Culture School Ch. 05

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Chapter: Maidenhead Gone

“Wake-up Sis.”

I knew it was Amy rousing me from a dreamy sleep. She was only my dorm buddy, but we looked and acted so much alike that she had started to refer to me as her sister. I really liked that. Almost as much as I liked her tongue thrilling me though multiple orgasms. And I was having one now just from her voice.

As I stirred, she leaned in and kissed me whispering “We need to hurry. I think this is going to be a special day.”

She dragged me out of bed and off to the showers, completely naked as usual. Our other dorm buddies where in similar disarray. Some in night shirts, others naked and heading toward the bath; some were even still entwined with their bed buddies and making sweet sounds tonguing and sucking on each other.

I wanted to join in but followed Amy in hopes a special day really was in the offing – a special day to fuck my first cock.

A quick shower, donning our uniforms and we were off to the admin office to get our days assignments from Mistress Steph. She must have heard us enter because a minute later, she came rushing through the sheer curtain of the back room. Her uniform was completely unzipped exposing her very flushed body.

Behind her, I could see Mistress Anna lying on a small bed. She was naked and playing with a large strap-on phallus. If I didn’t get a cock fucking today, maybe I’d have to see Anna for my relief.

As she approached, Mistress Steph zipped her uniform partially; leaving her large boobs bouncing and showing her huge, erect nipples.

“It’s going to be a very busy day, so just make the mail deliveries and come back here for the rest of your schedule” she said. The way she spoke I knew she wanted us out quickly. We turned toward the door and as we were leaving I heard the sound of a zipper. Looking back, I saw her drop her uniform to the floor even before getting through the curtain. Her bottom was fire engine red. I knew she must have been burning with desire for a hard cock ride.

I was having the same feeling.

This day looked to be promising. Going first to the post office, Becky was sorting mail for me to deliver and Master Phil was back in the photo area. Beckoning us over, he said “Hurry and get your clothes off. Jenny, I want you to lie down on your back and Amy can take a soixante-neuf position.”

Master was taking his uniform off and was sporting an already very rampant hard-on. “Get Amy’s slit all wet and ready Jenny. I need to share my cock in her hot little pussy,” he said; as he knelt down he let his cock slap me in the face.

He certainly had a need. He shoved his hot tool into her pussy while my tongue was still licking her inner folds. I felt more than heard Amy humming and cooing into my pussy as Master Phil started pumping in long, rapid strokes.

“Lick my cock when I’m out and suck my balls when I’m in” said Master. “Don’t forget to care for Amy’s clit, also.”

Within minutes, Master Phil had pounded a load of cum into Amy, and then pulling out he slipped into my mouth for a few last spurts. “You can clean both of us off now Jenny”, he said.

It took a few seconds for me to come down from my own orgasm as I started to lap up their juices. So sweet I even sucked Amy’s clit to a standing cum again.

I started to get dressed and Amy took Master’s cock in her mouth for a short suck. “That’s a good bye kiss for the lovely fucking and for the camera”, she said.

I had forgotten about the camera, so I move over and also took him in my mouth and deep throated him. “That’s a sample of my good bye kisses. They’ll get better if you fuck me”, I said, almost pleadingly.

“I can’t today Jenny, but next week, I promise to start you off everyday on your mail deliveries after satisfying your deepest cravings”, said Master.

I didn’t understand his refusal, but since Becky had the mail ready, Amy and I left to make the rounds. Almost every office wanted to make a delivery. Unfortunately for me, the deliveries just offered me a brief respite like Master Phil had done.

Every Master that morning fucked Amy and fed me. They always offered some excuse when I begged to be fucked. Master Christian and Doctor Samuel were repeats to our earlier scenes.

It was Doctor Clark and Nurse Corrine that offered the first variation of the day. When Amy and I entered the Medical Services Office, Nurse Corrine had her legs up in the stirrups and the doc was throwing the blocks to her.

The doc’s dick was the first that I had ever sucked; maybe I’d be lucky and have it as my first fanny penetration. I began pleading for him to switch and fuck me, but he ignored me and kept pounding faster and faster into Nurse Corrine. I needed my pussy pleased badly, so I climbed on the table, lifted my skirted and lower myself to her tongue. There was no hesitation as she slipped her tongue deep into me and started to alternately swipe bad and forth, then plunge it in real deep. She was wearing her tongue jewelry and sent me over the top in seconds.

