Building Trust

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“It’s Time” the e-card says. The nearly nude figures on the cover give me the context — but no details. Since its noon on Friday, I’ve got 9-10 hours to be curious, pre-occupied and titillated. By 3 o’clock I give up trying to get any work done and opt for a workout, which is not made easier by a constant state of arousal!

By the time the Towne’s join us for pizza, I can’t keep my hands off your luscious body — still trying to imagine what “It’s Time” for? Not getting any help from you we shoo the kids off for their sleep over.

I’m trying hard not to appear too anxious — but by your grin I can tell you’re not the least bit fooled. Getting ready quickly I light the candles and open the toy box — looking for a clue — but not finding any. The suspense is killing me!! Of course you know I’m anxious and take your sweet time getting ready — the art of anticipation is at work!

You look luscious in your black thong and camisole — but still no hint of what “It’s Time” for? Throwing back the sheets it’s obvious that you’re tease has me on edge. Bending over to you tease me a bit by sampling my smooth skin with your fingers, lips and tongue. Backing off, my hot skin cools as the slight wetness evaporates.

Massaging me with expert hands — I think “what is “It Time” for?” But the sensations are too pleasurable to dwell. As you liberally lubricate my smooth skin — I know I’m in for an explosive orgasm.

With a bigger than usual vibrator buzzing my behind, I explode in huge arc that almost reaches my chin. “Good”, I vaguely hear you say — that’ll take the edge off! As you wipe me off with a warm cloth — you whisper in my ear that you’d like to go for the Hummingbird tonight. That suits me fine — but what is “It Time” for, I still wonder?

In almanbahis the soft glow of the candles I relish the view of your smooth skin. Seeing your well trimmed — but not shaved vulva, I know it’s not time for that! As my massage spreads your cheeks, do I sense it’s a little more smooth than usual? Well maybe!

The sight of your glistening slit makes it impossible to resist going down for a little nectar. My tongue circles every part of you — then gradually separating your inner vulva where the sweetness is most intense. Gauging each low moan the temperature rises and I softly suck-in the delicate labia, then both.

Knowing that the Hummingbird is the main event, I have just one more stop before bringing you to your desired location. Pushing your knees toward your breasts, I make room to tease your glistening anus. My tongue circles your rosebud — and I conclude, “Yes it is smoother than usual!” Could this be what “It’s Time” for? Well not yet — as I finish rimming your rosebud — it’s time for the Hummingbird!

I liberally apply lubrication to your vulva to make for a smooth groove! My fingers slowly begin to prepare you for the Hummingbird’s ample shaft. While strumming your clit, the first finger splits the folds to find your g-spot. When I sense you have relaxed, the second finger expands you slightly and aides the stroking of your g-spot. Finally the third digit joins the g-spot fun.

Sensing you’re ready for the main event more lube allows the shaft to enter easily. The shaft progresses smoothly until the Hummingbird comes to rest — enveloping your vulva with its wings. As the maestro tonight, you instruct me on when to switch between the rotating-shaft and the buzzing-Hummingbird. After several switches, you implore me to enable both.

Since almanbahis yeni giriş the lubrication is flowing freely and you’re getting close — I take the chance to massage your sensitive perineum with my thumb. As is my custom, I also slide my finger past your rosebud — and sense your rising excitement. Intense distinct sensations flood your brain; fingers slide slowly through your rosebud, the shaft works on your g-spot, the beads stimulate your opening, the wings of the bird flutter on your labia, and finally the Hummingbird finishes the job ceaselessly driving your clit beyond belief.

As you begin to quake with your first orgasm — I glance up to see you tweaking solidly erect nipples. As more orgasms flow, I see your whole body quiver.

Seeing that you are ready to loose the now too intense action of the Hummingbird — I slowly withdraw it. As you continue to massage your breasts a little more gently now, my fingers remain imbedded to see your reaction — you gently sigh and say “It’s Time.” If you’re sure, let’s go slow and learn to enjoy this together — it’s about trust — it’s about us…

… gently my finger withdraws from your pink rosebud. If we’re going to do this, lets do it right. Step one is to make sure you’ve had a very rewarding orgasm — mission accomplished. Next is to establish communication and go slowly — the goal is pleasure for both — no pain. This will require time, relaxation, communication and copious lubrication.

Opening the toy box I get your favorite Little-Thunder vibe, the Purple-flex vibe and some special lube. You can use Little-Thunder when a little clit action will help maintain a high level of arousal. Propping up your hips on the Wedge, I begin an intimate, relaxing message.

As almanbahis giriş my finger presses lightly, your rosebud tightens slightly, and then relaxes, allowing penetration. After a moment my finger rotates slowly as I press lightly forward — again a slight squeeze precedes the relaxation. Once you are relaxed, the lubricated Purple-flex vibe eases in — and begins to work some vibe- magic.

I gradually increase the vibe-intensity and massage your cheeks — as the vibe gradually disappears. The sensations increases right up to the time it presses against your perineum.

Ready for a little in-out practice? When you are, I gently move the probe around — when I hear you begin to apply some gentle vibrations from Little-Thunder to your mons & labia.

Checking your breathing and fully erect nipples I ask if your ready to try two fingers — “I’m pretty relaxed” you reply — “stop me if it hurts”, I remind.

Squeezing out more lube — the first finger slips in smoothly. Sensing that you have acclimated to the entry, my second finger gently probes for the right moment — as it slips in as I hear a little gasp. “Ok?” “Yes — just hold there.”

After I hear vibes of Little-Thunder crank up, and sense you’re approaching orgasm. As I continue to gently massage the whole area you begin to shudder with another powerful orgasm.

Gently drawing you up to your knees I slip the Purple-flex vibe back in and press my rock-hard flesh into your luscious vagina to begin thrusting towards my second orgasm of the evening.

Feeling your orgasm from within and the vibes as they transverse the thin membrane separating me from it, I explode as you continue with the longest orgasm of your life.

As we are lying like spoons — catching our breath, you turn and ask why I didn’t take you “as we agreed”. “I don’t think your ready — but you will be… the anticipation will make it even better for us both!” “Thank you for loving me and exploring new ways to bring joy into the relationship.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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