Bonnie (1)

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Bonnie (1)

The Bonnie stories are a collaboration between myself and Bonnie (her real name) who is a fan of my stories. They are part fantasy and part fact. Enjoy


I would say I don’t know how it all started but that would be a lie. I know exactly how it started.

Me and husband Mark with our two boys, Chris and Steve, live in a semi detached house, and my bedroom was on the corner of the house and had a double aspect looking out to the back garden and a side window looking towards our next door neighbour Tina. She also had two sons a year or so younger than mine and their bedroom was directly opposite mine. They always had a huge robot in the bedroom window.

One night I noticed that the robot was missing. I didn’t think anything of it till on another night after my shower I was drying myself off when I saw that the robot was missing and the curtains moving. My immediate reaction was to cover myself, but I didn‘t. I stood and watched till I saw a small face appear. The boys were watching me. At this point I should have closed the curtains, but again I didn’t. Instead I gave them a bit of a show

“What was the harm?” I asked myself, “Just nosey neighbours. And it gives me some harmless fun while Mark is on the road working.” So I dropped the towel and slowly got dressed. This became a regular thing. I would even wait till the robot was moved before stripping off and getting dressed. Slowly it turned into more of a show. And, to my shame it turned me on.

Over the next few weeks I became a true exhibitionist and I have to say quite dirty at times. I even let them know that I was going into town one day to try on some clothes. Once I knew they were watching I took some clothes into the cubicle to try on but left the curtain slightly open so they could see. I acted like I didn’t see them of course.

Then a man who was walking past stopped and look as well. I should have grabbed the curtain and closed but instead I just looked at him, letting him see my naked body. I was wet with longing. Longing for him to ram his rampant cock into me. I shook myself out of my stupor and donned the clothing I had brought in with me. My hands wanted to close the curtain but wouldn’t obey instructions. I turned and looked at my red face in the mirror. Right then, at that moment I wanted something hard up my throbbing pussy. I looked back out to see the man was gone, and the boys were giggling to each other. I quickly put my own clothes back on and left the store in a hurry

Once I had crossed that barrier I enjoyed the experience many times over the next few months. I had got so addicted to flashing my body I found myself flashing my own son’s ‘by accident.’ or that’s what I told myself. I also started doing it when I was out on my own. I had become a real exhibitionist. I would occasionally dress slutty in short skirt and low cut top without a bra and walk down the street to the local shops. I loved the feel of my tits swaying freely and rubbing on the material making them rise up and show to world I was turned on.

I even got the courage to go into a sex shop hoping someone would look at me or touch me. Maybe more. At the back of the shop was a row of cubicles and looked into one of them and saw a man masturbating as he looked through a widow at a girl dancing. I wanted to be that gorl, only without the glass. Too frightened at my ow feelings I turned and ran out of the shop.

When I got home I realised I was putting myself at risk. This I knew came from an experience in my past. The shock was, that I wanted to be at risk. I wanted a man to see me and, well, take me, make me his slut and turn me into his whore. To use me and humiliate me. I knew it could never happen so I judged that what I was doing with the boys was a safe option. I could expose myself safely and know that they would be getting some pleasure from it. They certainly became more chatty when they saw me but never actually mentioned what we were doing. As for my own son’s they too made it clear that they wanted to see more.

Once I realised what had brought this need back to life I couldn’t help but remember what happened with Ken. I was 12 at the time and Ken who was in his sixties, was our next door neighbour. Our, being my single mum and me. Mum and Kens wife Mary would often go into town to shop or go to bingo and Ken would baby sit. It all started off ok but then after a few times he would encourage me to sit on his lap and well you know the story. It wasn’t long before I was his eager sex slave and all I wanted to do was please him. Then of course he introduced a few chosen friends and I would sometimes be having sex with three or even four men all over sixty. This went on for several years. I suppose once it stopped I just put it out of my mind and got on with my life. (This story will be written fully in a prequel.) But that’s another story so back to this one.

I got home from work late one day as a customer had spilled a full cup of coke over me as I was leaving work. So I rushed into the laundry room and stripped off. I put on the first things that came to hand as I could hear the boys arriving home. A pair of jeans and t-shirt. Or so I thought. I just managed to get dressed as they entered the kitchen.

“Hi boys.” I said.

“Hi mum.” They both chirped.

Then Chris who is 12, smiled and said, “That top looks so much better like that than it did at the weekend.”

It was at this point that I realised the top had low cut arm holes. It was supposed to be worn with at least a bra, which I hadn’t had time to put on or a t-shirt. As it was, being low cut in the front as well as the sides my tit’s were almost on full view. “Oh!” I said, “I got soaked at work so dressed in a hurry.”

“That’s alright mum.” Chris smiled making it quite plain he was enjoying the view which I had done nothing to hide. “I think you look real sexy like that. Much better than your usual show.”