As casino oyna I was watching the Doc plunging frantically into her, I noticed she was wearing a ring piercing in her swollen clit. It was begging to be sucked and her hands quickly guided me down into position. Even with all the pounding and shaking we were doing, I could see Amy crouch down to lick and suck the doctor’s huge ball sack.

When Amy got one in her mouth, she must have squeezed down hard cause the doctor screamed and cum began squirting everywhere – on him, on Amy’s face, on me and on the pussy in my face. As if he hadn’t cum enough, he put his hand under my chin to raise my face before slipping his still squirting member into my mouth.

After feeding me an overflowing mouthful, he pulled out and began to feed Amy. My cums were flowing one on top of the other and I wanted it to continue forever. I swallowed quickly and began cleaning Nurse Corrine’s cum soaked mound and slit. After that, I probed as deeply as possible to get the last drops from in her pussy.

I was having an almost continuous chain of orgasms and it sounded like she was gargling. She must have been enjoying as much as I, cause with an upward thrust of her body she broke my mouth contact and drenched my face and hair with her juices. So much, so sweet!

In my surprise, I looked up and saw Master Clark holding my desire hard and high. “Please master, I need your cock. I need to be fucked”, came out of my mouth along with bubbles of the doc and nurse’s mixture of cum.

“Not today”, was his reply, “but next week at your examination, I promise to give you the first of many great fucks. If you pass the test, that is.” Then he stepped forward, slipping his cock head between my lips.

I swabbed his plum sized head and then as he began slowly pressing deeper, my tongue lubed his shaft making it easy to enter my throat. It was amazing, in a single stroke, he buried his monster until my nose was pressed against his shaved pubic area. Then he began pumping in long strokes with an ever-increasing urgency.

“My God, Jenny. I knew you were destined to be a good cock-sucker; but I’m upgrading that to ‘fabulous'”, Doc said as he pulled almost out, leaving just his plum in my mouth. “Nurse Corrine, work-out an appointment schedule for Jenny to come in every week for an oral exam. Maybe we can also accommodate a vaginal and anal examine after that.”

I was looking down his long shaft watching Amy stroking with all her might and licking everywhere she could get her tongue. I knew she was helping both of us when he started blowing silky sheets of cum everywhere in my mouth, on the roof, walls, teeth, tonsils. It was delicious and I swallowed rapidly, ready for the next blast. After swallowing several mouthfuls, the spray turned into long satiny ribbons, first directly down my throat then back to the roof of my mouth.

I heard doc say, “Stop swallowing now and collect a mouthful to share with your sister.” I couldn’t do anything but obey. As the ribbons of cum slowly collected in my mouth, I wondered, “What was next? What did he mean by ‘share with your sister’?”

It became apparent as I watched Amy in her kneeling position turn her head up and open her mouth. Corrine’s hand appeared on the doctor’s cock as she said, “When I remove him from your mouth, lean over Amy and drop a ‘Snow Ball’ into her waiting mouth. When your mouth is empty, turn up and I’ll give you your first snow ball.”

Mistress Corrine pulled our master away and immediately deep throated him before positioning the head in her mouth for sucking. Maybe this wasn’t so bad. I had to share my mouthful of cum, but it would quickly be replaced. Yea, I liked this idea.

We all liked it. So much so, that we didn’t notice Master Clark leave. We also didn’t notice our mess, dried cum in our hair, on our uniforms and all over the GYN table. Mistress Corrine suggested that we all shower and she would give Amy and me gowns to wear back to our dorm room.

Just before leaving, I remembered my entrance exam and the wall cameras. Corrine saw me focus on the camera and said, “Yes, it’s all on video tape and will be ready for viewing this evening. It was also showing in the studio and theater. By tomorrow, every master will be limping and every mistress will be wearing ‘Depends’. All because of you two.”

As we left Medical Services, the main hall was empty and quiet; “Of course, everyone is at lunch”, I thought. I was glad since I already felt sated from this morning’s sharing. And it meant Amy and I would have some time for private thoughts or conversation when we got to the dorm room. We quickly climbed the stairs to our dorm with her slightly ahead of me like she was leading.

When we got in the room, she dropped her gown to the floor. I did the same as she stepped in front of her dressing mirror. Walking to her side of our bed, I moved in beside her and started to compare our looks in the mirror. She was focused on her appearance while I examined our every feature.

