Christian College Sex Comedy Ch. 14

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Alexis Texas

*There is no firestorm without a spark, no ocean without a raindrop*

(Frontma comes through again, thank you)

(Yes, this tale is supposed to be somewhat humorous and outrageous too. While not always comedic, I’d like to think it is mostly a good-natured romp.)


The first soccer game of the season was against Braydon College in Maryland. They were a very exclusive private co-ed college but were large enough to have both a women’s and men’s team. Today was Christina’s second match-up against Braydon. Last year they had beaten her and she was holding a grudge, or so the scuttlebutt said.

As the half-time break rolled around, the teams had managed a 1-1 tie. Three Braydon players in their black shirts and burgundy shorts crossed the field and were intercepted by Christina, in white and gold, on the sidelines. A brief discussion ensued, then Christina looked over her shoulder and up into the stands close to where I was sitting with Rio. Iona was at my dorm…taking care of things.

Faith came up the stands to me with a quizzical look and motioned me to come with her.

“What’s up, Faith?” I asked, as I stood up and followed her to the field. Rio followed along.

“Some of the Braydon players wanted to see you,” Faith explained. “Who do you know at Braydon?”

“Not a clue,” I shrugged. “I’d never even heard of the place until I saw the team’s schedule.” As we walked up, several more FFU players had gathered around the Braydon trio.

“I am Kinu Yamada, Captain of the Braydon Women’s Soccer team and Kappa Sigma President,” the leader turned and greeted me. “You…look better in other attire.”

“They field test this stuff to be the ultimate in female repellent,” I grinned, referring to my school uniform. “Now, is there something I can do for you? I’m afraid I don’t know who you are.”

“Well, Braydon’s Kappa Sigmas are in a contest with several other houses for that Spring Break weekend with you and I wanted to see what we were getting into,” Kinu grinned.

“Weekend?” Christina and I said simultaneously. “I recall the original offer being one night and Brianna Kincaid of Colorado State being the one I was pledged to,” I added.

“We decided to up the ante for the purpose of a contest,” Kinu stated.

“What contest, Ms. Yamada?” Christina inquired with a guarded tone.

“The House with the best GPA and athletic record gets to send three sisters to share the weekend with Zane Braxton,” Kinu explained.

“He agreed to this?” Christina questioned.

“He did not,” I corrected. “Unless Briana releases me from my obligation, I can’t do any of that stuff. She is the one I’m indebted to.”

“She has done so for the sake of her sisterhood,” Kinu informed me. “Are you still up for the challenge?”

“I’ll do it for the sake of Lancaster’s Kappa Sigma House, but I’ll leave the final decision up to Christina, leader of our faction here at Freedom Fellowship,” I declared.

Christina appeared to think it over a bit before finally nodding her head.

“FFU owes Tawny Flores and the rest of the local house a debt and if Zane is willing to pay it off for us, we’ll support your contest and his decision – though it will take place at FFU’s Spring Break location.”

“I’ll let everyone know,” Kinu grinned before turning and crossing back to their side of the field.

“Christina, where is our Spring Break location?” I whispered to her.

“I haven’t a clue, Zane. Christian school girls don’t do Spring Break,” she replied. “I’ll come up with something.” I wished her luck and headed up into the stands.

“Barely a B-cup, but did you catch the ass on that sweet slice of Asian cuisine?” Rio panted.

“I wouldn’t know; those were the most intense brown eyes I’ve ever seen. That’s a woman who knows what she wants and will cut a bloody swath to get it,” I observed.

“So, you didn’t notice her breast size?” Rio teased.

“I didn’t say that – she’s a 32 B, but she has large areoles and nipples as thick as my pinkie,” I told her.

“How do you know that shit?” Rio gawked.

“Mom took me lingerie shopping when I was younger and I picked up on how the saleswomen did their jobs,” I replied.

“Your Mom took you lingerie shopping? My Mom could barely tell me how to use a tampon,” Rio griped.

“Mom told me that the only thing worse than buying a woman lingerie for her birthday was buying it in the wrong size,” I related. “You buy those things on your birthday for your lady to look sexy in, for you to enjoy.”

“Your Mom sounds pretty neat,” Rio mused.

“Mom had a way of tricking you into thinking she was your friend, not your Mother, then she’d sneak this lesson in on you; like lingerie shopping, or not getting a pet you couldn’t devote the time to,” I told her. “She’d have loved you.”

“Hardy – har – har,” Rio snorted.

