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Big Cock

Downing the last of a beer when seated at a sidewalk table outside a café, Marin Graham’s eyeballs zapped hard left as a woman with great chest bounce walked by. And then he noticed the pushchair and his vision just as quickly straightened to gaze at the fat back of fatso sitting in front of him and eyeing the passing women, the jerk.

Marin sighed. His hair-lady said his hair was thinning. He decided to never go back to her again but he often said that; she was such a hard-talking know-all. Whatever happened to soft women? These days women were half-starving themselves, working men’s hours, competing against men aggressively and then jettisoning anti-contraception just in time to slide in with a couple of kids in tow before turning forty. The other blatant social change that worried him was women seemed to prefer dating younger guys to challenge their pussy.

Well this wasn’t good enough. Some reforms were needed to get women to pull their horns in.

Oh, thinking about pussy, this one was top shelf. Marcia waved as she approached and slid into the seat to conveniently block out much of fatso.

“Coffee, juice of something to get your motor running,” Marin leered.

“Nothing thanks darling. Must rush. Sorry to drop this on you without notice and it will stuff plans for this evening but I have to end it with you. My manager wants to date me.”

“The rotten bastard.”

“You mean bitch darling. My manager is female. Well, that’s the end of the bad news. Chin up, smile and think of the oil price.”

“Oil price? What do you mean?”

Too late, she was already on the sidewalk. Marin yelled, “What about a kiss!”

Fatso turned and of course Marcia was nowhere to be seen. Fatso growled, “Listen you gay jerk, lay one finger on me and I’ll punch you into tomorrow.”

As soon as Fatso turned back to ogle at babes, Marin moved off on to the sidewalk and merged into the crowd. God, what a day! His boss had declared him redundant and earlier his mom told him she was about to remarry, so he’d have to find somewhere else to spend his boring weekends.

Distressed, finding it too much, Marin leaned against the granite of First Country Bank and wept. Then out of nowhere a woman wearing too much lipstick and with her hem just below her hips opened her shoulder bag and offered him five bucks to buy a coffee.

“No thanks ma’am. I’ve just lost my woman.”

“Ooooh, for one-fifty I could spend an hour substituting.”

Marin hurried off saying no thanks, and wished her a successful evening.

Well, nothing else could happen to him, Marin sighed, except he might get hit by a thunderbolt or a pigeon could dislodge a loose brick on to him from ten floors up. No it just wasn’t one of those days to remember.

Marin entered his apartment building pendik escort and saw Mrs Bryant from the penthouse above his premium apartment attempting to remove her key from the Bryant’s mailbox. He and Eva shared the same birthday and both were thirty-five. She wiped away tears and tried again.

God, women want the world and yet they still cry over any little thing.

“Eva, allow me.”

“Oh thank you Marin. I’ve extracted the mail but the key won’t come out.”

It almost fell into Marin’s hand. He passed it to Eva and he saw she was shaking like a leaf.

“Eva, what’s wrong,” He thought perhaps they had a mouse in the kitchen.

“Freddie has gone,” she wailed, throwing her arms around him and sobbing hugely.

Marin thought it was no use asking had he’d gone on vacation to the beach without her; that could set her off again, just when she appeared to be calming.

He looked down into her huge upturned green eyes and gulped.

“Kiss me Marin and if I knew you better I’d ask you for something of much more comfort to me.”

Marin kissed her.

“That was a peck Marin.”

He manfully tried to do a little better without overstepping the line of proprietary because she was another man’s wife, even if he was on vscation without her.

“That was about high school graduation level. Can’t you pretend you are kissing me just after fucking me?”

Marin let her go, shocked, but too late. Eva spun him around and slammed his against the row of mailboxes, pulled his hand on to her breasts and kissed him hugely – a real power kiss, mashing lips against their teeth.

“Ahem,” coughed a guy – or was it the woman?

“Our mailbox,” said the woman holding a key and pointing to the box under Marin’s butt.

“Oh, good evening. It’s just that we two haven’t seen one another for such a long time.”

“Like yesterday?” said the woman. “You two were riding the elevator I entered yesterday morning.”

They heard a pin drop. Actually the woman had dropped her key. As she bent to pick it up Marin acted decisively.

“Come,” Marin said, moving Eva off by pulling her arm almost out of its socket. “We need a drink.”

“This is very gallant of you Marin. Who were those people?”

“Oh, just strangers passing in the night. You know what it’s like living in an apartment building.”

“But we were all standing still.”

“Mere detail,” Marin said as they reached the bar in the premises at street level under their building. “Here, let me help off your coat. Your breasts appear more substantial now you coat is removed.”

“Thank you Marin. Talk yourself up a bit more like that and ply me with a couple of drinks and you may take off my panties when you deliver me to my apartment.”

