Daddy Caught by Daughter Pt. 03

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Parts 1 and 2 were well received so I am continuing with part 3.

Alicia has taken total control of Daddy. Her cousins Crys and Niki have also been enjoying using Uncle Jim as they wish. It has been almost a week since the night all three girls abused me and turned me into their Daddy/Uncle Slave.

It has been six days since the fateful Saturday that my lovely daughter Alicia and her two beautiful cousins Crys and Niki had taken me and turned me. I was now their obedient slave and knew that with all the recordings of me confessing my wish to have them abuse me and the pics they took doing it as evidence, I was theirs with no choice but to comply.

It is Friday and I find myself at work struggling to concentrate. This is not really a good thing as my chosen career has the potential to become quite dangerous in a hurry. The pay is very good so I accept the danger and do my job. The week had been mostly uneventful just a normal week. I get up and go to work and go home. I had received texts from all three girls during the week reiterating their control over me.

Now it’s Friday. I knew Alicia was out of town, her job has sent her to a training seminar and she will be gone all weekend. Crys is also out of town on a fishing trip with her fiancé. Niki is in town from college and she sent me a text at just before Ten AM today letting me know she would be at my house when I got home from work. All three girls had already made themselves keys to come and go as they pleased. Since the arrival of her text I have not been able to focus. I just want this day to end so I can go home.

Finally Six PM rolls around and I am out of work faster than a roadrunner running from a coyote. I am anxious to get home and see my darling Niki. I am certain she will humiliate me in some way but also I can’t help but race to my fate. I pull my F150 into my drive only to see as I expected Niki’s almost matching F150 already there.

With shaking hands I open my truck door and head for my front door. As I open the front door my house is eerily silent. I know Niki must be here but the house is so quiet, I begin to have doubts. I head to the kitchen to put my lunch things away and grab a beer from the fridge. Popping the top I take a sip letting the cold brew wash away today’s stress.

I decide to go upstairs to see if Niki is there and go ahead and grab a quick shower. Walking into my room I see Niki laying on my bed sleeping. She looks so peaceful and beautiful. My eyes travel the length of her body. She is laying on top on the comforter, with her long legs stretched out and looking amazing in her short denim shorts. Her legs are tanned and toned I can’t help but stare. Moving up her navel is exposed showing the diamond stud belly ring I had bought her for her twenty-second birthday. The top she is wearing has come unbuttoned, or maybe done on purpose to torment me, and her pink lace bra is fully exposed. Her 34C tits are magnificent. Perfect round and perky. There is absolutely zero sag, they are firm and sit high. I can see her nipples through the lace and I immediately want them in my mouth. Her hair is splayed out across the pillow and framing her beautiful face perfectly.

I decide to let her sleep and go to take my shower. Sucking down the rest of my beer I head for the bathroom. Closing the door I think I had better be prepared for whatever Niki has in mind for the night. I give myself a quick enema and jump in the shower. While the warm water cascades over me I take a couple minutes to shave my legs and arm pits. The girls had previously instructed me to keep them shaved.

I step out of the shower and shave my face quickly and slip on my robe before heading back into the bedroom. Niki is awake and rushes into my arms. She hugs me very tightly and nuzzles her face into the nape of my neck. I am glad I showered. I feel her lips as she kisses my neck while standing on tiptoes. I hold her close and lean down to kiss her ear and smell her sweet hair. I am actually taken aback at her gentleness and emotions. None of the girls had shown me anything but firmness since taking ownership of me. Niki leans her head back and kisses me full on the mouth. Our lips part and our tongues wrestle with each other in a wet hot kiss.

“Uncle Josh I have been wanting to get you alone since Alicia told me and Crys about your desires to be owned and abused,” Niki said. She continued to tell me she had wanted to take me since the first time she had saw me wearing panties. “Get dressed Uncle you are taking me to dinner,” Niki said.

I slip into some jeans and a nice shirt. Pull on my boots and we head out to out local steakhouse. Before getting in my truck Niki grabs a backpack from her truck and tosses it into my back seat. We have idle chitchat on the way. I can sense there is something Niki wants to talk about but I know I have to wait for her to bring it up so I drive and am happy just to be with the vision of heaven in the passenger seat of my truck.

