Best Seat on the Plane Ch. 02

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John was so excited the day had finally come. It seemed like it has been forever since the last measuring day. Laura was at the gym all day today working, and hopefully getting a good pump John thought to himself.

He gets to measure Laura every 3 months to see her progress. She doesn’t like to measure too often and likes that they have a special day set aside for the occasion. They have been together for 6 months so he has only experienced measuring day one time. It was a bit of a let down because her biceps had only grown an eighth of an inch so that they measured a little over 24 inches.

It was still amazing to measure his muscle goddess girlfriend and she still had grown from the first day they met. Her chest and thighs grew half an inch and her arms did grow a little. John still couldn’t believe his luck in finding her, and then for her to fall in love with him was even more amazing.

It was 6 months ago today that they met each other on a flight from Chicago to Washington D.C. The whole experience was a whirlwind for him as they got to know each other on the flight and shared some of their deepest secrets.

To his astonishment she was just as attracted to him as he was to her. They shared a magnificent evening in his hotel room having sex and exploring each other bodies. It was more like John was exploring her body and that’s the way she liked it.

Laura wanted nothing more than to have a guy worship her body and she wasn’t interested in a relationship with a guy with muscles like hers. She felt like she had enough muscles for the two of them and she liked having all the attention on her. She loved that John put her on a pedestal and never got enough of his adoration.

The rest of the weekend in D.C. was filled with sightseeing and more sex in John’s hotel room. He basically couldn’t keep his hands off her and she never missed an opportunity to flex for him. They were perfect for each other.

Unfortunately the honeymoon had to end and John had to head back to Chicago while Laura finished up with her training in D.C.

They stayed in contact flirting over the phone until Laura flew back to the Chicago area. The minute she landed they arranged to meet and picked up where they left off.

She lived an hour away from John but they managed to see each other as much as they could. Eventually, after two months of a long distance relationship, he decided to move in with her and they couldn’t be happier together.

It wasn’t long after that where he got to help take part in the measuring ritual. He got an erection just thinking about wrapping the tape around her massive muscles and seeing how big she is. She should be home any minute and John couldn’t stop looking at the clock.

Just when he thought he couldn’t take it anymore he heard her come in through the back door. John came running through the kitchen to greet her as he threw his arms around her enormous frame.

They embraced each other and she picked him up so he was level with her as they gave each other a passionate kiss. John was tall but she was three inches taller standing an impressive six foot three inches.

“I hope you have the measuring tape handy, because I got a huge pump at the gym today.” Laura boasted.

She dropped him and raised her arms up giving John an early show as she flexed her biceps hard. They looked massive and defined as the peaks bulged out of her arms.

“They look incredible babe. I can’t remember them looking any bigger.” John said as he reached up and grabbed onto one of her arms with both hands and hung from her peak like it was a bar in the playground. She was so strong, she seemed to manage his weight easily as she held her arm unmoving.

Laura told him when they first met that she kept herself lean all year long and she was true to her word. For the whole 6 months that John had known her she never seemed to carry any fat and always looked ripped.

“I have an idea after you measure me that hopefully will be fun.” She said giving him a mischievous smile.

“Really!?! Let’s get started, I can’t wait any longer.” John said excitedly as he tried to pull her into their bedroom.

“Okay, Okay. Let’s go.” She followed John into the bedroom also eager for the attention.

As soon as they crossed into the bedroom they both started tearing off their clothes. John already had a hard erection just thinking about the day’s events.

When Laura had her clothes off she gave John a couple poses to get warmed up. He just stood there marveling at the size of her body. He still couldn’t believe how unbelievable she looked and how lucky he was to be with her.

She stood there with her arms hanging away from her body because of the size of her lats pushing them out, showing an amazing V taper.

Everything about her was huge, and John was pretty sure there wasn’t anyone equal to her size man or woman. He loved looking up the biggest male bodybuilders and comparing her stats to them.

Although not all her stats were the biggest when canlı bahis compared to the greatest male bodybuilders, she was as big if not bigger in most measurements. Mainly her biceps and thighs seemed to be the biggest of any bodybuilder ever to get on stage.

