Dan , Connie Continued

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My sister Connie had divorced her husband after several years of marriage. Over the next decade, Connie would visit me in Colorado or I would return home on vacation. On either instance, we would sleep together and picked up where we left off in the 70’s. During those visits, her children never did ask about or think about Uncle Dan sleeping in their mother’s bed. Several years later, Connie came to visit me in Colorado over Thanksgiving and brought her son, Shawn.

Shawn was 18 and in his last year of high school. He had grown up since the last time I had seen him where he was very tall and athletic. Shawn was on the varsity basketball team and was certain to get a sport scholarship. I had picked them up at the airport and could tell from the conversation that Shawn and Connie got along but that Shawn was being a typical teen. He was interested in his own life and not too concerned about the rest of his family. I don’t think that he really wanted to come to visit with his mother but the prospect of skiing in the mountains was the only reason he came.

We drove from the airport to the west side of Denver where I lived. My house sat on the foothills of the Rockies and had a great view of the mountains. I pulled into my garage where Connie and I carried the luggage into the house while Shawn followed us. Once inside the kitchen, I handed Shawn his bag and showed him to the guest room. Connie and I took the rest of the bags into my bedroom. While Connie and Shawn unpacked their bags, I made dinner. Connie was the first one back in the kitchen and Shawn did not know that his mother was staying in my room. We ate our dinner while watching a particular colorful sunset on the mountains and resumed our conversations once darkness set. Shawn started watching MTV after dinner while his mother and I cleaned up the kitchen. I started the fireplace and then opened a bottle of wine. Connie and I shared the wine in front of the fireplace and began catching up on family and friends news which occurred over the last years. Shawn was getting annoyed with our conversions and told us that he was going to watch TV in the guest room and then go to sleep. Connie kissed her son goodnight and returned by the fireplace. It wasn’t long after her son left the room that we began some amorous kissing on our own.

At some point it was time to stop the talk and head for the bed. It was so nice to be with my sister again as it had been very lonely without her lately. I refilled the wine glasses. We strolled to my bedroom with our arms around each other’s waist and a wine glass in our free hands. Connie took the glass from my hand and set it on the nightstand along hers. She looked into my eyes as she started to slowly undo each button on my shirt. The shirt soon disappeared from my chest and my sister’s hands began to buckle my belt and unzip my jeans. She slid one hand into my briefs finding a familiar hard cock waiting while her other hand pushed my jeans along with my briefs past the hips. She gave me a shove which pushed me back and I fell flat on the bed. With my legs hanging straight off the bed, Connie eased the rest of my clothing off. I was lying on the bed with my hard cock sticking up and watched my sister remove her clothing.

She pulled her sweater off over her head and dropped it to the floor. She reached back and unhooked her bra but left it on. Connie undid her jeans and slid them to the floor which gave me a peak of her breasts as she bent over. My sister stood on the foot of my bed, slowly lowering the bra straps off of each shoulder and dropping it to the floor. I was admiring my sister as she pushed her panties down to her ankles. She still had the same platinum blonde hair only now parted in the middle and somewhat past her shoulders. She had lost some weight since our last encounter but was as beautiful as when we first lived together many years ago. My sister slowly turned around to give me a good look at her and then she jumped onto the bed beside me. Connie smiled at me and we kissed.

Connie whispered to me, “It’s been awhile, you know what I want”, and then climbed over me, straddling her pussy in my face. The aroma of my sister perfume filled my nose as she must have put a sprits between her legs earlier. My tongue began to explore her familiar and very comforting pussy. Soon her lips were wide open and wet with my tongue licking and sucking her clit. Connie began to moan as my tongue darted between her clit and into her pussy hole. My hands had been softly caressing her breasts but now were rolling her nipples and pulling on them. My sister let out a low moan and ground her pussy into my face. “Oh fuck me, fuck me now”, she cried out.

This time, I pushed her onto the bed and had my hips comfortably between her legs. My hard cock found Connie’s pussy wet and ready as I easily entered my sister. Her pussy felt as wonderful as ever with a long soft but firm grip on my cock as I slid in and out. Soon I was pumping faster and Connie had her Etiler Escort legs wrapped around my upper thighs. We were both moaning with pleasure when Connie had an orgasm and clamped her legs hard against my butt. This drove my cock in hard and deep causing me to come. I had been some time since I had an orgasm and it seemed like the streams of cum would not stop from shooting out of my cock. My sister and I lay still for a awhile and exchanged a few sweet kisses. Connie got up and dashed for the bathroom as my cum started to run down her legs. She came back into the bed a few minutes later and we exchanged grins. I said to my sister, “welcome back” and we snuggled together into a deep sleep.

I awoke the next morning to the telephone ringing next to the bed. It was work. I was on vacation leave that Friday but there was an emergency and I had to go in. I quickly showered and noticed Connie watching me as I dressed. I explained the situation to her and told her that I would be back that afternoon. I told her where the keys were to my second car and suggested that she and Shawn should go to Red Rocks and do some hiking. There was snow on the ground but the roads and trails were clear. Half asleep, I left for work. I left quietly but the closing of the garage door must have woke up Shawn.

