Caught Wanking 4 – Home Alone, Again

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In my short time knowing the couple, Gina had gotten really frustrated with Jordan and his fascination for cock.

They were both cock-hungry but were planets away from being on the same page.

That was good for me as she would then come over more often than not and complain about him, before ending with us fucking each other’s brains out.

Then one day there was a huge argument next.

Doors were slammed with a lot of yelling, then sudden silence.

Then there was a pounded on my door.

It was Gina, with her kids.

“I sorry but I’ve had enough of the faggot shit, I will be going away to mom’s for a month to cool off,” Gina said.

We cuddled and kissed before she gave me a stern message.

“Don’t let Jordan into your world and let him work his mojo on you,” she said pleadingly.

“…and please don’t let him turn you into one of he’s faggot fucks,” She whispered and kissed me.

“Remember, don’t let Jordan work his magic on you,” She left saying.

So I didn’t have Gina was for a while, so it was back to life on my own once again.

The first week went without any hitches or dramas, a matter of fact no visitors.

I didn’t even see Jordan all week, and then Sunday happened.

On Sunday I went for an early morning job and picked up the paper from a shop.

After a small breakfast, I went into my backyard.

Once I mowed the lawns and cleared up the cutting with my blower I downed a beer.

Then I went inside and locked the front door and took a shower.

After that, I downed another cold beer before bringing out a cooler of cold beer out to my back porch.

My backyard had oversized fences away from prying eyes and the only way into the backyard was via the side gate which the lock sticks and is rarely used.

I just hope no-one with determination forces it open like the Jehovah’s or some other uninvited person, while I’m trying to relax by myself.

When Gina wondered in on me a few months ago I was starting to fix it but didn’t get around to it.

That’s how she caught me wanking in the first place.

Since then, I made sure I had a few old towels nearby my deckchairs and a ball bat for back-up.

There I was soaking up the sun on deck-chair and drinking more coldies dressed in only a robe, thinking about something but really nothing.

I was under my make-shift clothesline with some dry clothes I was too lazy to bring inside.

Gina was on my mind now and where she was before I slowly drifted off to a mid-morning snooze.

Close to an hour passed and my can had already dropped as I slowly nodded off.

I started to stir and awaken as I had a sense that someone or something else was with me on my porch.

It or they dulled the light of the sun around me and shocked me.

I instinctively reached around for my nearby ball bat that was under the deckchair.

“Whose there, show yourself,” I nervously ordered.

Squinting as I stared into the sun and bringing the bat out.

Someone yanked the bat out of my hands and tossed it.

“Relax bro, it’s just me Jordan from next door,” It was Jordan.

“Oh ok! What brings you here?” I hesitantly said and thinking of Gina’s words.

“Don’t sweat buddy! Boredom is what brings me here,” He said with a strange grin.

“Ok, want a cold one?” I asked and pointed to the cooler.

Jordan grabbed another deck chair and sat down next to me.

It’s only then I noticed he had a backpack with him.

We lay back on the deck chairs until he finished a few sips of his beer.

Before I knew it he was taking stuff from his backpack.

I saw a bong and a mixing bowl then he poured a bag into it.

It was weed as I sipped my beer.

He took another sip and started messing around with his crap.

So the next 15-20 minutes later he started smoking his bong.

He offered it to me, but I declined at first with Gina on my mind.

we relaxed drinking beers and shared a bong around.

By his 3rd hit, I felt drowsier and then asked to took a hit.

We then exchanged the next smoke which made me sleepy

By the next hit, I slowly drifted off to sleep again.

In the casino siteleri background, I could hear Jordan talking but I was too sleepy to take notice.

It must have been fifteen minutes later when I slowly started to wriggle around and stretch.

I felt horny and hard.

That’s when I noticed why.

Jordan had his mouth around my cock and was sucking it ever so slowly through my now opened robe.

I didn’t know what to say so I let him continue, while I sucked on my now warming beer.

That’s when I remembered Gina’s warning.

Part of me wanted to stop him but part me didn’t.

I stopped him by getting up and going indoors for more cans for the cooler.

This time Bourbon and dry cans.

When I sat back down nothing was said.

In time I offered him another can which he took.

We soon smoked some more weed and I feel drowsy again.

I kept hearing Gina in my head.

“Don’t let him turn you into faggot while I’m gone,” I kept hearing Gina’s words.

The more I smoke the less I heard her.

I didn’t even know he was at my cock again.

Feeling embarrassed he was like that dog that wants to mount your leg.

This time as he has sucked my cock I just sat there enjoying my can and his work.

Eventually, I felt the urge to join in but was hesitant.

The flooring was wooden and rough so we rolled out a blanket and lay on top giggling.

