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Proceed to the rooftop without attracting attention.

~When that security camera moves, I should be able to make it to the stairwell.~

The figure dressed in all black crouched low and kept his back pressed against the wall. He slipped through the door marked ‘Stairs’ just as a camera hanging from the ceiling began a sweeping arc in his direction. He put a hand on the door and guided the heavy metal structure soundlessly home.

~Now, up 6 flights and I’m good to go.~


No answer.


Louder and still no response.


Pause Game

“Shit baby, I’m just about to complete this level.” Anthony reached for the controller to restart the game he had reflexively paused when interrupted by his wife.

“Tony, we need to talk”

“Come on, Mo. I’m on a roll.”

“I don’t care if you’re on a piece of hot water cornbread, this is important.” Monique stood over her husband; hands on her hips, with a look that would make Satan himself scurry and hide.

“OK, OK. It’s important. Just let me finish this level and we’ll talk about whatever you want.”

“Now, Tony.”

“Fine, baby. I can play and talk at the same time.”

“I need your full attention, dammit! This is serious. It’s about us.”

“Us. Right. I’m listening. For real – look.” Anthony gave her a brief glance to make sure she was watching.

Options – Sound – Off.

“I’m all ears,” Said Tony.

“Fine, Mr. Multitask. Tell me why we don’t make love anymore.”

Anthony hardly skipped a beat.

Continue Mission? – Yes

“Mo, you’re tripping. We still make love.”

~Two more flights and I’ll be on the roof.~

“It’s been over a month. Don’t you consider that odd?”

Agent has cleared the roof. Level 9 Complete. Continue Mission?

“Yes!” But Anthony was talking to the game and not his wife. She lowered herself next to him on the sofa, believing he was ready to talk.

“God, Tony, I’m so glad to hear you say that. I know we can make it like it used to be.”

New Objective: Find your way to NSA headquarters.

“But I don’t know how to get there.” Again he was talking to the game and Monique mistook it for a reply.

“Neither do I, baby, but we can make our way together. We can get over this. We’ll be okay.”

Anthony looked up confused, “Huh? Who’s coming over today?”

Oh, Lord. All hell was about to break loose. He saw it on Monique’s face.

“Never mind, you limp-dicked piece of shit.” Monique stormed out of the room.

“Mo, wait.” Anthony made an attempt to go after her.

“Wait for what? I’m sorry of waiting on your sorry ass.” Monique continued her stalk from the room.

Anthony figured there was no use talking to her when she was like this. I’ll finish another couple levels and she’ll be all calmed down, ready to settle this thing, he thought.

Monique grabbed her keys and purse off the foyer table and went out to her car. She started driving, and realized suddenly she had no idea where she was headed. She shook her head to clear it. I will not cry because of that asshole. Fuck him, she thought. I don’t need to put up with his shit. I’m not Vanessa Williams, but I’m doing ok for middle age. She decided to find a spot to sit and think and drove to her favorite coffee shop.

Once inside she ordered a rich white hot chocolate complete with peppermint stir stick and settled at a table near the large window. She was licking the nutmeg-laced whipped cream from her full lips when she heard….

“Whoever he is, just whisper his name and I’ll find him and kill him.”

“What?” Monique turned around to see an attractive, dark-hued brother at the next table in the midst of a stage whisper.

“Whoever put that scowl on your pretty face deserves to die screaming.” He was looking straight ahead, out the window, but was clearly speaking to her.

Monique turned in her seat to face him full on. “Look, I’m not in the mood to flirt.”

The man moved to the chair opposite hers, grateful he no longer needed to crane his neck to appreciate her. He looked around conspicuously and leaned in, again speaking in whispers, “I’m not flirting. I’m as serious as AIDS. He needs his ass kicked.”

“I’d have to agree about the ass kicking,” said Monique “But you’re wrong…. you are definitely flirting.” Monique took another sip from her mug, trailing her pink tongue along her upper lip to remove a whipped cream mustache.

“I admit to the flirting. Now, if you’ll stop licking those gorgeous lips of yours and tell me the dirty bastard’s name, I’ll get to work.” He reached over and blotted the corner of her mouth with a napkin, even though the sight of the white creamy substance on her lips was a vision.

Monique was embarrassed by the simple gesture. “Thanks, um……”

“Richard. And please, no Dick jokes.”

Monique raised an eyebrow. “I don’t know you well enough for dick jokes.”