“And?” rus escort Marin asked, automatically dropping into his accustomed role of seducer, now that talking and touching someone had restored his confidence.

“Then you shall fill me, of course.”

“Of course,” Marin said, picking up Eva’s limp right hand and kissing it, holding her coat over his other arm.

She looked at him as if ready to eat him alive. He had no idea she was simply doing the woman thing – looking to snare a substitute to do the dishes and set the mousetrap and clear the mailbox. But over the first drink she told him. Freddie had left her.

“What beach did her go to?” Marin asked picking up pretzels.

“Beach – did he say he was going to a beach?”


Eva appeared bewildered. Then she snarled, “He’s run off with the woman with the big ass from the deli. I really don’t see what men see in a big ass.”

“Me neither. Perhaps you should consult a buttman?”

“Marin, I don’t think you are getting the point. Freddie and I are not married; that was only a dodge to maintain respectability for me. We’ve only been together for eighteen months and I was tiring of him anyway. But in my mind I was the one who should make the split but I needed to find someone to be with before kicking him out. But it was tragic. All the guys my age are trying to find younger women to wrap around their erections.”

“Oh Eva, darling. It is tragic. I lost my job this morning and an hour ago my latest girlfriend dropped me like a piece of hot toast. We are but waifs in the flow of immoral human unkindness.”

Eva began to cry. He hugged her and she said that was lovely. She unzipped him to make him feel better about himself. When she finished Marin handed her a tiny paper napkin but the vigilant barman handed her a damp cloth to clean out her cupped hand. With distaste the barman accepted back the cloth, holding it between the tips of thumb and forefinger as if dealing with a dead rat.

“You’ve got to do something to relieve my tension,” Eva said, dropping Marin’s hand into her lap. He said right and handed the bartender ten bucks and asked him to call a waitress to take them to a table.

Eva picked at her food, staring at Marin while he wolfed his.

When Marin had put away his steak Eva asked could they go now.

When Marin had scoffed the last of his strawberry jelly and cream he asked could they go but Eva wanted coffee.

Marin watched Eva finish her coffee and he yawned. She looked alarmed, threw a fifty on to the table and said passionately, “Let’s go.” On the way out Marin tossed a fifty to the barman who’d befriended them and the barman winked at him.

In the elevator Eva opened her coat and hung her scarf sancaktepe escort over the security video camera. She then pulled her panties down to her knees and pulled Marin’s hand to somewhere warm, damp and furry. It was the wrong hand but Marin struggled manfully and had three of his fingers disappear and achieved instant gratification by triggering a small flood.

Eva almost swooned, saying, “Oh Freddie.”

He hissed that it was Marin and Eva corrected herself hastily.

She walked into the penthouse a little awkwardly because her panties were still around her knees but as soon as she entered the hallway she commended Marin to remove them and to bite her butt. He did that, liked the taste and really wanted to sink in his teeth but she squealed and ran off to the bathroom telling him to shut the door and bolt it.

Eva lay spread-eagled on the pillows, sheet pulled up under her chin and shivering like a fearful virgin. Her eyes opened hugely as bare-assed Marin ripped back the sheet and moved on his knees towards her like an executioner, big sword in his hand that was dripping from the tip in approved manner as outlined in ‘Everywoman’s Little Red Book’. As his length disappeared down Eva’s throat and her entire hand disappeared between her legs Marin howled like a wolf as he grasped both her big, swollen breast and squeezed, making her sink her teeth involuntarily into the base of his cock. His howling then included real tears. But no real damage was done and they went at it for four hours, with some rests, producing more ejaculations for Marin that he’d had in the past month with Marcia, Alice and Trudi combined, er, at different times.

And so ended a tumultuously emotional day for Marin Graham. He slipped off to sleep wondering if the street whore really was worth one-fifty for an hour and then thought he’d had to resume gym membership and upgrade his diet if he were to stay on with Eva because she was all-woman with a sexual appetite that most men dream about but never come across. With Eva, the guy was expected to come repeatedly and timed to come with her. But the good news was she owned the penthouse and a beach house. Her mom owned Allied Industries and would be only too pleased to find him a position in top management when told just how well he was pleasing mommy’s little girl.

Marin turned over because his dick had re-energized and was attempting to slip up Eva’s butt. He went to sleep dreaming that he’d found that woman outside the bank and was walking off to her RV parked around the corner. She had accepted his offer of a hundred bucks for fifty minutes and she was not required to orgasm. She hugged him and clutching his erection praised him for being a mighty fine businessman. Marin looked around as her entered the RV and the only person he recognized on the sidewalk was Eva.

Alarmed he sat upright, heart-thumping. Marin shook Marin awake and asked her to marry him. She yawned, said yes of course, as soon as they got the license. Laying on her stomach she dug in the drawer beside the bed and handed her tired substitute a container of lube.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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