a young, sexy girl.

We met half an hour later. There had been nothing on Georgi’s computer about any clients or suppliers. As far as I could see, he had used the expensive ISDN line connecting the office’s computers for precisely nothing. Danica came in with a handful of files. When she put the files down on my desk, I noticed that she had changed her shirt. ‘Where did you get that?’ I asked.

She glanced down at her shirt. ‘I thought my shirt might get crumpled if we played, so I packed a change,’ she said.

‘Mmm… intelligent and sexy. Come here,’ I said, standing up from my chair and spreading my arms wide. She ran over to me and we hugged. I dipped my head towards her and kissed her. She responded just as eagerly. My hands gravitated automatically to her bottom and I squeezed her ass cheeks, feeling the firm flesh. I let go of her after a few minutes and sat down, pulling her into my lap. She wiggled against my hard cock that was poking her. I let one of my hands linger on her thigh, pulling the skirt up. ‘Okay, show me what you’ve got.’

She leaned forward and pulled the files towards us. ‘I found the lease documents for this place. The building’s owned by Comrade K—-,’ she said in an awed voice.

‘Who’s that?’

‘He was a member of the politburo before the fall of communism. He managed to survive and is now a big capitalist.’

Okay, that could get interesting if Georgi went to his old mate. Danica flipped some more papers which I couldn’t read because they were not in English. ‘What I don’t understand is the rent. I don’t know much about how much rent offices pay, but the rent for this office seems too high. Almost half a million Koruna for half of one floor doesn’t make sense.’

I thought about it for a moment. ‘Can we move to a different office if it’s cheaper?’

She shook her head. ‘The agreement is for three years. As far as I can see there is no break clause.’

What the fuck had Georgi locked us into? ‘Okay, can you find out what other offices are paying in this building?’

‘I can try,’ she said.

‘Did you find anything about clients and suppliers?’

‘Nope, not a pierogi.’ Before I could say anything, there was knock on the outer door of the office. ‘That must be the locksmith,’ said Danica, getting off my lap. She turned and cupped my cock with one hand and spoke directly to my crotch. ‘Poor thing. Don’t worry, I’ll take care of you afterwards.’ She patted my cock gently and walked out, adjusting her skirt as she went.

Just before coming here, I had read about a new technique called mind map. I thought the current situation called for one. I took out a sheet of paper and drew a bubble in the middle and wrote ‘Success’ inside the bubble. I drew a small line from the bubble going left and made another bubble. In that one, I wrote ‘Office Management’. Soon, the paper was covered with bubbles for budget, staff, clients, suppliers, head office and others. Some bubbles led off the central bubble while others hung off the subsidiary items. I kept one eye out on Danica and the locksmith and was impressed by what I saw. She managed him well, testing his work and making sure that he checked the windows as well. She came to me and asked for cash to pay him. Given the state of the banks, hardly anyone accepted credit cards here and I was carrying a fair amount of cash. She left with the cash and I heard some conversation and then the outer door closed.

She came into the office and round the desk to my side. I stopped what I was doing but she waved me on. ‘Don’t mind me, carry on working,’ she said.

Puzzled, I turned back to my mind map. Danica started taking off her clothes and I looked at her open-mouthed as her shirt came off, revealing her bra-clad breasts, then she shimmied her way out of her skirt and now she was just in her bra and knickers. I bent my head back to my work but kept an eye on her going almost cross-eyed in the effort. She unrolled her stockings, then reached behind to unsnap her bra. She massaged her boobs for a second when they became free and my already-hard cock lurched into high alert. She was soon kicking away her knickers and standing stark naked in my office. I remembered something and created another bubble in my mind map. ‘Excuse me,’ she said, as Danica pushed me gently away from the table by my knees. I looked down and she was squatting down in front of me. She unbuckled my belt, undid my trousers and pulled them down. I helped her by partially raising myself off the seat. Next she pulled my underwear down and my cock sprang free. Danica laughed gaily mecidiyeköy escort and gave my cock a quick squeeze, then pulled my swivel chair forward while crawling backwards under the table. ‘Carry on working sir,’ she said, when she was fully under the table and I couldn’t see her anymore.