“Seriously, you’re similar enough to have gotten along, but not so much that it would be creepy,” I explained. “She didn’t take crap from anyone; not my Dad, my Granddad, izmir escort bayan or even her old man. She’d never abandon a friend either.”

“I’m not like that, Zane,” Rio muttered sadly.

“If you’ve left someone, it was because they weren’t your friend, Rio,” I assured her.

“You are such an idiot,” she grumbled, but she did put her hand in mine. “Let’s fuck tonight.”

“Nope; we promised Jill we wouldn’t, and besides, next time I nail you I want you on all fours, with me pounding your cunt raw while yanking your head back with a big handful of your hair,” I envisioned for us. “Would you like that?”

“Damn straight,” Rio licked her lips.

“Well, tough, next time we get together I’m going to make long, passionate love to you,” I grinned.

“I prefer option A,” she prodded me.

“I know, but that’s only because you’ve never had option B,” I countered.

“Zane, sometimes a girl wants to be treated like a cheap slut,” Rio instructed.

“Has someone ever spent a whole night devoted to nothing less than having sex with you?” I asked.

“Yes, of course,” Rio grumbled. “I’m freaking Cleopatra. I’ve got guys lining up the block.”

“Well, damn; I guess we are back to bending you over and slamming you like a cheap slut,” I teased.

“I see I’m too much of a woman for you,” she sneered with amusement.

“That’s a challenge I’m willing to take up, Rio. If you think you can stand up to whatever I can think up for you, I’m willing to prove you wrong,” I grinned.

“I’ll make it fun; I’ll bring Mercy and have her be a piece of furniture,” Rio suggested.

“I still don’t know how that happened,” I said, in reference to Rio’s relationship to Mercy.

“I’m not sure either,” Rio confessed. “Maybe being such a pervert myself, I bring out perversions in those around me. Only Iona seems immune.”

“Oh, it looks like Rhaine, Joy, Mercy, and I are going to have a round two,” I remembered.

“Oh, I want part of that,” Rio brightened up, “I am going to fuck Rhaine so hard she won’t walk straight for a week. You let her off too easy last time.”

“No,” I shook my finger. “I’m not sure how this is going to play out so if you want Rhaine, you are going to have to seduce her all on your own.”

“Crapola,” Rio bitched. “I’ll have to settle for corrupting Felicity first but I’ll get Rhaine one day, mark my words.”

Our attention was drawn back to the game when Opal scored our second goal of the day, propelling us to the lead. Apparently, the battle had become quite brutal while Rio and I had been talking. There was nothing like woman-on-woman combat to keep Rio’s attention and for the rest of the second half we watched the game with interest.

In the end, FFU pulled it out 4-3, but that was only because both goalies put in heroic performances. No one charged the field after the final seconds slipped away because apparently they frown on that in the United States, but I still made my way down to congratulate my fellow students.

In the gentle press of bodies I came across Opal who spun on me, jumped into my arms and took my breath away with a kiss. Since this was not the norm for FFU student interaction, I did my best to look embarrassed while keeping Opal pressed up against me.

“Congrats on the win,” I smiled.

“We get to keep you,” Opal exulted. Huh? “Christina told us that if we lost, we had to give you to Braydon for the rest of the day and night, but we showed them, didn’t we?”

“Yes…right, you sure did,” I stuttered. A few more teammates stopped by and gave me a slap on the back…or butt…while I hung onto Opal, but I had to disentangle myself because I still wanted to have a word with Christina.

I hadn’t traveled ten more feet when Kinu appeared before me.

“Sorry,” she told me with a smile.

“Sorry, for losing?” I questioned. Her ponytail had become ragged during the game so I pushed some strands out of her face and hooked them behind her ear, which only made her smile broader.

“No. I’m sorry we won’t have another chance at you until Regionals,” she grinned lasciviously.

“There is something I don’t get; you are a co-ed school. I’m the only guy on this campus, which explains some of my charm, but you look like you could have any guy on your campus you want, so what’s up with this contest?” I inquired.

“I don’t know,” she chuckled, “but it could be that you fuck like a stallion and a girl feels like a million bucks when you are done. You know, something like that.” She reached out and ran her fingers down my chest to the top of my pants. “One thing; get a fake ID because I know any girl who gets you is going to want to take you to a few clubs – you need to look 21.”

“Yeah,” Rio snorted, “because Zane doesn’t have enough problems with the law already.”

“Excuse me,” Christina said right after that, putting her hand on Kinu’s. “I believe any confusion concerning Zane has been rectified.”