I leaned forward slowly and brushed his cheek with my hand. “You young man are getting really cheeky.” I stayed in that position giving him the best view of my tits that he had ever had. I looked down at his crotch and could tell he had an erection. This started my pussy throbbing. “No I am going for a quick shower before I start dinner. Why don’t you two get changed and then go play xbox. I will be down in a minute.” They both smiled and Chris went up to get changed, physically dragging Steve with him. Steve had been staring with his mouth wide open. Even though he was only 9 he too had an erection.

I followed them upstairs to my room and stripped off ready to take a shower. I grabbed a towel and without covering myself I walked out of the bedroom straight into Chris.

“Oh!” I said surprised, “I thought you were playing xbox.”

“We decided that it was time we had a proper look at you.” Chris smiled “You have been showing us your tits for weeks now.”


“Don’t deny it mum. Dan and Jimmy have been taking photos of you for months. Well now we want to see your tits close up. So we thought we would help you with your shower.”

“You can’t do that.” I said, shaking slightly. And if I am honest not sure of my reaction if I was naked with these two young boys. “It isn’t right.”

“Ok mum.” He said smiling and crossing his arms. “But what will dad say when we complain that next door have naked photo’s of you?

“Oh fuck.” I gasped, “No you can’t. Your dad must never know.”

“That’s ok mum.” Steve said, “We just want to wash you.”

I hesitated, trying to think of a way out of this predicament. The look on Chris’s face told me it wasn‘t just washing he wanted to do. I was trapped. Surprisingly I wasn’t angry. In fact my pussy was pounding. After all I told myself I had no choice did I?

I slowly dropped the towel and walked into the bathroom. Chris and Steve close behind me.

My heart was pounding as the water sprayed out hot and steamy. I stepped into the walk in shower. As I turned I saw them both stripping off.

What could I do? If I said no then they would tell Mark what I had been up to and that would be the end of my marriage and I would probably lose everything. So I let them join me.

With Steve it was more just washing mummy with a bit of curiosity. With Chris it was exploration. Checking out my body and seeing how far he could go. Playing with my breasts and rubbing my nipples. I should have been embarrassed and even ashamed when they stiffened up, and I could feel my pussy tingling at his not so childish play. When he went down to that place he came from I tried not to pull away but as their hands ran over my swollen pussy lips I gasped in as I was hit with a mini orgasm and pulled away. They just followed me and, not knowing what was happening continued pleasuring me. Finally I managed to pull away. “Too much boys too much too soon.” I said breathlessly

“You need to trim that bush mum so we can get a better look.”

“Cheeky.” I said with a smile. Then I surprised myself. I went down on my knees and ran my hand over his body till I came to his little 4” throbbing erection. “Is this because of me?” I asked.

He went bright red nodding his head but didn’t try to stop me. He ran his hands over my breasts as I stroked him.

“Your father will be home soon. I need to get dinner.” I gasped. “I will finish this later.”

“Come on Steve we will play with mum more later.” Chris said. They quickly dried off, dressed and then ran downstairs. When I finally got downstairs they were playing xbox like nothing had happened.

“What the hell have I done?” I asked myself. Smiling. “I’m being blackmailed by my twelve year old son. And I had an orgasm.”

I cooked dinner and dished up once Mark was home. As usual as soon as we finished dinner Mark flopped down in his armchair and the boys went back to the xbox for an hour before bedtime. As usual I gave them five minutes to settle down then went to up to tuck them in. “The boys want me to read them a story.” I said. Mark nodding his head and grunted.

As I entered their bedroom I smiled at Chris. “So how long have you been masturbating young man?”

“ A while now mum.” Chris said, a little embarrassed.

“Steve go to the top of the stairs and listen for dad.” I said as I pulled back Chris’s bedclothes. I pulled his bed shorts down and off his feet. I had a proper t-shirt on now which I pulled up so he could see my tits then I ran my hand up his legs, opening them slightly as I found his throbbing erection. But for the size it was like any other cock really. Except this one was attached to my 12yo son.

I should have felt disgusted. Ashamed. Embarrassed. Instead I was totally turned on, wet and throbbing. I took my young son’s 4 inch erection. I brushed it for a moment and then leaning forward I took it gingerly into my mouth. He moaned loudly. How stupid am I, I felt proud that I had gained a moan of pleasure. Not only that but that slight noise seemed to spur me on to even greater depravity. I bobbed up and down on his erect cock and played with his young testicles and then, the dirtiest of all I took his cock and his balls into casino oyna my mouth while I lightly brushed his anus.

He raised his body up and moaned louder this time. “God mum that feels so good. Who would have thought my mum would ever suck my cock? Oh god I’m gonna come already.” He raised up from the bed again. This time his whole body went stiff and then he went back down, as he relaxed his body he shot his boy seed into my mouth. I was elated.

