Carol’s School Tales Ch. 11

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I dressed in a little red bikini with matching red sandals with a 5 inch heel. My makeup was applied thickly with lots of red lipstick. I wore my blonde hair pulled up on the top of my head and tied with a red nylon scarf. I had 5 inch red hoop earrings in each ear. Again Becky had great fun dressing me up, but I felt quite ridiculous!

My bikini top was strapless and felt extremely low on my breasts. Even so it pushed my C-cup boobs together, and I had a lot of deep cleavage on show. But the worst thing was the bottoms. They were a size too small and I had to shave the top of my hair. I was also constantly pulling the thin fabric out of the cheeks of my backside. The left side seemed to be trying to go to the right! In the end I gave up the fight and left it nearly exposing too much. The front wasn’t much better. I had a definite bulge, and I was caught between exposing my pussy at the top. Or letting the tight material show the bulging outline of my fanny lips!

Becky had given me her gold belly chain with 3 dangling chains that hung down with the letters H.O.T hanging off of them! At least the anklet was small so the little gold cock and balls dangling down didn’t really notice too much. Jim didn’t have very good eyesight, but I’m sure he would have hit the roof if he did notice. Anyway seeing as how he was trying to make me jealous, I thought it was time I struck back!

I kissed Sean just too really stop his dumbstruck expression. Deep down I felt like I looked like a cheap slut, and so did the man going past on the bike. He nearly ran into a parked car because he couldn’t take his eyes off me.

“Is your dad really here Becky?” Sean said, with a large gulp.

“Yeah, why?”

“Because you look so bloody sexy, I can’t believe he’d let you walk around like that.”

I suppose I should have been annoyed, but it gave me the confidence to put an extra wiggle in my hips, despite the danger of my bikini bottom sliding deep into my ass!

Now if you were my husband or my father, it doesn’t really matter which. What would you think of me walking out into the garden at 24 years old, with an 18 year old schoolboy holding my hand?

I’m sure you can just picture the look on my husbands face!

Sean was probably nervous enough about meeting my dad, sorry my husband. But with me dressed like I was, and knowing he had fucked Jim’s wife, sorry again his daughter, his real daughter. He was probably one step away from a mental breakdown!

“Mum, dad this is Sean,” I announced.

I watched Jim get to his feet. He didn’t seem too happy, but he tried to force a smile as he shook hands with Sean. I had visions of him twisting Sean’s hand until he was down on his knees.

“Hello Mr Norris,” Sean said, in a half strangled voice.

“Hello Sean,” Becky said, getting to her feet and kissing his cheek.

I saw her look at him and give him a little sexy wink, as she pulled away.

I scowled at her as Jim gave Sean a can of beer, and then he moved to start the barbecue.

“Do you need a hand dad? Sean is very good with hot things.”

I watched Jim stop for a second; I knew straight away what he was thinking. I’m sure the 4 glasses of wine gave me the courage to tease my husband.

“I bet he is,” Becky said, with a knowing smile.

“No I’m fine,” he replied, squeezing the empty beer can in his hand until it was flat.

I helped mum carry the salad into the garden and as I bent forward, Jim got a direct eyeful of my cleavage from no more than a foot away! I looked him in the eye and gave him a little smile. I sat next to Bahçelievler Escort Sean making a point of moving the white plastic chair close to him. I saw Becky give me a smile, she seemed a little impressed with my attitude and how I was teasing both Jim, and my hot 18 year old boyfriend!

OK I did feel a little embarrassed but like I said the wine helped, and I wanted to get back at Jim. By the time the food was cooked, Sean no longer looked like he wanted to run screaming in terror. I could see the way he glanced at me, or rather my body. I was very aware that Jim had difficulty hiding his lust for his sexy wife, (that’s me by the way). But he soon began to tease me back, by giving Becky the odd kiss and patting and squeezing her ass.

As for my stepdaughter, I think she was enjoying it as much as me!

The tape stopped in the tape machine. So I squeezed between Jim and Sean and bent down sticking my ass in the air. Both of their faces must have been less than a couple of feet from my backside. Who was looking I didn’t know but I heard Becky choke on her wine. I rolled my ass as I took awhile changing my Take That tape.