He went into the kitchen and as he passed my bedroom, he noticed his mother resting under the blankets in my bed. He searched through the refrigerator looking for something for breakfast and had made quite a bit of noise as he moved items from one shelf to the other. The noise woke Connie up who slipped on one of my bathrobes and went into the kitchen to see what was going on.

Connie went into the kitchen to find Shawn raiding the refrigerator and said “Good morning, Shawn, you are up early.”

“Oh, hi mom” replied her son, “The noise from the garage door woke me up and I was hungry, so I’m seeing what there is to eat for breakfast. This left over pizza looks pretty good.”

“You are not eating pizza for breakfast while I’m around” scowled Connie. Pushing her aside, Connie looked into the refrigerator and said “I’ll make some real breakfast.” She removed some bacon from a compartment and after finding a frying pan, began to sizzle some bacon. Looking over her shoulder she asked, “Did you sleep well last night?”

“Yes I did”, replied Shawn, “I was so tired that I fell asleep on MTV and it was still on this morning. How about you?”

“Really good” said Connie as she smiled to herself and flipped over the strips of bacon.

Connie poured some milk into a glass, handed it to her son, and removed the cooked bacon from the pan.

She was cracking eggs on the edge of the pan when Shawn asked, “how come you were in Uncle Dan’s bed this morning?”

Looking busy over the frying pan, Connie thought for a minute while her heart started to beat hard. She said, “The other bed room only has a futon which was too hard for me to sleep on so your uncle is sleeping there and I am using his room.”

“Oh” replied Shawn, “Is he getting up soon? Are we going skiing today?”

“Your uncle had an emergency at work and had to go in. He was making the noise that woke you up.” replied Shawn’s mother. “He won’t be back until later but he left the keys

to the station wagon if we want to go somewhere. We can’t go skiing today but Dan suggested that we go hiking at Red Rocks.” Connie brought two plates of breakfast to the table and they began to eat.

“I thought we were going skiing today” said Shawn disappointed. “I guess going to Red Rocks is OK, I haven’t been there since we came here on vacation when I was little.”

“That was the last time I was there too” said Connie, “I think your sister was with us on that trip too. It was summer and she was afraid of snakes so she was a pain in the butt during that hike.”

“Yeah, me teasing her by yelling “snake!” didn’t help either” smiled Shawn.

“I know” groaned Connie. “Today is too cold for snakes and it is just you and me. So lets get going early.” They finished their breakfast and after cleaning the kitchen, both headed back to their rooms to get dressed.

After an hour or so, they were on a quiet blacktop road that led into the Red Rocks park. To their surprise, the parking area had a few cars there and they started walking the trail that started next to the gift shop. They followed the trail which would lead them to the natural amphitheatre. Reaching the site, they rested for awhile and admired the open view that was white snow against red sandstone.

“Any of this look familiar?” asked Connie

“Yes, I remember being here in the summer” replied Shawn, “It was me, you, my sister,

and Uncle Dan. He was very nice to us. That vacation is coming back to me now.”

“Dan still is nice to our family” sighed Connie, “And tomorrow we will go skiing”

“Now as I remember” said Shawn, “You sleep in Uncle Dan’s room then just like this Etiler Escort Bayan trip. I think I remember him sleeping in there too.”

Connie’s face was blushing as she said, “He had his old house then and there was only two bedrooms. You and your sister had one and Dan and I had to share the other.”

“Something going on with you two?” teased Shawn

Connie turned to her son with a serious look and said, “Do you really want to know? You

are not a child anymore and there are some things that I don’t want to hide or lie about and have you discover or figure out later.” Shawn nodded his head. “I’ve heard you tell me so many times that it’s my life and don’t tell me how to run it, well the same goes for me too. Your uncle, my brother, and I have this thing going. We love each other very much and we are intimate with each other. I mean very intimate.”

Shawn asked, “Mom, how long have you done this?”

Connie lied some, “Not while I was married to your father but we did some stuff before I

was dating your father.” Connie being more truthful said, “After he left and we divorced, Dan and I picked up where we left off and resumed our relationship when we had the chance to see each other.”

“Wow” said Shawn shaking his head, “That’s kind of weird stuff, Mom. I know that you are an adult and by this time, you are doing what you want to do and Uncle is nice and a good looking guy, but I don’t know.”

“Gross you out?” asked Connie

“No” said Shawn, “Just unusual and really unexpected but it explains a lot of things”

“Are we OK with it?” asked Connie, “I’m still your mother and love you. I don’t want you to think less of me or have you have a problem with it.”

“Yeah, I’m OK with it” said Shawn, “I love you and I guess if this makes you happy then I’m OK. I can see that you are the happiest when you are with Uncle Dan and when you are happy, you are so much nicer to be with and nicer to me. Does my sister know?”

“No” said Connie, “Why do you ask?”

“Well”, said Shawn, “You know girls talk about stuff that they won’t say to the guys, secret stuff, girl talk, you know.”