Richard laughed at the double entendre. “Well, you certainly are doing a good job of not flirting.”

Monique extended her hand and smiled for the first eryaman escort time that day. “Touché. I’m Monique, but my friends call me Mo.”

“So what should I call you?” Richard still had her hand in his and waited anxiously for a reply.

“Since we’ve already discussed D/dicks, I’d have to go with Mo.”

“Mo, it’s a pleasure to meet you.” Richard touched his lips to the back of Monique’s hand. Not so much a kiss, but an intimate acquainting of his mouth and her skin. He hoped there would be an opportunity to further that relationship.

“Mo, let’s take a walk. You can let off some steam and we can talk if you like.” He stood up, still with her hand in his and turned for the door.

They were on the sidewalk when she realized he never expected her to object. He moved to the outside of the pavement, putting a protective hand on the small of her back and took off down the street. Monique had no idea where they were going and didn’t care. It felt good to be in the strong arms of a man that desired her.

“Would you like to talk about your husband, Mo?”

“How did you….?” She sputtered.

“That satellite dish you call a wedding ring kind of gave you away.”

Monique looked down at the large diamond she wore on her left hand, remembering when Anthony proposed. She thought he would always be that attentive, loving, excited man that delighted in having her as his own. But 8 years had passed and she was no longer the center of his universe. Let’s be honest, she wasn’t even in orbit.

Richard saw the mask of pain that pulled Monique’s otherwise lovely features into the tortured likeness he had seen in the coffee shop. “That’s OK, beautiful. I know it hurts too much to talk about it right now. In fact, let’s not think about that at all.” Richard gave her hand a gentle squeeze and pulled her along at a faster pace.

They were nearly jogging when Richard came to an abrupt stop and Monique almost ran into him. “We’re here,” he said. He opened the door and held it for her. She looked at him, wondering what he had in mind. He nudged his head in the direction of the door with a mischievous smile and Monique’s curiosity got the better of her. She stepped inside and stood still until her eyes adjusted to the darkness.

Richard left her just inside the door with an “I’ll be right back” and she took notice of her surroundings. She was in a pool hall. All sorts of men were leering at her as she became conscious of the fact she was the only woman in the room.

Richard returned with a tray of balls and cue sticks and held out a hand for Monique. She took it and he led her to a table in the corner of the room. He was secretly proud of the fact all the men in the place were eyeing the woman following him. How in the world could any man not do his best to keep her happy? He put it out of his head and got ready to have some fun.

“Alright lady, this is the game of billiards. The white one is the cue ball and that is the most important ball. It’s the one that hits all the other balls.”

“Richard, shut up before you end up looking like a dick.” Monique placed her cue stick on the dust-free green felt and pushed it a few times to check the way it rolled. When it did not appear to be warped, she picked it up and held it eye level looking down its shaft as if lining up a shot in a sniper’s rifle.

“Ah, I see you play.” Richard laughed and shook his head. He should’ve known she’d have some edge to her.

“Usually with my own stick, but this impromptu game is just for fun, so it can’t hurt.”

“Just for fun? We can add a wager if you like. Let’s see.” Richard looked up exaggeratedly scratching his chin. “If you win, we head to a mutually agreed upon restaurant for dinner. If I win, we order room service much later tonight.”

“That’s a high wager, there Dick. How good are you?”

“I haven’t played in years. I’m very rusty.”

“OK then, let’s make it the best of 5. Nine ball, of course”

“Of course,” But Monique was already placing the balls in the requisite diamond pattern inside the triangle rack.

“I’ll spot you the break, Big Man.”

Oh shit, Richard thought. And he was right to think so. Monique cleared the table twice in a row when she gave him a piteous look and started making terrible shots.

“You’re missing on purpose. Don’t patronize me, woman. If I win it will be fair and square. Bring your best game.”

“You asked for it, Dick.” Monique put some English on the cue ball and gave him a pretty smile. He thought even if he lost, that smile was worth it. But he didn’t lose.

He won the next three straight. The last shot seeming to take place in slow motion. The yellow-striped 9 ball fell into the corner pocket in watch-it-later-on-ESPN fashion.

As he was taking a bow, Monique pushed him off balance. He righted himself and blew her a kiss. “Come on now, don’t be a sore loser. I’ll let you pick the hotel.”

“Hotel, my ass…you hustled me. What was that mess about being ‘rusty’?”

