Boat Deck

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Lydia’s lay on her stomach on the deck of the large yacht anchored alone, a mile from shore. The turquoise water lapped delicately against the hull. She flipped the page of the paperback book while her only foot floated in small circles above an upturned knee. Her slim attractive body betrayed her age. Most people thought her only in her early twenties though she was more than twice that age.

She read to herself. ‘What have you been thinking about? The older woman looked at the young man’s bulging pants and listened to him say it had been her that had excited him, that he loved looking up her skirt and finding no panties.’

Lydia ground herself against the towel, massaging her engorged clitoris. She had always enjoyed that part of her body. It was both longer and larger than the ones she had seen in pictures. She was proud of that. One hand held the pages open. The other toyed with a nipple peaking from the small swimsuit top.

Sam sat along the side of the boat and glanced at Lydia. In the stateroom behind him, Joe groaned as Alice screamed in pleasure. Joe was three years older than Lydia and had inherited the yacht from their parents when they died in a brutal car wreck. She had inherited the house. Alice was a distant cousin, slightly older than Sam was. She had been Joe’s constant companion for the past few months.

Joe and Lydia would spend two months of each summer sailing the waters of the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico. Sam’s mother had been a close friend of the family for years and he had just moved to live with them while attending the University beginning in the fall.

He continued to listen to Alice. He had dated a number of girls and had even felt up a few, though had never touched those ‘places’ that were so often mentioned in his mother’s favorite books, even the one Lydia was reading. He had sneaked a few, even memorized the words describing a woman’s body and how to make love.

“Fuck my pussy … harder,” Alice moaned, her voice low, almost possessed. “It’s on fire.”

Sam leaned his head closer to the porthole with the curtain drawn. His hand slithered inside leg of his boxer swim trunks and held his erection for a moment before beginning to stroke. He imagined he could hear Joe’s cock sloshing though her wet pussy and the balls slapping against her ass with each thrust. His hand stroked and his crotch jerked with each of her moans. Joe grunted quickly and she begged him to fill her. The warm white fluid gushed along Sam’s thigh.

The ooze turned to crust in the hot sun as he listened to muffled talk from the stateroom. Joe was encouraging her to keep sucking his cock, talking of how he wanted to fill her mouth with his jizzum. He could feel his erection start to return. Sam loved to stroke himself and feel the streams leave his piss hole. He wondered what it would be like to have someone do that for him. He could never do it enough.

Sam glanced again at Lydia. Her lone foot was still in the air, still making little circles, and sometimes flexing at the ankle. She wiggled her hips and the piece of cloth tightened its grip on her mound, digging deeper between the lips of skin surrounding the opening. ‘Pussy lips,’ he told himself to encourage his erection to grow even harder. Behind him, Alice told Joe to ‘eat her box’ and ‘shove his tongue deep’. Sam watched Lydia’s hips move. She appeared to make love to the deck below the towel.

His eyes drifted to the left leg that ended not far from the hip. He thought about how she’d told his mother at Christmas during a visit, that she would be ‘losing the leg’. Lydia didn’t seem to mind either having only one leg, or letting that part of her show. Neither did Joe. Neither did Alice. Strangely, he found it exciting as well. He had even pleasantly ‘jerked off’ – his favorite phrase for the action – a few times thinking about it.

As he stared at her hips, the short piece of thigh moved to the side providing a better glimpse of the tight swatch of cloth over her mound. He tried to imagine what it would look like without the swimsuit bottom. Perhaps it would be spreading open as the hips moved, inviting him inside. The thick warm wetness would allow him to slide easily and deep into her. Her ass would be against his stomach and her would fondle her firm tits with nipples erect from his touch. The leg of his trunks pulled high. Drops of fluid already graced his piss hole. Her hand reached under her and between her thighs. Fingers rubbed over the mound pulling the fabric inside. Her hips gyrated slowly. A stream of fluid arched though the air. Another landed near his ankle. Another landed on his knee. He continued to watch her fingers touch. Inside, Alice moaned loudly several times as Sam’s streams subsided.

As Lydia read each page, the fire in her mound grew. The woman in the story was comfortable with the fact that he was much younger and sat atop him with his cock inside her. Lydia saw feet beside her. Filled with thoughts of the book and strong urges, she struggled to clear them away as she rolled onto one side.