I took one big mouthful of dry and relieve him off his shorts.

Then before a word we both took cocks in our eager mouths.

There we were two grown men on my patio sucking dicks.

He was on top of me and I was under him and slightly to the side with dicks in our mouths.

I cum first but he didn’t stop slurping and licking my cock it was like an ice-cream on a hot day to him.

He was still teasing my cock when he cum in my mouth.

Some escaped out the side of my mouth but I got the majority down my throat.

We then sat up and cuddled up to each other.

It wasn’t until he started trying to kiss me that I freaked out.

I grabbed the washing and walked inside.

“What’s up?” Jordan said as I went inside.

I didn’t say a word.

Looked like Jordan was getting ready to go home when I returned with a quilt.

As I returned my robe was wide open and my cock was in general view.

I lay the quilts across the wooden decking of my patio.

We then both lay down cuddling for a while.

“I thought you had run away from me,” Jordan said.

“The thought was there, as I am not into kissing guys,” I said.

“I heard about our experience messed with you head a bit,” He whispered while caressing my head.

“Yeah I did but Gina has helped me through that,” I answered.

Then he started kissed my neck over and over again until he was biting it.

“You can stop me anytime I am not here to hurt you,” he said.

“Ok,” I said and I kissed him properly.

We then took another hit to the bong along with another round of bourbon, coke, and ice.

I was now naked and now compliant on my back porch patio.

He maneuvered me onto my side and put one of my legs over his head and started kissing my ass.

When the tongue went in it felt so good.

I drank my drink from a straw while he slobbered all over my asshole before licking my balls.

He reached for my cock and gave it a few short tugs while eating my balls.

I felt a finger go into my ass and it made me tense briefly.

He fingered my asshole for five minutes before we returned to 69ing each other.

The only difference was he was rubbing and poking a finger into my ass.

So we both had dicks in our mouths except he was fingering my ass with 1-2 fingers.

It made it hard not to cum and that’s what did.

I came within a minute with a finger or two jammed inside my ass.

My cock was still cumming in his mouth, while I slowly sucked his cock.

He stopped me soon after and removed his cock from his mouth.

Spitting cum into his hand he then rubbed it into my asshole.

“Well you’ve been a good cocksucker let’s see if you can take it like a good little cocksucker,” He said.

He canlı casino reached over to his backpack and pulled out a small lube bottle.

I was made to get on all fours with my ass facing up.

“You came prepared,” I slurred.

“Always,” He slapped my ass.

Once he rubbed the lube into my ass, he coated the walls of my asshole.

Jordan got behind me and tried to enter my hole with his snake, sliding up and down my ass-crack.

That’s when he tried entering my hole with his cock.

“I think that’s too big,” I told him.

“Relax and it will work out,” He said.

“OH SHIT!” I grizzled as he tried mounting me.

I gripped the doona and arched my back as he pushed forward.

He forced my shoulders down as he inserted his cock into my butt.

“OH SHIT! IT HURTS,” I groaned, as he forced his cock in.

My body was resisting but it was futile.

When it finally breached my asshole I let out a relieved groan.

“OOF! OH FUCK!” That hurt as his cock spread my ass wide open before plunging balls deep in my ass

It felt weird, pain then numbness and all sensation went to my cock.

I looked back between my legs and what I saw behind my cock where two big egg sacks dangling.

I moaned as his cock bottomed in me and my nipples also felt tingly.

My ass spasmed around his cock.

He held my hips as my ass trembled in pain.

My legs almost gave way and I had a strange sensation building in the tip of my cock.

“Relax,” He whispered as I huffed and puffed.

“Easy for you to say! You don’t have a cock in your ass,” I responded.

“Believe me I have been where you’re at,” He said.

It did also feel sexy and good while it stretched my ass open.

He chuckled and started caressing my butt cheeks.

“GGRR GAWD!” I protested but not really.

Even as I complained and convulsed it seemed my ass had loosened up and pushed back against his cock.

My ass seemed to want more cock inside me now as opposed to none.

“How do you like it,” He said as he started to slowly pump his cock in me.


Jordan seemed content at my submission and started to fuck his cock out then deep inside.

After around two minutes, his cock came out.

He poured some of the warm beer over it and then he slobbered spit over it before slamming it deeper into my ass.

I grimaced almost calling the whole thing off but didn’t.

Gina started popping into my head again but I couldn’t quit now.

I think that gave him the ok to proceed.

Jordan then slid his cock back and forth slowly inside my hole, over and over making me feel a bit of pain.

The pain was only temporary before I felt loose and horny and let out a small moan.

That’s when the pace picked-up and also his intensity.

I was panting and moaning as he fucked my ass.

My head sank down in humiliation as drooling continued to dribble from my cock and mouth.