“God can’t we have something else on?” Jim spat.

“Don’t be such an old fart Jim; Becky and Sean like this music. It’s what the youngsters listen to now,” Becky said, as she looked away so she could hide her grin.

I watched Jim grab her hand and pull her to face him.

“Well at least we can go down the pub later sexy,” he said, looking into her eyes.

I watched her move to him and kiss him. She looked down at me with a ‘top that’ smile on her face.

“You like the music don’t you babe?” I cooed at Sean, kissing his lips.

I watched him swallow, poor Sean didn’t know whether to stick or twist. I moved between his legs and perched myself on his knee. I put my arm round his neck and grazed my left breast on his lips as I shuffled, pretending I was trying to get comfortable.

“And I think you and your boyfriend have had enough booze too.”

“We’re 18 we are old enough to drink legally,” I shot back at Jim.

The teasing continued for the next hour. It was just little things like I would kiss Sean on the cheek, and put his arm around my shoulder, and cuddle into him. Jim would respond by squeezing Becky high on the back of her thigh. It was all quite subtle, and I hoped Sean didn’t think anything strange was going on. He had relaxed enough to call me Sweetie in a casual sort of way. The first time he did Becky nearly choked on her wine once again with amusement.

“I think you ought to get a shirt on, Becky. The sun is hot today, and you are getting, too much!” he said emphasizing his last two words, and dropping his eyes to my breast.

When I looked down I could see my pink nipple peeping out the top of my bikini!

“Here, put some cream on her back Sean,” Becky said, handing the sun cream to Jim.

I watched Jim’s hand as it shook from the force of his grip. Any minute now I thought the lid would fire into outer space!

He handed the cream to Sean who just gave Jim a nervous whimpering grin. I lay on the blanket as Sean began working the cream over my back. I could feel how shaky his hands were. Becky and Jim walked towards the house; or rather Jim dragged Becky to the house.

“Oh that’s nice babe, undo my top so I don’t get tan lines honey,” I cooed, knowing Jim probably had steam coming out of his ears.

“We’re going for a lay down for awhile,” Jim spat, waiting for me to see his hand squeeze her backside.

“OK daddy,” I hissed back, narrowing Bahçelievler Escort Bayan my eyes.

He grinned as he thought he had me now.

“Do the tops of my thighs babe will you?”

I saw Becky grab Jim’s hand pulling him into the house, as he tried to turn to have a go at me.

“Are they going to..?”

I pressed my lips onto Sean’s purely to shut him up. I didn’t want him stating the bloody obvious to me. It was just supposed to be a little kiss. It ended nearly 2 minutes later!

“Well Carol if you don’t get him into bed now you never will. He’s so hot for you, you did a really good job,” Becky whispered.

It suddenly brought back what was going to happen.

“If you need anymore incentive, just think what I’m going to be doing with your husband in bed tonight.”

God that bloody grin of hers was killing me. Jim came into the lounge and he grabbed my arm.

“You better not do anything with him,” he spat.

I watched Becky run her hand over Jim’s crotch.

“She’d only scream her head off dad. I’m the only one who is going to get some cock tonight.”

I watched his arm going round her waist. We’ll see I told myself.

The taxi arrived and as they left, I saw Becky squeeze Sean’s backside as she kissed him goodbye, then she began to hum the ‘Mrs Robinson’ song. Infuriating bitch!

We went and cleared up but now the atmosphere had changed. I mean what would you expect with two 18 year olds alone in a house after a few drinks? I stood at the sink washing up, all the time I was aware of Sean watching me. He moved around the kitchen as he dried up the dishes. I felt him close behind me. I could feel his breath on my neck and then his lips. His hands wandered around my naked belly. I just stopped everything I was doing.

“Do you mind, if I touch, y, you,” he stammered.

I felt his hand slowly travel down over the chain. He stroked one finger over the 3 dangling letters. His lips continued to softly kiss my neck. I just stood there melting trying to stop my heart from coming through my heaving chest!

I gasped as he pushed his hand into the waistband of my bikini. My eyes closed as he found my wet pussy with his fingers. His other hand tugged my top down with ease and he cupped my aching breast. My hands had been resting on the edge of the sink, they had dried now. I felt goose bumps come and go several times all over my body. I wanted to reach back behind me and find the cock that was now erect, and pressing into my backside. But just for a moment longer I wanted to savour his touch, his soft tender touch.

