Cleaning Cousin Ch. 02

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“Oh shit, what am I going to do” kept running through my mind as I was shooting my cum into what I, only seconds ago, realized was my cousin. “Is she going to get pregnant? Is she going to tell anyone? Hell is she even legal age?” All of these questions kept running through my mind.

I couldn’t just jump off the bed and run or throw her out of my house. That might hurt her feelings or just plain piss her off and I had learned from bitter experience that the old saying “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” was all to true. So I lay down next to her and cuddled up in the warm afterglow of orgasm while my mind raced through the possibilities.

“That was nice. I’ve always dreamed my first time would be with you and would feel this good.” She said as she rolled over and hugged me close.

“Not only am I a seducer of young cousins but of virgin young cousins” Was the next thought I had. If, when this all was found out I couldn’t even claim I was and innocent victim of a seductress, because who would believe that a young virgin with no experience in dating would seduce an old guy like me. Especially with my reputation of drinking and carousing and screwing anything that walked and even one that didn’t (wheel chair bound paraplegic I had met once). So I stifled a groan and instead turned it into a sigh and said “Yes, it was nice”

“When I saw you come out of the bedroom stark naked, It made me so wet I couldn’t believe that I might finally get a chance to fulfill a fantasy.” She said. “Ever since I first noticed boys I have wanted to be with you. You would not believe how may times I rubbed myself while imagining you naked. Then when you went back to bed and passed out I figured you were still a little drunk and I couldn’t resist touching you and holding your thing while you slept and then it started getting bigger and bigger, God how I wanted it inside me. I was afraid you wouldn’t let me because, you know, us being cousins and all”

“Well that explains why I woke up so horny and with such a raging woody” I said.

“I’m sorry!” she exclaimed “Don’t be mad at me. I just wanted to touch it so bad.”

She was scared, afraid she got me angry. Damn she was so little girl cute I couldn’t be mad. “It’s OK, I’m glad you did it”

“Really? When it got big I didn’t know what to do so I just ran my hand up and down it a little then you seemed like you were waking up and I got scared so I moved over to the chair real quick. I just wanted to look at you naked for a while. I couldn’t believe it when you woke up and started stroking your thing”

“First, please don’t call it a thing anymore. Now that you’ve been so close to it you should be friends. Melissa, meet Dick or Mr. Cock if you would rather. Dick meet Melissa, but than you have already haven’t you” I quipped

She giggled and said, “Very pleased to meet you Mr. Cock. It was really my pleasure and if it’s Ok with canlı bahis Bill I hope we can meet again, often, and become really close friends.”

“We just can’t let anybody know you met Mr. Cock, They wouldn’t understand.”

“Oh God NO,” she exclaimed as a look of horror came over her face. “the thought of anyone finding out that I let my cousin not just take my cherry, but that I nearly raped him to do it. Oh, if anybody found out they would ship me off to a convent or something. We have to keep this secret.”

Well we may have a different opinion on who and how things got started but as long as she saw it her way and as long as we agreed on the need for secrecy I wasn’t going to try to correct her. “That’s right, they’d ship you off to a convent and throw me in jail for seducing my underage cousin” I said.

“Not underage anymore.” she said with a shit eating grin. “I turned 18 two days ago.”

Well that was one worry off my mind, and a big one too. With that she reached down and took my semi flaccid cock in her hand and started kneading it back to life. “I doubt that is going to work, you gave me quite a workout already and I need a little time to recover.” I reminded her.

“Oh, we’ll see about that.” was her answer as she dipped her head down and put her lips around my manhood once again. What she lacked in experience she made up for in desire and it wasn’t long before she had me rock hard again. As she slipped my blood engorged member out of her mouth she looked up at me and asked “Can you show me how to do it again with me on top this time?”

Not only did she want it again but she already wanted to try a new position, and my favorite one at that. I love to have a woman riding me so I can watch her tits sway and the look on her face as she creams on my dick.

“No problem” I told her. “Just slide around and straddle me, but lift up a little so we can get it in.” She did as she was told and without further instruction she took hold of my dick and slid it into her slippery wet pussy.

She was a sight to behold. That 18 year old body sitting there with gorgeous perfectly rounded tits that stood straight out with no need for support. She was not a big girl just 5’2″ and about 110 lbs. With a perfectly proportioned figure. 34″ chest with a nice “C” cup just enough to get your mouth around. Nipples that stood straight out a half an inch but big

I watched her face as I slid inside her and I could see she was enjoying it. She sat there on me for a minute or two and finally in a breathy voice she said, “That feels so good. Now what do we do.”

