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I am a forty-three year old guy who had been married for 25 years until my wife told me one day that I was not a man in bed and that my cock was not meeting her needs, in other words too small. I went into an eight month state of depression till a friend introduced me to the sport of mountain biking. He got me to get myself into shape and to get some self-esteem back. But it still did not improve my confidence with woman. Not too many men I know would really want to dive back into another worrying whether she is going to tell him one day hey guy your dicks too small take a hike. So instead of taking a woman with me on my vacation biking in the Rockies I decided to take just me.

I spent most of the day biking to the top of a mountain I had been told that if you made it to the top there was a trail that returned back to camp that would let you fly. Some guys had even bragged of hitting speeds of 40-50 Mph. I pushed off and about half way down found out they were right you could get flying. I was really letting it hang out when I rounded a corner and caught a glimpse of something in the trail. Before I could react I was sent airborne, landing flat on my back knocking the wind from me and tearing skin from my back. I was still seeing stars when a face appeared above me. It was a vision of such beauty, that I knew I had died and gone to heaven. She had hair of gold, eyes dark blue, and a face of a goddess.

She was asking if I was Ok, saying I’m sorry at the same time. I was so captured by her beauty that it took me a few minutes to realize that I in fact was not dead and that she as saying, she was sorry she had been in the middle of the trail and caused the accident. I slowly rose up to a sitting position to take stock of the situation. I looked over the front wheel of my bike was trashed, my arms, legs, and back hurt like hell and were tore up but good. After I saw my bike I got pissed and turned to chew this dumb ass out but when I turned her beauty hit like a ton of bricks and the tears in her eyes melted my heart instantly. We both stood up, me aching all over and she was apologizing like crazy. It was then that I noticed her well-shaped body, large breast with large nipples protruded from her form-fitting shirt.

Her waist was narrow and very athletic looking. I looked down at her legs, which was muscular and tan. She was around twenty if she was a day. Despite aching all over I found myself becoming aroused, and standing there in a pair of spandex bike shorts she had to have noticed too, but gave no indication.

I went and picked up my now trashed bike and contemplated how long it was going to take me to walk the five miles back to camp. The young lady came up to me and said she would walk back with me to keep me company. I told her she didn’t have to but she insisted. As we walked she told me her name was Candie and that she was going to spend some time here camping and biking. I asked her if her boyfriend or husband was going to join her here. She didn’t answer right away but finally said she was married but her husband was not going to be there with her. I asked how come and she went casino oyna on to explain that she had put on some weight after have two kids and that her husband wouldn’t sleep with her until she lost the weight.

Well, she said she had worked her ass off getting her weight off, even took up biking to help out. But no matter how hard she worked he was always telling her she was fat. The guy needed glasses, here was a woman who was drop dead gorgeous. Firm large tits, big nipples (probably from breast feeding her kids), perfect tear drop ass and tan legs that went all the way up. Most guys I know would commit murder to bed a woman like this, including me. I again had to shake such thoughts from my head because I was sporting a hard on that stuck out from those damn tight shorts, and I’m sure Candie noticed cause I thought I caught her looking that direction once or twice.

When we got back to camp it was getting late and I needed a shower. Candie wanted to pay for the wheel that was bent but I told her not to bother and told her I would get a new one tomorrow. I gather up my clothes and stuff to shower and headed off. I noticed Candie had grabbed her stuff and was headed to the showers too. I undressed and took note of the damage done in the wreck and choked it up to just a bad day. I stepped into the shower and let the warm water cascade or me washing away the dirt but reviling the scratches as the soap and water washed the cuts.

I had just finished washing my hair when I realized I could hear the shower running next door. I knew Candie was in there washing the day’s dirt from her. My mind drifted into a vision of her rubbing soap onto her hands and rubbing it over her breast, her nipples getting hard from the touch. Her hands cover in soap traveling down her belly to her pussy. It was so real that I could see the soap covering her. I could see her bending over breast hanging down as she soaped her beautiful legs down. Her tear drop ass high in the air, her …damn…I came around suddenly when someone came in to use the bathroom. I hadn’t even realized I had grabbed my cock and was stroking it I was so involved. Quickly I rinsed off and dressed hoping no one had seen me jerking myself.

I returned to my tent and was getting dinner ready when Candie came over and asked if I would like to have a glass of wine with her. How could I refuse here was a twenty-year-old beauty asking this old man to have a drink? I followed her to her camp and sat down as she poured us our drinks. Damn that tasted good after a day of dust and pain. We made small talk about how she wished her hubby would want her more, to make love to her. It must have been a combination of wine, no food, and her beauty because all of a sudden I blurted out that if she was my wife she would never get off her back.

She looked at me in total shock, I figured any minute she would slap me and make me go. But she didn’t, I started to apologize but she placed a soft finger to my lips to stop me. We stared at each other second, then something came over me. I couldn’t resist it any more and leaned forward and kissed her. Her lips were like rose canlı casino petals so soft it made me take a deep breath. I pulled back again waiting to get smacked but I didn’t instead, she leaned forward and kissed me, our lips parted as our tongues sought to find one another. A soft moan escaped her lips and we kissed for what seemed like and eternity.