He didn’t fill my mouth of course but he did give me three or four good spurts which I swallowed proudly. Proudly? What kind of a slut was I. I knew this was just the beginning. What would he want next? I asked myself. What would any of them want?

“Wow that was so good mum.” Chris said putting his hands behind his head. “What’s it like tasting your son’s jizz then mum?”

“Steve into bed.” I said standing up. “And you don’t be so cheeky.” I added smiling

“My turn to put my willy in your mouth mum? Steve asked.

“Just for a little while and then I will do it properly tomorrow baby.” I said. I took his small cock into my mouth and started sucking on it. I couldn’t be too long in case Mark came up.

“My mum the cocksucker.“ Chris smiled, “Who would have thought?“

After a couple of minutes I stopped and promised Steve I would finish him off before school and then I tucked them both in.

As I went to leave the room Chris said “Your not at work tomorrow mum so can we all play some more before school?”

“You will have to be up early then.”

“Ok mum.” They said in unison.

I closed the door and went downstairs. My pussy was throbbing violently. I desperately needed to be fucked and fucked hard. Punishment I suppose. But no punishment was forthcoming. Mark was almost asleep in the armchair.

“I’m going to bed.” I said, “are you coming.”

“I’ll be up soon.” He replied, “I just want to see the end of this.” His gaze glued to the TV.

By the time Mark came to bed I was asleep. Dreams filled with my son fucking me with the most gigantic cock my perverted mind could conjure. I woke early. I always slept naked. So I slipped a short nighty on. I made coffee then woke Mark. The boys must have heard me moving around and were downstairs before Mark, sitting at the table eating breakfast in their pj’s and staring at me.

When Mark appeared he grabbed a slice of toast, “Got to be in early today,” He said, “and I may be late home tonight but I will let you know for certain later.”

“Ok honey.” I said as he pecked me on the cheek. Then he was gone and I was left alone with my two son’s. Both of whom looked at me with broad smiles. Those smiles said a huge amount.

“Mum.” Chris said, “Why didn’t you just say no last night?”

I was a bit surprised by the question. Should I lie? Or should I just be honest with him?

“I….I” God this was hard. “Oh damn it.”

“Sorry mum.” Chris said a little worried.

“No don’t be.” I replied brushing his cheek. “I suppose I have been working up to this for ages. I look at you boys sometimes and, well, the thought of doing stuff with you was just so exciting.”

“So your ok with it then?” he smiled.

“Yes I am ok with it. What’s more, I will do anything you want me to. As long as it does not interfere with normal daily life and your father must never find out. In other words. when daddy is away I am your sex toy. I will do whatever you say. When daddy is home I am your mum and you will treat me as such. Ok?”

“Oh cool.” He smiled, “What about Dan and Jimmy?”

“Well, your in charge and I will do what you tell me to do with whoever you decide. As long as it’s safe for everyone. Is that ok with you?” Now I was completely committed. And I could see on Chris’s face he loved it.

“Come here.” Chris ordered. I almost refused but my feet moved all by themselves till I was right in front of him. He raised his hand to my breast and traced his way to my nipple. “Sexy nighty mum. Maybe one day I will make you go out in it, walk around town. See if we can find you some paying customers.” Then he pinched the nipple hard. I gasped with the pain.

“You gonna put my willy in your mouth now mum?” Steve asked.

“Yes she is Steve.” Chris said, “A promise is a promise isn’t it mum. Go and sit on the chair and mum will get naked for us.”

Steve dropped his pj’s and sat in the armchair . His breathing was heavy and his eyes all excited. I smiled at Chris as I removed my nighty and knelt in front of Steve. I started by brushing his semi erect cock with my hand until he got hard. Then I took him into my mouth. I think I was more excited than I had ever been. I know my pussy was sopping wet and throbbing faster than a heartbeat.

“Take mums hair and pull her all the way down Steve and don’t let her go till you shoot into her mouth.” Chris said.

“I never shoot before.” Steve said, “I do try but it don’t work like it does for you.”

“Don’t worry, mum is an expert cocksucker. She will taste your virgin come won’t you mum. Just hold her head down hard.”

Steve grabbed hold of my hair and held on tight. I felt Chris move behind me and step between my legs. Then, my twelve year old son brushed his erection against my pussy. That slight touch almost brought on an instant orgasm I was so high. I tried to get up, I wasn’t expecting this to happen so soon, but he slapped me hard on the buttocks. “Stay still slut.” I obeyed. Even more turned on by his command and the stinging pain.

Then it was done. He was inside me. Not far of course but he was without doubt fucking his mother. I totally relaxed. I gave myself to him totally and was determined to enjoy whatever happened.

“I didn’t mean to do this yet baby. You know you and your brother mean everything to me. I love you both so much.”

