Conquered Twins – Part 1

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Michel squirmed in his chair, his hands pinned behind his back, while his two younger daughters – the twins – were forced to face each other on the bed. They were dressed in their fine, well-tailored dresses, their hair flowing in blond manes over their backs. Their eyes were red and big and the round cheeks were wet from the many tears that had spilled during the hour they’ve sat tied on the floor and receiving both slaps and hard-handed grips over their hair and neck.

They glanced desperately at Michel – or more specifically at the dagger held to his throat.

“What are you waiting for? You want to see your dear father leave this place alive?” The man, who also happened to be the owner of the dagger against Michel’s throat, was icy cold in his voice as he pressed the edge against Michel’s neck.

His two eighteen-year-old daughters, identical in but a few features that only those in the family could discern, sobbed again before their lips met in a shy, awkward kiss. Michel looked around, trying to find something that could save him and his poor daughters from this living nightmare.

A woman stood next to the bed with a narrow riding stick in her hands. She had dark red hair in a tight ponytail, looked to be in her mid-twenties, and wore a tight, blood-red dress with a black corset that cinched her slim waist and shapely bust. She was also an incredible beauty, perfectly suited for her self-proclaimed role of dominatrix over the two unwilling girls.

Beside her, still on the floor, sat Michel’s older daughter – Maia. She had just turned nineteen, had darker hair than the twins but shared their beautiful, sweet features. Her mouth was tightly bound by a rope tied in a thick knot between her teeth, but her eyes were wide with horror and despair. In addition to the girls in the room, half a dozen men stood along the walls, dressed in dirty and dented armor, their hands resting on their sword belts, as well as Michel’s own companion – the gentleman with the dagger – who remained. Based on the lust filled eyes and the clattering of the watching warriors, there was no help to be had.

A lot had happened in a short time. Two days earlier, Michel had received news that one of his vassals had been attacked by a rival – Duke Armond, who had long been critical of Michel’s rule. As a king who took pride in his responsibility to his vassals, Michel had immediately ordered the bulk of his military force to march to Sir Geofran’s estates to rescue him against Armond’s forces.

His troops had barely entered the gate of the city before they were ambushed by the combined forces of Sir Geofran and Armond. The siege that followed was short and bloody – Michel did not even manage to mobilize the remainder of his army before the walls were taken and the fires began to spread across the city.

And now he sat tied with several layers of rope between his teeth and Sir Geofran’s own dagger against his neck while his youngest daughters – the twins Emilie and Rosa – crying and whimpering were forced together in a most forbidden kiss. Michel tore at the ropes, tried to pull himself free from his captivity, stop it if he so had to throw himself on Geofran’s dagger. But without success. The ropes were tightly tied by people used to handling prisoners. He was completely in their power.

“Don’t be shy. You know each other. Give each other a real kiss, as is appropriate between close sisters!” The woman struck the mattress with a riding stick and Emi and Rosa gasped and pressed their lips harder against each other. It was still not a kiss between lovers – but rather two pairs of lips rubbing against each other in horror. But it seemed to make the onlookers happy, based on their laughs of pleasure and… lust. Had Michel had a sword in his hands, he would have cut off every one of their depraved limbs.

“That’s not what I’d call a kiss,” the red-haired young lady announced. “I’ll show how it should look.” With that she tore Emi away from her sister and brought her mouth to the eighteen year old girl’s face. Ariela Armond was known for her hot temper and unflattering rumors had long circulated about her promiscuous attitude to carnal pleasures. As the daughter of Duke Armond, she was a constant participant among the finer gatherings of the aristocracy, but despite her fine background, there were whispers about how she indulged in occult traditions and rituals. A few years earlier, she is said to have been found naked in the forest, surrounded by a pack of equally naked slaves – both male and female – who were forced to satisfy her with their tongues under the clear full moon. According to the whispers, she lay in the center of a pentagram of wax candles, chanting in some unintelligible language with the face of a young slave girl between her legs, while the rest of the slaves were forced to lie with each other within the diameter of the pentagram. Some of the more gossipy tongues had even claimed that the men were forced to squirt their seed all over young lady Ariela’s exposed body before the slave girls were coerced to lick her clean.

