Chris’ Adventures Ch. 12

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Christy had just finished ordering some new toys for the spare room in the basement when she decided to check out the chatroom site that Chris had sent her. After he left for Vegas, she had spent the last few days thinking about what she could do this coming weekend and had hit upon the idea of fooling around in some chat rooms since her friend had bailed on them getting together Friday night. Friday would be the perfect night to start off a weekend of kinkiness. It was now Wednesday and the packages should arrive Friday afternoon. Just in time for some fun. She’d had a busy week so far at work and was ready to unwind a bit. The two of them had traded pics a couple of times and sent each other video the first night he’d left. Taking that double dildo in both holes was exquisite, something she would have to repeat soon. But other than that, they hadn’t had long to talk to each other. Chris was tired after walking the conference all day, but he still found time to at least send her a couple of pics with him in his lingerie or giving himself a facial. She would return the favor and send him pics of her with both her holes stuffed with dildoes or with her fingers buried deep in her pussy. Now, she was going to delve into the world of chatrooms that Chris had confessed to fooling around in.

The weekend she caught Chris with their neighbors’ husband she had also found out that he had been fooling around in chat rooms with other guys. She’d never brought the subject up since that night but lately her curiosity at what he found so intriguing about those rooms got her thinking, and after the weekend they had a couple of weeks ago when Chris tied her up and recorded the whole thing, she realized just how deep her exhibitionist streak ran. She loved it when Patty, Rob, or Chris watched her playing with herself or being fucked, but having the camera oh her made her even wetter than usual. Even thought there was no one on the other end it still turned her on immensely. So, she had decided to explore a bit in the chat room while Chris was out of town.

Throughout the week her and Chris had fooled around and traded pics and a video or two. She had also spent the week cleaning up the spare room in the basement. Putting a space heater in there, new sheets, setting up the camera and now she was ordering a couple of new toys for the room. She planned on using them here to show off in chat rooms on camera. Since that task was complete, she looked around the room to make sure everything was set up. She worked the remote of the camera on the tripod and checked that it could take in either the bed or the desk chair. She had even hooked the desktop up to the 40″ TV they had in the room so she could see what was happening on the screen even if she was in bed.

Moving to the bed she tested the remote trackball mouse and keyboard to make sure the signal could reach the desktop. Satisfied that everything was working she fired up the browser and went to the chatroom address that Chris sent her earlier in the week. She was greeted with a front page that had numerous different chatrooms: Gay, Straight, Lesbian, Bisexual, Gaming, Teen, Family, etc. It was quite the mix of banal rooms and rooms that were obviously meant for more risqué pursuits.

She figured that she’d start with the Bisexual room. That seemed to be the most logical place to go. She wondered what room Chris spent the most time in? She’d have to check out other rooms too. Clicking on the link, she was greeted with a request for login. Apparently, she needs to set up an account. Well, before doing that she wanted to set up a dummy email account. She wasn’t about to use her regular email for a chat room login.

She made quick work of setting up the email and jotted down the address and password on a piece of paper she left next to the monitor and went back to the login page for the chatroom. She needed a screen name and debated. Chris had given her his info but didn’t think playing off “Curiousguy” would be appropriate. And, she thought, she’d have to change Chris’ too, since neither of them were curious anymore. Settling on “AdventurousWife” she logged in. It was appropriate after all. In the profile section she wrote, “Married woman who has discovered her bisexual side among other things. Looking for chat partners of any persuasion. Yes, my husband knows I’m here and he enjoys it. If you’re lucky I’ll let you see. Always up for plain chat or something a little wilder. So, hit me up if you want to.” She thought about it for a moment and added, “If I’m here under this name, I’m without my husband. Our other handles are KinkyCouple (both of us), and” She paused again, trying to think of a good name for Chris, she’d change it later for him. “and BiKinkyHusband.” She thought that fit him perfectly since he’s the one who got her into all this. There was a spot to upload a pic but she didn’t want to do that just escort bursa yet. Besides, she just realized that she didn’t have anything to mask her face yet. Chris got caught by the neighbor because he let his face show. She didn’t want the same thing happening.

