Cousins In Heat Ch. 1

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My names Mark. Who knew a day at the beach with some family could be so fun? I know I didn’t.

It all started on the first weekend of July, a number of my cousins from my mothers side had planned a trip to the beach and not just any beach, but a fairly private beach. Originally I wasn’t that interested in going, because I figured what’s the point if I wasn’t going to be surrounded by a bunch of hot women in next to nothing, but eventually after a lot of nagging I agreed to go. Boy am I glad I did.

The drive to the beach is where it started. There was going to be about a dozen of us going, so we were spread out in three cars. To say I lucked out would be an understatement, since I got to ride with my cousin Mellisa or Missy as she was called, in her Corvette. Just the two of us. I was in the car waiting impatiently for her to finish getting ready, since everybody else was already on there way. When she finally got in the car I nearly burst my pants with the hardon that appear instantaneously.

I guess now’s as good a time as any to describe the beauty that is Missy. Though she’s quite small at a little 5 feet tall and about a 100lbs she is perfectly proportioned. She has this beautiful dark brown hair that goes halfway down her back, she has these incredible deep brow eyes an a perfect 34-22-33 body. Now that you have a bit of a visual, back to the story.

She sat down in the drivers seat next to me and said something to me that I didn’t hear because of what I was seeing. She was wearing a pair of biker shorts that were so tight I could see the under line of the bikini bottoms she was wearing underneath and she had a tiny black bikini top that her tits seemed to be trying to get out of. When she stared the car I finally got some control and tore my eyes away from her cleavage.

The trip to the beach was pretty uneventful. In an attempt to get some of the tension I tried to get my mind away from my cousins hot little body by turning on the baseball game on the radio. Luckily it worked a bit.

When we finally arrived at the beaches private parking everybody was waiting for us. I was thanking God that there had been a ballgame on the radio or I would have had a hard time explaining the massive hardon I would have had. We made our way to the beach and when we got there I was amazed. I knew it was a private beach, but there was almost nobody else there. I mean our group outnumbered the rest of the people there.

It was at this point that Missy removed her shorts and I saw a sight I will never forget. She slowly peeled her shorts off revealing the smallest thong I have ever seen. I happened to be right behind her as she was bending over to get them of and I got a look at the most incredible ass I have ever seen. I was so amazed by her ass that I almost didn’t notice that with her bent over like she was that her pussy lips had sneaked out a little. When she had her shorts off she got out her beach towel out and laid down to tan with the other girls. Now after seeing her ass and pussy like that my cock was now even bigger and harder than it had been before, so I quickly made my way to the water to cool off. Unfortunately even the cold water calm my canlı bahis dick, so I ended up staying in the water for a long time. Eventually the girls joined the guys in the water and we played a game of football in the water. To this day I thank the Lord that I brought that football because that game football started a chain of events that changed my life forever.

We had been playing for a few minutes when one of my cousins passed the ball to me. Since we were playing two-hand touch I was really expecting to get tackled, so I wasn’t prepared when Missy jumped on my back and pulled me down under the water. I quickly stood up with her still on my back preparing to toss her, when I felt her hard nipples pressing into my back. After a second she slipped off and went over to her team. I figured that the cold water was the reason her nipples were hard, but I wasn’t sure, so I came up with a plan to find out.

I positioned myself so that I was covering Missy. It took a few minutes but the opportunity I was awaiting finally came when Missy’s older sister Danielle or Dani for short who is pretty hot in her own right, passed the ball her sisters way. The pass wasn’t great and I could have easily intercepted it, but that would have spoiled my plan, so I let Missy catch the ball and the I tackled her in much the same way that she had tackled me earlier. The difference this time is that as I grabbed her I made a point of getting two handfuls of perfect tit and because she is so petite she couldn’t just stand up like I did so I lifted her out of the water while holding onto her breasts and just before I let go I gave her still hard nipples a little pinch. It was now the moment of truth and the truth couldn’t have been much better. Instead of the knee to the nuts I was expecting she just tossed the ball back to her sister and turned to me so were staying chest to chest(or more accurately chest to stomach) and she grabbed my throbbing prick and said to me “Lets go take a walk.” I of course agreed, so we left saying we were going to look for a place to have lunch.

Once we were well away from the beach we left the trail that went to the camp grounds and went off into the woods. We finally came to a small clearing where we stopped. Once there Missy came up to me much like she had in the water and again grabbed my cock.

“Would you like me to help you with this?” squeezing my cock.

“Yes” I replied breathlessly.

“What are the magic words?”

“Please Missy.”

“No, no, no. The magic words are, “Suck my big, hard cock you horny little slut.”

“Okay.” I said a little more in control now. “Suck my big, hard cock you horny little slut.”

“My pleasure. I’ve been wanting to do this since I saw your hardon in the car.”

She quickly sank to her knees and pulled my swimsuit down. When released my cock sprang out. Missy gave out a startled little cry when saw how big it was.

“My God!” she said. “It’s huge!”

I had always know I had a bigger than normal sized cock. When it’s hard it normally gets to between 8 1/2-9 inches, but right then it looked to be a good inch longer than it had ever been.

