College Stud Changes Her

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Thanks to my new Literotica friend Jill for the idea of this story and her editing and suggestions.


Jared and Elise were freshmen at the state university and had been together since the summer before high school. Elise was a tall blond, about 5’11” with incredibly long muscular legs she gained from being a pretty decent tennis player. Her hair was shoulder length and she wore it in a ponytail when she was playing. She actually received a scholarship from the college for her play and was excited that someone thought she was good enough to offer her the chance to play for them at this level. She was very tan from the time spent in the sun practicing, plus she liked to lay out in her bikini at Jared’s house by the pool his parents put in a few years ago.

While her abilities as a tennis player were second to none, and being a strikingly beautiful girl, the thing that attracted most people were her breasts. Even though she was tall, she had a very large chest, 38D, and nipples that would become very erect while playing. This was a source of embarrassment for her as they bounced around when she played even though she wore the sturdiest sports bra she could find. She didn’t like the fact that guys would come to her matches just to watch her tits and her nipples get hard.

Of course, it hadn’t always been this way. Back in the summer after eighth grade, Elise was a tall, skinny, girl with braces and glasses. Most boys would tease her and as she was taller than a lot of them, called her a “four-eyed giraffe”. She spent many days crying in her room and felt no one cared. She met Jared at a summer camp they were working at for younger kids and quickly struck up a friendship. He was a short, thin boy with glasses as well and played the trumpet in the school band. He didn’t seem to have a lot of friends and he and Elise spent most of their days together since they worked with the same age group.

When high school started, Jared would get picked on by some of the older, larger kids and Elise would always try to help defend him. The kids would laugh and tease them, saying things as, “You dweebs should be together — you’re both losers!” They started hanging out by themselves even more, and eventually Jared asked her out. Elise accepted of course and this was the beginning of their relationship. It progressed to intense kissing and petting when they could find moments alone, and during their second summer together it progressed a little further. They were at Jared’s house watching TV and his parents were at work.

He placed his arm around her and Elise snuggled closer to him on the couch. When Elise was this close, Jared always would get hard very quickly. Her started kissing her ear and Elise smiled and started to tingle all over. Jared ran her fingers down her chest and started to rub her breast. Her excitement grew and her nipples became quite erect under her shirt. Jared moved his hand further down her belly and was caressing her thigh, moving closer to her pussy.

He was kissing and nibbling her neck and Elise turned her head and sucked his upper lip into her mouth. Their tongues entwined in a deep kiss and their lips started smacking . Elise moved her hand down to Jared’s hard cock and massaged it through his shorts. He had a fairly small dick but since Elise hadn’t been with anyone else, she didn’t know any different. She gripped his dick through his shorts and started to stroke him, as she had several times before. She knew he would cum in his underwear soon so she shifted to the side so Jared could rub her pussy through her shorts too. They continued to kiss and moaned into each other’s mouths and Jared said, “Please Elise, touch me, under my clothes. Please.”

This surprised her as they had always just rubbed through their clothes before and she said, “I don’t know Jared. I don’t know if we should do that.”

“I’ll rub you under your shorts if you touch me, I promise.”

He looked at Elise like a little puppy and she felt for him. She did love him and said, “OK.”

Jared had on a pair of gym shorts and he just pushed them down to his ankles to expose his hard dick. He reached over and unzipped Elise’s shorts and ran his hand down to her steaming pussy. She was wet and he easily started rubbing his finger up and down on her slit. “Ohh Jared,” she moaned. “That is so good.”

She reached over and slowly ran her hand the length of his dick down to his balls. She gripped his shaft and started stroking up and down slowly. Jared gasped, “oh crap,” and proceeded to cum on her hand. Elise jumped as he came and said, “Eww, that’s gross. Get me something to clean up with.”

“I’m sorry Elise, I’m sorry. I was just so excited, please don’t be mad at me.”

“I’m not mad, I just want to clean this up.” He got a towel for her and she wiped the come from her hand and where it had dribbled onto his legs. Elise’s shorts were still unbuttoned and she hoped Jared would take care of her needs but the garage door started indicating one of his parents was home. They hastily cleaned up and were canlı bahis dressed and watching TV again when his mom walked in the door. Elise felt some frustration but she let it go and masturbated later when she got home that night.