“We love you to mum.” Chris said, “The feeling of your pussy wrapped around my cock is awesome. He added and started thrusting as hard as he could. Even though his cock didn’t reach far enough to give me much pleasure his pelvic bone was crashing into my clit. Whether I liked it or not if he kept this up I would orgasm. My shame and compliance would be complete.

“Oh yes baby do mummy hard. Make mummy you slut baby” I moaned

Then he moaned and I felt his cock spasm as his seed shot into me, soon to run down my legs. “That was awesome.” He said stepping back. ”You truly are an awesome fuck mum.”

“Your not too bad for a beginner either.” I declared as he stood at my side. The sting as his hand hit me across the buttocks took me totally by surprise. I fell sideways and lay on the floor.

“Learn the lesson mother.” Chris scowled, “We are in charge. I told you to suck him off. Not chatter. So if you want us to go to school you better get on with it.”

I was in total shock. Chris was taking this to the max it seemed. Steve had stood up now and smiled down at me as I again took his tiny willy into my mouth. I worked that tiny thing as best I could, never really believing that he would shoot his virgin load into my mouth.

After a while Steve shuddered and said, “I wanna pee.”

“Then pee Steve. Chris said,“ And mum, you better catch every last drop of it or you can lick up whatever you miss.”

That stupid feeling of pride once again reared it’s stupid head. Proud that I had brought my little boy to his first ever orgasm. Chris grabbed my hair and held my head in place. And then it happened. Steve, pissed in my mouth. I pulled my head back with the shock taste of urine. It went down my throat and then over my face and I could feel it’s warmth as it ran over my erect nipples Chris pushed my head back toward the flowing cock. I gulped it down wanting to throw up as what seemed like gallons of piss ran down my throat and over my body. Finally it stopped and Steve stepped back.

“Wow mum that was so cool.” Steve said excitedly.

“You better go and have a quick shower and get ready for school.” Chris said.

“Ok.” He replied and ran upstairs.

“Well look at that mum. You missed some. You better lick it up.”

I looked at Chris with disgust. “You can’t be serious.” I said. Chris stepped forward, that look on his face. “Ok I’ll do it.” And I did. As best I could I licked up every drop. My stomach churned with each swipe of my tongue on the floor. The humiliation was such a turn on I can’t describe it.

After a while I turned round and Chris was gone. I felt so vile about what I had done. But what made me feel the worst was, How much I was totally and completely turned on by Chris’s domination and humiliation.

A moment later he and Steve came down ready for school. “As dad won’t be home till late tonight I thought we could go to Bradbury Park. Dress in that really tarty short skirt and that top with the big armholes. No underwear. Ok mum?.”

“Yes Chris. I will do as you ask.” I smiled. He was in charge now. And he had taken to the roll exceptionally well. But god I needed an orgasm. I went to my bedroom and took out my vibrator. I rammed that hot tool into my pulsing pussy till I screamed in orgasm. And I didn’t care who heard or saw me. Pictures of Steve and Chris along with Dan and Jimmy from next door gang banging me flooded my mind. Twice more I orgasmed before I was finally exhausted and had to stop.

Often if I had a problem in life I would sit on the floor in the shower and just let the water flood over me. Hopefully my mind would flow over the problem and figure out what to do to solve it. In this case the question was “Why did Chris’s control over me get me so excited? And why was the humiliation also exciting for me?”

In the end the only answer I could come up with was the fact that when Ken took me under his wing he robbed me of my childhood. I never played with other children. There was no doctors and nurses for me. So maybe I was making up for it now. The domination and humiliation was easy to solve. That was all Ken. He sexually dominated me for many years and took great joy in humiliating me in front of his friends. Realising this made me wonder why I married Mark who was in no way dominating, or even controlling.

Once I finished in the shower I done my usual chores around the house and then dressed ready for Chris to come home. I didn’t wear the same top he saw but the one I wore was the same style but bright yellow. And of course no underwear. Though with the skirt if I sat down my pussy would be on display to anyone who cared to look. That thought alone got me wet. Thankfully I had trimmed my bush down to a thin runway.

The boys must have run all the way home as they arrived breathless. “Good.” Chris said with a smile. “Your all ready to go. Get your mobile and hands free. We will be down in a minute. Sure enough a couple of minutes later, dressed in shorts and t-shirt they stood before me.

“Is that right mum we are in charge today?” Steve asked

“Yes as long as daddy doesn’t know.” I replied.

“And you will do whatever and whoever we tell you to.” Chris said. More a statement than a question.

“Within reason.” I said

“And you will do whatever and whoever we tell you to.” He repeated and showed me his mobile phone. A video of me moaning with pleasure canlı casino as I sucked on his little cock. He had videoed us the night before and I hadn’t even realised.