That being said, she figured anyone who she might know, that would catch her wouldn’t say anything. After all, they were probably doing something sneaky they didn’t want known anyway. She’d have to ponder that little issue. But for now, she was just going to look around in the rooms and get a feel for how they work. She finished up and hit the submit button and was thrown into the room. There was a list of names on the left some had actual avatars or pictures next to them with names and others just said “guest” with four digits after them. The panel next to it had messages scrolling by from people chatting, or trying to chat. They seemed to move by faster than you could read them. Scrolling through the people in the room she read the names, wondering how to private message a person. There had to be a way to do it.

As she was trying to figure it out, a new chat tab popped up from someone named “dirty guy” with the message “Can I see?” She laughed. If that’s how he opens up a conversation, then no. She wasn’t going to just pop on her cam for anyone.

She typed back “I don’t think so.”

“Why not? You profile says you’ll let me see.”

“No. It says, “If you’re lucky I’ll let you see. Being demanding like you are gets you nowhere.” She looked up at the top of the private chat window and saw a button with the no symbol through it and the close window button. She guessed the no symbol button was a block button so she hit it. Sure enough a pop up came up and asked “Are you sure you want to block Dirty guy?”

“Yes” She said to herself as she clicked “Okay” and the chat window disappeared. Well one creep down, many more to go she thought. But before I go any further, I really should get comfortable. She got up and turned on the space heater to raise the temperature in the room and shed her clothes. A robe was hanging on a coat rack in the corner and she slipped it on as she walked back to the desk. She sat down and found that there were four more requests to chat from various people. She clicked on the first one, from “Married Guy.”

“Hi there.” Was the opener.

Well, that’s better than, “can I see?” Christy said to herself.

“Hi there. How are you doing tonight?” She typed

“doing well. Feeling a little horny.”

“Well, isn’t that why most people are in here?” Christy responded. She giggled

“LOL. Very true. I read your profile. So, your husband knows you’re here and is into it? And he’s bisexual too?” Married guy typed.

“First time here for me. This was where my husband would come to play with other guys behind my back. I wanted to check it out.”

“Oh really? Revenge?”

“LOL. No. I caught him and our neighbor’s husband fucking each other while all dressed in my lingerie. It’s a long story but the short version is, we have an open marriage now, I discovered I’m bisexual too, (I got it on with the neighbor’s wife that same night, and her husband. That WAS revenge).”

Christy paused a bit and continued. “So what about you? I’m gathering that you are curious?”

“You didn’t read my profile did you?” he said

“No. how do I do that?”

Married Guy typed out, “Right click on my name in the far-left column on people. The options are to block someone, see their profile, or start a private chat.”

Christy did as he said and clicked on his profile and read, “Neglected husband looking to fool around. Wife pays me no attention. Male or female welcome to message me.”

“I see.” She typed. “That’s too bad for her. You seem like a nice guy. You didn’t come right out with the opener ‘can I see?’ “

“LOL. Well thank you. I wish my wife thought the same.”

“Well, if I was your wife, I’d give you all the attention you’d want.” Her pussy started getting wet as they talked.

“Oh really? :)”

Christy grew bold. She ignored the other requests she was getting and decided to stick with this guy. He started off without wanting to see me and it was a fairly regular, if a bit sexual conversation about what brought us here. “Yes. I’d suck and fuck you all the time. And you can have all three of my holes.” She spread her legs and started to finger herself while typing with one hand. “I’m thinking about sucking you off right now while I play with my bald pussy.”

For a while there was no response from the other end and she wondered if she scared him off.

“Sorry. I went to check to see if my wife was asleep. Oh my god. That sounds so hot. My wife doesn’t play with herself at all.”

“She’s missing out. Are you playing with yourself?” She asked, burying three fingers into her dripping slit. She adjusted the chair görükle escort back so she could lean back and get better access to her pussy when a reply came back.

“I am.”

“Rub it for me.” She typed. “Make it spurt cum all over thinking about me.”