“Well, I lay here and you slide yourself back and forth on me, Yeah like that, and once in a while I’ll thrust up like this.” With that I pushed up with my hips and drove myself deeper into her. That elicited a little squeal as I bottomed out inside her. She rode me like that for about five minutes when I could bahis siteleri see her eyes were glazing over, her head was back and her face and breast were flushed. Another orgasm on the way! So I let my right hand drift off of where I was holding her waist and down to her mound and let my thumb gently start rubbing her clit. That was all she needed and with a scream she gushed all over me again.

“Damn, I was going to have to buy rubber sheets with this one.” I thought to myself, “Much more of this and my mattress would smell of old pussy more than it did already.”

She just stopped for a half a minute and started up again. She rode me through two more orgasms when I felt my own start to well up thru my balls, squirt out and explode into her, filling her with my cream.

Oh sweet release! As I laid there with her sitting on my rapidly shrinking dick, just enjoying the feeling of her warmth leaking out and running down the insides of my thighs. I felt like I was in heaven. A beautiful, willing 18 (barley) year old sitting on my dick and bringing me off three times in the first hour I was awake. “Life is good”

Then she did it again, struck fear into me without meaning too by saying “It’s a good thing you can’t get pregnant the first time or I am sure I’d be knocked up the way you shoot that stuff into me.”

“Melissa,” I said very slowly, “who told you that you can’t get pregnant the first time you have sex?”

“Well everybody knows that!” She answered with the calm and arrogance of youth and ignorance.

She must have read the terror on my face as she then asked, with more than a little fear “Right?”

“Well there isn’t anything we can do about it now, except to hope the timing is off or you just didn’t catch this time.” I responded

She sat there for a minute and stared at me. Finally she smiled and said “Well if I am going to be knocked up I’m glad it is yours. Like you said there isn’t anything we can do about it now. So get up get a shower and I’ll make you some breakfast.” With that she bounded out of bed and headed for the kitchen.

I decided she had a good idea a shower would feel good and give me a chance to clear my head. I let the hot water run over my body and cleaned up, the hair the teeth and even shaved (an unusual event for a day I wasn’t going to work) than headed for the kitchen as I realized it was almost one in the afternoon and I was hungry. The sight that greeted me in the kitchen was enough to make my, by now, much used cock twitch with delight. At the stove stood this little girl all 5’2 and the only thing she had on was the apron I wear when I host the occasional cookout.

Now, tits are nice and I do enjoy them but I am without question an Ass man. Nothing gets my motor running faster than a perfectly shaped ass. This girl had one that would have not been out of place in any porno mag ever published. Tight with strong bahis şirketleri definition and that perfect heart shape we all love and legs spread just slightly. Talk about erotic sights. Wearing an apron that barley covered her tits and twat and that perfect ass bare to the world. I almost came in my shorts looking at her.

I just stood there staring, enjoying the view and she turned around and told me to sit that it was already. I followed instructions and sat down at the place she had set and found the coffee cup full and the toast still hot and already buttered. She brought the frying pan over and slid a delicious looking omelet onto my plate. “Eat up and finish it all or no desert!” She sternly told me.

“What’s for desert?” I asked with a leer.

“You’ll find out you pervert. Running around seducing innocent young virgins you should be ashamed of yourself, now eat your breakfast.” She responded

So I ate and it was delicious. “Damn, dynamite body, likes to fuck, sweet disposition, cleans the house and can cook. Too bad she is my cousin or I might just move her in.”, ran through my head. As I cleaned my plate and ate the last crust of toast she cleared it away and put it into the sink. “Ok what’s for desert?” I asked.

With that she sat her ass on the table across from me and spun around putting her pussy right where my plate had been. “Special for today all you can eat!” Was all she said as I dove in and pushed my tongue down her slit and into her hole then back up her slit to linger on her clit. Then repeat the process. She was a sweet tasting pussy and after having fucked her twice I could taste just a bit of myself and my cum on her. I ate her through two earth shattering and face drenching orgasms. After the second one I looked at her and asked “Do you always cum like that or just sometimes?”

“Like what?” She answered my question with a question.

“Like a garden hose.” I replied.

“Oh that. Only when it was really good. I never have been with a guy before but when I would play with myself I had orgasms, at least I think I did. But they were usually not like that, I mean so wet. A couple of times when I did everything just right I would squirt like that and the first time it scared me but one of the girls at school told me she did it too but only once in a while so we figured it was normal. Isn’t it?”

“Well I guess for you it is normal.” I answered “but that’s because you’re special.”

We spent the rest of the afternoon in bed sucking and fucking or at least trying to as I was pretty worn out. Mostly we just cuddled and stroked each other, and talked and planned how we could keep this going without anyone getting suspicious. We came up with a plan that would allow us to keep getting together and still let the family think all was as it should be. The only problem we couldn’t do anything about was whether she was pregnant or not. That we would address when we had to. But for the immediate future I agreed to wear a rubber. As much as I hate the damn things for a little while I would tolerate it.

How we worked it out and what happened later is for another story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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