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I had been in my new surroundings for a couple of months now. I had started a new school. I had changed schools in the middle of my freshman year of college. After the disastrous way things ended between myself, Martin and Janie I had to get out of there.

After the that tragic episode I moved back to the farm and drove back and forth to school. But I had to get away from everything. Martin had left in late November, not that it mattered. I hadn’t spoken to him since the incident with him and Janie. As for Janie I tried to forgive her but I hated her. I took me a life time to forgive her.

I moved to the area of Texas known as the West Texas area. I don’t know why they call it that because it’s more in the middle of Texas than the west side. But oh well whatever. My mother’s sisters lived in this town plus I had my choice of three universities to choose from.

Once I got settled in and with the savings that I had from working on the farm I was able to rent an efficiency apartment right in the downtown area of the city. It was the tallest building in town and at one time it was a very nice high end hotel complete with an eighteenth story penthouse suite.

But that was in the 50’s and this was 1977. The glory days of the building were long behind it. The rooms now had been remodeled into just a big living/bedroom with a bathroom and a small kitchenette. I lived on the 11th floor and I loved it. Most of the tenants were either old people living on Social Security or us young broke college kids that couldn’t afford to pay for anything other than an efficiency apartment.

I had grown up on a farm so living in this building was fantastic. I imagined that this must be what it’s like living in a New York City high rise apartment building. The lobby was huge and it had a really nice sandwich shop on the first floor. It also had a tobacco shop where it kept the only humidor in town. For the 70’s and in a relatively small city this building gave you the feeling of living somewhere important.

But it was still just an oversized Texas town. The three universities were and still are all church affiliated universities. So you either went to a Baptist, Methodist or Church of Christ university. The least expensive was the Methodist school so that was the one I chose.

I had to get a job to keep my head above water after everything I spent just to move and start over at my new school. I got a job working at the local theatre doing whatever was needed. During the week I would take my classes and starting on from Wednesday night on I would work at the theater. On the weekends I would work all day putting in double and triple shifts.

I didn’t want any downtime because I didn’t want to think about Martin or Janie or the farm or anything that reminded me of all those things. I was living the straight life. I had started dating girls and even though my dates would always end with a kiss and a goodnight I was still making an effort to be “normal.”

But no matter how much I tried my eyes always led me back to men. At first I tried to rationalize it and tell myself that I was only looking so it was ok. Some glances made me smile because of type of man I was checking out. Then some glances would upset me because the guy would remind me of Martin.

“I want you to start learning how to do inventory…” The voice startled me as I was reaching in the popcorn maker to fill a tub of popcorn. As I turned and looked over my shoulder I couldn’t place the voice. “Hey, Joe college, over here.” Looking to the other direction it was Scott.

Scott was the manager and nothing about him would ever stand a chance of catching my attention. The only response that came to mind was, “Really? You want me to learn inventory?” His request had caught me off guard because I had only been working there for three months and Scott had an assistant manager.

“Yeah I’ve been watching you and I like how you don’t wait to be told to do things. Instead you do what needs to be done.” I listened to him as I kept doing my job waiting on customers. Scott kept talking to me about inventory until I finally told him what he wanted to hear, “Yeah, ok I guess I could do that,” I answered.

As the day went on I thought about doing the inventory. I started liking the idea more and more. I really could use the extra cash from the extra hours. By the end of my first shift I found Scott and told him, “Yeah I’ll learn inventory if that’s what you want.” Scott nodded his approval and without skipping a beat he told me that we would start tonight after we closed the concessions down.

The rest of the day was the usual blur of people coming and going. People smiling or totally disgusted with their choice of movie. Parents trying not to kill their children. Children driving the parents insane and everyone driving us insane.

Finally the day was winding down the last show had been seated so it was time to start breaking down and restocking the concessions area. “C’mon casino oyna let’s get an early start. They can handle shutting down let’s get started on this inventory.” Scott didn’t have to tell me twice. I was tired and ready to get the hell out of there.