“Ohhhh. I will. Would you want to see it? It’s okay if you say no.”

Always the gentleman Christy thought. “Can I do that without you seeing me?” She didn’t want to get on cam tonight.

“Yes.” came the reply. “When the window pops up, before accepting my request, click on the camera icon so there’s a line through it and it will leave yours off. The same goes for the mic. I can’t talk anyway. Might wake up the wife.”

The video chat request came up and she did as she was told. A black square showed where her video feed would have been. And where his was, there was a magnificent looking cock. Hairy balls, thick and it looked to be about seven inches long. He was stroking it back and forth. He was not wearing any clothes and it looked like he had a robe beneath him.

“Oh my. Did I do that?” She could see him typing his response.

“Yes. Tell me more about what you would do to me.”

“Well based on your profile. I’d call my husband to join us. Let you have your first taste of cock. Does that excite you?” Christy saw him stiffen on the camera and he jerked his cock faster. She guessed yes.

“You would?”

She could see that his cock was twitching and he didn’t slow down. So, she guessed he would be into it.

“Yes. He’d be more than willing to join in if you wanted.” She diddled her clit, feeling her orgasm building. She couldn’t believe how fast she was getting off.

“Oh God! That would be so hot. I’ve been thinking about getting with a guy. Having you there would be even hotter. I think I’d want a woman there with me the first time.”

“You could fuck my ass while you suck my husband. I’ll bet your wife never lets you do that.”

Christy watched as he began to rub his balls and stroke his cock. He wasn’t typing anymore. She figured he was close to cumming so she egged him on. She was close too and dug her fingers into her pussy. “Cum for me. I’m stroking myself thinking of you sinking that monster into my hot ass while you have a cock in your mouth.” She groaned as her orgasm began to wash over her.

“Do it baby! Shoot your load!” She typed as she began to shake in the office chair. She watched the video feed as he jerked hard and fast. T0hen his cock exploded with huge spurts of cum, coating his chest with a huge load. Shot after shot erupted and hit his chest and stomach. She wished she was there to catch it as she went over the edge and her orgasm ran through her fast and hard.

As she came down from her orgasm, she saw a new message from Married Guy.

“Oh god. I haven’t come that hard in a long time.”

“I could tell.” She typed with shaky hands. “I’m recovering here too. My god that was a lot of cum. I wanted to be there to take it all. Such a waste to have it fall all over your chest. Your wife is missing out.”

“Well I should get cleaned up now. I’m glad you liked the show. And Thank you.”

“You’re welcome. Maybe I’ll see you here again.”

“I’m sure you will. Add me as a friend and we can send messages to each other.”

“You too. And you should look up my husband. I’m sure he’d love to chat with you.”

Before she could ask how to add him as s friend he signed off and left the chat. His message window was still up so she left it there. Maybe someone else would tell her how to do it. God that was fun she thought. And she wasn’t even on camera. She wondered what that would be like. Glancing at the clock she noticed that ten minutes hadn’t even passed. And quick, came the next thought.

She decided to poke around some more. She figured out that she could open more than one chat room window at a time. While leaving open the Bisexual chat room she delved into the gay, lesbian, and straight rooms. After an hour of chatting off and on with different people, and blocking more rude guys, she found out how to add people to a friend’s list and how to do just a voice chat without video. Now that she’d figured out how to move around the chat rooms and work all the features, she decided to call it a night. She’d have plenty of time this weekend to fool around. Plus, her new toys should be here.

Friday finally rolled around and after the week she’d had, she decided to take half a day off and get an early start to the weekend. When she got home there was a package waiting for her on the porch. She knew what it was before she even got it in the house. Wasting no time, she took it downstairs and opened the package and pulled out a Tula toy mount and a thrusting vibrator. She couldn’t wait to try these out tonight. Tossing her new toys on the bed she headed upstairs to shower, shave and slip into bursa escort bayan something more comfortable. She didn’t plan on going anywhere the rest of the day so putting on some lingerie would be the perfect thing.