At the restaurant we are seated and to my surprise Niki slides into the seat beside me casino siteleri on my side of the booth instead of opposite as she normally would. This forced me to the inside with her sitting on the outside. Who am I to complain she is sexy as hell and other men are looking at me with envy. A fifty year old man with a sweet hot twenty-six year old honey sitting almost on top of me. Niki is holding my arm and leaning very close. Even to the casual onlooker there would be no misunderstanding she is claiming me.

When the server comes I start to order drinks and appetizers for us as I always have in the past but Niki simply put her hand on top of mine silencing me immediately. She turns to the server and orders her drink and says, “My slave will have a strawberry daiquiri with an extra shot of rum.” I need to add that our server is a very stunning girl I would guess around twenty-five years old. She is about 5’6″ tall and guessing I would say 125 pounds or so. The black slacks and button down white dress shirt she is wearing for her uniform does very little to hide her sexy body. Her name tag said her name is Vickie. Her tits are almost identical to Niki’s and her ass is round and swayed just right as she walked. Not quite as sexual as Niki but no sane man or woman would turn her away either. She has an aura about her that says, “You are mine if I want you.”

As Niki silenced me with a simple touch of her hand and ordered “Her Slave” a totally sissy drink, our server looked at me with a weird look on her face. I merely put my head down diverting my eyes from Vickie’s. Now now Uncle Slave don’t look down. Hold your head up and be proud to be owned by me. Again her hand touches mind in reassurance and also to let me know I would obey. I lifted my eyes back up and they met Vickie’s, who is now smiling. “Uncle Slave tell Ms. Vickie here what you are and who owns you tonight.” said Niki. I panic, we are in a public place and Niki is forcing me to tell a complete stranger about my until a week ago totally hidden fantasies. I say as low as I can and still be heard, “Ms. Vickie I am a sissy slave and I am owned by my daughter and my two nieces.” Tonight Ms. Niki is my owner as my other two owners are out of town.

“Was that so hard?” said Niki as she smiled up and Vickie. Vickie was quite red faced when she walked away to fetch our drinks. I turned to Niki and asked, “Why did you make me do that with a stranger in public?” Niki touched my lips with her finger and made a shhh sound. I stopped talking. Niki said, “You are mine and I will do as I please with whomever I please and you will accept it.” I nod my consent and bury my face in my menu.

Vickie returned with our drinks and made a big ordeal of placing my strawberry daiquiri in front of me. As she sat it down in front of me she said in a voice loud enough for at least two other tables to hear, “Here is your daiquiri Ma’am.” Niki laughed and Vickie snickered smiling at Niki. I was mortified and refused to look around and see if anyone was looking at us. “Thank Vickie for your drink Uncle Josh,” said Niki.

In a low voice I said “thank you Vickie.” Niki’s hand went beneath the table so fast I barely saw it move. But I surely felt it when she pinched the head of my sissy clitty hard. I almost screamed out but managed to wince and contain my pain. “You fucking inconsiderate slave bitch, you thank Ms. Vickie properly and don’t embarrass me again,” Niki said. Niki refused to let go or release any pressure on my smaller head until I looked up at Vickie and addressed her properly. “Thank you so very much MS. VICKIE for this delicious drink you brought me,” I said. That is much better slave, Niki said as she released me and allowed me to take a breath and try to regain my composure.

Vickie leaned in and patted my cheek and said, “You’re welcome gurlie.” By now there is no doubt others have heard our conversation and I hear snickers behind us. Niki refuses to let me order and she orders for us. She has effectively reduced me to a very feminine roll in public. I am excited in a way I never thought possible but humiliated and terrified at the same time.

As we are finishing our meal Ms. Vickie returns with our check. Niki takes my wallet removes a credit card to pay. I had cash why is she using a card? Now Vickie knows my name. Damn can this get worse? Vickie takes the card and walks away. When she returns she ignores me and hands the card to Niki then asks is she can talk to her for a moment. They walk away far enough that I can’t hear what they are saying. I can tell both girls are excited and making some sort of deviant plans. I still hear whispers and snickers around us. I just know everyone is laughing at my plight.

Niki returns and we collect ourselves to leave. As we are walking away I can hear whispers and laughter. I am just happy to get out of there. As we approach my truck Niki extends her hand for the keys and informs me she will be driving for the remainder of our evening. She opens my passenger door for me to get in as I would normally do for her. She then walks canlı casino around to the driver side and gets in. I see people looking at me wondering why a man would let a younger woman open the door for him and not the other way around. Niki continues with our role reversal.