“What başakşehir escort have you been up too?” she cooed in a soft sensual tone. She saw the remains of Sam’s activity on his leg and the lingering erection renewing itself in his trunks. “Sit with me for a while.” She patted the towel beside her and stared at tanned skin of his bare chest.

He sat facing her and glanced into her cleavage then at the buxom redhead with flowing locks of hair on the cover of the book, the pages parted against the deck. “Enjoying the book?” he quizzed with a huge grin. His stare returned even deeper into the cleavage, as if to will the top to fall from her body.

Her knee rested against the towel as she drew the foot up close to the end of the stump then adjusted the bikini bottom at one side. The heat pouring from her mound felt as if it would set the cloth on fire. She looked down and noticed a patch of wetness. She wondered if he would notice. “It’s one of my favorite,” she said with a glance between his thighs. The material pulled away from the skin leaving a clear view inside the pants leg. She could see the swollen head and it was closer to the hem that she could have imagined. “It’s exciting.” Her stare continued as the head moved closer.

“Like you,” he said followed by a huge smile. “You look beautiful.”

She felt his stare and it aroused her, as had the passages in the book. She told herself to put the feelings away. She failed. A deep breath swelled her chest and a cup of the swimsuit top moved slightly, exposing the beaded skin around the nipple.

“Your eyes are raping me,” she moaned.

“Whom better to do that?” His voice was jovial. His hands reached out to the side as he shrugged his shoulders.

The seeds sown, she knew she could have him. She glanced around the deck.

He watched, assuming her thoughts like his. “They’re still fucking … like bunnies.”

“How do you know?”

“I was sitting on the deck outside the stateroom. From the words, I doubt there was anything they didn’t do to each other.”

“Really-y?” she drawled. The wetness began to slip from under the cloth onto her thigh. She dabbed at it with several fingers then left them almost touching the cloth directly over her mound.

Without thinking, he pulled at the end of the pants leg and rested his hand over the head then stroked it a few times. When he realized what he was doing, he said, “Sorry,” and quickly pulled the pants leg down.

“Don’t be. What I could see looked quite nice.”

“Like Joe’s cock?”

She looked slightly uncomfortable as she thought about the times she and her brother had been together. “You know?”

“You both have needs. I don’t mind.”

“Yeah-h, like his cock.”

“I saw you touching yourself a while ago.”

“The book was….”

“What, turning you on?” He chuckled as he gripped the erection through the material. “So much sex in the air … seems natural.” He felt proud of himself for the comfort he felt talking about such personal feelings.

She pulled at the edge of the fabric exposing the rest of the nipple. The fingers moved away leaving it exposed. “Do you think I’m pretty? Without my leg….”

“Shush,” he replied with a finger over his lips. He pulled the pants leg up and began to stroke his shaft. “You’re so-o sexy.” He pointed at her crotch and with an exaggerated motion of the other hand along his shaft, invited her to touch herself.

She moved the nearby fingers over the cloth and began massaging lightly while letting a soft moan drain from her mouth.


She slowly and suggestively pushed the left side of the swimsuit down her hip, along the short thigh of the stump, and around the end. Her mound was full from the excitement of the moment and the story. There was no hair around it and she let a few fingers travel over the baldness. The moisture glistened in the sunlight as she parted the opening with two fingers. A fingertip from the other hand played in the entrance then a second joined. She stroked her clit, as he stroked his cock.

“It bigger than most.”

“But it’s yours. That’s all that matters.”

“Have your girlfriends held that?” He shook his head as she moved closer and wrapped her fingers tightly around the shaft. “Hmmm … very nice cock.” The words made him swell in her grip. “You liked what I said,” she whispered. He nodded in silence. “Lean back a little.” Her hand began slowly and rhythmically moving. Soon drops of precum began to form at the piss hole. “You like to come, don’t you?”

“Uh-huh,” he groaned as he savored having another person’s hand around his shaft for the first time. “Uh-huh,” he groaned again, knowing he was very close. “Close,” he mumbled.

“It’s okay. I want you to. I want to see you squirt your juices on me.” She felt his balls with the other hand and pumped faster. “Come on,” she begged quietly, her grip tight and fast. “Cover me in your….”

The first landed next to her nose, the next one beside her mouth, and kadıköy escort another on the exposed nipple. She rubbed a finger though the one by her mouth and pushed it onto her lips. She moved it across them with her tongue before shoveling it into her mouth. “You taste very good.” She raked more from her face into her mouth and savored each bite then leaned down and sucked his cock clean.

