Convincing Megan Ch. 04

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It was a hot day, and Megan was walking home from the gym. Rob had given her the address for his new apartment, and she decided to call in on her way home. It didn’t take long to get there, and she was reassured to see his car in his parking spot; it meant he was home.

Walking up the stairs, she found his door, number 7. The front door was open, and through the screen door Megan could see Rob sitting at his computer. She knocked softly, and Rob looked around and saw her. He smiled, and invited her in.

Putting her gym bag down next to the door, she had a look around. It was a new flat, with one large room for living and dining. A balcony jutted from the front of the flat, to her right, and the curtains were open, giving a great view of the nearby lake. She could see the kitchen off to one side, with stainless steel appliances, and to the rear, a hall led off to what she assumed were bedrooms and bath.

Rob got up and gave Megan a long kiss, then said, “You like it?”

“Yeah,” said Megan. “You want to give me a tour?”

“Sure,” replied Rob. Taking her hand, he led her towards the hall. “Well, you’ve seen the lounge and kitchen. This…” he said, waving a hand towards a door on the right, “is the laundry. Not very interesting, so we’ll skip that. This door on the left is the second bedroom.” He opened the door, and Megan saw an average sized room, but it had built-in cupboards and its own small balcony at the rear, looking towards the city. casino siteleri The door opposite the bedroom turned out to be the bathroom. It was almost the size of the second bedroom, and boasted a huge glass-enclosed shower, as well as a corner spa. Rob opened a second door in the bathroom wall to her left, and led Megan through to the master bedroom, which was huge, and also included its own balcony.

“Very nice,” Megan said.

“It is, isn’t it? I was lucky to get this place,” Rob replied. “Hey, I was just going to watch a video I got today. Want to watch it with me?”

“Sure,” said Megan, then she hesitated. “Actually, would it be alright if I used your shower first? I was at the gym before coming here, and I’d love to freshen up a bit.”

Rob agreed, and got her a towel from the linen closet. Megan went to have her shower, and Rob poured himself a glass of Coke.

He headed up the hall to his bedroom, but paused at the door to the bathroom. Megan had left the door open, and he could see her, standing under the stream of hot water, with her back to him. She stood with her legs slightly apart, and was busy washing herself.

Megan was lathering up the soap on her arms and chest, and once she was soapy, she put the soap back on its tray, and began rubbing the soap over her body. As she washed her full breasts, her nipples started to harden. Since she had lost her virginity to Rob, they seemed to be more responsive, or perhaps Megan canlı casino was simply more conscious of them, as a result of her new-found sexual awareness of her body.

In any event, they were hard now, and Megan stroked her nipples lightly, feeling them pucker up even further in response to her touch. She closed her eyes and began to massage them, using the soap to make her hands slippery.

Rob stood silently at the door, unconsciously rubbing himself through his trousers as he watched Megan massage those gorgeous melons. He could see her, gently grabbing her nipple and pulling lightly on it, and rolling it between her fingers, before paying attention to the other one.

It felt so good, Megan began to massage harder, but it wasn’t enough. Megan grabbed the soap again and lathered it between her hands, until they were foamy. One hand returned to her breast, but the other hand slid down to the juncture of her thighs instead.

Rob couldn’t believe it. He’d seen Megan’s hand head south, and then, she bent forward at the waist, giving him an unbelievable view of her ass, her pussy, and the finger that was currently sliding between her pussy lips!

Megan kept stroking her clit, then slid her finger down further, to the now moist entrance. She swirled her finger around the rim a few times, then suddenly plunged her finger deep inside. Rob could see her finger working slowly in and out, and saw her other hand pinching her perky nipple. Megan’s kaçak casino hand thrusts began getting faster, and Rob knew Megan was getting so turned on, it wouldn’t be long before she came. He quickly stripped off in the doorway, then strode across the bathroom and opened the shower screen door. Megan began to turn around in surprise, but Rob grabbed her by those high hips and held her motionless, still bent over slightly. He pushed up behind her, and rammed his massive cock into her dripping pussy without warning. Megan cried out, in pleasure or pain Rob didn’t know, but he couldn’t stop; he was too hard, and too horny. As he continued driving deep into her tight pussy from behind, he slid one hand around to her clit, and began flicking it lightly, a trick he’d discovered Megan loved. She gasped, and was soon moaning, and pushing back against him with each thrust. Looking down, Rob could see his thick meat shoving in and out, her pussy lips spread around him, glistening with her wetness.

Soon Rob could feel Megan begin to pulse around his cock, and he grabbed her hips with both hands and began pounding her as hard as her could. His balls were slapping against her, and as she came, Megan reached underneath her and lightly grabbed them, massaging gently.

Rob’s orgasm came with the intensity of a freight train, roaring through his body. He savagely pounded into Megan a few more times, then pulled out and came all over Megan’s firm ass cheeks.

Both breathing hard, they just stood there for a moment, then Megan turned around and gave Rob a long, deep kiss, then smiled at him.

“Ready to watch your video now?” she asked with a wink.

Rob couldn’t help laughing.

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