Carmen , Me Ch. 01

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You have to be 18 years or older to read this story. This story is purely fictitious and not intended to represent any person living or dead.

* * * * *

I always had a big dick. When I was young everybody always seemed to look at my dick; you know in bathrooms, showers and making comments like, “look at his wiener,” or they just stared at my cock. I was wondering what they were looking at, didn’t every guy have a dick. Well, not apparently like mine, but I did not know it at the time. I started getting the hint when I was in sports and when I took off my shorts every guy was looking at my dick with mouth agape. That was in high school. In addition, when I got girlfriends they just stared at it with amazement.

How big is it? Well, it is not as big as a foot and bigger than a kielbasa. The girlfriends I had liked to play with it like a toy, their toy. And they always wanted to measure it. Sometimes they would jack me off, and other times they would suck it off. When I fucked them, they would grimace in pain, but that because most of them were virgins and didn’t know how to take it. I thought if they could have babies they could take my cock, which they eventually did.

When one girlfriend took my load she called it the “sauce,” like something to eat. Well, I figured if they liked it so much, why not feed it to them like sauce. I liked coming in girl’s mouths. It mad me feel like they were taking my essence into their being. And when my load shot, it shot big, very big. It would ooze out of the sides their mouths, the stuff they couldn’t swallow. And it was always thick and copious. You should’ve seen it, with my big dick dwarfing their faces, it was wonderful.

This brings me up to last summer. I moved into this nice little community with a girlfriend, but she turned out to be a lunatic, so she moved out and I had a long dry stint, no woman and lonely. But while I was living with this lunatic girlfriend of mine, I noticed my neighbor, and she noticed me. But she was married and thought she was off limits. I don’t go after married women as it creates animosity between neighbours, especially in closed gates community. But my neighbor, Carmen,, befriended my girlfriend and asked a lot of questions about me, as my girlfriend related to me. But as time wore on and I kept my distance from my cute mexican neighbour, (she was mexican-American and her husband is white) she had a baby and I felt even more distanced to do anything.

I would sleep-in in the mornings and many times I would here Carmens sweet voice calling out to her daughter and saying hello to my other neighbours. I would imagine her with me in bed. But I felt guilty knowing her to be married with a child. When we passed each other in the complex I would say hello and she would say Hello with eagerness to me. I didn’t get out much those years in the complex as I worked inside my apartment.

This nice lady gave me a little kitty to keep me company after my disastrous relationship. My cat is usually a house cat but at times I would let her out to exercise and leave my screen door open she can go in and out at her will.

One early hot steamy morning my cat waked me up and was just suadiye escort staring at me, so I went and let her out, and went back to bed to get my sleep. This kitty likes to play rough and occasionally bite. Apparently while playing outside Carmen was playing with her and lightly bit Carmen on the hand. Carmen was pissed and came in to talk to me about it. But at this time I was still sleeping and had an enormous erection, which I usually do in the morning. Carmen stole in and looked through my apartment for me and eventually came around to my bedroom and quietly said;

“Kent, Can I talk to you about your cat.”

At this point I was half awake and laid in my bed with my giant cock sticking through the bed sheet like a tent. It was a hot time of the season so I slept naked with only a sheet covering me.

I turned to see who was there and saw Carmen with her mouth open in amazement and staring straight at my cock. At first I was nonplused and didn’t say a word with Carmen standing at the door of my bedroom. To break the embarassing situation I said “Hi, Carmen.” She shook her head a little to get her composure. At this situation I was nervous but it only engorged my cock even more.

“Oh my god, it’s getting bigger” Carmen exclaimed.

And it was, at this nervous situation I was feeling really aroused and not getting some for sometime and feeling horny and feeling exhibitionistic I was going to let her see it. My cock was practically standing straight up and you could see the outlines of my bulbous cockhead and my urethra. At this point, I even was surprised at the size of my prick.

Carmen was gradually walking closer, as to see something horrible with an expression of shock and amazement.

“You want to see more,” I said.

As if coming out of a trance she looked at me and said,

“What …could I?” she asked nervously.

Without a word I slowly pulled the sheet from down around my cock. The head was deep purple and mushroom like in appearance and pulsing from my excitement. I could feel my heartbeat beating like a drum inside me. Carmen drew closer to me and still staring at my enormous cock.

“Oh my” she exclaimed.

She drew closer with her mouth still open. I didn’t say anything.

“I’ve never seen anything so big,” she whispered.

She drew closer and closer to me and finally reaching the side of my bed. Carmen is a petite and pretty woman, standing approximately 5′ feet tall with pert breasts. I imagined she could just bend over and take my cock in her mouth without kneeling.

My body was totally exposed and laying in front of Carmen totally naked. I’ve never done this before with me totally naked and the woman fully dressed.

“Kent you’re beautiful,” she exclaimed.

“It’s amazing!” she said.

At this point I wanted the situation to get out of the staring stage and I said

“You wanna touch it,” I softly asked.

“What?” she said.

“It won’t hurt you,” I said. “Come on , it won’t hurt,” I pleaded softly.

Being nervousness, and overwhelmed by the situation she gently reached down and squeezed the head. She squeezed like çekmeköy escort she was testing some fruit to see how ripe it was. When she squeezed, some pre-cum oozed out the tip. Seeing this she withdrew her hand.

“Touch it again ,” I encouraged her.