“How….?” I started. But realising it was pointless to ask. “Whatever and whoever you tell me to do I will do it. As long as it’s safe.” I said

“Fair enough.” Chris said and walked out the door. Bradbury Park was a ten minute walk away. Chris told me to walk in front while they hung back. I was to keep my phone on and my ear piece connected at all times so he could give me instructions. To all intents and purposes I was walking on my own with two boys walking in the same direction.

“You look like a gorgeous tart mum. Smile at that man approaching you. See if he gets a hard on.”

I did like Chris’s gorgeous tart comment, but not so much his demand. That is not until I noticed the guy did indeed have an erection. He smiled back at me. I was beaming by now and felt my hips swaying more than usual in the hope that he was looking back at me.

“Nice one mum.” Chris said, “Next time we see him maybe I will offer you to him for a price.”

I decided he was only joking, but deep down I had a fear that he wasn’t. We arrived at the park and Chris told me to take a certain seat just off the main walkway. It was placed at an angle between the path and a wooded area. With another seat opposite me. Chris and Steve went to the swings which were beyond the second seat. I was sitting cross legged in a forlorn hope that my sopping pussy would not be on full display. As I was turned slightly to one side I knew my buttocks were on show but decided that this was the better of the two evils. Until a rather scruffy man in his late 50’s sat opposite me blatantly looking at me. Leering. Making me feel like a dirty whore. My pussy was getting wetter by the minute and throbbing like crazy.

“Your going to get him all excited mum. Show him what you have, look him in the eye and then walk into the wood. Make sure he follows.

“I can’t.” I gasped, “He will want to fu….”

“Do it or I call dad.” Chris demanded.

So I did. What choice did I have? I gave him a nervous smile and uncrossed my legs, I glanced around to see who else may be watching but the park was almost empty. All the kids gone home for dinner I suppose. This helped me relax somewhat so next I pulled the top to one side, showing him a tit with a throbbing nipple. I opened my legs wide now and pulled the two side of the top to the middle showing both breasts. My breathing was becoming erratic and I couldn’t believe how turned on I was.

“Go for it mum.” Chris said in my ear, “Don’t worry we will protect you. Just let go. Let the slut free. You know you want to.”

How they would protect me I had no idea but his words gave me a sense of safety. And I knew what he said about letting go was true. So I stood up, smoothed down my skirt and walked over to the man.

“Tell him your husband is watching and has ordered you to do whatever the man wants for the next 5 minutes. Then walk into the wood to the big tree in the middle You can’t miss it.”

“Hi.” I said, leaning over slightly. “My husband is watching me and says for the next five minutes you can do whatever you want with me.” Then I walked into the wood. Really really hoping that he was following me. I looked back and my heart pounded as I saw him close behind me. I found the tree easily enough and leaned my back against it. Pulling the top again to the middle showing off my tits to him.

He didn’t waste any time. His hands gripped my tits hard and I could see the red flush of arousal in his cheeks. I smiled, I was so elated at the degree of his arousal. He fiddled with his zipper and then pushed me down. I took this strangers throbbing cock and took it deep into my smiling mouth.

His hands were against the tree as I sucked that cock like I had never sucked before. The excitement was driving me insane. Suddenly he pulled out of my mouth and pulled me up, turning me round so I was bent over leaning on the tree. I had no idea what hole he was going to fuck and to be honest at this point I didn’t care. He rammed his cock into my waiting pussy and drove in as far as he could.

Instantly I went into orgasm. It came so fast and was such a shock I almost collapsed. Thankfully his hands on my hips held me up and he continues to ram into me half a dozen more times before he too groaned in orgasm. I felt his jizm spurt into me 3 then 4 spurts till he slowed down. Still breathless he pulled out of me, pulled up his zipper and walked away. My knees finally gave way and I collapsed at the base of the tree.

The boys appeared a moment later. “Be honest mum.” Chris said in my ear, “You enjoyed that didn’t you?”

“Yes Chris I did.” I said quietly pulling myself into a sitting position against the tree. “In fact, and don’t ever tell your dad this, but it was the best fuck I have had in years.” And that was the truth.

“Well I know I can’t give you what a man can as I am not big enough yet.” He said “So until I am we will do this now and again, as I enjoy seeing you being used like a whore.”

“We better get home before your dad arrives and wonders where we are. Me being dressed like this could be a problem.”

“Ok mum.”

As we walked home, together this time, I thought back on what had happened. I couldn’t remember anything about the man. Not his looks not his smell or anything other than that overwhelming orgasm. And my never ending grin.

“So what was that about then Chris.” I asked, “Asserting your control or just seeing how far I would go?”

“A bit of both really.” He replied, “I wanted to see if you would do whatever I said, and I wanted to see what it was like to see you with a man.”


“And you surprised me. I mean. A total stranger. In the Park. In daylight. A real slut and you can’t deny it.”

