Bladder Palaver

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After about a week of playing back and forth on the Internet, “Chodette” and I were ready for our first coupling. We had already ascertained that we had the same turnons, and the lack of turnoffs. Our first coupling was outstanding, it was as though neither of us had “eaten” in months, we were both desperate for satisfactory release. That first weekend went from Saturday morning at about noon, until I had to get to work Monday morning, nonstop.

The first evening to warm us up with it seemed like hours of uninterrupted cunnilingus and analingus. While I had not really enjoyed this sort of activity for many years, this angel had certain peculiarities that I will endeavor to edify you with. In our early talks, I had told her that I really enjoyed a woman unencumbered by hang ups, appearances and other phonyisms. I like my woman to be unashamed of their bodies and bodily functions, and I endeavor to take them emotionally to a place where they will feel safe, warm, unjudged, totally adored and appreciated, and of course, spent.

Sateen had told me that she often has a problem with the volume of lubricant that her vagina produces when she is excited and turned on, to the point that many men were turned off. She told me that she rarely is ever can enjoy herself fully, fearing rejection from her previous partners who she felt would find her “squirting” gross.

Having had what I thought to be similar experiences with another woman who claimed the same things but really was using this for an excuse to evacuate her bladder when and wherever she felt like it. I thought this was going to be another case of the same thing, Much to my delight, I was incorrect. Sateen was what I had heard much noise made of recently, a “squirter” It is true, that when Sateen would climax.

The muscles in the seat of her vaginal canal, uterus, etc would spasm and convulse, causing the viscous lubricant that had pooled there to literally pour out of her vagina, flooding casino oyna the bedclothes and everything else in the vicinity. Sometimes oozing, dripping, occasionally exploding, I was a non-believer until this virtual tsunami of clear, almost odorless woman choade washed over my face accompanied by what sounded like some sort of holy roller tongue babbling when she came I can’t be sure, but I swear that her eyes crossed this first time too..

To the contrary, I found the display of “waterworks” to be the one of the biggest turnons I had ever experienced. One always hears the claims “I had so many orgasms I lost track”, well, I dispensed so many orgasms to sateen I LOST COUNT. It was a great weekend, from start to finish. Having our first stop at Castle Boutique properly set the mood to buy lube, rubbers, a new buttplug (or two), and a jelly vibrator so that we might try a variety of penetrating objects. After our first weekend debauche things got busy in my life, and I didn’t see her for a month or so, until out of the blue I dropped by her pad the other night, around midnight. I had lost her phone number and deleted all her pertinent info from my files,(don’t judge me too harshly) so I used to the excuse that I was returning a book and nightclothes she left at my house previously.

I was just using the “returns” as an excuse to try to get my prostate emptied once or twice, and the look on “chodette’s” face when she came and opened her door was hard to read. She let me in, I told her a couple of lame excuses as to why I hadn’t been in touch, we made a little inane chit-chat for a couple of minutes and then I couldn’t contain myself any longer. She was wearing a red halter top which barely restrained her 44EEE udders, straining under their own weight, and a pair of what I would call nondescript cotton “girl” shorts.

I remember walking over next to her, and placing my hand (paw) on one of her speedbag sized teats capped by a knobby nipple, which canlı casino was straining against the halter top, trying to break out and get some air. She looked at me, without a sign of protest, in fact, her breathing had become irregular and labored. Everything becomes a little fuzzy at this point, I remember getting the halter off by pulling, pushing, and tearing to the point where her tits were swinging free, and I caught one with both hands and pulled it to my mouth, where I sucked so hard that my jaw actually locked on me.

Contrary to finding this rough handling painful, it spurred her on to more, more, more. I sort of pushed her into her kitchen up against a counter where I could get a decent hold on her, and with her back facing me, I pulled her shorts over the twin swells of her gigantic ass, down around her knees. I then shoved my hand between her legs from her backside, and roughly spread her legs so that I could massage her pudendum with the type of strokes that experience has shown me “four out of five women agree” rocks their world.

Within it seemed seconds; she was orgasmsing, her yelling actually overcoming my barked instructions for her to, “Cum, Cum, Cum, and do it now!! Now!!! NOW!!!! I remember saying, “Come on, GIVE IT TO ME NOWWWWWWW and she instantly flooded my hand that I had held cupped underneath her pusshole, her lubricant spooging into my hand like straight out of a faucet. I slowed my hands down, reached into my bag of tricks, came out with a medium sized butt plug and bent her over and using her own lube as lube, forced the plug deep into her rectum, actually encountering little or no resistance.

I fucked the plug in and out of her ass, until I felt no resistance to insertion, and I reached for my paddle and gave her a standard issue of “pops” to each butt cheek, a half dozen. “Your too loose, I chastised and schooled her between strokes of the paddle, and then proceeded to fuck her pussy and ass simultaneously, kaçak casino my dick in her pussy, and a variety of “soft rubber goods” up her exhaust pipe. Etc, etc. Etc.

I enjoyed giving her a long, leisurely enema at “intermission” getting her to lay down on her belly in a shallow bath filled with warm soapy water and topped with bubbles, and then allowed her to evacuate her bowels into the toilet, while I massaged her clitoris, first with a small vibrator, and then with my fingers while I allowed her to urinate through my fingers as she was Emptying her bung simultaneously.

Her bladder was the long range model, her piss sack must have held a gallon of piss. She was releasing the enema oh so slowly, squirting the enema juice unseen by me into the toilet, and slowly draining her bladder at the same time, squirt, squirt, squirt as I was massaging her puffy, swollen vagina and clitoris. I lost track of how long this went on for, but I do know that with all the confusion going on, sateen was still able to free up her mouth to tongue my shitter, and pump my dick with her hand and mouth.

Somehow or another, I ended up in the sitting on the toilet, with chodette squeezing a glob of her spooge into her palm and working it slowly into my semi erect, lock jaw thick prick. She didn’t have to ask, I knew what she wanted. She was sort of slow pumping and massaging my penis, and I was pushing from the other end to give her what she craved. I have a very shy bladder, which has contained most of the piss-play I crave in my mind, I was too far-gone to care, and although I couldn’t summon longer than a one or two second “burst” from my trusty hose, it just prolonged the ecstasy for what seemed like hours.

We were in the bathroom when the sun came up, and when it set. We both got comfortable and were able to sustain this action for many hours. We fucked, sucked, licked, fingered fisted peed, came so much that my “fire plug” finally gave out on us, the exact ending to this escapes me into the haze of my memory… Every time I think I have finally achieved the penultimate nasty, something always happens to make past experience tame by comparison.

What’s next?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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