We headed towards the basement where everything was kept. Scott with his binder and pen in hand. He started going on and on about procedure and how things needed to be counted. I heard some of what he was saying but most of it I was just spacing out.

We made our way to the far wall where Scott plopped himself down on top of some boxes that were stacked just high enough for him to sit comfortably. He leaned back against the wall then looked up and told me to start counting. At first it threw me off then I looked at the shelves that were full of merchandise and supplies. Right, I thought to myself. Start counting dumb ass.

I had to count each case of each bit of merchandise. If the case was open then I had to count each individual item inside the case. Then I would turn and shout the number out to Scott. Scott would write down the number then call out the next item to be counted. Real high tech stuff. At first all I could do was just tell myself to hurry up but on one of those times that I turned around I noticed Scott.

Before you get to excited I wasn’t noticing him because he was some hot looking guy. Quite the opposite. Scott was in his mid-thirties and a body that by today’s standards would be called a borderline dad-bod\fat ass. He was going bald and had a pudge, not a gut but a pudge. If I wanted to say anything positive about his looks I could say that he had very big forearms but if I was looking for anything that would remind me of Martin it just wasn’t there.

No, what caught my attention was that after he would right down the number that I called out he would put his hand on his cock and hold it. I could see it in his hand. The form of it outlined in his grip for me to see through his pants. I quickly turned around and started counting again. Again I would turn and call out the number. Scott would write it down then his hand would go back to his cock.

As the count continued I couldn’t help but notice that there seemed to be more cock in his hand as the count went on. I finished one side and was making my way back down the other side of the wall. Each number that I would call out bringing me closer to Scott and giving me a better view of that thing he was holding on to.

I finally called out my last number and had made it back to Scott. Standing there as he wrote down his final entry for inventory my eyes were staring at his crotch. His cock was not as long as Martins but it was almost as thick as Martins. “I will admit I have never had a guy look at my cock like that.” The sound of Scotts voice almost made me piss myself.

I tried to say something but instead all I could do was look away and stutter something stupid. Now ask me what I was stuttering and I can honestly tell you that I have no fucking clue.

What I do remember from that incident was that smirk on Scotts face. “So you’re some kind of fag or something?” I heard him say that and my heart sunk. “Fuck you! I’m no fag!” I shot back without hesitation.

“Calm down precious don’t get your panties in a bunch. Look David you don’t have to worry about me. I kind of figured you had a little sugar in your britches first time I saw you.” I was in shock at the things he was saying. “Yeah you smell better than most of the college girls working here and better than the high school girls. But your hands are what gave you away.” My hands, I thought. Suddenly Scotts words had me paying attention.

With that this middle aged balding, fat man reached out and took my hand. My heart started racing but the worse part was that I froze. I was trying to tell myself to get the hell out of there but I couldn’t move. Scott kept talking telling my how he’d been watching me. Scott would say that how I interacted with children told him that I was very sweet and very sensitive, almost feminine.

Scott didn’t stop there he kept talking about other things that he felt gave me away. The way I would act whenever the big buff guys would come into the theater. Most guys my age would be checking out the dates but he noticed how I would blush at times when some of those guys gave me any attention. Even though it was just very slight attention.

“But your hands, they are so well kept and very pretty.” Scott said those words and looking back now I realize that it was all bullshit. Every fucking bit of it but for a young and still very naïve country kid he had me buying into all his bullshit.

The entire time Scott was talking I was glued to every word. I had tried so hard to be a normal guy. Tried so hard not to be noticed. But it was too late. Scott had already undone his belt and unbuttoned his pants. I couldn’t even hear the words anymore. I only heard of the sound that his zipper made as he pulled it down.

Then canlı casino he stood up pulling his pants down to his knees before sitting back down. There he sat with his belly sticking out from the bottom of his shirt. Big thick wide hips and fat thighs. With his legs slightly parted his thighs would still just barely touch each other.

But right in the center of all that were the biggest balls I had ever seen and the second fattest cock that I had ever seen. What amazed me was that the head of his cock was small. To me it looked deformed. I went from having this huge long cock with this huge cock head to suck and fuck me. To this thick, fat cock with almost no cock head.