“I can’t really can I?” I smiled, “I didn’t even think of refusing. You said I would be safe so I just went for it.”

“And you were turned on as well weren’t you?”

“Yes. Enormously.”

“Will I get as big a willy as that man mum?” Steve asked

“Yes Steve as you get older you will get bigger.”

“Wow so I can put it inside you like he did?”

“You can do that now bruv” Chris said, “But we are a bit small at the moment to make mum come. But I know other ways to do that.”

“Where do you get all this from Chris.” I asked

“Ever heard of the internet mum?”

“Yes but we have controls to stop you seeing stuff like that.”

“Oh you mean your name and birth date. That was so hard to crack.” He laughed.

As we arrived home Mark text me to say he was on his way home, so I rushed upstairs and got changed, not having time for a shower. The boys settled down with the xbox.

I rushed to get dinner ready so as to avoid any questions from Mark and had it set up as he walked through the door. It turns out that the reason he was going to be late home had expanded into something far more serious so he would be away for the next few days trying to save a very important contract for his company.

We ate dinner and after an hour I sent the boys to bed. “Sorry boys no story tonight you dad is going away for a few days and I need to pack his case.” I looked at Chris nervously.

“Ok mum” Chris said with a smile, “Have a good trip dad.” And off they went to bed. Two hours later Mark and I went to bed and to my surprise he wanted sex. I never refused him, even though it had become boring with him over the years. It wasn’t till he was pumping away that I remembered that I already had a pussy full of another mans jizz. Now that really did turn me on. Not enough for me to reach orgasm. Mark never did last long. About a minute later he was asleep.

‘I must be a right pervert.’ I thought to myself, ‘Getting turned on by the thought of my husbands cock in my pussy slopping around in another mans juice.’ It did make me smile though

Due to Marks trip we were up especially early. I took half an hour to take a shower and then woke the boys. When they got downstairs I was dressed in the shortest nighty that I had. It wasn’t even a nighty really. It was more of a bed jacket that went down just passed the hips. The only thing holding it together was a thin lace tie. It was totally transparent. And basically had no front to it at all.

“I see your ready for action mum.” Chris said.

“Are you complaining?”

“Not at all.” Chris smiled, “In fact as dad is going to be away you can stay dressed like that till he comes home.”

“I cant do that.” I gasped, “Someone may knock on the door.”

“Mmmm. True.” Chris muttered, “ Ok you can have that big sloppy button up cardigan to hand in case you need it. But if the caller is a man you will let it open so he can see your slut body. Agreed?”

“I suppose so. Agreed” I wasn’t keen on his plan but he was in charge, and as I would be on my own I could just stay covered up. Couldn’t I? The cardigan in question was knitted thick wool and came down just below my bum. The buttons done up to just above my tits but because it had stretched over the years it could easily slip low enough to give any man a really good look at me.

As I looked at the two boys I could see they both had a hard on. “Should I try with Steve again.” I asked, looking at Chris. I know I should have been worried about him pissing on me again but I wasn’t. If it happened then I would have to clean it up. If not then I hoped to swallow his first ever shot of jizz.

“What would you like to do Steve.” Chris asked, “Put it in mums mouth or fuck her like the man did yesterday?”

“Oh I liked it in her mouth.” He said eagerly, “But what if I pee again?”

“Don’t worry mum will clean it up” He said confidently, “Wont you mum?”

“Of course I will.” I replied, smiling. Feeling my pussy throb in anticipation of Chris once again shooting his come into my pussy.

I sat Steve in the armchair. “Now just relax. “ I said, softly “Think about what the man was doing yesterday and how it made you feel.”

“He was very big.” Steve said closing his eyes as I took his hard little cock into my mouth.

Chris moved behind me. “You really are a slut mum.” he said, “I haven’t even touched you yet and your pussy is sopping wet.” With this he thrust several fingers into me. I moaned in pleasure. Both at his action and at his words. The humiliation of my 12 year old son knowing I was turned on by him and his actions, was immense. He wiped his fingers on my buttocks and then I felt his hard cock slide between my throbbing pussy lips.. As he banged it into me I couldn’t help but think that I needed a man’s cock as well, not instead of, but as well. I truly was a becoming a whore.

It didn’t take long. “Oh mum I think I’m gonna pee.” Steve moaned.

“Just let it go baby.” I said.

Chris was breathing faster now so I knew he was close. Then Steve erupted, come juice, his first orgasm. His seed jumped into my mouth as he cried out, “Oh Oh Oh mum Oh. What’s happening?”

I didn’t stop to answer. I wanted every little drop of his seed and lapped it up avidly. Chris then moaned loudly and I felt his seed unload kaçak casino inside me. Finally I lifted my head and looked at Steve.” You just shot like your big brother does.” I said, “And it tasted wonderful.”