Niki starts the engine to get the air conditioning going but doesn’t put the truck in drive to pull away. I look at her with questioning eyes. “We have something to do before we leave Uncle and also we are waiting on Ms. Vickie to join us. She is getting off now and we are taking her with us.” Niki informs me.

“Get into the back seat Uncle Slave,” says Niki. I get out of the truck the get back into the back. Again people see me get in the back and beautiful young woman sitting in the front alone. I feel so emasculated. When I am in, Niki is already opening the backpack she had put in before we left. Turning around Niki orders me to strip. I look around the parking lot with fear. “Relax Slave these windows have dark tint no one can see your sissy ass,” concludes Niki.

As I begin removing my clothes Niki gives me a set of pink thigh high stockings and pink lacey boy shorts and matching lacey pink bra. “Put these on.” she says. Following is a very short pink skirt and a pink mesh long sleeve pullover top. Once I was as fully dressed as I could be with this outfit I was handed pink strappy shoes with four-inch heels to add to my ensemble. Once I was done dressing myself like a sissy faggot in the back seat of my truck in a very public parking lot Niki added a short bob cut bright pink wig.

In public, I had never even dared to dream I would be dressed as a sissy in public. I was so scared I was shaking. About this time Ms. Vickie arrived and got into the front seats with Niki. Once in and situated Niki put the truck in drive and started to drive away. Vickie leaned over and gave Niki a hug and kissed her right on the lips. I know I saw Vickie lick Niki’s lips and tongue. It hit me that these two evil vixens already knew each other and this whole ordeal had been a setup. I should have been mad but these two women were just too sexy and I just couldn’t be mad.

Vickie had brought a bag with her when she got in the truck and now I was instructed to sit in the middle of the back seat and lean forward between the front bucket seats. As I leaned forward Vickie opened her bag and began applying makeup to my face. In less than ten minutes she had me in full makeup to match my pink clothes and topped it off with reddish pink lipstick. “Sit back and put your seatbelt on gurl,” said Vickie. Niki laughed.

I had no idea where we were going but I was more nervous than I had ever been at any other time in my life. I am dressed like a slutty sissy and wearing makeup and a pink wig in public. This is more than I ever thought I would be doing in my craziest fantasies. Niki and Vickie made small talk in the front while I sat in silence and fear in the back. We drove for about forty-five minutes finally arriving in the next town to the west of where we lived.

Niki turned down a side street leading into a seedier part of town. As she drives she says, “So Uncle Sissy Slave do you remember the text you sent Alicia with the link to a video?” asked Niki. Immediately my mind went to the video of the woman sucking multiple cocks through a GLORYHOLE. No way my sweet little Niki knew about places like that. Did she? Obviously she did and so did Ms. Vickie. Niki pulled into a parking lot in front of a dark building with a flashing neon sign that read open. Adult Video and News was the sign.

Both Niki and Vickie got out and Vickie opened my door. “Come Sissy you should know by now what is going on.” Vickie said. Stepping out of the truck I almost fall on the four-inch heels as it is quite a step down to the ground from the back seat of my 4×4 truck. Vickie sprays me with a sweet smelling perfume, it smells like lavender. I think, now men in the entire establishment will smell me and think a woman has come to play. We walk with me in the middle and enter the Adult Bookstore.

Niki walks right up to the counter with Vickie and me following closely behind her. The attendant is a man about 30ish and obviously gay. Niki tells him we want to go into the video booths and pays with cash she had taken from my wallet. The guy takes the money, looks at both women before his eyes settle on me. He can tell I am a sissy in drag and smiles. Have fun he says and buzzes us in.

Entering the area where the video booths are we take a couple of minutes for our eyes to adjust to the darkness. Once we can see I can tell the smell of my perfume has already begun to work it’s magic. Men are starting to line the wall along the right side of the hallway. There is several doors along the left side. Some are closed some are open. Niki takes my right hand and Vickie takes my left. They lead me down the hallway. We make our way past several open doors, the booths are small. I don’t think the three of us can fit into one booth. At the very end of the hall there is a booth in the middle kaçak casino with booths on both sides. It is larger, quite large enough for three people maybe even four or five if desired. The girls lead me into the booth and my eyes immediately go down the walls and I see a gloryhole on both sides of the booth. Vickie closes the door behind us and latches the door closed.