After getting past her initial amazement bahis siteleri Missy quickly grabbed my dick and started to lightly stroke it. I was in heaven and I wanted it to last, so I grudgingly closed my eyes, taking away the sight of my beautiful cousin stroking my cock and focused on not blowing my load. After a couple of minutes I had to open my eyes as I felt a moistness on the head of my cock and as I opened my eyes I looked down to see Missy starting to lick my cock head and work her way down the shaft. Once she had licked her way back up to the head, she stopped looked up at me and said. “Your cock is so big, I don’t know how much I can get in my mouth.”

I smiled at her and said, ” just take as much as you can.”

With that she slipped the mushroom shaped head of my cock into her warm mouth and it was all I could do to keep from going off right then. As she slowly worked my cock down her throat I was mesmerized by the sight and there was nothing that could have gotten my eyes off it. She may have worried how much she could, but as she worked more of my cock into her mouth I watched as she demonstrated the best cocksucking technique I had ever felt, and I’ve felt my share, farther and farther down her throat until there was barely an inch left. Not surprisingly it was long before I was yelling, “I’m cummmming, I’m cummmming.” but that didn’t slow her down as she continued to suck as I shot my biggest load of cum ever. After a few spurts in her mouth I pulled out and shot the rest of my cum in her mouth like target practice.

“Mmmmmm, your cum tastes fantastic. “Missy moaned as she scooped up some of my cum that was dribbling down her chin.

“Thanks.” I replied. “That was the best blowjob I’ve ever had.”

“Well, thank you. I have to say I’ve never seen that much cum come out of a cock.”

“That was the biggest load I’ve ever had.” I told her.

“Well now that you’ve had some satisfaction, I think it’s my turn.” As she said that she took off her top fully revealing the most incredible pair of tits I’ve ever seen and she pulled down her thong revealing a beautifully manicured pussy, that had a small triangle pointing right at snatch.

“Do you want me to eat you?” I asked.

“Maybe some other time right now I see that cock of yours is still hard as a rock and I need it in my cunt.” She had me lay down, because she want to ride me and I was all to happy to oblige.

She straddled me as she positioned my cock for entry. After the cocksucking she gave me I didn’t think it would get any better. I was wrong. As my cock head slipped inside her slit and I felt her pussy juices start to cover my cock Missy gave out a sigh and slowly sat down, working my cock deeper into her. The feeling was incredible by itself, but when she started talking dirty it was ecstasy.

“Ohhhhh, your cock is so big it feels like I’m going to split in two.” she moaned as she started to ride my cock faster. “Do you like my tight little pussy. It’s so wet and tight. I’ve never been this wet before. Ahhhhhh I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cummm on your big fat cock.”

“Yes. Come on I want to feel you pussy cum all over my big cock you slut.” I bahis şirketleri said, urging her on as I thrusted up into her.

Apparently me dirty talking back to her had the desired effect as she started to cum. “Yesssss, I’m cummmmmming. Your cock is making me cummmm. God Mark suck my titties. I need you to suck my tits while I cum.”

Me being the loving cousin I am did just that, as I pulled her body to me and took her left tit in my and sucked her nipple for all it was worth and just like she said she would she started cumming.

“Fuuucccckkkk, YES, YES, YESSSSSSSS.” With that scream she unleashed a wave of pussy juices over my cock and she impaled herself all the way to my balls.

I figured that since she had gotten off we were done for the time being, but I was wrong. She was unwilling to leave until she made me cum again, so she got down on all fours and wagged her ass at me and said, “Do me like the bitch I am.”

With no hesitation I got up behind her and rubbed my cock between her ass crack, down to her pussy and I slowly shoved my cock back into her dripping cunt.

“God you’re tight.” I moaned as I worked my cock deeper into her. “Do you like the way I’m fucking your pussy? Do you like how my cock stretches it?”

“Yes I love it. I love how your cock fills me like I’ve never been filled.” she answered.

As I fucked I watched my cock going in and out of her pussy and I noticed that her asshole opened and closed as I fucked her and I knew that I had to get my cock in that ass.

After she had cum a couple of times I finally said to her, “Missy as much as I love fucking your pussy I don’t think I’m going to cum again unless you let me fuck you in the butt.”

Her eyes widened in shock and she said, “I don’t know. I’ve never had a cock in my before and your cock is easily the biggest I’ve ever seen.”

“Come on. Lets just try it and see how it goes. Who knows, maybe you’ll end up liking it in the ass even more than your cunt.”

“Okay. Lets try it.” she gave in.

She got back down on all fours. My cock was already lubed up with pussy juice, but Missy’s ass was a virgin ass so I decided to finger her ass a little first. By the time I had three fingers into her butt I could tell Missy was loving it, so I decided it was time for the main event. I once again slid my cock up her butt crack, but this time I stopped at her puckered asshole. I slowly eased the head of my cock into her ass. She gave out a little squeal as the first inch of my shaft made it’s way into her butt Slowly but surely I worked my cock into her ass until my balls were banging against her cunt.

“Fuck,” I moaned. “your ass is even tighter than your pussy. Do you like the way cock feels in your tight little butt hole.”

“Yessss. God fuck my ass harder, harderrrrr. I want you to cum in my pretty little asshole. I want to feel you cum ooze out of my butt.” she screamed at me as she bucked up and down on cock.

“Your wish is my command.” I grunted as I started to blow in her ass. After how much I came the first time I was amazed at how much cum I shot into my cousins little butt.

After I finished we got are close back on and made are way bake to the trail to the beach and as we walked Missy said to me, “We are going to have to do that again. Often.” and as we walked I smiled knowing that the fun with my cousin had just begun.

To Be Continued…

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