Chris , Nina

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Nina was pissed as once again her boss Chris was using his power to make work more uncomfortable for all the females. For the past 2 years females have to dress up every Friday or be fired.

That meant wearing 5 inch heels to work. Nina didn’t like to wear heels to work as she had to walk around in them all day as Chris would not allow the woman to kick off heels, they must be on at all times.

Some days Nina’s feet were killing her and Chris absolutely would not her let her take off her heels.

Well, Christmas time came around and the big boss put a bunch of names in a hat and the winner would get to pick a special present out.

Well, Nina got lucky as the big boss man pulled her name and she would get the prize: SHE WOULD GET TO BE BOSS FOR A WHOLE WEEK!!!!

Nina had big plans for Chris on Friday.

All week long she work black stockings high heels with different skirts and tops to work.

Friday came as Nina got ready for work. She had painted her toes a wicked fire engine red to match her long nails. She went over to the floor and slipped her feet into a very special pair of black stockings. She wore these stockings all week and never washed them. And she kept them in a bag so the smell would not go away.


She also slipped her feet into a pair of 5 inch black pumps with a strap on so the foot aroma that had built up in the stockings would be in cased in the heels all day!! And since this was her last day of being the boss, she was going to make Chris pay in a big way for all his past torturing of all the female workers.

She had brought along a few surprises along with her as well. Nina strapped on the heels she knew she looked good and could only imagine how much her feet must smell. She waited till around noon and called Chris in her office.

“Listen I need you to take over the phones while I go get some lunch ok” Nina said as she stood up and walked over to Chris and hoped he liked what he saw.

She put a pair of heels under the desk hoping Chris would notice them as she got up and walked over to the door she replied she wouldn’t be gone long as she slipped out of the room headed out the door to go to the parking lot which just got a new black pavement on it.

Nina giggled as she left the office and prepared to take a nice long walk in the parking lot with her strap on pumps off as she opened the door and went around looking for any oil spots.

Nina walked all around the black pavement and found some very new oil stains which she dug her feet and stockings into as she laughed inside how much fun this was going to be to torture Chris.

She walked for about 25 min then headed back in the office with heels in hand. She went into her office and Chris was still sitting there. She went over and sat down in her chair and acted exhausted.

“Well, Chris since I have been boss for a week now I went through the files and discovered what you are doing” Nina said as her voice got deeper and she moved inches from Chris’s face. “And unless you do as I say right now you will be fired, you understand” she growled as Chris meekly nodded his head and let out a soft whisper of “yes.”

Nina then turned around and got out some rope and tied Chris down to the floor right around his desk. almanbahis She then made a phone call asking not to be disturbed under any circumstances for the next 2 hours. She also took some cloth and put it around Chris’s mouth so he couldn’t speak.

Nina then faced Chris and got out a key. “I wonder if this opens your drawer” she exclaimed as with a turn of the key the desk became unlocked.

“Oh my what do we have here” Nina asked as she pulled out a copy of Leg Show magazine. Nina then began to leaf through the magazine.

“Look at this Chris all the models are barefoot showing off their feet…you don’t have a foot fetish now do you?” Nina asked as she bent over and removed a heel and as it hit the ground she could see Chris squirm.

“What is the matter Chris? My feet hurt, I’m only slipping off my pumps, my feet hurt bad and if you weren’t so tied up I’d let you massage my aching feet” she teased as she let the other heel plop to the floor with a thud. She then got up moved her heel and lowered the heel until the part was right above Chris’s nose.

“God I hope the smell of my heels doesn’t bother you, I was wearing those heels all week just for you” she said with a sly grin as she put her feet up out of view and watched the heel that is just above Chris’s nose and she could see Chris squeal and squrim as she opened up the magazine and began to read the letters.

“God Chris it feels so good to have those heels off my feet, they were killing me and just think if your hands were free I would let you massage my feet” she teased as she got to a letter as she saw how much discomfort Chris was in as he was forced to breathe in the foot aroma. Nina then slipped around and put her foot right under Chris’s chin and crossed her feet at the ankles.

“Let me read this letter with the check next to it shall we Chris?” Nina purred as she saw Chris try in vain not to breathe, but the combo of high heel and foot aroma coming from the black soiled stockings was too much and Chris’s cock began to grow. Nina noticed this and inched her foot up more so it was right next to Chris’s nose as she began to read the letter out loud as it told of a man who liked licking dirty feet clean and for finale he sucked up his cum. Nina got so hot reading it as she placed both feet right above his nose and thought of all the nasty stuff that was on its’ way.

10 minutes later

“I hope my feet being above your nose doesn’t bother you too much…I mean I only slipped off my heels for a bit and I only wore these stockings every day for a week so they shouldn’t smell too much huh” Nina purred as she wiggled her toes through the stockings. She kept reading on before she decided it was time for phase one of Chris’s punishment. She untied Chris then had him bend over doggie style and re tied him and had him lay over so his face was buried in her heels.

She walked over to her bag and pulled out something: A 7 INCH GOLD DILDO!!!!

“Mmmmm I have always wanted to use this on a guy and now we are going to find out just how much of a turn on this will be for me” Nina purred as she reached over and grabbed Chris by his hair and slipped the dildo in his mouth.

“Suck it like I suck cock in my movies…I want you to deep throat it..take the whole cock in your almanbahis yeni giriş mouth..ohhhhh yeah that is it…mmmmmm” she moanad as her pussy was getting wet as she watched on as Chris sucked and gagged on her didlo.