Amazingly, she still didn’t look as bulky because she was so tall and her waist by comparison was small at 30 inches. He loved to see her next to the other big bodybuilders at her gym, no one was close to her size and she made them all look small.

The one other big difference between Laura and other male bodybuilders her size, was the weight difference. When they last weighed Laura she was a staggering 350 pounds. There weren’t a lot of men her height to compare with, but she seemed to be 50 to 70 pounds more than any of them.

To John it seemed like her muscles were more dense and hard than your average bodybuilder. He often wondered if that was the reason, maybe her muscles were just heavier because they were stronger. She lifted weights in the gym that seemed inhuman. There was no one in her gym that could lift near as much weight as her and she showed no signs of maxing out.

As she stood there naked in front of John, every muscle in her body was bulging out with incredible detail and size. She really was the most spectacular sight he had ever seen.

“Why do you have the camera set up babe?” Laura asked noticing the tripod with the video camera.

“I thought I would record you being measured.” He responded.

“You dirty boy, I love the idea.”

With permission granted John hurried over to the camera to set everything up. It was a beautiful day outside so there was plenty of natural light streaming in through the windows. He framed the camera and hit record. He flipped the screen over so they could see themselves and what was being recorded.

“Let’s get started, what do you want to measure first?” Laura asked. She flexed her biceps and then brought her arms down and clamped them together so her massive shoulders and traps bulged out. She started bouncing her pecs for the camera giving an incredible show.

You could see the ripples running up and down her chest in waves as she slowly tensed each pec. Sometimes she would do one at a time and then she would do them together.

Her small yet firm boobs hung from her pecs nicely, not too big not too small. She had nice big pointy nipples which rounded out the look making her chest still feminine.

“Oh my god you are so beautiful. How about we start with your chest and work our way down.” John recommended.

“Sounds good.” Laura responded and went into her bodybuilding relaxed pose with her arms hanging down and her lats flared out.

John got the measuring tape and carefully adjusted it around her massive chest and back. He moved it around pulling it taut to find the best position and then lined up with zero.

Laura hardened her muscles puffing out her chest and flexing her lats causing the tape to expand maxing out her measurements.

John looked at the tape with amazement as he saw the zero mark go past the 59 almost to the 60 inch mark. He tightened the tape and read off the number.

“59 and three quarter. Wow, I think that is an inch bigger than 3 months ago.” John announced.

“Not bad.” Laura said simply.

“Oh my god babe that is incredible.” John said. Then he moved his hands along her lats marveling at their size. Laura looked down at his face and smiled as she saw the sheer wonder in his eyes.

Her lats were so hard and wide, he traced his hands up and down feeling the wide angle down to her narrow waist which was layered with muscles.

John spent a couple more minutes feeling her lats and chest before he was ready to move down to measuring her waist. Even though her waist was thickly muscled it still had a nice curve and wasn’t just boxy muscle.

He wrapped the tape around the narrowest part of her waist as she flexed her abs causing them to harden and creating deep channels between each muscle.

“Still 30 inches, maybe just a hair over.” John said.

She wiggled her hips seductively causing the obliques to harden even more framing her amazing 8 pack abs and highlighting the v shape down to her vagina.

“Still amazing.” John added.

She giggled as he started kissing her abs unable to contain himself. He could just feel the thickness and density as he ran his hands all over her midsection. Her muscles were so hard it seemed like he could hit her with a baseball bat and she wouldn’t feel it.

In a playful way John lightly punched her in the abs just to test out his theory. It felt like he was hitting a smooth brick wall. He looked up and she was just smiling down at him.

“I hardly felt that, give me a good punch.” She requested as he saw her tense up even more causing her abs to look even more prominent.

“Okay.” John said as he pulled back and hit her with more force. Just like before it felt like he was hitting a brick wall and she didn’t move at all. He still bahis siteleri hadn’t hit her with full force but it was still a pretty hard blow that would hurt most normal people.