My fanny was becoming wetter by the second! This 18 year old boy had me so hot for his delicate and sensitive touch; I would gladly have stayed like that for hours!

He was breathing through his nose right behind my ear. I just waited for each little whisper of air that danced across my skin.

“God Becky you are the sexiest girl I know,” he whispered softly.

His few little words had me wishing I was 18, and I was his girl.

When I opened my eyes finally I could hardly see anything they were so glazed.

I turned my head slowly, feeling the long stray strands of hair, tickle my neck and cheek. Even that was so sensual it had me whimpering.

I had to do something for him now. His fingers and everything he was doing gave me such a delightful thrill I had to respond.

“Oh Sean,” I gasped.

I pressed my lips to his, but gently, I didn’t want to lose the slow sexy flow to pure lust just yet!

I faced him, not wanting Escort Bahçelievler too but pulling his hand from my soaked pussy. I pulled down his zip feeling it rise over the contour of his erection. I reached in and pulled his cock gently out. His head felt smooth almost like velvet to the touch. I began to just pulse my hand along his length. I could see the same glazed expression on his face, which I was sure, was like the one on mine.

“Do you want me?” I breathed, why I’m not sure.

He gave one of those slow nods, with an excited yet controlled swallow.

I took his hand holding it loosely and gently took him upstairs. Even the slow pace we walked at seemed full of nice sexual tension. I looked back at him as we reached the door to my room. I just smiled a little shy smile that he returned.

I lay on the bed waiting for him in submission. I was his now and he could take his time. I really expected him to rip his clothes off, but he just undressed in the same slow manner that we had started with.

Finally he stood before me in just his boxers. He moved to the foot of the bed and slowly pulled my bikini bottoms down. He didn’t once gaze between my legs, and I hadn’t looked once at his cock, why? Well because we didn’t need to, it just wasn’t necessary. This was to my amazement and utter joy, so romantic I wanted us to be the only two people in the universe!

He moved between my legs and slowly put himself into me.

I wanted to gasp out in delight. I wanted to scream how wonderful it felt. I wanted to tell him how much he turned me on. I didn’t, I just savoured every delightful slow deliberate stroke. I felt every part of him in me. He took his time in slow strokes. It felt like hours but I suppose it was just a few precious minutes.

I tried to hide my orgasm that washed from my head to my toes, not because I didn’t want him to know, but I didn’t want to break the silence. I wanted him to be pleased; he should pleasure himself with me first. I owed it to him.

Gradually his speed increased, but he was still caring and gentle. I could hear his breathing quicken. His mouth opened and he began gasping a little.

I started responding doing the same. I even started rolling my hips up to meet his thrust. It was still romantic, but the lust was becoming harder to control, the excited, gasping lust.

We just locked eyes on each other. I could feel the tears run to the corner of my eyes, and then down the side of my face just below my temples.

One long orgasm or multiple orgasms I didn’t know, and I didn’t care!

I couldn’t control my lust anymore.

“Sean…….harder……..HARDER!” I pleaded.

“YEAH!” he groaned, with a hard pant.

He fired deep into me, and began to kiss my mouth, hard. I smiled up at his open hanging mouth, until it closed and became gripped, and then loosen again.

We just stayed there together for ages holding onto each other. Several times he went to get up. Several times I asked him for another 5 minute cuddle, and several times I got my wish.

Eventually the spell began to fade. We didn’t dare get caught. I walked him downstairs still holding hands with him.

“Can I see you tomorrow?” he asked softly.

We bent our foreheads together just resting lightly on each other.

“Of course you can,” I replied, as tears of joy rolled down my cheeks.

He finally left after nearly 40 minutes of just standing inside the front door, holding hands and cuddling.

I began to go back upstairs. I looked at the room, their room. Tonight I didn’t care about them.

I cuddled into my bed smelling the faint whiff of Sean’s aftershave, and kissing and holding his silver chain with his name on that his mother had given him. I could smell his aftershave on that too!

I know I’m not a lovesick schoolgirl, I’m a grown woman. But just for tonight, please let me pretend?

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