Michel had always been careful not to succumb to rumours, but now as he saw the young lady thrust her tongue into his daughter’s mouth and hungrily kiss the terrified girl, he feared he had been naive in his gullibility. Emi chirped against Ariela’s lips as the red haired woman’s hand closed around her breast and squeezed casually.

“This is what a kiss should taste like, little Emilie,” Ariela whispered as she yanked the girl by the hair and threw her back against her twin. “Now show your sister what you learned.”

“AHH!” moaned Emi as the riding whip hit her over the thin cloth covering her bum and she hurriedly crawled over to her sister, who was kneeling wide-eyed at Lady Armond’s display. “AHH!” Emi chirped again as the riding stick once again bit through the fabric of the dress. The young girls doubt seemed to have been blown away – or at least suppressed – as she caught poor Rosa between her hands and closed in on her in a wet, desperate kiss.

Michel thrashed fruitlessly at his ropes as the whiplash hit Emi again, forcing her to burrow deeper into her sister’s mouth. Rosa seemed frozen in front of her sister, eyes wide and mouth agape as her bursa escort twin sister’s tongue brushed against hers in a clumsy, awkward kiss.

“So, poor Emi shouldn’t be the only one making an effort here. Return the kiss, Rosa.” To punctuate her words, she gave Emilie another merciless rap with the whip and the girl whimpered and sobbed into her sister’s mouth. As if in a trance, Rosa began to meet her sister’s tongue with her own and within seconds the two beautiful twins were in a sinful and sloppy kiss.

“Better. Much better.” Ariela’s voice was noticeably affected by the spectacle and she stroked her tight corset almost absent-mindedly. She fiddled with one of the strings, as if thinking about loosening her prison, as she walked around the bed with the whip in constant contact with Emi’s back. “I think I have a couple of truly sinful little sluts of twins in front of me, don’t you?” She put the end of the whip against Emi’s cheek and brought it softly over to Rosa’s. “Stop this shyness. It does not befit loving sisters. Touch each other. Run your hands over each other’s bodies. Prove how much you love each other.”

During the brief moment of hesitation, the whip managed to hit Emi once more, across the back, and soon the twin’s hands were wandering over Rosa’s body. Stroke the hip, waist and back. Massaged clumsily the soft skin. Rosa herself sobbed through her sister’s mouth, but soon followed.

“Damn me you bastard, what docile and well-mannered girls you have,” Geofran murmured in Michel’s ear. “I hope you are a proud father now, when you see how much they love each other.”

Michel didn’t even bother to answer. His inner spark was dying as he watched his daughters being forced deeper and deeper into Lady Armond’s perverted games. He suspected that her limits weren’t anywhere close to being reached.

With the end of the whip, she forced Rosa’s hand up, from Emi’s waist to the side of her toned bust. “Feel,” Ariela whispered. “Feel your sister’s wonderful orbs. Surely no other hand has been there before. You will always be the first to caress and squeeze young Emilie’s beautiful breasts.”

Rosa, caught in her fear, mechanically squeezed Emi’s bosom. The movements lacked emotion or skill, but Emi’s face turned red. She didn’t break the kiss, however, and before the young lady with the whip could even make the suggestion, she cupped Rosa’s breast with her palm and returned the awkward caresses.

Ariela let them continue like this for several minutes as she whispered words of encouragement into both girls’ ears. The warriors along the walls of the room were bewitched judging from the way they were twisting and adjusting their crotch.

Michel got a foreboding feeling and he began to fear what would happen when half a dozen conquering warriors could no longer restrain their desire.

Lady Armond hastily pulled her dagger from her belt and wrapped her hand around Emi’s hair, pulling her away from her sister’s mouth and forcing her neck back so her cleavage was clearly highlighted.

“This will not do! Two little sisters cannot be so shy and prudent when they have to prove their love to each other and to God.” Emi howled in horror and humiliation as Ariela’s dagger cut into the fabric of her dress, opening the neckline to reveal the blonde girl’s pale, well-toned breasts. With raw grip the lady detached the small pointed buds from the torn rags.

“Touch them, this time for real, Rosa!” Ariela hissed and the hoarse, intense voice made poor Rosa flinch and rush to put her hands on Emi’s naked breasts.

*Smack!* “AHHH!” Emi howled as the whip hit her bum once more. “Please, no more! I will do anything!”