Her kiss was like no other, I was literally drunk with passion, I wanted her so badly. But how could a woman such as her want and old fart like me. I pulled away, she looked at me and asked if she had done something wrong, I told her no and went on to explain to her about what my wife had done and said and even blurted out that I was to old for her. She looked at me a second and said to her age was just numbers and that she found me very sexy and attractive. With that we kissed again this time with even more passion that before.

She got took me by the hand and led me to her tent, once inside we continued were we had left off. I found my hands roaming all over her body, even through her clothes I could feel how firm and athletic she was. My hands snaked under her shirt and found here soft tits, topped with large very hard nipples. As my hand found them she moaned and arched her back, she even broke our kiss to tell me to pinch her nipples that it really made her wet. I took a nipple between my fingers and applied pressure, damn, you thought I had shot her with a thousand volts of electricity.

She was moaning and rubbing her legs all over me, she was a wild cat, in fact she was squirming so much that I thought I would not able to hold on to her. She reached down and with one pull removed her shirt, her tits were as tan as her legs, topped with large tan nipples. Her hand reached up and pulled my head down so I could suck on them. God they were nice, I sucked one then the other, never wanting to stop. As I sucked her tits my hand slide down and unsnapped her pants, then I slid my hand into her panties and found a soaking wet pussy. She was wet and hot I was able to slide two fingers straight into her steaming pussy. As I did she came with such force that I thought for a second she would hurt herself, I had never seen a woman cum so hard in my life, not to mention the scream of I’M cumming, so loud I figured the ranger five miles away heard her.

I was disappointed thinking now that she came I was out of luck cause the few times my wife got off she would go to sleep straight after and I would be left to my own demise. Wrong, Candie finished taking her clothes off revealing her all over tan and fantastic body. She smiled, then reached up to pulled down my sweat pants, I reach for her and stopped her. She looked at me and with a soft soothing voice asked me why I had stopped her. I told her that I was afraid to show any woman my cock because of what my wife had said, that it was too small. She looked me dead in the eye and said…I’ll be the judge of that and with one quick jerk had my pants down.

For a second no one moved. Fear gripped me like a cold fist. Finally Candie spoke, small cock, your old lady must have had a pussy the size of the Grand kaçak casino Canyon. It’s twice the size of my old mans. With that lowered her mouth to my now straining cock and put it into her warm mouth. The sensation was almost more than I could stand. She slowly moved her mouth up and down first real slow then real fast, she was literally killing me with pleasure. I told her that I was going to cum, and did, I didn’t think I would every stop cumming from the sensation of the greatest blow job I had ever had.

Candie moved up and snuggled up next to me and asked if I had enjoyed it. Hell yes I said, she then told me her old man wouldn’t let her suck his cock, told her she wasn’t that good. Her old man was an idiot, she had just given me the best head ever.

We talked a while and kissed a little, then a little more, then some more, till we were both hot as hell. She parted her legs as I moved between them. I wanted to get inside her like now, but decided to give her soon pleasure with my tongue. As I move into position she told me no one had every done that, not even her husband, he told her it was unnatural. I assured her it was ok and dove in. She tasted so good I never wanted to stop. She was tense at first but soon relaxed, and really got into it cumming many times, she came so hard one time I thought she would break my neck.

I was really enjoying getting her off with my mouth but I wanted her see what it was like inside her pussy. I moved up so my cock was just pushing against her pussy hole, feeling her wetness, when she told me that she had never had anybody but her husband inside her. I looked into her eyes and told her it was going to be like making love to a virgin. With that her heels dug into my ass and pushed me into her wet pussy. My good I have never been into a woman with such a wet and hot pussy. It was as if it was on fire. She moaned as my cock sank into her, she pushed up to meet my penetration. I didn’t move for a few minutes I just wanted to enjoy the fantastic feeling that I was getting from being inside Candie. We slowly began to move in unison. My cock siding in and out of her with no effort. It felt so good that I never wanted it to end. But we both must have been horny as hell cause before long we were thrashing around all over inside of the tent.

Me grunting like a wild animal and her moaning as if it was her first time. At one time during our romp she flipped herself over on top and rode me as there was no tomorrow. Her wetness running down my cock to my cum laden balls. I finally ended back on top her legs on my shoulders driving into her for all I was worth. Sweat was dripping from both of us as we came together me gritting my teeth so hard I thought they would chip and her arching her back and screaming she was cumming not once, not twice, but three times, they were like spasms’ one after another. I rolled off her short of breath and sweating like I had run a marathon. They only thing that I heard her say at first was “oh my god that was good, I have never cum like that, never” I turned to her and smiled, then kissed her.

We cuddled up and feel asleep later awaking and making love slow and easy taking time to explore every inch of her. We spent the rest of the week we had together biking and making love. It was a weekend that I will never soon forget.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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