“Wow.” John said amazed. He looked up and saw she was still smiling down at him as if nothing happened. His already raging erection was throbbing even more now at the thought of her strength and power.

“I still didn’t really feel anything, you can pound on me more later, right now I want to see how big my quads got.” She said as she stuck out her huge leg and started flexing it.

John gave one final kiss and rub to her amazing abs and moved his attention to her thighs. He was going to remember to test how hard he could punch her later, she seemed open to the idea. Exactly how tough was she was an interesting and highly erotic thought for John.

Laura’s legs were just amazing as every muscle stood out prominently with deep grooves between each muscle. When she stood with her legs flexed they flared out wide from the knee before tapering back in by her hips.

John knew from his almost obsessive research that her thigh measurements from 3 months ago were bigger than any bodybuilder he could find on the internet. He couldn’t wait to see how big they were now.

Laura turned her massive leg from side to side giving a good show for him and the camera as she flexed hard. John ran his hands along her leg feeling their hardness and definition. Her legs were so massive it made his hands look small as he wrapped them around her leg.

He loved how the muscles shredded when she flexed hard and would rub his hand along the ridges feeling the hardness. He also loved wrapping his body around them and feeling their sheer size as he hugged. The power seemed to emanate when she would flex and relax as he hugged.

Not wanting to delay it anymore John got his measuring tape out and wrapped it around her leg. They were both excited as he lined it up and tightened the tape as she flexed hard. John looked at the measurement and his eyes went wide as he read it off.

“37 inches!!” He declared.

“Really! Wow I knew I got some good growth.” She said proudly.

“They are amazing. Babe, seriously, I don’t think there is anyone who has legs this big.”

“You won’t believe how strong they are either, guess how much I squatted today?”

John has seen her squat almost 800lb. in the gym before. It was an incredible sight to watch as she did 10 full reps with 8 plates on each side. She usually never went over that amount of weight just because she was afraid to hurt herself.

When he saw her do that weight, it was with perfect form. She almost made it look easy, he always wondered how much she could do if she maxed it.

By the way she said it, she had obviously done more than she usually squats, so John did the rough math for 2 more plates.

“890 pounds?” He asked.

“You’re wrong, you are never gonna believe it.”

“Seriously, come on now you have to tell me.” He said raising his eyebrows.

She gave a big smile and waited a couple more seconds to build up the anticipation.

“1045 pounds!” She said proudly.

“What!!” John blurted, he couldn’t believe what he was hearing. “How did it feel, was it a full squat?” He asked.

“Yeah, completely unassisted. I went all the way down and up.”

John was stunned, he looked down at her massive legs in shock. He knew she was strong, but never in his wildest dreams had he imagined she was that strong.

“How hard was it, how much did you struggle?”

“Actually, it felt pretty good. It felt incredibly heavy, but I went down and up without much of a struggle. You are going to think I am crazy, but I think I can do a lot more.”

“Oh my god that’s amazing! You have to let me know the next time you try something like that, I would love to be there.”

“Sure thing baby, it was kinda spur of the moment. I was hitting the weights hard because it’s measuring day and the guys were pushing me to keep going. We just kept adding plates and the guys were cheering me on.”

“That is amazing, way to go babe. Are you ready for me to measure your calves?”

“You know it.” She said as she turned around and raised up on her tip toes causing her calves to bulge out like a melon.

One calf was so big it filled both of John’s hands as he cupped it lovingly. He wrapped the measuring tape around, and again was met with another positive gain.

“22 and a half, I think they grew a half inch. Way to go.” John said with a low whistle.

“Nice, okay time for the arms. Why don’t you measure my forearms first.” She instructed.

“Okay.” John said enthusiastically.

Arms were John’s favorite part, he was always a bicep lover and he couldn’t wait to see if they grew as much as the rest of her.

She put her arm straight out in front of him and tensed up her forearm causing the veins to explode out of her arm. The outside of her forearm had cords of muscles running up and down and the inside was bahis şirketleri just one big hunk of muscle.

He wrapped the tape around as they both looked on.