We were both canlı casino the same height, had long blonde hair below our shoulder line, light azure colored eyes and the typical fair skin of the Irish. Looking from head to foot, our bodies shared a perfect symmetry that shouted ‘beautiful’. Amy’s smile matched mine, although I didn’t know if that was a permanent state or if it came from our sharing with Master Clark and Nurse Corrine.

She interrupted my thoughts as she picked-up a small vial and dabbed her pulse points before passing the vial to me. It was labeled ‘Calvin Klein Euphoria’. A perfect match for my feelings at this moment. She went about rubbing lotion on her body while I took-in her statistics. I guessed her to be about 90-60-90 with what appeared to be very generous C-cup, almost D-cup, breasts and large brown nipples. Here was the disparity.

I was only slightly smaller in all measurements, but still with C-cup sized breasts, almost no visible aureoles and smaller pinkish nipples. Scanning on down her body, I could see her large clitoris mounding outside of its hood and mine was just peeking out. I figured I must have just been reacting to this morning, because I had only seen my clit before when I was playing with it or when my girlfriends had fingered me.

I voiced my thoughts and said, “Amy, I wish we were sisters. We look so much alike that we could be. But, mostly I’d like my titties to get bigger and fuller like yours.”

“Don’t fret Jenny. I was about your size before I had any sex and your training here at school will give you the same type of enhancement as it did me.” She turned and headed toward the study lounge. “Come along and we’ll talk while brushing our hair.”

She handed me the brush, sitting down with her back to me. As I started brushing she said, “I’m glad you like being my sister. I felt you were very special the first time I saw you.”

“Well, if you were my real sister, you’d be helping me get laid. I helped you get cocked by five Masters this morning. You could have shared at least one.” Amy didn’t respond. She just turned giving me a contemplative look. A few more strokes and she took the brush from my hand and we traded places.

Amy started running the brush through my hair, but was quiet for a long time. I glanced back over my shoulder to see she was still deep in thought. She finished my hair in that same quiet mood. When she was finished, I rose to see her staring out the window. Then she just tersely said, “We need to get dressed and report to the admin office.”

Amy turned and walked out of the study. Before following her, I glanced out the window to see what she may have been looking at. There was nothing unusual, just the car park with a few cars. But one sort of jumped out at me. It was my parents Bentley. I almost dissolved. Were they watching the monitors of the Medical Services office as they did during my entrance examine. Was that what interested Amy? And what was she thinking about so deeply?

When I got to our bed, Amy was standing naked, laying her uniform out on the bed between us. I followed suit and started to slip on my clothes. I finished buttoning my blouse and reached for my class tie, but it was missing. “You have a point”, said Amy, “I have been getting cocked a lot recently and not sharing with you. Put on my tie and we’ll trade places for the afternoon. I just hope you don’t get caught or we’re both in for a lot of discipline. And, if you’re lucky enough to get cocked today, you just accept anyone who wants to share with you.”

“What do you mean, ‘cocked’?” I asked. “Is that getting fucked?”

“Yes, silly. It means to fuck, bang, screw, hump, bonk, ride-the-rooster, shag, shtup, copulate, ficken, joder, coger and many more terms you’ll learn in school. I just like ‘cocked’ because it’s more descriptive of what’s going-on.”

“Now, put on my tie and let’s get down to the admin office.” Amy said.

I started thinking of all the cocks I had seen and sucked this past week and wondered if my pussy would get to sample one of them today. My legs were shaking and were wet from my dripping juices. With no knickers, it was running down my legs. I hoped no one would notice, but I didn’t really care.

Amy and I walked into an empty admin office and we could hear distinct sounds of lovemaking. Mistress Anna came through the curtain to the back. She was buttoning-up her uniform and I noticed Mistress Steph riding atop a man like she was hell bend for leather. As she rose, I could glimpse the huge cock she was riding. Then she would slam down and her ponderous breasts would shake and jiggle furiously.

“Amy. Amy.” I heard, but couldn’t tear my eyes from the action in the back room. “Amy, you’ve been called-out for the afternoon.” A steady stream of mini-cums was emanating from my pussy and I knew the envious sight was going to give me a great climax. And it did, like a bolt of thunder. I would have collapsed were it not for Amy grabbing and supporting me.

“What’s the matter Amy?” asked Anna. “You’ve kaçak casino seen mom and dad before. You’ve certainly shared with both enough times. I don’t think you heard anything I said.”

“What?” I asked. She stirred me from my daze and I remembered that I was Amy to her and Amy was Jenny.

