Black Women are So Slutty

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There’s nothing quite like the look on my boyfriend Stephen Pierre’s face as I drill my strap-on dildo deep into his tight ass. This big and tall Haitian dude isn’t used to having his ass pounded by a strong Black woman. Well, he better get used to it because that’s how I roll. My name is Wanda Saint Germain, a six-foot-one, busty and big-bottomed, chubby Black woman of Haitian descent living in the city of Ottawa, Ontario. The Meadowlands area is my new home. I currently share an apartment with my favorite guy. Oh, and I love to fuck Black men in the ass with my strap-on dildo. Especially big and tall Black men like Stephen. Now, Stephen originally had a problem with my strap-on fetish. Although he’s bisexual, he’s a top. That means he doesn’t let guys penetrate him when he fucks them. Well, I’m his girlfriend, not one of the guys he occasionally fucks. And his ass is mine for the fucking. I told him this from the get go and it’s not negotiable. Call it this sexually adventurous sistah’s personal fetish. I’m a kinky bitch. Don’t mess with me. Or I’ll fuck you. And around here I really mean it quite literally.

I raise Stephen’s big legs into the air and thrust my dildo deeper into his asshole. He screams as I fuck his ass. I love to hear his screams. I’m a very dominant woman and I guess he knew that when we started dating. Stephen and I met while he was visiting his cousin Valencia at the University of Ottawa. I’m a first-year student at the University of Ottawa School of Law. Stephen is a junior at Carleton University, majoring in business administration. He’s captain of the men’s rugby squad. I really do love rugby and football players, though since the morons who run Carleton University got rid of the football team I’ve had to content myself with watching our men’s and women’s rugby teams at play. Stephen looked so sexy in his rugby uniform that I had to go holler at him. I don’t usually date younger men but something about this six-foot-three, 240-pound, dark-skinned and ruggedly handsome Black almanbahis şikayet stud appealed to me. He also seemed to like big Black women and at 256 pounds, I’m definitely not the smallest Black chick on campus. I’ve got big tits, a thick body and a huge, round ass. In North America, they worship skinny bitches instead of beautiful curvy women and I can’t stand that. Lucky for me, Stephen really likes big women. He just didn’t know how kinky I would be. That’s okay because this sistah was more than willing to show a brother what she’s got.

I stroke Stephen’s long and thick, uncircumcised Black cock while sliding my strap-on dildo in and out of his asshole. I love that big Black cock of his. It’s long, thick and natural. Just the way I like them. I’ve dated a lot of Hispanic guys and Black guys from the Caribbean islands so natural cocks appeal to me. I love sucking on it and I love it when it slides into every pleasurable orifice of my body. Mouth, pussy and asshole. I take the dick in every hole, folks. That’s why my man loves me. I also give it right back and he loves that about me too. We’re so anal it’s not even funny. I slam my dildo deep inside Stephen’s asshole, stretching his ass nice and easy. His screams are sweet music to my ears. I fuck Stephen’s ass until my favorite Black stud begs for mercy. Apparently I’ve been fucking his ass too hard. Oops. My bad. That’s when I pull the dildo out of his ass. I make him kneel before me as he cleans my dildo with his tongue, doubtless tasting his ass on it. What can I say? I’m absolutely dominant!

Afterwards, Stephen and I go to bed. He falls asleep with his arms wrapped around me. I kiss his lips, and I close my eyes. In spite of what many of you might think, a kinky couple is a loving couple. And I do love my man. We’ve been there for each other when it mattered. Fuck, I’m still frigging horny. So I shove Stephen gently and he bolts awake. I smile and grab his dick. Stephen smiles. He knows what’s up. Without hesitation, I take Stephen’s almanbahis canlı casino dick into my mouth and start sucking on it like my life depended on it. Stephen is really surprised at my actions as I suck his dick with gusto. I’m not really into oral sex. Yeah, I suck my man’s dick but it’s something I do twice a week if he’s lucky. It’s not really my thing. However, I do love feeling his dick inside of me and nothing gets him harder than the feel of my lips around his big cock. I gently pull his foreskin and tease his dick head with my tongue. I also flick my tongue over his big hairy balls. This drives him absolutely nuts. While sucking his cock, I fingered his ass. Oh, shoot. Now that’s something he really likes. Stephen just loves it when I play with his ass. Good man.

I get Stephen’s cock nice and hard, then I climb on top of him. My pussy is already wet with anticipation. I straddle Stephen and slowly lower myself onto his member. I grinned as I felt Stephen’s cock penetrate my pussy. Stephen’s hands held my hips and I began riding him. Slowly at first then really hard. I love a good hard fucking in the middle of the night. So I continued to ride my man like it was the last time or something. Stephen fucked me good, slamming his dick deep inside of me. Oh, shit. Now that’s what I like. I told him to fuck my pussy like he’s paying for it. Stephen laughed. He loves it when I talk dirty in bed. We soon changed positions because I wanted to try something else. Without a word, I got on all fours, face down and big Black ass up. I grabbed a bottle of lotion from my nightstand and handed it to Stephen. His eyes went wide. He smiled. Yeah, my man knows what I want. I grabbed my ass cheeks and spread them wide for him. Stephen applies the lube all over my asshole. I winced because the lotion felt kind of cold. But I know what will warm me up. Stephen presses his hard dick against my asshole. With a swift thrust, he penetrates me. I grit my teeth as my boyfriend’s thick cock makes almanbahis casino its way up my asshole.

I’m not one of those bitches who like to dish it out but can’t take it. The same way I love it when I fuck my man up his ass, I also love it when he fucks me up my ass. Switching around is fun and we live in the age of gender equality right? Stephen gripped my wide hips and thrust his cock deep into my asshole. Way down where the sun doesn’t shine. He smacks my big butt as he fucks me. Oh, yeah. I like it like that. Fuck my ass and smack it at the same time, please! I felt Stephen’s cock stretching my booty hole and it hurt so good. I love the feel of a big dick up my asshole. I think I like it more than having my pussy fucked. Weird, huh? Stephen continued ramming his cock up my ass like anal sex was going out of style. Face down and ass up, I simply lay there and took it. I love to surrender to my man this way. And you know he loves it too, judging from the way he’s plowing my ass with his giant dick. Stephen’s cock shudders deep inside my asshole and I squeal for I know what’s coming. Stephen is about to cum. He shouts out a warning. I squeeze my ass cheeks as much as I can, and the effect is magical. Stephen cums, blasting his load deep inside my asshole. Oh, man. This is the most intense sensation I’ve ever felt. Nothing like it in the world. I scream in pleasure as Stephen and I climax practically in unison. This is definitely one for the ages. Our screams of pleasure filled the apartment. Sometimes, I wonder what the neighbors must think. Oh, well. Who cares?

After this memorable midnight fuck session, Stephen and I fall asleep for good. This was definitely a lot of fun. Sometimes, I wonder if there are other couples like us out there. Black women who are in wonderful relationships with kinky, wonderful Black men. I’m open-minded, adventurous and very sensual. That’s why my man loves me. We get along great and you folks can testify that our sex life is absolutely fantastic. We keep the passion going. I love my man deeply and he loves me. We appreciate each other and we complete one another. Most couples don’t have that in today’s world. My Stephen means the world to me. I can see us staying together for a really long time. How does forever sound?

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