The room was filled with a symphony of cutting howls and fabric tearing from its thin skewers. If Ariela hadn’t pinned Emi to the bed with her grip on her hair, the young girl would have thrown herself left and right, but now all she could do was to flinch and writhe under the sadistic lady’s firm grip, while Rosa fondled at her bosom, too afraid of to stop even for a second.

“Do you want it to stop, little twin?”




“Ggghhh! Yes! Please!” Emi wailed.






“Free your sister’s breasts from her dress then.”

Emi didn’t even hesitate for a second before she desperately tore at Rosa’s laced neckline. With a force that shocked the whole room, she pulled the fabric with an almost snarling sound, and Rosa whimpered, reflexively pulling her hands up to protect her exposed, perky tits.




“Make sure your sister stops being such a tease. We all want to see those cute little tits, don’t we?”

Emi wrestled her sister’s hands away, forcing her to expose herself to the room and the strange men.

Rosa’s face turned red as the shy girl’s breasts were exposed for the first time in front of strangers, sisters and her father alike. They were like a mirror image of her twin’s – shapely without hanging, with bright nipples that almost seemed to melt into the surrounding skin and pink little flower buds on top that bobbed as she struggled fruitlessly against her sister’s hands. It must have been the chilly evening air, but it looked like they were… stiff.

“Emi! Stop!” she whimpered, trying to break free from the tight grip, but her sister was either naturally stronger or desperation gave her strength, because she didn’t budge an inch. Michel saw that Emi’s buds had stiffened as well, but maybe that was an effect of the pain she took from the whip. “Let me go! Please please!”

“I’m sorry, Rosa…” Emi sobbed through clenched teeth. “I-I must!”

“So, so,” said Lady Armond, placing the whip under Rosa’s chin. “Now be kind to your sister. You don’t want her to have to suffer because of you. Right?”

Rosa swallowed a sob but stopped struggling. If there was one thing everyone who knew Rosa agreed on, it was that she had a heart of gold. She would do anything to let her sister avoid the thin whip bursa escort that was currently resting by her neck. So, dejected and with a single tear sailing down her cheek, she lowered her arms and let them fall to her side.

“Much better.” The whip swept down Rosa’s cheek and neck before stopping at the border of the bright little buds. She stroked the plump skin lightly, almost tenderly, and Rosa shuddered noticeably as the thin wood made contact with the sensitive, smooth surface. Then she returned with the whip to Emi’s chest. Swiftly and without warning she snapped and Emi yelped in surprise. She tried to fling herself to safety, but Ariela’s free hand had already anticipated the move and caught her hair between its almost unnaturally strong fingers.




“AHH! Ahhh!”


“Please! PLEASE!”



Five raps as fast as you could count one’s heartbeats. Five red stripes over white skin. A squealing, blonde and gorgeous twin on one side, a silent and terrified twin opposite. And between the two of them stood Lady Ariela Armond, breathing heavily with her eyes almost glazy as the girl writhed under her hands.

“Do you want the pain to end for your poor sister, Rosa? Do you want to spare her tormented, fine little breasts?”

Rosa nodded with wide eyes.

“Suck the little buds then. Heal her pain with your soft, wet lips. Make her moan by something other than despair and the sting of the whip.”

Rosa didn’t seem able to quite take in what the merciless and depraved young woman meant.




“AHHHHHHHHHH!” Emi squirmed and struggled, but couldn’t avoid the stinging raps that bit into the exposed skin, leaving streaks of red with each contact.

“Suck your sister’s stiff tits, whore!” Ariela hissed. “Or watch me destroy them with my whip!”

“Please Rosa, just do as she says,” pleaded Emi. “It hurts so much! Please!”

Rosa cleared her throat, swallowed, and leaned down against her sister’s red streaked chest. She closed her eyes as her lips embraced the hard bud. And there she stood, tense and with her arms hanging limply as she awkwardly sucked on her twin sister’s breasts. Emilie let out a moan of relief and seemed to relax as Ariela demonstratively lowered the whip.

“Massage her other breast with your hand.” Rosa obeyed and began to squeeze and caress the free tit. “And use your tongue. Rub and lick the tip over the hard little bud. So yes, go ahead. Don’t stop now while I direct some attention to your other sister here on the floor.”