He watched with amazement as her head bobbed up and down with each stoke. Too quickly, she sat up and wiped her lips with the back of her hand. “God, how I love to suck a cock.”

“You do-o?” Sam quizzed, looking shocked.

“I’ve only done it for Joe, but yeah-h, I do enjoy doing it for him. He says I’m one of the best.” She laughed. “Bet you never guessed a woman my age would give BJ’s.” She laughed again as she looked at the hardness standing at attention.

“It stays like this a lot.” He shrugged his shoulders.

“Yeah, the joys of youth. What’s your daily record?”

“What, for jerking off?” He watched her nod with a devilish grin across her face. “I lose track … ten maybe. I don’t know.”

“Mine’s fifteen.” She looked pleased with herself. That was a week ago.”

“You’re an orgasm junkie.”

“That’s for sure. I’d love to hit twenty.” She giggled.

“Was that just fingering yourself?”

“I’m a chronic masturbator, but I love oral too. Having a cock deep in there is even nice.” She dipped several fingers deep inside her channel, moved them in and out, and then held them in front of his lips. “Taste.” She watched him inhale deeply before letting them into his mouth. He sucked their length.

“I had no idea what it would taste like.”


“I think I’d enjoy helping you out.” He laughed and watched her remove the swimsuit bottom, then recline on her back. The right leg spread wide and the short stump spread slightly. She suggestively moved the stump up and back down several times.

“Lick along my pussy lips for a while.” She moaned as he followed her instruction while letting a hand hold the end of her stump. “I love your hand there,” she whispered. His tongue dug deeply between the swollen parts. His tongue grazed roughly against her large bud and she gasped. He remembered passages from her book and let the tip of his tongue lightly circle the base of the bud several times. “Oh-h baby-y. You’re good-d,” she slowly and softly drawled.

“Fingers … inside….” she moaned as her hips quivered.

“I like eating you … finger fucking your cunt.”

Her hips rocked and her waist flexed. She rode his mouth, bucked, and thrust. “Fuck my cunt,” she begged a few times. “Be my lover….”

“I want to be in you. I want my cock to fill your cunt.”

“Soon enough. I love to hear to tell me that.” She groaned in pleasure with the orgasm close. “Suck my clit. It’s ready for more … tighter….” Her hips thrust hard against his face as his lips tightened around the engorged hardness. “Ah-h,” she repeatedly groaned and gasped loudly.

“Someone’s getting fucked,” Alice whispered as she looked at Joe’s head between her thighs. He grunted in response without stopping.

“You’re a fast learner,” Lydia told Sam as her orgasm waned and he continued to lightly nibble between her thighs. Her hand mussed in his blond hair. “Seventeen more.” She giggled and moved her stump in his palm. “I’ve already had a few today.”

He smacked a kiss over her mound then looked up at her while resting his face against her right thigh. He tightened his grip on her stump and moved it about.

“You like it?”

“Yeah. It makes you unique.”

He moved along the top of her slim tight body until their lips were together. She moved her foot atop the small of his back and felt him press against her mound. She wiggled her hips until he fell inside. With unexpected ease, he pushed deep inside. Her eyes smoldered with desire and she sucked his tongue into her mouth. Her cunt squeezed around his cock and felt new wetness. There were a few more contractions as she enjoyed the feeling of a virgin cock inside her.

“Nice fit,” she teased.

“Like a glove.”

“I won’t get pregnant. Fill me with your cum all you want.”

He lay still for a long moment. “Let me savor this. My first time in your cunt.”

“I don’t know why, but that word … is a turn-on for me.”

“How about ‘cock’?”

“Cock in cunt. Cunt swallowing cock.” She laughed and wiggled her hips. “Are you just going to lay there?” She pressed her foot tightly on his back and rubbed her stump against his hip as she began to work her tight channel along his shaft feeling the ridge of the swollen head press tightly on the walls. She squeezed and rubbed his cock. The heat welled up inside with each stroke as she felt the ridge near the entrance then return deep inside. The fire built into an inferno. She began to find herself in a new place feeling him against and in her. She gasped and moved along his shaft another time.

“I’m ready to come again,” she esenyurt escort bayan squealed with delight. Her hips thrust and moved and his joined in the rhythm as it moved though the wet heat. “Oh god-d, close….” she moaned without finishing the thought. He could feel her tighten around him and he began to squirt his jizzum. Its warmth flooded her and she lost control. “Baby-y….” A few more thrusts and she lay limp under him, gasping softly.