The summer months seemed to fly by, and everyone noticed changes occurring to Elise. The braces came off and she started wearing contacts. She only grew about two more inches to her current height but the change everyone talked about was her breasts. They went from almost nothing to the current 38D by her junior year and attracted many gawks and stares from the guys at school.

Several girls became friends with her as well, as they realized what a great tennis player she was, and no longer considered her a geek. Jared on the other hand, didn’t change much. He was shorter than Elise, about 5’7″ which was a source of embarrassment for him. He still wore glasses but had become the best trumpet player in the high school band, and made a few friends as well.

They made love for the first time right before senior year started. Elise’s parents were gone for the weekend and they were at her house. Elise had been wanting to do this with Jared for awhile but the moment never presented itself until this weekend. They were on the couch with the TV playing and making out. They were kissing and moaning as Jared’s hand was in Elise’s shorts and massaging her pussy. She was moaning quietly and whimpering, humping her body against his hand. She had his cock in her hand and was stroking him as she had been doing the past few months. She could tell he was going to come so she stopped and said, “Wait, Jared. Let’s go up to my room. I want you to make love to me.”

Jared about died as he had been wanting to do this almost since they started going out but was too shy and nervous to say anything. He rapidly nodded his head, saying, “Ok, let’s go.” Elise led him by the hand upstairs to her room. They go to her room and he quickly shed his clothes. He was so hard it hurt and was very anxious to put his dick into her hot pussy. Elise removed her shirt and bra, showing Jared her large breasts. Other than fondling them, he had not really seen them fully exposed and it took his breath away.

His heart was racing as she slowly slid her shorts down her long, tan legs. She was wearing white panties and she placed her thumbs in the waist and removed them as well. Jared just stared at her body, her large, firm tits, her firm tummy. She had a small patch of blond hair above her pussy and with her skin being so tan, it seemed more exotic. She laid down on her bed and motioned for Jared to join her. She reached into the nightstand next to her bed and placed a condom on the top.

“We’ll put that on in a minute,” she said. “Let’s make out for a little bit first.”

Jared moved to lay on top of her couldn’t believe how soft her body felt. She was hot and it felt so good to rub his hard dick against her body. They brought their mouths together and were both moaning again as they kissed. “Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh,” Elise moaned as they kissed and Jared rubbed his cock against her pussy. She reached down and grabbed his ass to pull him closer.

“Oh god, no,” Jared groaned as his quickly raised up from her and his cum shot all over her belly. “God, I’m sorry Elise. I got so excited, I’m sorry.”

“It’s ok Jared, it’s ok. We can try again.”

She went to the bathroom for a towel to wipe Jared’s cum from her body and to clean his dick as well. As she wiped his dick with the towel, he started getting hard again in her hand. She slowly stroked him and caressed his balls with her other hand. Jared was moaning again and Elise reached over for the condom. They slowly placed it on his dick and Elise laid back on the bed and spread her long legs.

“Be careful, Jared. The first time might hurt.”

“I love you Elise and would never hurt her. I’ll be gentle.”

She reached down and placed his cock at the entrance to her pussy. She was very wet and when Jared slid forward, his dick easily slid in. There was a little resistance but it didn’t hurt Elise and Jared was able to slowly move his cock all the way in her pussy. He started to thrust his hips back and forth at a slow pace. Their lips were locked in a deep kiss, their tongues entwined as Elise was thrusting her hips back at him.

“mmm…mmm…mmmm,” she moaned with her lips closed. “Oh, Jared…..this is so good.”

She wrapped her arms around him and wrapped her long legs around his waist and pulled him further into her pussy. Jared was short enough he was able to lick her nipples and breasts as he pumped her.

“Ohhh…..ohhh……..that’s good……that’s good, “Elise continued to moan as the bed squeaked with their motions. Jared started moving his hips faster and could feel the cum building. As Elise held him tight and kept thrusting, she was approaching her own orgasm. “Ohhhh……mmm……oh god, “she moaned.

