Breakfast Anyone

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My cell phones rings, it is you. “Hey, Babe, I thought you would be on your way to work.”

“I should be, but they are keeping my car in the shop overnight. Hubby is being the usual ass and says he is going out for beer with the guys instead of coming home to drive me. He said to take a taxi. I know he is going to fuck his big titted skank. Lover, I am already late, a taxi may take an hour, will you drive me?”

“When you ask me like that, how can I refuse? One condition though, you must let me pick you up in the morning and take you to breakfast.”

“That can be arranged, breakfast sounds good, please hurry, I will be outside waiting.”

Ten minutes later, you climb into the passenger seat of my truck. We are in too much of a hurry for me to open the door for you. Even our kiss hello is a quick peck as the truck starts to roll. The twenty minute drive is consumed with details of our day, intertwined hands, fondling laps and hot stares at your delectable body.

As we pull up to the hotel, I stop on the side and we make time for a deep kiss. My hands wander over your sexy body. Moving my hand under your short uniform skirt, I feel the beginning of moisture otele gelen escort in your panty hose. “Damn, I wish we had time” you whisper.

“I know, I know, promise me you will take your stocking off before you leave work in the morning.”

“DEAL, babe, I have to go” I pull up to the front door and you are gone without even a look back.

The next morning at 7:05, I am holding open the passenger door for you to get in. So as not to arise any suspicions, we are discreet in front of the hotel. “I thought of you all night, it was so nice of you to help me out.”

“Who said I was nice? This is strictly a barter deal, a ride to work for a breakfast companion,” is my comeback.

“Ohhh, is that all you are looking for, Fuck Daddy. I have nothing on under my skirt. I thought you may want to take me back to your place and you could take it out in trade.”

We drive around the back of the hotel. My hand is between your solid thighs, kneading the flesh and pushing toward your pussy. At the back of the property is a large, maintenance shed. I pull the truck up on the grass behind it. As soon as the truck stops, we are in each rus escort other’s arms and lips. The lover’s kiss gives us time to touch each other as my hand moves under your skirt and you begin roughly rubbing my hard cock through my pants. A minute later, the odor in the truck is a mixture of female nectar and male musk. We are both horny and ready to mate. “Let’s get in the backseat, we can make love there.” you say.

“Sorry, baby, no love making now, it is time for you to be fucked!!”

Going around to your side, I open the door and slide your seat all the way back. As you open my pants and release my throbbing cock, you ask “What are you doing” “SSHHH, bitch, it is time for you to get yours.” To make sure you are ready and in the same mood, I reach under your skirt and slide two fingers inside your folds to massage your g spot. My thumb moves around your slippery clit. Immediately, you begin to groan and grind your body on my hand. A minute later, your voice is throaty and low when you tell me, “fuck me, babe, somehow fuck me”.

Those were the words that I was waiting to hear. Reclining your seat, I move you across the front until you are laying sıhhiye escort face down on the passenger seat with your legs outside the truck. I position your feet up onto the running board on either side of me to raise your ass. Your skirt is barely covering your plump flesh and I finish pulling it out of the way. Stepping up on the running board, my cock is knocking on your pussy. I move forward to coat the head with your juice before entering you. You feel me at your lips and urgently order, “I told you to fuck me, fuck me now and FUCK ME HARD!”

Who am I to deny my sexy lover her request? Grabbing your ass, I spread the cheeks to expose your hot, wet cunt. Without hesitation, I slam my cock fully into you. You reward me with a deep groan. After a few strokes, I want to be deeper and pound you harder. Climbing higher on your ass, I can now put my weight behind my thrusts. You spread your legs wider, allowing another inch to enter. Like two dogs fucking in heat, our only need is to cum. Every thrust is met with a grunt from each as our bodies have taken over in reproductive mode to guarantee a simultaneous release. Our sex organs grow, move and shape themselves to each other until two minutes later my white seed is propelled into your sucking sheath. Our mutual orgasm is trumpeted by a howl from each of us as we celebrate our mutual conquest.

As I slide down to again stand on the running board, I ask to no one in particular,


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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