I was in the grips of a groovy sensation when I started thinking about condoms.

By then he had fucked me hard and deep for 10 minutes and I loved it too much to query him now.

I had pre-cum oozing from my cock from being fucked and loved it.

It was then I realized what women would feel like being fucked by a man.

I was now bucking back and forwards with each of his thrusts.

It was a godsend to be fuck, I thought.

Then it happened my body shuddered and I looked down at my cock to see what was going on.

My limp cock was letting go.

I was cumming and cumming hard.

Stream after stream of cum as Jordy pounded me.

“OH GAWD! Now I know what chicks feel like get fucked,” I said.

I couldn’t stop moaning with my head now resting in my doona.


He kept fucking me harder.

“OH GAWD!” I moaned.

“Oh god, I could learn to love this,” I said, deliriously

“Really?” He said, without missing a beat.

“Oh god, at least once a month with someone who can keep a secret,” I said, mumbling.

He kept pounding me.

“Oh god, at least once a week,” I said, mumbling.

He kept kaçak casino pounding me

“OH GOD, at least daily,” I said, mumbling.

Again I started thinking I how I loved getting my ass fucked.

I closed my eyes as I felt an awesome sensation tingle over me.

The last time I felt this I thing I cum so I lay there thinking of how good I had and gay dudes did.

His cock was deep in my ass which fucked the cum out of me.

I was cumming insanely and collapsed.

There I was face down, moaning and limp.

“Oh my god, oh my god, oh yes!” I moaned.

He kept pounding me.

My legs struggled to keep my body up and were numb from the waist down.

“How do you like being fucked like a bitch for once,” He said as he pumped harder.

“GOOD! OH SHIT! JUST FUCK ME! FUCK ME! OH GAWD!” I screamed at him.

Jordan slowed briefly as he pushed down on my limp upper body.

Then he went back to pumping into me harder.

I almost passed out.

He was fucking me like a steam train.

Something felt like was twitching in my belly.

I couldn’t tell as I was grunting and moaning too much, even telling Jordan to fuck me harder and harder.

There I was covered in sweat and sticky, with a broken ass-hole.

When he started to really rammed the fuck out of me, I sensed the end was near.

That’s when he let out a yell and rocked my hips.

A neighbor’s dog started howling.

This time I could sense he was going to cum too.

Then suddenly he leaned forwards still fucking me but slow and steady, then he began to drool on me.

I felt his cock pulsating in my ass and knew he was cumming.

Then I felt my bottom being flooded with his cum and lots of it.

It was all too much for me to handle as I spasmed and cum once again.

Jordan filled my ass with cum.

I now realized what those senses were when the euphoric sensations sweep over me, they were my gay orgasms.

Jordan must have kept pumping into me another five minutes after he’d flooded my hole before then collapsed onto me.

He snaked up to my neck and kissed it so hard it left a mark.

Then he then rolled over and his cock left my ass with a “plop”.

“I needed that, you looked like you enjoyed it too,” He said, lying on his back.

My body was still moving as if he was still hammering into me.

I felt gobs of cum dripping down from ass and down my balls.

He breathed deeply as I took a peek at him.

“Yep, I enjoyed it too,” I said.

My ass let out a small fart and I could feel even more of his cum escaping my ass.

It made me feel naughty and feel sexy.

I flopped over on top of him and kissed and caressed him.

“That felt fantastic and I love the idea that you impregnated me with your seed,” I said and planted another kiss on his lips.

We kissed naked on my back porch for ages.

“You know you’re my bitch now, how do feel about that?” He said.

Where once I had a phobia about such a thing, I didn’t now.

I answered him with a kiss.

We lay there on our backs with our knees bent.

“Do have any guilt or any strange negative thoughts,” He asked.

Gina’s words again echoed in my head.

“Some but not really at the moment, it hasn’t all soaked in yet,” I said, and kissed him.

“I just feel, I just feel really naughty and hope to do this again,” I replied.

Last time I sucked his cock I had trepidations for a week.

He climbed on to my chest and above my mouth and I instinctively opened my mouth and feed me his limp sticky cock.

I sucked his cock for a short time before he grabbed the garden hose.

We hosed each other off and while playing with our cocks.

He shoved the hose up my ass to flush everything out.

“Gina’s not due back for a few more weeks and the weather’s good,” He said.

“We could fuck some more,” I said.

“There’s even the house if the weather goes bad,” He said, suggesting.

“True,” I said.

Jordan got dressed and kissed me passionately before leaving.

I put my robe back on and went inside to bed.

The only worry I had was my asshole was bleeding around its entrance.

There were flashbacks thru out the night that replayed our session.

I couldn’t help but wank myself that night.

To be Continued

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