“Oh yeah Chris you suck cock good” she moaned as her pussy was getting soaked. “Maybe I’ll let you clean my little feet..they hurt from being in the damn heels you make us wear every day” she said as she shoved the dildo all the way causing Chris to gag on the dildo as she pulled it out. She went around behind Chris as she teased him with the tip by rubbing it all over his back as she with each little move got a bit closer to his asshole. She then went over and spit some salvia on his asshole and began to give his round butt a rim job.

She slide her tongue around and got his hole wet as the dildo was now at the top of his crack. “Ohhhhh yeah this is going to be fun…about time a man knows how it feels what it like to get anal as all those studs fuck my ass in those movies well not it is time to turn the tables” she said as she pressed the tip of the dildo against his asshole. She gently pressed it against his ass as she got some baby oil and poured it on his ass and let the tip mix in with it. The dildo then began to go in his ass. “OHHHHHH GOD LOOK AT THAT, TAKE IT TAKE ME” she yelled as the site of a dildo going in a mans ass was too much as she almost came on the spot.

She watched on as the ass opened and the first inch went in with each little turn and thrust the dildo went in just a bit more till soon it was half way in. She pulled it out and then slipped it back in his ass. “What a neat feeling, I know I’m enjoying this” she said as she went underneath and began to suck on Chris’s cock as she let the dildo go in and out as she tongued his balls. Then she took his cock in her mouth and sucked him with dildo in his ass. Finally she rammed the entire dildo in and hard with brutal thrusts then finally pulled it out and went around and with 2 fingers opened his mouth and had him lick the dildo clean.

She took the dildo away from Chris and had another idea. She saw how it was glistening wet and went back around and incerted it all the way back in Chris’s ass and then went and got some tape and pushed it across his ass sideways and up and down so the dildo would stay buried deep in his ass. She then admired her work as she laughed as she was enjoying this much too much.

She then turned Chris around and propped up her feet up on the desk. The soles were pitch black from walking all around the parking lot and she could see by Chris’s face that he liked what he saw. “What is the matter Chris? My feet too dirty for you?” she moaned as she bent over and examined them. “God look how dirty they got? I wish I could have a tongue right here” she whispered as she let her fingers go over her toes and then down her sides and the right into the middle of her black soles. “What I need is a man to come clean these? Shame nobody is around” as she wiggled her toes. She then moved around so her feet were right above Chris’s face.

She moved her feet directly over Chris’s face and then pulled out a magazine and began to read. She knew the foot aroma would drive Chris out of his mind and it didn’t take long till a huge bulge grew from within. almanbahis giriş “Oh Chris did I do that?” she purred as she set the magazine down for a second. She then bent down and began to play with Chris’s dick. She started off slow grabbing the shaft and began to move her hand up and down ever so slowly increasing the pressure and going faster with up and down stroke. When she could feel Chris about to burst she slowed the pace down and watching Chris as the cum went back down into his balls before increasing and then decreasing.

“I bet Chris wants to cum huh” she teased. “You will cum when I say and that is even if I let you cum” she yelled as she slipped her silver heels back on and then squatted over Chris. “Eat my pussy slaveboy” she commanded as Chris stuck his tongue out and moved it between her pussy lips. She was soaking wet and her juice tasted beyond godly. The juice dripped right into his mouth as she watched him drink it and this gave her other ideas as Chris went to work on her pussy. He lapped like a man on the desert at her pussy with the passion of a dog in heat as his tongue got busy as it went like the speed of a race car as it went all over her pussy lips and went searching for her clit. She moved around as she humped on the tongue and went up and down on it, fucking it. She then moaned she was going to cum and she watched Chris go even faster on her clit as fast as she had ever seen a guy as the tip of his tongue locked on her clit like a missile and didn’t miss a step as she moaned more and prepared to cum a river in his mouth.

She leaned over and pinched Chris’s nose as it forced open his mouth and she came as her whole body shook as the juice let loose and went right into Chris’s mouth and she smiled, but the smile turned into anger as some of her pussy juice fell on the floor. Finally the orgasm stopped as she moved up a bit and Chris began to tongue her asshole. In and out his tongue went around to her ass as she reached around and began to play with his cock. She felt Chris’s tongue lick and clean her asshole as she shuttered and came again right over his lips and mouth. After her orgasm calmed down she pushed him away and slipped off her heels and put them on the floor and propped up her feet and demanded Chris jerk off in the sliver heels.

She untied his hands as she told him “don’t let a drop get on the floor or your fired” she teased as she rubbed her dirty soles with her long red fingers as Chris began to jerk his cock. His hands moved like a piston as his balls were building up a nice load of cum. He grunted and almost slipped as he grabbed a heel and shot load after load of cum in the heel. She looked over and watched as the last few spurts went in the heel. She drained the last few drops of cum out of the tip of his cock and then had Chris lie down. She took her week old stockings and tied them across Chris’s mouth as he layed there.

“Well one last thing Chris, you will never ever get my feet, and here is the closest you will ever get to them” she purred as she tilted the heel and the cum poured out like a waterfall and onto the stockings. It didn’t take long for the cum to drip from the stockings into Chris’s mouth.

“Oh yeah suck it..suck your cum down baby” she yelled as she watched drops of cum fall into Chris’s mouth. She had Chris lick all the remaining cum from the stockings and then she got up and put her heels on. “oh Chris as of now your fired and you will never get my feet…not now..not ever. and with a clickity clack she strutted out the door.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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