I don’t remember all that he was saying past that point. All I remember was just like that I was on my knees and the fat, musky smelling cock was going into my mouth. Scott put his hand on top of my head and started pushing my mouth down on his cock. We had been at work since 10am and it was already past 10pm. The smell of his musky crotch and the thickness of his cock almost made me gag but somehow that sensation passed just as quickly as it appeared.

Before I knew it I had the head of his cock all the way back against my throat. It was teasing the part of your throat that causes you to gag. My mouth was straining but I was well trained on a thick cock. Then just like that my chin was pressing against his balls. My nose against the bottom of his belly and my top lip against the area just above his cock.

Scott had every bit of that cock in my mouth. It fit perfectly. With that I started sucking his cock. I was amazed at how the entire thing fit in my mouth. Try as hard as I tried I could never get half of Martins cock in my mouth but here was this old guy with all of his little tree trunk in my mouth. I was so grossed out and turned on all at the same time.

I started picking up the pace as I would pull back to the point that his cock was almost slipping out of my mouth then I would take all back in knowing that it wasn’t going any further than it was. The slurping sounds started and Scott was about to blow.

I kept sucking until finally he blew. My eyes opened wide. Something wasn’t right. The cum being dumped into my mouth was runny. It wasn’t like Martins, his was thick and creamy. This was almost watery and it tasted nothing like what I knew cum should taste like. I stayed there with this cock dumping its load in my mouth. I was afraid of what to do next.

Then it stopped.

I had just turned 19 and up until then I had taken sperm from a big, strong healthy 22yr old. Thick, creamy, gooey sperm that tasted good. This was from a chubby, junk food eating, unhealthy 30 something year old man. I thought it was all supposed to taste the same. Man was I stupid and naïve.

Scott pushed my head back and I immediately faced the floor and spit it out. The next sound I heard was Scott laughing loudly. “So you’re a spitter? Yeah my wife is a spitter too,” Scott would say in-between laughs.

“But you suck cock way better than she does.” I listened to him as I started feeling ill. “Don’t worry, you’ll get used to it.” The fuck I will, I thought to myself. I finished spitting his cum, “May I go get some water?”

Wait, what? The voices in my head were going nuts. You asked for permission?! What the fuck is wrong with you?? Stop being a little bitch! My voices were kicking my ass.

“Yeah precious go get yourself something to drink and you can go home. I’ll finish up down here. See you tomorrow.” Scott dismissed me and I started walking then running upstairs. I grabbed myself a large soda and headed out.

The next day I called in and Scott’s assistant answered. “So I won’t be coming in.” I went on to explain, “I quit.” Then I hung up…

An entire week had gone by since that day and I really hated myself…

The sounds he was making were making me ill but I wouldn’t stop him. I was on my knees my chest and face flat on my bed. I was on my knees with them spread apart far enough to give him a perfect angle on my hole.

The grunting and gasping for air that he was making was more about him being out of shape than his actual lust. I didn’t care because at that time I hated myself. Why was I a fag? Why did I like men? Why couldn’t I be normal? Why didn’t I like women?!

Scott’s short, fat dick was punching in and out of my hole with a furious pace. All week he had been coming over to my apartment. Always before he had to go to work and before I had to go to class. The routine was simple. He would knock, I would let him in then go straight to my bed. I would be wearing only my t-shirt with no underwear.

I’d assume the position, ass up with chest and face flat on the bed. Scott would grab the lube that I would have next to me and lather up his little, fat cock then lube my asshole. Next he would struggle to get the perfect angle. Scott would fumble around with his balance before he could finally shove himself kaçak casino deep inside of me or as deep as his fat, little cock could go.

Then I had to listen to him brag about how I was a good little bitch and get ready because he was going to fuck me good. I didn’t care because I had hit bottom. The entire events of Martin and Janie had finally crippled me. As far as I was concerned I deserved what was happening to me.