“I am rusty. You won the first two, didn’t you?” Richard turned his back elvankent escort on her playful scowl and gathered the equipment.

When they were back outside, Monique looked up at the dark sky, realizing the time, and wondered if Tony was worried about her. Suits his ass, she thought.

Reading her mind, Richard said, “If you’d like to get some revenge, I’m at your service, Ma’am. Besides there is a little wager of room service later this evening.”

“Yeah, Richard – about that silly bet….”

“I know, I know. But a brother can hope, right?”

“Jesse told you to ‘Keep Hope Alive’.” Monique wringed her hands, putting off what she had to say next. “I enjoyed playing pool and I appreciate you trying to cheer me up, but I think it’s time I made my way back home.”

“Yeah, well, OK.” Richard did not want to see her go, but she WAS married.

“Thanks again, Richard. I had a very nice time.” Monique leaned over and put her arms around his neck. She planned on it being a hug you give a supportive friend to thank them for letting you vent. But Richard knew it was the first and last chance he would have to hold her, and he was going to take advantage of the occasion. He took her in his arms and pulled her close.

Their bodies pressed against each other and he felt her large breasts compress on his chest. She was 5’9″ to his 6’2″ and they molded together perfectly, her head fitting into the curve of his neck. He stroked her back and pushed her lower body closer still. He squeezed her waist as his hands traveled from her hips to her shoulders and back again. Monique let out a sigh. Damn he felt good, she thought.

Richard locked his hands above her ass and looked down at Monique. “I’m sorry, but I had to know what you felt like in my arms. And you feel better than I expected. I wish you didn’t have to go.”

The mixture of guilt and desire kept Monique silent.

Richard focused on her expressive brown eyes and oddly, thought of Jesse Jackson. He watched her mouth as he leaned in for a kiss. Monique tilted her head, acquiescing. He nibbled on her bottom lip, waiting for her to pull back. When she didn’t, he gently pushed his tongue into her warm, wet mouth. Their tongues entwined slowly, unhurriedly, as Richard moved a hand to her cheek. He increased the pressure of his tongue and Monique matched it, hiking up the intensity of the kiss. She held onto his shoulders and met his passion, agreeably. Both of Richard’s hands framed her face as he kissed her as if he were dying, and this was the last taste of a woman’s mouth he would ever know. He ran a hand down her neck and to the front of her blouse. His hand slipped easily under the fabric and he placed it over her heart. It was racing, as was his.

Monique stepped back, pulling away from him. Her lips were swollen from their kisses and if possible, she looked even more desirable than before. “Richard?”

“Yes, baby?”

“I think we should get off the street.”

For a second time, he clasped her hand and began walking without waiting on her reply. He assumed she was ready, and in fact, she was. During the kiss, she had waged a battle with her inner self. The way she saw it, she had denied herself pleasure for far too long. Here was a man that wanted her. He was offering her one night of passion, and why shouldn’t she accept? There was no telling when pleasure would next find her. Wherever this road led, she would see it to its end. She owed herself that much.

They walked silently, each afraid to speak. Surely the doubts they were feeling would bubble to the surface if they attempted conservation. So they did not. Looks, touches and sighs of pure desire permeated the walk to the hotel.

Richard deposited Monique in the bar of the hotel’s lobby and made his way to the front desk. “Please wait for me.” He didn’t want her to escape while he checked in, but he wanted to save her any embarrassment the process might cause.

Monique nodded, unsure of her own voice in his presence. She watched Richard walk away from her and second-guessed herself for the umpteenth time. I deserve pleasure, she thought. But what she needed was courage. She ordered a cognac and sat straighter on the stool. When it arrived, she sipped the amber liquid and closed her eyes, letting the warmth of the liquor have its way with her.

That’s how Richard found her. Her eyes closed with her head tipped back, the glass warming in her hand. Her long neck exposed and waiting to be kissed; her breasts straining against her blouse. He walked up to her silently and put a hand in the small of her back. The gesture didn’t startle Monique, as she was just thinking of his hands on her body. When the touch materialized, it was as if she’d willed it.

Richard placed a bill on the bar and took the large, bowl-shaped glass from Monique’s hand. He led her to the bank of mirrored elevators at the opposite side of the lobby and stood behind her. They made eye contact in the smoky glass and Monique smiled. He could tell she was a bit nervous, and vowed to make her feel comfortable. He would do anything to emek escort please her. Anything.