Maia, who was tied with her hands behind her back and the thick knot between her lips now dark with saliva, backed away as Ariela turned to face her. “You must forgive me my dear. I have neglected you, but not forgotten you.” The young lady fished inside her neckline and picked up a glass vial filled with a dark, red liquid. She unscrewed the cork and stood over Michel’s eldest daughter. “This is called Heart Arrow. It is a mixture that alchemists have long kept secret, but with which they have made a lot of money spreading in the right circles. Do you know what an aphrodisiac is? No? Let’s say it spurs the parts of us that we spend far too much time suppressing.” She bent down, creating a gap between the rope and Maia’s open mouth. “I’ve seen women go crazy within minutes by two drops of this little gift. Lose control of their bodies and lose all inhibitions. Take off their clothes and throw themselves on the floor. Rub themselves against carpets, against door frames. Legs and shoes. Sobbing and crying on all fours, desperate to get something to quench their… thirst. After three drops, I’ve seen innocent girls wiggle their flowing penises at aroused dogs, eager to be covered like the cunts they deep down are.” Ariela’s voice became husky as she brought the glass container to Maia’s quivering lips. With a quick movement she tipped the vial. Half its contents, many times the three drops she mentioned, poured into Maia’s mouth, who gasped through the ropes as the red liquid hit her tongue.

Ariela closed the glass container and set it aside on the bedside table as she began to lace up her corset. Rosa was sucking on her sister’s breast while Emi… Michel must be going crazy, because it looked like she had started to squirm softly against her sister’s treatment – eyes closed and teeth biting her bottom lip.

By the time the corset hit the floor, Maia’s pale skin had turned pink, with her cheeks red as if they were on fire. She twisted and threw herself against her ropes, her legs parting as wide as they would go with her bare feet still bound.

Ariela kicked off her shoes and showed her own smooth feet, toenails colored dark red. She sat on the bed and brought one foot up towards the squealing girl on the floor. She stroked her cheek with her toes, dabbed the saliva that had leaked from the rope and spread it over Maia’s poor, writhing face.

She should have fought back, should have tried to avoid the sadistic lady’s wandering foot, but Maia – lost in the fog of what that vial now contained – followed the foot with her face. Twisting her neck so the lady could more easily smear the saliva over her cheeks and chin, all the while whimpering like a wounded puppy. Her whole body shook and she spread her legs as wide as she could, struggling to reach the floor with her crotch and… rub it, Michel assumed. He sobbed, but was unable to help his poor daughter, who had already lost the strength to fight the drug that was spreading through her blood, turning her face and body red.

“If you’re a good girl, I’ll be nice back. I will reward you and satisfy the itch spreading over your body. Do you understand, girl?”

Maiai nodded, quickly and eagerly, her eyes wide.

“Good. When I cut the ropes around your face, you stick your tongue out and breathe heavily, panting. It shouldn’t be too hard, I suspect. But you must do absolutely nothing without my permission. And from now on, you don’t use words when you want to say something. From now on, you are a little puppy in heat, and everything you do should reflect that. If you want to be scratched, bursa eskort you bark. If you are in pain, you whimper. If you’re hot, you pant, your tongue hanging out of your mouth. And if you’re a really good little puppy, mom will reward you well. Do you understand?”

Maia nodded again and brushed her forehead against Ariela’s foot in a dog-like gesture. Ariela nimbly cut the ropes between her lips, leaned back and stuck her foot out again. “Lick, cunt.”

Maia pounced on Ariela’s bare feet. Her tongue was quick and wet as she eagerly, and very dog-like, licked over the bare toes and up the back of the foot. She gaped as Ariela pressed her toes against the opening of her mouth and forced herself inside. “Suck my toes, whore.”

And Maia obeyed. Devoted, with searching puppy eyes directed up at the lady.

“Good puppy. You wish you could do something about the fire between your legs, don’t you? That someone, anyone, would direct their hands or tongue to the throbbing folds under that dress.” Maia rubbed her eyes close to tears. The lips tightened around the young lady’s big toe and as the foot left her mouth to move down between the girl’s legs she squealed in suppressed agony. She didn’t seem to know what to do, bound hand and foot and kneeling in front of the excited domination, but when the ankle shot under the skirt and found its way between her thighs, she eagerly began to rub against Ariela’s bare foot.

“Breathe faster. Stick out your tongue. You are not human, you are a dog. Do you remember?”