As Chris pulled out of me I turned to him, ”Come here.” I said, “All good whores clean their man up after. Especially when they love the taste of their man like I do.”

After the boys went off to school the day was pretty calm. However I did get a phone call from Tina next door. Her and her husband had planned to go out for their anniversary and were going to be out over night. Her father was supposed to baby sit but had taken ill.

“You couldn’t possibly have the boys for me could you?” She asked.

Slut that I am, I saw an instant chance of having all 4 boys using me. “Well we don’t have the room here as you know. Mark is away for a few days so why don’t I bring my boys to yours for the night and they can sleep in your spare room.” They always kept their spare room ready in case her father stayed over so I knew it would be available.

“Brilliant.” Tina said, “See you about 7 then if that’s ok.”

“Yes that’s great.”

From that moment my pussy was twitching like crazy for the rest of the day. When I told Chris he said. “So finally we all get to play with the slut then.” That thought sent a shiver through my body.

I had a shower and put on a thin cotton dress. On instruction from Chris I wasn’t allowed any underwear.

As Tina opened the door I could feel the air of anticipation from the boys. Their eyes were fixed on me and they had little smirks on their faces. Five minutes later it was just me and 4 horny little boys. For the whole night. I was in heaven.

“Do you two want to strip her off?” Chris asked, looking at Dan and Jimmy.

They both looked back at him and then at me. “I don’t think they believe their luck mum so why don’t you tell them what they can do.” Chris was obviously in control being the oldest.

“I have teased you enough so you can do whatever you want to me as long it’s ok with Chris.”

“Oh cool” They cried and ran at me. They almost ripped my dress of which had buttons all the way up and once I was naked their hands were all over me pulling and pinching and fingering. “Let me sit down.” I said, struggling to get to the settee. I finally made my way through and sat on the settee with my buttocks right on the edge so I was half laying down with my legs spread wide. The boys had just thrown their clothes off as they followed me.

Their hands were everywhere and I was soon gasping on the verge of an orgasm. I loved to think of what they would do to me as they got older and how they would make me their sex toy, always in constant orgasm.

Chris was flushed with lust and instantly stepped between my legs pointing his erection at my eager hole. “Do it Chris. Fuck mummy in front of your friends.” I gasped. He slid that cock into my dripping hole to gasps from Dan and Jimmy.

“Bang it in hard son.” A voice said. I jumped up. “Stay there you fucking whore. I have been here all the time.

I looked to the kitchen to see Tina’s father Ed, his phone in his hand as Chris thrust into me with a huge smile on his face.

“Ok boy’s it’s time you all got in on the act.” He said. Drool running down his chin and dripping onto his grossly fat belly. He was in his 60’s and he was filthy. Both in body and I had no doubt in mind. His clothes looked like they had been worn for years. Filthy stains all over them. His trousers hanging below his belly looked like they would fall down at any moment.

“What do you think your doing?” I asked. “Your not supposed to be here.”

“We set you up with a man cock.” Steve said proudly.

“Not this filthy animal.” I said to myself

“Yes my dear and I have to say your slut body looks a lot better close up than it does through the bedroom window.”

“Chris move up there so she can suck you off. Dan you stand the other side while I show the young ones how to make this bitch scream.”

“No please you can’t do this.”

“Listen you fucking whore I got a video of you getting fucked by your son. Your mine. I own you. If you hesitate for just a second I will send this to your husband and then put it on face book. Understood.”

My world had just shattered. While having an older man take charge of me had always been a fantasy I had always seen him as nice and kind. Not this perverted filthy animal. I was defeated. I said nothing, just dropped my gaze. He owned me now.

The two older boys stood either side of me. “Right, while she takes it in turns to suck on those cocks, you two grip her nipples and roll them in your fingers hard, make her moan squeeze them really hard she will love it.”

He wasn’t wrong. The pain was a turn on for me. Being dominated by an older filthy man was a turn on, and being used by the boys was a turn on. I was totally lost and totally turned on, moaning with pleasure within seconds. What was to follow I wasn’t sure, but it seemed this old man knew how to torture a woman. I was already in minor orgasm

“Now then Steve I have a special job for you. See this here.” He said, and spread my pussy lips wide open and pointed to my clit. “Watch this.” And with that he pushed his thumb hard into my bud and pushed upwards.

“Ohh fuck.” I gasped. “You can’t. He is only a boy. Please you can’t do this to me.”

“If she say’s anything else Dan you take that nipple in your mouth and bite down hard.”

“Yes gramps I will.”

“Now Steve you keep on doing that. Just play with it and pinch and squeeze it hard with your fingers.” He watched as Steve did as he was told and once satisfied that my moans were for real he moved on to Jimmy. “Now Jimmy this is really special.”