“Looks like you just made it to 20 inches.” John read outloud. “Wow, just incredible, your forearms are bigger than most people’s biceps.”

She just nodded and smiled.

“Okay, are you ready for this.” She said as she raised her arm up and struck a bicep pose.

Reflexively John reached up and wrapped his hands around the massive bicep peak. It was so big and hard he never got enough of feeling her arms. He loved how the peak looked like a tall mountain with a deep split halfway up. It made her already big bicep look like there was another bicep coming out the top.

As always it was shredded showing every muscle fiber with a large vein running along the top. Her massive tricep hung down looking almost like there was another bicep coming out of the bottom of her arm.

John quickly got his tape measure ready and wrapped her arm so he could line it up in the front.

“Oh my god babe!” He paused looking at the measurement staring in disbelief.

“Well…how big?” Laura asked.

“24 and one half. It’s actually a little over the half point, so a solid half inch growth!” He said excitedly.

“Woohoo!” She responded also very excited.

He zoomed the camera and made sure he got a good shot of her bicep with the measuring tape held taught. He had plans to convince Laura to post some of the video online and wanted to make sure he got some good video of measuring her arm.

At this point John was about ready to explode as he started to grind his penis on her leg unable to control his sexual desire anymore.

She hugged him lovingly as his hands started to explore her body all over.

“Don’t you want to know my fun surprise?” She asked.

“Oh yeah, I almost forgot, what is it?” He asked.

“I’ll be right back.” She said and walked out of the room for a minute and returned with a bag.

She pulled out a couple shirts, and then held one up to her body to size it up. It was a button down cotton shirt that looked way too small.

“I have a 4XL and a 5XL and was wondering if one of these shirts can contain me. Want to help me get it on and see.”

“You are so awesome!! Yes, let’s try to get it on!” John said excitedly.

The shirts looked huge and would probably be a tent if John tried it on. As Laura put her arm through one of the sleeves it was clearly a tight fit.

John had to basically pull the shirt on for her and every little movement she made would give an audible stretch sound. Slowly and carefully he was able to finally get both arms through and over her shoulders.

The shirt looked like a second skin around her arms and shoulders. He had to pull tight, but John was just able to button the shirt all the way up. When he was done the buttons were stretched to the max.

He stepped back to admire the fit. She filled every inch of the shirt looking massive.

“Let’s see if it can contain me.” Laura said as she raised one arm holding it straight out.

She tensed and slowly brought her arm into a bicep flex. There was a tearing sound as a hole opened up below her bicep. As she brought her arm to a 90 degree angle there was more ripping and tearing as the hole got bigger revealing her bicep. There were a couple additional tears that opened at her elbow and under her armpit as she reached a full flex.

“You shredded it!” John marveled.

She straightened and flexed the same arm a couple more times causing the tear by her bicep to widen even more until her whole bicep was sticking through the sleeve.

She lowered that arm and brought her other arm up straight and held it there for a second. In one quick motion she brought her arm to a 90 degree blasting her bicep hard causing the shirt to split apart in several places almost exploding from the sudden growth. Her bicep and most of her arm completely exposed as the material was shredded to pieces.

“Wow, so awesome.” John cheered.

Laura seemed almost surprised herself with how much the shirt ripped away under the stress of her quickly expanding bicep.

She turned around and flared out her lats causing a huge tear down the middle. Not finished she turned back around to face John bringing her arms up for a double bicep pose and flexed her chest and back causing her entire chest to rise pulling on the buttons.

The shirt gave way instantly under the stress popping 3 of the buttons off sending them flying. The shirt opened up revealing her powerful chest and her arms were almost completely free now since even more of the shirt ripped open from her expanding muscles.

She brought her arms down into the most muscular pose and tearing sounds filled the room as the back opened up even more as well as the seams in the shoulders.

It was an amazing sight as her massive traps and shoulders exploded out of the shirt and her chest looked huge and shredded.

She kept flexing with that pose ripping the shirt more and more until the ripping stopped and she was satisfied that she had shredded it as much as she could.

She stood there relaxed with hardly any of the shirt left intact.

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