For the next 15 minutes Scott would shove himself in me until his fat belly came to rest on my ass. Then he would grunt and sweat over me, then finally he would shoot his load inside of me. But today he was taking longer than normal.

The feeling of that cock banging in and out of me was starting to make me nauseas. Then finally almost as if he knew that I was about to throw up…

Scott’s little cock blew its load in me. I could feel it twitch and spasm inside of me. I could feel his runny cum inside of me. That’s what you get fag, was all I could think. Over and over I would think things that would belittle me. I was just a weak little fag.

Scott, as usual, headed for the bathroom to take his shower. As if he need to wash me off of him. Fact was that it was me that should be showering right after. I just crumpled down into the fetal position and started crying. That’s how I had been starting my day for the past week. An ass full of some married, fat guys cum. A broken heart and no self-respect.

Scott had it made. He had come over the day after I had called into quit my job at the theatre. When he knocked on the door I was still asleep. As I looked out the peep hole of my door my heart sank. Why was this motherfucker here? For a split second I had convinced myself to not answer the door.

BANG! BANG! Fuck, he’s knocking harder and he’s going to draw attention. I didn’t need that. As I opened the door I had forgotten that I was only wearing my sleep shirt. I had gotten used to sleeping without any underwear because Martin wouldn’t allow it. He liked being able to fuck me whenever his cock got hard.

I don’t need your pussy covered babe, I could hear Martins voice in my head even now.

I opened the door and the only thing I could think of saying was, “What the fuck are you doing here?” Scott looked startled then just smirked. “You want to talk about it in the hall way?” Fuck, was all I could think as I let him inside. Scott closed the door behind him and I stood there blocking his path to my room.

Scott looked me up and down. My t-shirt was just low enough that he couldn’t see my cock and balls. But he could see my smooth legs. The tone in my legs and how there was absolutely no hair on them. “Why’d you quit?” Scott asked me almost as if he was offended by my quitting.

“Look Scott, I’m not doing this. I don’t need you coming here banging on my door.” I was scolding Scott at this point. “Calm down David I just wanted to make sure you were ok.” Scott words sounded so full of shit. Suddenly everything hit me at once. Even though it had been months since that day. Months since I moved. I felt myself just give up.

The move, the new school, leaving my home behind, Martin and Janie’s betrayal. Everything hit me at once. “Ok you know what, fine!” The sound of my words signaling that I had given up. I was a fag and if anyone found out that I was gay my life was over. But fuck it who cares. My life sucked and I was done.

I turned and made my way to the bed. I opened the top drawer of my nightstand and grabbed the lube that I kept in there. I don’t even know why I kept lube, maybe it was just habit from living with Martin that last month before college started. Who the fuck knows.

I tossed it on the mattress then climbed into bed positioning myself with my ass up in the air. “Well?!” I called out to Scott. “This is what you want isn’t it? C’mon fuck me.” With that Scott got out of his clothes and climbed on the bed. He lubed us up then fucked me. It lasted all of ten minutes and then he was done.

Scott showered then left. I was on the bed, crying… That’s how I had gotten myself to the point to where I was on this day. A week of being fucked by someone I loathed. A week of living a life of self-destruction. I hated myself.

But here I was a week a later…

As Scott walked out of the bathroom he started going towards the door. I yelled out to him, “Don’t come back tomorrow Scott.” That stopped him in his tracks. “Why can’t I come back?” Scott’s voice sounding desperate. “I’m sure you don’t want me banging on your door every morning do you?” Now his voice sounded evil.

“Fuck you Scott, knock all you want because I won’t be here.” Now Scott’s facial expression changed as he heard my words. “I’m moving in with family because I can’t afford this place. I don’t have a job and I can’t pay rent. But fuck you anyway. How bout I tell your wife that you’ve been coming over here all week to fuck me!”

That caught Scott’s attention. “Ok calm down, look I’m sorry I wasn’t trying to be an asshole.” Now Scott was retreating but being a 19yr old stupid kid I didn’t see it that way. Looking back now I can see that what Scott wanted was my ass because his wife didn’t do it for him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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