Beyond Our Wildest Dreams

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Alexis Fawx

The whole setting was beyond our wildest dreams. We had planned this vacation all year and now it was here. The long flight was worth it as we stepped off the plane, greeted by a smiling customs officer and the manager from the local bank. He told us that everything was set, and that his driver would escort us to the boat that would take us to our private island. At least it was ours for the next two weeks. The island belonged to an uncle of mine who had surprised me at our wedding with the offer. At the time, we had both just started new jobs, and it was not until now that we could take the time off.

What I figured would be a simple launch to take us a short distance turned out to be a 74 foot Hong Kong built copy of a Bertram Motor Cruiser. The driver carried our luggage and the Captain greeted us on the dock, introducing himself as Mike, and then introduced us to the crew, which turned out to be his wife, Dana and a daughter, who Mike said was the best damn engineer he knew off, Claire. Blushing the woman held out her hand to shake both of ours, telling us to pay no attention the ‘old man’ with a laugh in her voice. The two women made ready to cast off, as Mike led the two of us to the bridge. Once there he handed me an envelope, sealed with wax and bearing the address of a law office from Seattle. I recognized my Uncle Karl’s handwriting, and asked Mike if he knew what this was all about, as I had talked to him a month ago. He nodded, but asked me almanbahis to hold off any questions until they left port. Mystified, we followed his directions to the main cabin. I carried you over the threshold, telling you, “After all, this was the honeymoon we had not been able to take before.”

Entering the cabin, I stopped looking at the vast space that was ours for the afternoon, or so I thought. Gently laying you on the bed, I kissed your lips letting you know how much I love you. Sitting down next to you, I picked up the envelope and broke the seal. Pulling out the letter inside, I started to read. As I did so, I guess my face turned white, as you asked me if everything was okay. I remember telling you that Uncle Karl was dead, and the attorney had sent the letter to tell me that I was the only beneficiary. You asked if we needed to go back, concern on your face. I shook my head, explaining that he had everything pre-planed and had passed away the three weeks earlier. Turning away, I told you that I needed to talk to Mike.

Entering the bridge I saw that Dana was at the steering wheel, and Mike was sitting at the table, a bottle of dark rum and two glasses in front of him. I pulled up a chair and sat down as he poured us both a drink. We touched glasses and made a silent toast to Karl. I asked if he knew how he had died. With tears cutting a path down his face, he told me that Karl had been sick for a long time, and had made sure to make almanbahis giriş all the arrangements ahead of time. “He made sure that we were taken care of,” Mike went on, “giving us two years advance pay, so you have a crew at least till then.” It struck me that I was the owner of this magnificent yatch. Clearing my throat to change the subject I asked how long it would take to get to the island. “We should be dropping you off around dawn,” he told me, “and we can both leave you there and come back for the two of you in two weeks or you can radio us to come earlier.” We agreed on the plan and I returned to you.

Even with the sad news, we made the most of it, making love long into the night before dropping off to sleep, our naked bodies entwined. The thin sheet fell off sometime during the night, and when morning came, so did a knock on the door. Without thinking about it, I slipped out of bed, still naked and opened the door, thinking that it was Mike. Imagine my surprise to see Claire standing there holding a tray of food in her hands. She was smiling as she brushed past me and entered the room. You sat up quickly, grabbing for the sheet to cover your body in a gesture of modesty, but Claire had seen all of your charms, and only told you good morning. When she placed the tray on the table, I was surprised to see that what I had thought was a tiny bikini, was only the bottom half. Seeing the surprised look on both of our faces, she grinned, telling us almanbahis yeni giriş that once they left port, normally no one wore clothing on board ship. “Karl never complained,” she told us, “but Dad told me to put these damn bottoms on, because you are the new owner.” With that I watched as she walk over to you and taking your hand, pulled you out of bed, and led you over to the table, only letting go of you to hold out the chair for you. I could see that you were flustered for the moment, but also knew that your body was as taunt and tanned as Claire’s was.

I could only stand there stunned as she repeated the gesture to me, leading me to the table, and winking at you as my cock rose. Being in the presence of two nude or nearly nude women had that effect on me. We all broke out laughing as I tried to put the linen napkin on my lap, only to watch it make like a circus tent do to the hardness of my cock. “Shall I tell Dad that the ships rules still apply,” she asked with an impish grin. Looking over at you for an answer, I watched the gleam in your eyes as you reached out and tugged at one of the stings holding up the tiny bikini bottom. Claire could only grin at you and pulled the other sting, dropping the offending garment to the deck. Bending over at the waist, she gave us both a show, letting us both see her puffy outer lips. Straightening up slowly, she turned around like a model, standing close to you, and then bending over; she kissed you quickly and walked out of the room. We sat there stunned at the newest developments then grinned at each other. You told me that you thought you thought that you were going to enjoy our vacation, but now you were sure…

(To be continued.)

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