I couldn’t believe what he made that young boy do. He began by showing Jimmy how he could slide his fingers into my cunt and how wet I was. Then he told Jimmy to have a go and once he started he made Jimmy put all his fingers in and then showed Jimmy how to get in beyond the knuckles. Jimmy’s hand was so small he just slid right into my pussy up to the wrist. It felt like the hugest cock in the world was ramming into my slut cunt.

I was already verging on an orgasm from the clit stimulation but when he told Jimmy to ram his arm into me up to the elbow and then piston in and out I just totally lost it. I started thrusting back on that monster ’cock’.

The boys were laughing as I tried my hardest not to scream. A moment later Dan and Chris both shot their loads all over my face as my head was shaking side to side. Finally I couldn’t hold it any longer. “Ahhhhhhgggggghhhhhh fuuuuuuuuuckkkkkkk.” I screamed. Chris and Dan took my nipples into their mouths and were biting down hard. “Nooooooo pleeeaaaasssseeeee nnnooo more no more please arrghhhhhhhhh” I was thrusting and thrashing about like a wild cat until I couldn’t take any more. Everything went blank as my whole body collapsed like a rag doll. I don’t think I lost consciousness. I remember Ed tell the boys they could stop chewing on my nipples now.”

“Wow that was awesome.” I don’t know who said but the others all agreed.

“Yes she is gonna be a prize whore your mum.” Ed said. “Right you lot get some supper while she comes round then she can give you all a quick cock suck before you go to bed. And remember boys. This is Boys Club. And only boys club members know what goes on here. Nobody else. Got it?

“Got it.” They all chimed.

When I finally opened my eyes I said, “You set me up.”

“No we all set you up.” He replied, “You don’t think Chris knew how to handle things without help do you?”

“He said it was internet.”

“The actions maybe. But not the blackmail. That was me. Now your whore to four boys for the rest of their lives. And whore to me for as long as I want you.”

“You bastard.” I replied

“Well lets seal our agreement then.” He said standing up. “You know what to do.”

I did indeed know. But I could I do it? He smelt horrible. B O, tobacco and god knows what else. Just the smell made me want to vomit. Then I opened up his zipper and the waft of filth rushed into my face. I had to turn away.

“Get on with it you slag.”

I pulled that stink wreathed member from it’s filthy cave and started to rub it lightly. As the foreskin went back I was greeted with white stinking cheese. Again I went to pull away but he gripped my hair and rammed his short but very fat cock into my mouth. Short was about 6 or 7 inches and fat was larger than I could grip in my hand. Using my hair he pumped me backwards and forwards. My face splattered into his overhanging belly with each thrust. Not so much fucking my face but more my face fucking his cock.

He stopped as the boys appeared from the kitchen. “OK boys. Bonnie will give you each a quick suck and then up to bed. We will spend the morning fucking this slut in all her holes.“

One by one I briefly sucked on their cocks and sdaid good night to them.“

“Good night boys.” Ed said

“Good night gramps.”

Once they had gone he continues till with a gasp he withdrew his cock and shot two spurts of filthy come over my face before ramming back into my face. Three or four more eruptions into my throat and then he just dropped me on the floor as he fell back into the armchair. Mixed with the boys juices my face and chest was covered in stick come juice. I had the stupidest feeling of achieving something and inside I was smiling. Outside I was terrified of what was to come.

I didn’t have to wait long. Without a word he pulled me up by my hair and put me back on the settee. He pulled my legs up and put my knees by my head. “Hold them and don’t let them go.” He undid his belt and stepped out of his trousers. He truly was a gross man to look at.

He rammed two fingers into my pussy eliciting a moan from me then without ceremony he rammed those fingers into my anus. “No you can’t.” I screamed. “Your much too big. I won‘t be able to take your girth. Please”.

“I have wanted to fuck this hole since you bent over and shoved your fingers up it for the boys. You didn’t know I was in the room as well.”

I knew it was pointless to try and stop him. I felt his fat cock at the edge of my crack and then he pushed it all the way in. I wanted to scream but I didn’t want the boys to see me like this.

“That’s what I like about you.” He said, “Great mouth, ever ready cunt and a nice tight fucking arsehole.” And then he pounded into my arse fucking me hard and as fast as his overweight body would allow. And like it or not once the pain had gone I responded. Thrusting back on him, getting stubborn and getting faster and harder. Then with a whoosh I came. I didn’t even know it possible to orgasm from your arse but I did and it hit me like a train.

“Harder you fuck” I screamed. All control gone now. “Do it fuck my hole you fucking pervert ooohhhh fuckkkk.”

I felt him come as he gasped his pleasure. The power of his orgasm almost making him lose his feet. We ended up grunting and thrusting in unison till finally we both came to a stop. I was totally exhausted and must have fallen asleep in that position. Unable to keep my eyes open I knew that tomorrow would be the start of a whole new life for me. And in some small way I both hated and loved it.

More to come soon

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