His erection never left and he swelled even more inside her. Slowly his hips rocked letting his balls lightly slap her ass as the shaft plowed the warm wet depths. He could feel his cock pulse in a false orgasm after a few strokes. He knew from experience that it would remain rock hard for a long time now that his balls were spent. He felt the foot rub his back and the stump touch his hip. He watched her face and she watched his.

She pulled at her swimsuit top until it fell from her head. “Feel my tits against your chest,” she begged, her voice husky. “Good, huh?”

He let his chest hover just above her as the firm orbs swayed and the erect nipples strained for a touch. He lowered himself slightly as they brushed more firmly against him. “Nice tits,” he mumbled in pleasure.

“I’ve seen you looking.”

“Is it as good as in the book?”

“Uh-huh,” she groaned as the next orgasm tingled her mind.

He felt her cunt contract and let go. “Another?”

“Uh-huh,” she groaned then let the waves of pleasure wash across her.

“Still hard,” he said sounding pleased with himself.

“Then don’t stop,” she teased. “How long can it stay that way?”

“The commercial says ‘after four hours, call for help.'”

“It’s only been about half an hour. Should we set the alarm clock? They both laughed as his hips moved up and down in slow movements.

“A little faster,” she scolded with a light slap on his hip.

“Giddy up? Glad you don’t have a riding crop.”

“I could get one.”

“No. I’ll catch on to this. Remember….”

“You’re doing just fine for the first time.”

“Only ‘just fine’?”

“Nah.” She slammed her mound along his shaft and crashed against its base. She quickly repeated the motion several times. “Like that … go a little crazy. FUCK me.”

His hips began moving rapidly letting his cock head stop just before falling from her pussy lips then not stopping the drive inwards until his balls slapped loudly against her asshole. She tore at her breast pulling them wildly in all directions. Her mouth draped wide as she gasped for air.

“Oh yeah-h Sam-m,” she drawled repeatedly in wild abandon without regard to whether Joe or Alice could hear her. She added, “FUCK me-e real-l good,” occasionally.

His balls slapped about crazily and the shaft sent shivers of boiling desire through her. Her nipples threatened to drill through her palms as she tore at her breasts. The right leg strained as it reached further to the side.

“Cock-k … big-g,” she yelped. She felt her new wetness mingling with the mixture of the old begin to drain along the sliver of skin near her asshole. Now new jizzum flooded her and poured out. “Cum-m in me-e,” she begged as his cock pulsed inside her, still moving in and out. Suddenly, the orgasm racked her, making her gasp loudly. Her cunt drove hard along his shaft and threatened to continue past the base. It remained firmly in place as the feelings softened. “Best-t,” she drawled as her body fell limp once again.

The long shadows moved across the pile of spent pleasure of Sam still lying on Lydia. She looked up to see Joe and Alice standing naked over them.

“Glad you two found each other,” he said as his hand firmly cradled Alice’s ass.

Slowly Sam moved then sat beside Lydia, his cock still erect.

“Doesn’t that ever go away?” Alice asked with a slight giggle. She felt Joe squeeze her cheek. “Jealous?” She said, looking up at him.

“Nope. That’s exactly how I feel around you.” His fist stroked his growing erection. “See?”

She pulled him by the cock back towards the door. “I feel a ‘need’.”

“Insatiable,” Lydia whispered.

“Like us.” Sam stood and moved closer to the edge of the yacht before holding his cock out and peeing into the sea. Finished, he shook himself, and then dragged his clutched fist over the shaft to wipe it clean.

She hopped a few steps and stood beside him. She arched her back and held her crotch out as far as possible with fingers spreading her pussy wide. A yellow stream sailed into the air and splashed far below. She hopped back and wiped herself with the corner of the towel.

“You move nicely like that.”

“Yeah. I hop some, but it is hard on my hip joint. How’s it feel to fuck a woman with one leg?” She laughed, and then sat down.

“Like I’d want to do it again.” He stroked his hardness a few times.

She reached out and pulled him by his cock. “Just stand there.” She pulled it until she was able to wrap her lips around the end. Her lips popped lightly as she let it repeatedly slip from her mouth. “Yummy. You can sit now.” She giggled. “I want to suck you some.” She leaned down, took half the shaft into her mouth, and made several passes with her lips tight against the warm flesh. He grabbed at her ass to pull her mound towards her.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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