He held her hand during the ride up to their floor and down the long hallway. He stopped in front of their door and gave the cognac back to Monique. He used the key card and then turned to look into her eyes. She hadn’t said anything since they were on the street. “Monique, I want you to be sure. We are not entering this room to watch free cable. I want to feel you. I want be inside you. I want you to know true pleasure and I want to be the one to take you there. Is that what you want, baby?” Monique took a sip for courage and licked her lips. Richard watched the action of her tongue and waited.

“Yes, I want that. I want you.”

It was as if she’d told him he’d won the lottery. An unrestrained smile stretched his handsome face and he pulled her into the room. The door shut heavily as they walked toward the king-sized bed. Monique reached out to turn off the bedside lamp when she felt his strong arm on her wrist.

“Don’t do that. I want to see you.” Monique obliged and let her hand fall to her side. Richard took the glass from her and put it on the table. He tangled his hands in her short curly hair and pulled. Her head went back and he licked and nibbled at her neck, which was left open to him. He moved to her collarbone and sucked on the knobby ridge as she let out a soft moan. He fumbled with the buttons on her blouse as she reached for his belt, both of them clumsy with excitement. Her arms were getting in the way of his undressing her and he hastily pushed them aside.

He needed to see her. He gave up with the small buttons and pulled the blouse up and over her head, throwing it aside. Monique heeled off her shoes and stood in her bare feet as he undid the clasp on her 36DD bra and pulled it free from her arms. She was afraid her large, pendulous breasts would turn him off. He reverently placed a hand underneath each globe of flesh and watched her substantial nipples harden. “You’re beautiful.”

Richard lowered his head and took the generous brown nubbin into his mouth and sucked gently. The feeling of the areola crinkling under his lips excited him further. He pulled his head back to adore her other nipple while twirling the wet point of flesh his mouth had just left. Monique put her hand on the back of his head and watched his mouth move over her breasts. As good as it felt; it was incredible to watch.

He released her and began to work on the button of her jeans. As he lowered them he noticed the V of her pussy. The crotch of her panties were wet and pulled into the folds of her sex. He stroked Monique through the flimsy material as he stood up to kiss her, tasting the smoky remnants of cognac. He assaulted her mouth; no longer able to contain the craving he had for her. His fingers moved up and down her wetness until the warmth of her skin was begging to be touched. He moved the thin fabric to the side and stroked her smooth lips that were coated with the evidence of her arousal.

Monique reached down to feel the bulge in the front of his pants and he thought of how unfair it was that he was still fully dressed. He stepped forward until Monique felt the bed at the back of her knees and pushed her down on top of it. She raised herself on her elbows and watched him use his tongue to clean her juices from his fingers.

He removed his clothes slowly, hoping she appreciated the countless hours he spent in the gym. He felt like every workout he’d ever had was for this moment, this woman. He wanted so much to please her with his body. The lust he saw in her eyes was more than enough reward. When he lowered his boxers to free his erection, Monique unconsciously moved her hands to her own crotch. She placed her hand under her panties and fingered her clit when she saw those beautiful 9 inches, all for her.

He moved next to the bed and kissed one perfectly pedicured toe. He slowly moved up her ankle, her calf, the inside of her thigh. His tongue tracing circles from her knee to her wet pussy. The smell of her pleasure was enthralling. The musky scent of her had him ready for penetration that very second, but he wanted to wait. Dammit, he had to wait. This was for her. He pulled her panties over her hips as she raised her pelvis to aid him. He smiled when he saw the glistening lips of her exposed vagina.

He spread her legs with his shoulders as he moved his face closer to her visibly excited slit. He parted her outer lips and placed his tongue at the base of her cunt. He lapped her pussy with flat broad strokes until her taste permeated his tongue. He licked and nibbled both sets of lips as if they were her delectable mouth. He pretended her clit was her tongue and dueled with it until she was panting. He inserted a finger and then two inside of her and slid them in and out, pumping his hand while his mouth continued to work on her clit.

Monique moaned loudly and began to thrash on the bed. She gripped his head with both hands and pushed herself deeper into his mouth. Richard placed a hand underneath her ass attempting to hold her bucking hips in place. Monique’s thighs quivered violently as Richard tongued her clit, alternating between licks, bites and an excruciatingly enticing suck. It was more than Monique could take. There was no way she could hold back even if she wanted to. Her moans turned to shouts and then screams of delight.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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