She took her hand and grabbed the shaft of my cock. I gently held her wrist and prevented her from withdrawing her hand. I placed her hand down further to the shaft and let her grasp the base with her small hand. She could barely reach around it.

“Oh my, you’re huge!” Carmen said nervously with her voice shaking and her hand trembling.

At this point my pre-cum was oozing from the top of my cock gleaming from the morning light. I guided her hand to stroke my shaft gently up and down. I could see in her face that she was overwhelmed by the situation and intensely interested in the new experience. At the continuing stroking of my cock I saw her slightly lick her lips. This gave me an idea.

“Kiss it,” I said gently.

She looked at me in horror. I thought that maybe I went too far, but she looked at and said ;

” Kent , I’ve never done it before.”

“Done what?,” I asked.

“Kissed a cock,” she said as she was looking at my cock in embarrassment.

At this point, her eyes were glued to my cock.

“You’ve never kissed a cock before? ,” I asked gently.

She shook her head and said “not even my husbands.”

“Gently kiss the tip.” I urged her.

She stood there with a bewildered look on her face for a moment, then she slowly leaned down slowly puckered her lips and touched the tip of my cock with her lips. When she withdrew her lips, I could see the pre-cum cling to her lips making strands sticking to her lips and my cock. She gently licked her lips, unwittingly tasting my pre-cum.

My cock was dwarfing her pretty face and pulsing with my heartbeat.

“Carmen I would like you to take the head into your mouth, Please?,” I pleaded gently.


“You want me to put it in my mouth?” she asked shaking.

“Yes, please.” I pleaded.

“What are you going to do?,” she asked as if she knowingly knew what I wanted.

“Cum in your mouth.” I told her.

She looked at me, “Cum in my mouth!,” she said softly and looking slightly shock.


“I’ve never done that.”

“You can do it, you’ll like it,” I gently told her.

She looked down at my cock and slowly passed my bulbous cockhead past her lips. I could feel my glans fill her mouth. At first she just had her mouth over my cock.

“Suck the tip, slowly,” I instructed her. “Like a lollipop.”

She smiled at this, obviously amusing her. At this point I could feel her nervousness subside and she was gently sucking my bulbous cockhead like a lollipop. With her right hand still holding my shaft I instructed her to take her left hand and massage the underside of my cock. I instructed her to use her tongue on the cleavage of the head of my cock, which she did with aplomb.

After doing this for several minutes she withdrew her mouth and asked,

“You gonna cum in my mouth?.”

“yes,” I said.

“What şerifali escort should I do with it?”

“Swallow it.”

“Swallow it! You want me to drink your sperm?,” she said this in a sultry manner exciting me even more.

“Yes, you’ll like it.” I said shaking from excitement.

She looked down with a surrendering look and said “alright.”

She continued to suck the head of my cock. To help her I took her hands away and started pumping my shaft to bring me to a climax quickly. I didn’t want to lose this moment.

This was an amazing sight with my gigantic cock sticking straight up and dwarfing her pretty face and mouth. My cockhead swelled and filled her mouth. I suddenly orgasmed and I could feel my sperm filling her mouth immediately and her faced grimaced as if she tasted something pungent, and then the second shot completely filled her mouth. The third spurt also filled her mouth and ran out the sides of her lips. She was trying to swallow it but she gagged on my cum coughing slightly. She raised her mouth from my cock and I could see her mouth was completely coated with my sperm. My cock was still dribbling cum and ran down the sides like white frosting on a cake.

“Swallow it,” I gently commanded her.

She closed her mouth and gulped several time to completely swallow it. She had a distressed look on her face.

“You alright Carmen?,” I said breathlessly.

Looking down and her hand clutched around her neck she gulped again and nodded, licking her lips. After a few moments she said:

“There was just so much, my husband never came so much.”

” I hadn’t cum in a long time.” “You aren’t finished yet, lick the cum off my cock, honey,”

She leaned down and licked the cum off the top of my cock and sides. She took her fingers and scraped off the cum from the side she couldn’t reach and licked it off her fingers smacking her lips.

“You like it?”

“I ate it didn’t I,” she said demurely.

I just laid there recovering from the intense orgasm I had.

“You’re amazing my husband couldn’t cum as much, his just dribbles out.”

“You never ate your husbands cum.”

“No, never.” “Sometimes he pulls out and dribbles it on my stomach.”

“Never sucked a cock before?” , I asked.

“No, you’re my first one.”

“You liked eating my cum?” I asked.

She looked at me intensely and said “Yes, I liked it a lot.”

“Carmen the cum eater,” I said jokingly.

“I’m a cum eater NOW!,” she softly exclaimed.

“You’re cock is amazing, How big is it?” Carmen asked.

“You wanna measure it?”

“Sure do, where’s a ruler.”

At this moment she heard her daughter outside asking “where’s mommy?”

“I need some water, I cann’t go out there with my mouth full of cum”

I got up and went to the bathroom got a glass of water and handed it to her. She sipped it, and swished it around in her mouth, gargled ,and swallowed, and then wiped her face with a towel.

“You like it don’t you.”

“Sure do, let’s do it again. I gotta go.”

At that she got up and rushed out and met her husband outside in front of her apartment. I heard her husband asking what she was doing in my apartment.

“Oh, I went and talked to him about his cat, she bit me the little stinker.” I heard her explaining with a tinge of anger in her voice.

He seemed satisfied at this explanation and their voices faded into the distance.

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