Maia obeyed, unable to control either body or emotions. The only thing she knew was what her owner told her. All she could do was obey. And maybe, if she was a good puppy, she would be rewarded. So she humped, without a thought for dignity, nimbly and quick against the lady’s raised ankle, leaving streaks of her running juices across the skin.

“Stop!” Ariela roared, so loudly that almost everyone in the room jumped. “Don’t move an inch, stupid little puppy!”

Maia’s hip slowed and stopped, but she needed to brace herself against the floor to keep from falling over. Her eyes darted pleadingly up to Lady Armond, but through a force of will that seemed close to consuming her, she held still with her leaking pussy pressed against the lady’s leg. Ariela slowly began to drag her ankle, back and forth, between the older daughter’s legs. “Completely still… yes. Do not move.”

The poor girl seemed close to bursting into tears from the effort of keeping still as the naked foot massaged her between her legs. Her entire body, from her knees, hips up to her shoulders, trembled and she closed her eyes so tightly, contorting her face in a desperate look.

“Taste your juices,” Ariela said, raising her foot to Maia, who sobbed again but eagerly began lapping with her tongue over the toes, cleaning it from the liquid that flowed so freely from her pussy. If anything, the taste only seemed to make her even more lustful, as it wasn’t long before she began sucking on the young woman’s toes as she looked pleadingly at Ariela, who leaned back with a pleasurable expression, eyes half closed.

At the same time, Emi started letting out moans of obvious pleasure as her twin massaged her breasts with his tongue. She even moved Rosa’s red burning face to her other breast to give that side some love as well. Her more prudent twin cast a surprised eye at her, but dared not do anything but continue the same treatment as before, her tongue fluttering over the stiff nipple as her lips sucked softly. Emi’s hand crept up to her saliva-moist, free breast and began caressing it. The other hand wrapped around her sister’s neck and she began to gently fondle and massage the back of Rosa’s head and hair.

“Ohh,” Emilie whispered, her eyes closed and her face painted with a lustful blush. “Keep going like that. Do not stop… please Rosa…”

“What a fucking slut,” someone said. “She enjoys her own sister’s tongue!”

Michel wanted to protest, to come to his daughter’s defense, but even if he hadn’t had a rope between his jaws… he couldn’t deny that it the rough warrior seemed to be right.. Emilie definitely enjoyed what Rosa did. Had she forgotten that it was her sister who was kneeling in front of her, sucking so softly and tenderly?

“Don’t stop, Rosa,” Emilie whispered. “Go on, Rosa… go on… use your tongue more…”

Apparently… not.

Emilie’s cheeks became redder and her hips moved rhythmically, sensually in time with the low moans. Ariela played with her toes over Maia’s face absentmindedly as she looked at the two twins. She brought the whip to the hem of Emilie’s dress, pushing it under the fabric and between the girl’s legs. Emi whimpered as the rod began massaging her most sacred parts.

“Oh… ahh,” she gasped. “K-keep going…”

“It’s nice to give in, isn’t it?” snapped Ariela. “We are basically just animals. Everything else is an illusion. And when that illusion shatters, only our desires remain. We crave food, we crave warmth. And we crave pleasure…”

Emi sobbed and shook her head, but bit her lip as the leather of the whip reached the sensitive spots between her legs. Her hands played with Rosa’s hair, guiding her gently but firmly between her young, perky breasts. At the same time, Maia sucked the soft, red-painted toes that danced across her face. Ariela laughed and caught the girl’s face between her feet, thighs parted and knees bent as she brought the desperate sister closer between her legs. “Stick out your tongue, whore. Be a good dog and maybe mom will reward you.”

Maia obediently stuck out her tongue and panted in a quick, shallow rhythm as saliva dripped down her red tongue. If she felt humiliated by being forced to behave like a dog in front of a dozen strange men, she didn’t show it. The eyes were misty, as if caught in something uncontrollable and she winced as she dry humped against the empty air.

“You want to be filled, don’t you? That something hard and big will fill your burning cunt and free you from the fire that storms through every part of your little, stupid, desperate, virgin body.”

Maia nodded and whimpered with her mouth open, her tongue hanging down over her chin. “Woof! Woof!”

“Just as I thought. And luckily, I have just the perfect cock for a desperate puppy slut.” Dame Armond turned her eyes straight to Michel, where he sat strapped to the chair. “I think you need a hard daddy-cock.”

(To be continued?)

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