I started writing in the last bubble I had drawn as I felt Danica’s hands slide up my thighs and then her warm, wet mouth enveloped my cock, making me gasp in pleasure and my hand jerked. I stared at what I had written – Georgi – in a very unsteady hand. He was definitely an impediment to success, but I couldn’t think about that now. I lay my pen down and leaned back in the chair, pushing my ass slightly forward, and closed my eyes, giving myself to the pleasure of my nude assistant giving me a blowjob in the office. I had fucked Danica about an hour ago and that was the only thing that enabled me to experience such an exquisite blowjob without cumming in the first five minutes.

As I was writhing silently in the chair enjoying Danica’s ministrations, the phone rang. This was an old-fashioned, black bakelite instrument with a jangly, loud bell and I jumped when I heard it. Danica must have been startled too because she involuntarily bit my cock. ‘Oww…’ I cried.

Danica immediately withdrew from my erection. ‘Sorry, sorry,’ she cried, showering small, soft kisses on my shaft. Luckily there was no damage and the pain subsided within seconds. The phone was still ringing, so I used my left hand to grip Danica’s hair and guide her back to her job of sucking me, while I picked up the receiver with my right hand and answered the call. A very familiar female voice spoke back to me on the phone. I was shocked for a moment, not expecting a call from my ex. ‘Leanne, what are you calling me for?’ I asked. Our breakup had not been amicable to say the least. She was sexy as hell, which is what had attracted me to her in the first place, but she was a diva princess who expected me to take her to expensive restaurants and buy her perfumes and lingerie and gifts that were beyond my means. Worse, she tightly controlled the amount of sex she doled out – once a week on a Saturday morning, and that was strictly missionary. As for blowjobs, forget it! That reminded me that I was getting a world-class cock sucking and I stroked Danica’s hair fondly.

‘I met your friend Mike at a party yesterday and he told me your sad story, so I thought I’d call.’

Mike bloody Thornwood. He was the guy who had shafted me in the office politics in London and got promoted. I had been ready to resign but my boss had (luckily) convinced me to stick with the company and sent me out here. ‘What sad story?’ I asked.

‘He told me how you’ve been sidelined and sent to Siberia. He said that they would have fired you but he intervened and convinced your bosses to keep you. I told him that was very kind of him. Even though we’ve moved on, I still want you to do well Fred. I don’t harbour any ill-feeling towards you.’

What the fuck? ‘How could Mike even convince my boss to keep me if he didn’t want me?’

‘Fred, I know it must have been a big blow to your ego, but you must accept reality. Mike has been promoted and will be made partner soon.’

Knowing Leanne’s character very well after being with her for two years, I had an inkling about why she was calling me. I covered the mouthpiece of the phone, and lifted Danica off my cock. When she looked at me, I put a finger over my lips to indicate silence and she nodded in understanding. I rolled my chair back, slid my ass to the very edge of the chair, spread my legs and raised them and supported them on the edge of the table. I then pointed to my exposed balls and anus and signalled to Danica. She nodded again and came our from under the table, gripped me by my raised thighs for stability and gave me a long lick from the very bottom of my ass hole to the perineum, then my dangling balls and finally along the length of my shaft to the pee-hole right at the top.

I couldn’t help but groan with pleasure as I switched my attention to the phone. Leanne had been talking all this while, but she stopped and said, ‘Are you okay?’

‘Yeah, I am fine,’ I said, patting Danica’s head in encouragement. ‘Sorry, I was a bit busy and didn’t hear the last bit. What were you saying?’

Leanne gave a sigh – she was good at that passive aggressive thing – and said, ‘How are you coping so far away from civilisation? Do they have bears wandering in the streets?’

‘Only in the winter,’ I said, struggling not to gasp as Danica formed a tight seal round my hole with her lips and was using her tongue to torment me.

‘But it’s winter now!’ Leanne exclaimed.

‘Oh sorry, I meant summer. I haven’t seen any bears. I’ve seen a couple of real foxes though.’ Danica looked up at me without breaking contact with my ass and gave me a wink. I smiled and mouthed, ‘Fox,’ to her. She shook her head which meant that her tongue moved sideways, which sent fresh waves of pleasure through me. I put my hand on the back of her head and pressed her hard against me. Her nose pressed against in the space between my balls and ass while her tongue darted into my hole. Fuck… that was intense. I gasped and turned to the phone. ‘W..what did you want to talk to me about Leanne?’

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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