“For now,” Kinu allowed, looking from my eyes to Christina’s. “See you escort izmir at Regionals.”

Kinu turned and with a flip of her long ponytail made her way to the far side of the field.

“You wagered Zane!” Rio squawked to Christina, “After all the crap you give him?”

“We won so we don’t have to worry about what Kinu would have made him do,” the Queen answered.

“Shower up,” I saluted Christina, “and congratulations on the win. I know you were looking forward to it.”

“We look forward to winning every game,” Christina grinned.

“So do I; maybe we can celebrate later at the Solarium,” I suggested.

“We have to take the Braydon team out to a late lunch, then the post-game meeting with the Coach, but maybe later,” Christina allowed. She turned and sauntered away and I was more than willing to watch that ass move beneath those shorts.

“She is so going to kill you when she finds out,” Rio whispered in my ear.

“She’ll forgive me, but it may take some time,” I explained. “When she sided with me, she accepted a certain degree of ruthlessness on my part.”

“You think you are being ruthless?” Rio sneered.

“When you have everything else in life, what you value most is trust, Rio,” I stated. “Now let’s go see how my room is getting along.”

Dana Gorman was righteously pissed when she came storming up to my dorm ‘room’. A dozen students rapidly made themselves scarce as word of her imminent arrival was made known.

“I don’t know how you did this, Zane, but I’m putting a stop to this right now,” she snapped.

“What? Everything I’m doing, I have permission for,” I grinned, and I was pretty happy she didn’t knock my teeth out of my head when she rounded on me.

“That’s bullshit! You forged my signature on those entry permits,” she snarled.

“Nope. You signed them, though it is most likely you thought you were signing something else at the time,” I confessed.

“This isn’t some kind of game,” she countered. “All of this stuff is going back to wherever you bought it from.”

“Hauling things away will be on your dime,” I said. “You and the Chancellor did give me permission to fix my place up and that is what I’ve done. You will note that all my contractors are women, per school regulations.”

“And all this furniture? When did we give permission to have all of this put in?” Gorman countered.

“You may not like it but I’m not doing anything illegal,” I pointed out.

“It doesn’t mean I can’t tear it all down,” she growled.

“Dana, you and the other facility promised me this space. Go ahead and tear it all down. I’ll just find another way to do it,” I promised.

“You are an insufferable little prick,” she hissed.

“Yeah, I can be,” I agreed, “but at least I haven’t done all of this for my sole benefit. I made it for the whole freshman class.” Dana looked around the room. “It is not like I need the whole floor for myself, after all.”

“What have you done?” she grumbled.

“I’ve made a place for the freshman class to hang out. Since it is my dorm room, they are safe from upper classmen,” I reminded her. Gorman glared at me, then went back to soaking up the surroundings.

“Wide-Screen TVs…drink dispensers…what is that?” Dana observed.

“Uhmmm…our hot tub,” I grinned nervously.

“And that…” the coach continued.

“Those would be the showers and the sauna,” I answered.

“Zane, have you lost your God-damn mind?” Dana seethed. “We are not going to let you keep any of that stuff.”

“Well, it is 4:00 o’clock now and the installers are either finished or almost finished, so I guess you can try to find someone willing to take it down tomorrow but that’s going to cost an arm and a leg,” I mused. Dana rounded on me and stuck her finger in my face.

“Zane…I…grrrrrrrrr,” she growled. “Aarrgghh!” she howled, then stormed off back downstairs. Iona came skulking up to my side.

“Did we pull it off?” she whispered.

“Yeah…yeah, I think we did,” I responded. Cordelia and Paige came right up behind her.

“So, can we hook up the satellite dishes now?” Cordelia asked.

“I don’t think she’ll be back tonight so I’d appreciate it if you got it done before dark,” I told her.

“One thousand channels coming up,” Cordelia smirked, “and I have to say, this is going to be my second favorite place to hang out.”

“I don’t know, Cordelia,” Paige said in a considerate tone, “what can help you deal better with a hard day of coding than a sauna and a V-8?”

“Was that all you are interested in?” Iona questioned. “I was curious why I found you crawling under the covers of Zane’s bed.” The albino Paige blushed furiously.

“The sensation is far superior when you do it naked, Paige,” I stated with a gleam in my eye. “Feel free to come by sometime and try it out.” Instead of responding, Paige stalked off to fix up the telecommunications gear. Cordelia snickered and followed after her.

“Where is Rio?” Iona wondered.