There is a cushioned love seat along the back wall of the booth. Both Niki and Vickie have a seat leaving me standing. Niki hands me a twenty dollar bill to feed into the video machine and waits for me to start a movie. “Select a facebang movie BITCH,” says Niki. I scroll through the movies until I find one of a woman sucking off eight cocks. I select it and we start watching the movie. “Kneel,” commands Niki. I kneel on the floor between their feet. Vickie laughs, “Not by us you silly cuntboi, over by a hole.”

I crawl on my knees over to one of the holes. I can see through the hole and there is a guy in the next booth already stroking his cock. It looks to be about seven inches long, circumcised, and fat. I turn and look at Niki feeling very unsure of what I know is about to happen. I know I have fantasized about sucking real cocks in front of a woman but my sweet niece and her friend that I had just met? I wasn’t sure I could go through with it.

Sensing my hesitation Niki laughs and says, “To late to back out now SISSY FAGGOT UNCLE.” I know I have no choice but do as she wants. Vickie rises and walks over to me. She stands to the side of the gloryhole and bends over. She runs her fingers around the lip of the gloryhole on the other side of the wall. I know from reading and experience that this is the signal for let me suck your cock.

Seeing her feminine fingers with her beautiful white tipped nails extend through the hole the guy on the other side couldn’t wait to get his cock through the hole. It came through, already fully hard. The cockhead was glistening with precum from where he had been stroking it previously.

Niki leaned forward and says in a low voice, “Go ahead Uncle Josh you know you want this.” Ms. Vickie strokes the back of my head and slowly pushes forward. Vickie’s other hand touches my lips and her fingers slide between my lips forcing me to open my mouth. She says, “Stick out your tongue SISSY.” I follow her order and she guides my head until the wet cockhead touches my tongue.

Ms. Vickie grabs the back of my hair and moves my head side to side making the slimy cockhead glide back and forth across my tongue. I can taste his precum as it coats my warm tongue. Just as suddenly Ms. Vickie shoves my head forward and the hard cock enters my mouth all the way to the back of my throat. I hear the man on the other side of the wall let out a low moan.

Pulling my hair Ms. Vickie pushes and pulls forcing my mouth to rise and fall on the hard cock sticking through a hole in a wall. I have no idea who the owner of this hard piece of cockmeat is. Yet here I am on my knees in a dirty video booth with this cock pushing it’s way into my throat. Ms. Vickie releases my hair and I continue to suck his pulsing cock all on my own accord. Vickie returns to sitting on the loveseat with Niki who is watching intently as I fuck my own face on this hard cock.

I am bobbing up and down loving the taste and feel of cock in my mouth. Niki thinking this is my first real cock to suck leans forward and whispers, “I knew you would love real cock UNCLE FAGGOT.” I look at her while continuing to suck and smile with my eyes. Niki leans back and falls into Vickie’s arms. Vickie whispers to her and I see them start kissing.

The guy on the other side of the wall is moaning more now and I know he is getting close to shooting his hot man cum into my sissy mouth. I am sure he thinks it is either Niki or Vickie sucking him. That just adds to my excitement. I look over just as Vickie opens Niki’s shorts and pushes her hand down into Niki’s panties. Niki throws her head back and a low sigh escapes her lips. I know Vickie has found my sweet Niki’s clit and must be rubbing it softly.

I am brought out of this exotic vision by a soft knock on the wall in front of me. Both girls stop what they are doing as they too hear the knock. The signal that he is about to cum. They stare at me and Niki asks if I am ready for my first load of real man cum.

I feel the cock in my mouth swell and begin to pulse. I know what is next and I feel the salty sour warm liquid begin to fill my mouth. I start to pull away but Niki pushes my head back down forcing me to keep the cock in my mouth until I swallow the hot load of jizz I had just taken from a complete stranger. I swallowed hard and Niki released my head. I pulled back and sucked the last drop of cum from his pisshole.

The cock in front of me pulls back through the wall and he zips up. I hear his door open and he is gone. I start to rise but Vickie points to the other hole behind me. There hard and ready is another cock sticking through that hole. Ms. Vickie is stroking it and I know she is ready for me to start sucking it as well. I turn on my knees and move over to my next hard cock.. It is slightly larger than the last one and is uncircumcised. Ms. Vickie is rolling the foreskin up and down the head as she strokes the anonymous cock.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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