“I said that you’ve been called-out. You’re to meet your afternoon lovers at the lakeside cottages. And you have to hurry. You’re already late. Don’t worry about Jenny, I’ll escort her for the afternoon.”

I looked at Amy’s smiling face as she said “Enjoy. Maybe Anna can teach me some new tricks while you’re having some fun.” Then she embraced me with a hot tongue-probing kiss. As we broke apart, she whispered in my ear “The cottages are beyond the woods near the Forbidden Maze.” Then aloud, “You should clean yourself up a little before you get there.”

Her tenderness and advice thrilled me. She knew I was going to be cocked and she was happy for me. I got out of the office quickly and headed for the menagerie and maze path. I wondered how I could clean myself of the heavy flow of fluids running down my leg. Finally, I just took my hand and wiped up palms full of juice and fed them to myself. I liked the taste. It tasted nearly like the other women I had been eating since I arrived at school.

It wasn’t easy though. I remembered Anna masturbating before the topiaries in the menagerie. A few twitches and I was wet again. Then, I passed the spot where mom had first touched my quim and I had my first stroking of her bush. More twitches, more cum. Then the first of the cottages came into view. Which one was I to go to?

I didn’t even wonder for a beautiful redhead came out walking toward me. My wonder dissipated immediately as I heard “Amy, darling. I so glad you’re here. Come give your mother a kiss.”

She rushed to me, grabbing me and gave me a mouth-watering kiss. It was my mother and I returned her kiss hungrily so I could hide how stunned I was. We let our tongues dual and are hands roam over each other’s bodies for several minutes before separating.

She took my hand and practically pulled me through the door; all the while loosing her clothes forming a trail toward the bed. “I so horny, I thought I would have to start without you,” she said. By the time we reached the bed, mom was standing there gloriously naked. Mom quickly peeled my clothes down and we both stretched out, side by side, on the bed.

My lovely mother’s green eyes had a familiar gleam in them. The gleam that meant it was cunt-lapping time! Mom seemed to be in a trance. Without saying a word. She got between my eagerly parted legs, making little whimpering sounds deep in her throat. She stared at my blonde crotch, darted her tongue out and around my pulsing full clit, quickly leaned over, and mashed her open mouth against my cunt.

I gasped and lurched upward, just as my mother’s tongue slithered into my quivering cunt. All the other times I’d had my cunt lapped were as nothing compared to the lavish worship my steaming snatch was receiving from my cunt-happy mother. It was incredible the way the entire inside of my cunt seemed to be drawn into my mother’s hot, sucking mouth.

“Oh, God!” I cried. “Oh, sweet Jesus! You’re sucking me inside out! Don’t stop! Oh, I’m already cumming! I’m cumminnnnng” While I was still in spasms and bucking and wriggling wildly, my ass being held by mother’s gripping fingers, my mother’s mouth and tongue went to my clitoris. The blissful ecstasy went on and on. When my mother finally stopped lapping and sucking, I just knew the mind-bending orgasm had lasted all of five glorious minutes.

It was my turn now. I didn’t know if I could please my Mom as well, but I couldn’t wait to try.

I pushed Mom over on her back and began feasting upon her big boobies. I suckled one, then the other, and kissed her wet mouth before trailing lower. Mom returned the tongue-lashing kiss. The delectable fragrance emanating from Mom’s cunt was so exquisite. I only stared at the moist slit for a few seconds, breathing in the aroma with long, slow breaths. Mom lifted slightly, and I pushed the soft lips apart with my fingertips, then lowered and extended my tongue.

I licked the hot lips, first one, then the other, still keeping them spread wide with my fingers. I delved my tongue into the hot, juicy pussy, thrilling to the taste, and then began drawing the folds of flesh into my mouth.

I sucked as she’d so recently sucked me, trying to do as good a job, feeling I’d had some success when little moans began drifting down from the lips above.

Feeling fingers on my head, digging into my scalp, I moved my mouth to the top of the twitching cunt and found her clitoris stiffly erect. The passion tool had to be nearly the length of my finger I thought, fluttering my tongue against the slippery organ. I twirled my tongue, then lapped, bringing soft little cries of joy from above.

Slipping my lips around her stiffened clit, I added sucking to my lapping, and pushed my hands around and under Mom’s squirming buttocks. I grasped the firm, smooth ass cheeks and began bobbing my head like I was sucking cock. Mom began hunching and wriggling, then soon began jerking and jolting wildly.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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