“She went hunting for Mercy, but she izmir escort needs to get back in the next half hour if I’m going to make it back to Jill’s by five,” I informed her.

The plan had been one part deception and one part splitting of resources. We had let the powers that be know the move was being made Sunday when it was really happening today. With the first game of the season, we had campus security looking at the game and not at us. We had the proper forms for what we were accomplishing that baffled the few security types we had to deal with.

By the time Coach Gorman broke free from the team, it was essentially too late to stop us. Monday would bring what Monday would bring, but today we had our victory. Besides, we had the new door in place and that would make any operations by the administration against my digs much harder. My contractors informed me they would have everything up and running by 9:00 tonight.

Rio was the first to arrive but Christina and company arrived with the three Kappa Sigmas from Braydon – almost all of them expecting to see a single room. Christina was once more pissed with me and I knew that attitude would get worse before it got better.

“Christina, and ladies, please come with me to my room. I have an important situation to discuss,” I pleaded. Catching sight of Brandi, I flagged her over. “Brandi, could you show our guests from Braydon around while I take care of a piece of personal business?”

“Kinu, Kappa Sigmas from Braydon, I’ll be with you in a minute and apologize for the delay,” I told them with a nod of the head before heading off to my room and activating the rooms ‘cut off’ switch. Rio and Iona came with me, along with Christina, Hope, Chastity, Heaven, and Faith.

“You told the Seniors that you were doing this on Sunday and I made plans for us to help you, Zane,” Christina rounded on me.

“I apologize for the deception, but it was necessary to finding out something important; namely, who was spying on you,” I informed everyone in the room but Rio. I hadn’t even told Iona the whole truth.

“What was the purpose of this deception, Zane, this lie?” Christina questioned me harshly.

“Someone in this room betrayed Heaven’s secret and a few other pieces of information that have been floating around a very small circle of people, things like me moving in today,” I began. “Oh, and Iona doesn’t know the secret, so Iona, I hope you understand that certain things are not for me to share with you, but I trust you enough to have you here with me now.”

“So that’s why you told Hope and I your little secret about today,” Chastity stated coldly. “You were testing us. I’m not sure I like that.” Hope looked even less pleased.

“Yes and no; I actually was only testing Hope. I already knew you weren’t the one,” I replied to Chastity. Again, Hope didn’t seem all that happy.

“But I didn’t get raided today so it wasn’t either of you. For obvious reasons, Christina isn’t spying on herself, and it would be a cold day in Hell before Heaven would betray Christina…so, Faith, you have been working with the Chancellor against us,” I laid it out. Faith gasped fearfully.

“Faith has been with me since sophomore year,” Christina defended her friend, “which is a sight longer than I’ve known you.”

“Two things: it had to be someone who knew that secret, and only the people in this room, one police officer, and the Chancellor know. The cop didn’t betray us and Rio didn’t know until after the threat,” I clarified.

“If you have another explanation of the facts, please let me know,” I confronted Christina. “Face it, the Chancellor knew you would be a force at this University late in your freshmen year, so she chose someone to get close to you – to keep an eye on you so she could manipulate you when the time came.”

Christina refused to believe me but I noted Heaven, Hope, and Chastity were all staring at Faith.

“It’s not so,” Faith declared.

“Oh, I guess you want to see all the logs of your communications with the Chancellor, then, eh, Faith?” I goaded her. “You weren’t as careful as you thought.”

“Oh, God,” Faith whispered. “No…”

“Damn it, Faith,” Christina rumbled, “that was the most obvious trick in the book. He had no other evidence against you. He fooled you. After all, he didn’t even know it was you until late this morning.” She placed a hand on Heaven’s shoulder because Heaven was about to lose it.

“I’d thank you, Zane,” Christina said in a suddenly weary voice, “but what I really want to do is punch your lights out.”

“What do we do about Faith?” Chastity questioned.

“Nothing,” I butted in.

“This doesn’t involve you,” Hope grumbled.

“I beg to differ,” I said, “I like all of you and it pisses me off that you are suffering, but this isn’t Faith’s fault; it is the Chancellor’s. If you dump on Faith, she will know we’ve discovered Faith’s role. If we do nothing, we can now feed information to her, but only what we want her to know.”

“Butt out, Zane,” Heaven responded coldly.

“No. If you fight yesterday’s battles, we get our asses kicked. There is no profit in it for us,” I kept hammering away.

“She was our friend and she betrayed us,” Chastity fired away. “You wouldn’t understand.”

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