After freshening up in the shower she rummaged through her lingerie and picked out a purple crotchless teddy that had bra cups with slits up the middle to expose her nipples. This would be perfect for tonight she thought as she tugged on a matching purple robe that hung to mid-thigh. She looked at herself in the mirror and blew herself a kiss. She had to admit that even with a slight belly, the lingerie made her figure look good. Heading downstairs she lounged around the house all afternoon, enjoying the afternoon off and the house to herself. She wondered what Chris was up to. It was getting on four o’clock and she was getting hungry so she made herself an early dinner and ate it out in the sun room, luxuriating in the warmth of the afternoon spring sun beating through the glass windows, heating up the room.

With dinner complete she grabbed her phone off the island and headed downstairs for a night of fun. Between the middle of the week and today she added some more lights to the corners of the room to make it look more inviting and put one of their Bluetooth speakers on the bedside table so they could play some music while they were down there. It was then that she realized that she needed a few more toys down here. Running back upstairs she picked out a couple of butt plugs and the double ended dildo she had used earlier in the week. They had enough toys that leaving a few down here wouldn’t hurt anything. When she got back downstairs, she logged into the chat room, decided to head back to the Bisexual room, and scrolled through the list of people online, looking at various names and profiles to see who she might want to strike up a conversation with.

As she was looking her phone rang. Looking at it she saw it was Chris so she picked it up. She was greeted with the sight of Chris totally naked and smooth.

“Hi honey.” Christy said as Chris came on screen. “Oh my, I see we’re getting ready for some fun. Going out tonight and not just down into the casino?”

Chris smiled at her. “Looks like you’re going to have some fun to.” He said as he clipped a garter belt around his waist and rolled a pair of hose up his legs.

“MmmmHmm.” She cooed. “After the week I had, I took off work a little early and came home to luxuriate in a nice hot bath before slipping into something for tonight’s fun. I ate dinner and now I’m all set.” She rubbed her breast through the satin robe she had on, making her nipples hard.

Chris looked at her and smiled. “I like it. Seems you like what you see too.”

“Yes I do. You know, I’ve never seen you get ready before.” She said as Chris stepped into his panties. “Watching you transform into Lisa is getting me wet.” She reached between her legs and rubbed her slit. A slender finger slid into her wet hole as they talked/

“I’m glad you like it.” She watched Chris apply some adhesive to his chest and set the false breasts in place one at a time and she let out a low moan as he applied makeup to his chest to bled the false breasts to his skin tone. God he was looking hot with a pair of tits she thought. His slightly feminine facial features were accentuated even more with the fake breasts. When he was done it was practically invisible.

“Oh my God!” she exclaimed. “If I didn’t know any better, I would swear those were real now that you have the makeup on. This is such a thrill to watch. I may rub one out right now just watching this.” She giggled. “You look so damn hot with tits and a cock.” She gasped, “Do you want to see what I’ve done with the spare room in the basement?”

“Of course.” Chris replied. Christy turned the camera around and showed him the room and all she had done with it. She hoped he liked it.

“You’ve been busy this week, haven’t you?” He quipped as she watched him step into the tight black dress he’d taken with him.

“Yes, I have. And Oh my, that dress looks great on you. I’m sure you’ll attract all sorts of attention.” She smiled at him and undid her robe, letting it fall open so he could get a look at the lingerie she had on underneath.

Chris sighed. “I like your choice of lingerie.” He said as he started to apply his makeup.

“I’m sure others will like it too.” She called back. As she lay back on the bed. “And yes. I figured if I was going to have some fun while you were gone, I might as well make the room look nice and make it comfortable for us.”

“Us?” Chris asked quizzically as she watched him finish his eye makeup

Christy moaned. “Maybe you could transform for people on camera. Seeing you doing it is making me so hot.” She reached lower and rubbed her pussy through the teddy, feeling how damp it was. “And yes. Us. I think I just might like playing in chat rooms. I set up a profile for us earlier this week and did some preliminary poking around.” She moaned and squirmed under her touch.

“I figured that we could both play. Either together or solo.”

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