She exploded and bucked harder against Jared and this sent him over the edge. He squirted his load as he could no bahis siteleri longer take the pleasure. They collapsed together on the bed, breathing heavily. Jared quickly rolled off her so the condom wouldn’t leak. Elise just smiled at him and said, “I love you; I always will.” Jared felt so good inside as he wrapped his arms around her and they fell asleep on her bed.


There were tears of joy and happiness when Elise was awarded the tennis scholarship. Her parents were incredibly proud of her as was the entire community. She was the first tennis player at the high school to be awarded a scholarship and everyone was excited for her. Jared was thrilled that his girlfriend was considered one of the best tennis players in the state and he beamed with pride. Not only the best tennis player, but an outright gorgeous women that was his girlfriend.

He decided he wanted to remain close to her, and even though his grades allowed him the choice of almost any college, he decided to attend the state university as well. Elise was pleased he wanted to be with her and she thought it would be great he would get to see her play. Besides, Jared was a very good trumpet player and had already secured a spot in the university’s symphony.

The first week of school had passed and with classes, rehearsals and practices, and new friends being made, Jared and Elise had not been able to get together until tonight. Elise’s roommate had gone out for the night with friends; they had invited her but she really wanted to be with Jared. She already removed her bra and just had a t-shirt on over her massive breasts, aching for him to touch and caress them. When he knocked at her door, she opened it and greeted him with a big hug and a long, soft kiss. He backed her into the room and closed the door. As their kiss intensified, their tongues interlocked, Jared reached around and placed his hands on her ass.

Elise had on a pair of shorts that she usually wore for practice and could feel the heat of his hands through the material. He pulled her closer and she could feel his erection through his jeans. She reached down and slowly ran her finger along the length, gently caressing it with her hand as she went. Jared almost came in his jeans, as they hadn’t had sex for awhile and it took all he could do to not release. She slowly unzipped his fly and reached in to remove his cock from its confines in his underwear. As he wasn’t very big, her hand could cover his entire length. She started caressing his dick as Jared removed her shirt. He moved down and was kissing her neck while fondling her breasts and playing with her hard nipples.

“Oh, Jared, it’s been too long, too long…” she moaned as he licked her large nipples. His hand moved into her shorts and he caressed her firm ass as he continued the assault on her breasts. Elise continued to moan and stroked his shaft. Jared felt he would erupt at anytime with her soft, warm touch. He pushed her shorts and panties down her legs and she stepped out of them. He pulled her close and rubbed his hard on against her pussy. Elise had started taking birth control pills a few months ago and Jared loved it as they didn’t have to stop and put on a condom. He continued to rub against her as they kissed and moved toward the bed.

“Lay down so I can be on top, ” Elise asked him. Jared couldn’t wait any longer and laid on his back on her bed. She crawled on top of him and straddled his cock. While holding it, she raised up and slowly lowered herself onto his dick. Her pussy was so hot and steaming, he easily slid into her.

“Ohhhhh…..” she moaned as she slowly started grinding her hips. “That’s sooo goooddd…”

Jared’s hands were roaming wildly on her breasts and belly. A couple of times he pinched her nipples and this caused Elise to moan. She moaned again as she now bounced up and down on his cock. Jared had one hand on her breast as he sucked on it, and his other hand was grabbing her ass cheek. Elise’s ass was solid and firm, and next to her breasts, was probably her best feature. A couple of times Jared’s cock slipped out as she was riding him.

With his lack of size they discovered another position that helped. Elise was ready to be rammed as hard as possible, so she got off him and laid on the bed. She spread her legs and reached between them and guided Jared into her pussy. Once he was in, she lifted her legs and placed them on his shoulders. This allowed him to penetrate her deeply and he wouldn’t slip out. He started thrusting again and was increasing the rhythm.

“Yes….yes….mmmm…” Elise moaned as his balls slapped against her ass with their motions. With her legs in the air, she felt he was spearing her and it allowed his cock to rub against her clit. Her pussy was on fire and she knew she would cum soon. “Please keep going…keep going….” she kept moaning as he pumped her. Jared was close himself as it had been awhile and he was built up.

“Ohhhh myy, ohhh goodd….so goooddd, ” Elise moaned louder as her orgasm started. bahis şirketleri She was bucking back against him wildly and was now panting.

This was too much for Jared and he said, “I’m coming….god…..oh man,” and he exploded into her, shooting his cum into her pussy. He continued to pump her until he could no longer milk his cock. Elise whimpered as she came and as they calmed down from that sexual high, snuggled tighter together and fell asleep.


As happens on all college campuses, early fall is the time fraternities and sororities approach freshmen and other new students about joining. Elise received three invitations to pledge a sorority; however, Jared received none. Elise felt bad for him as she thought this would be an opportunity for him to make more friends and not rely on her as much. Jared was pissed and highly jealous of Elise — she always received the attention, first for tennis and now a sorority. He usually could handle the attention but now was concerned she would spend more time with her new friends than him.

Even though he realized how selfish this seemed, he truly loved her and she meant everything to him and didn’t want to have others come between them. When Elise pledged Kappa Delta and was accepted, Jared was happy for her even though the jealousy was simmering right below the surface. She moved into the sorority house and Jared realized this may mean even less sex with her; how in the world would they be able to get together in a houseful of sorority girls? The thought depressed him and he wasn’t sure what to do to control his emotions.

That following Friday, Jared and Elise were invited to a party at one of the frat houses. Actually, Elise was invited and could bring a date, so she brought Jared. The party was already in full gear when they arrived; people were dancing in the main room on the first floor as the music blasted out of the sound system, the thumping so loud it rattled their teeth. The frat was serving wahoo punch — Kool Aid with several types of alcohol mixed in and it made for a very sweet tasting but potent punch drink. Jared got two cups and brought them back over to where Elise was standing.

They stood leaning against each other watching the dance floor. Jared was not a good dancer and disliked it even more because he was so much shorter than Elise. She really wanted to dance but knew she couldn’t ask Jared as he would be embarrassed so she stood with him and just watched the others. What they didn’t realize was the number of eyes that focused on them when they entered the house. Jared was ignored by these eyes, but they focused directly on Elise.

She was wearing a pair of jean shorts as it was still warm out, with a light blue long sleeved dress shirt of Jared’s that was rolled up at the sleeves. The shirt was almost too small for her with her large chest, so she had the shirt pulled up and tied at her waist, showing her belly button and firm stomach. She didn’t realize how sexy this looked and Jared was beaming because this beautiful woman was with him. The several pairs of eyes watching her noticed as well and one pair broke away from the group and approached her.

“Hi, I’m Brock, ” he said, one of the members of the football team. He was tall at 6’3″ and being a linebacker weighed 235 pounds, most of it solid muscle. He had dirty blond hair and a megawatt smile as he spoke to Elise. He was wearing khaki cargo shorts and a gray shirt with the university name on it. She was surprised at how big he was; she had seen the football players before, but never this close. He was incredibly handsome and even Jared was amazed and his jealousy started to rise again.

Brock continued, “I just wanted to come over and ask you if you wanted to dance. I noticed you’re just standing here, ” shouting to be heard over the music.

“We’re fine, we just don’t feel like dancing right now, ” Jared replied.

“I wasn’t asking you dweeb, I was asking her.”

“Oh, I’m flattered but that’s okay. I’m here with Jared.”

Jared had a look of superiority on his face but it quickly vanished when Brock responded, “Look, I only want to dance. He’s not going to so what’s the problem?”

With that he took her by the hand and led her to the dance floor. She looked back at Jared to see a look and anger and jealousy overtake his face. She mouthed to him, “it’s Ok, I’m only dancing with him.”

Jared just watched and sulked against the wall. As they started to gyrate and move to the music, Elise introduced herself, yelling at him over the music. He replied that he already knew her name and that he knew she was a tennis player as he was friends with some of her sorority sisters.

“Actually, I’ve been wanting to meet you and say hi as I think you’re quiet beautiful and an awesome tennis player.”

Elise’s stomach did a little flutter as she thought of Jared but was flattered that Brock already knew about her and wanted to meet her. She just smiled at him as they continued, getting hot and sweaty as so many people were in the frat house, even with air conditioning, it grew quite warm. After about three songs, she headed to the big bowl of bunch and helped herself to a cup. Brock followed her and Jared popped up just as he was about to say something to her.

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