Connie said very seriously, “Sometime I will but she is still too young to know. I expect you to be discreet about this. Don’t be telling your friends or the rest of the family about this. Especially your sister!”

“I understand” said Shawn, “Just a secret between the three of us”

The two got up and resumed hiking through the giant red boulders but there was absolute silence for awhile until Connie initiated some small talk. Things were back to normal between mother and son for the rest of the hike and the drive home. After returning to Dan’s house, Shawn resumed watching MTV and Connie started to fix dinner. I arrived from work to found a home cooked meal ready for me. We ate dinner and then Connie and I watched MTV with Shawn for a few more hours. It was off to bed early for everyone as we were leaving at six in the morning to go skiing. Shawn went off to his room while Connie accompanied me to my room. I thought it strange that my sister left the bedroom door open as we undressed and snuggled under the blankets. Over some pillow talk, she informed me of her conversion with her son and that we did not have to hide our relationship from him.

The alarm went off at five and we dragged ourselves out of bed, had breakfast, and piled in the car for a two hour drive to the ski lopes. I was surprised that Shawn was alert and in a good mood so early in the morning. I guess going skiing was worth his time. This sun rose over a beautiful clear Colorado morning and made the road trip seem warmer than it was. We arrived at the sloped and rented the equipment and soon we were on the slopes. We were having a great time until around noon when the sky grew cloudy. I had seen this type of clouds move in before and usually meant an extremely heavy snow was moving in. It started to snow about an hour later and much to Connie and Shawn’s disappointment, we did our last run. I explained to them what was about to happen and that we did not want to get stranded. We returned the ski equipment and the snow was coming down harder.

I placed a call to the hotel in that town and asked about a room. They had one left and I told the clerk to reserve the room and that we would be checking in soon. Connie asked why we were spending the night instead of driving home. I explained that it was a two hour drive mainly in the mountains and that the interstate was likely to be shut down before we got close to Denver. I would rather be in a warm hotel room than stuck on the interstate with 50 miles of stalled traffic. Not to mention the cold and the snow. Shawn was pleased as he thought staying in hotels was cool. We pulled into the parking lot and shuffled through the fallen snow to the lobby. The clerk said that we were lucky as we had the last available room and their phones had been constantly ringing for rooms. Escort Etiler It was a top floor room with a king size bed. Normally, I would have argued for a room with double beds but there was no point.

We went into the room and rested a bit. I explained that we would have to share the bed and there wasn’t much I could do about it. Connie was apprehensive but Shawn was OK with it. We had no luggage to unpack and went to the pool and bar area to hang out for awhile. After a drink or two and some pin ball games, we noticed we were getting hungry and went to the hotel restaurant to eat. After a nice dinner, we decided to spend the rest of the evening in the room as there wasn’t much to do and we were tired from skiing. I looked out of the window and saw that I was right. The interstate was a parking lot of cars as far as I could see in each direction and the snow was still falling. The three of us were sprawled on the bed to watch TV. Connie wanted to watch this chick flick which just went to cable. Shawn was the first to opt for the shower and avoid the movie. After a half hour came out in his briefs and lay down to rest on the far left side of the bed. I was bored with the movie too and went to take my shower. I finished and returned to the bed in my briefs. Connie was sitting between the men in her life enjoying the movie. It finally ended and Connie got up to get her shower. By that time, Shawn was falling asleep and I turned the TV low.

Connie came out some time later dressed in the only bath robe supplied with the room and carrying her clothes, neatly folded. Shawn and I had left our clothing lying on the floor. Connie put her clothing on the dresser, looked at her sleeping son and smiled. I put my index finger to my lips and made a “shoosh” sound. My sister motioned me to move towards the center of the bed which I did. She moved to the side of the bed and let her robe drop to the floor. She was completely naked. She quietly giggled and slid underneath the covers on the right side of the bed. Connie leaned towards me, giving me a passionate kiss, and slid her hand into my briefs. My sister fondled my cock into a stiff one while darting her tongue into my mouth. Connie pushed my briefs past my hips and began to slowly and pleasantly jack me off. Shawn’s snoring suddenly stopped and he began to mumble in his sleep. We immediately stopped and looked at him to see if he was waking up.

Connie leaned over me to get a better look at her son. She could see that his eyes were moving back and forth under his closed eyelids and knew he was dreaming. Seconds later, the sheet around his hips began to rise. She leaned back and in a low giggle said, “I wonder what he is dreaming about.” We watched as Shawn began to turn one way and back. He was still dreaming but his moving pulled the sheet away from him and his briefs were exposed. His briefs were stretched like a tent with the head of his cock barely peeking out of the elastic band. Connie began to giggle like a girl who had never seen a cock before.

“I wonder how big he is?” she whispered.

I teased her back and said, “Only one way to find out. I double dare you.”

Connie leaned me and slowly eased the edge of her son’s briefs past his cock. As the briefs moved to around his balls, Shawn’s cock sprang straight up. It was good sized, over seven inches, milk white, and a thick head. Connie stared at her son’s cock for awhile and then looked at me with her index finger to her lips. She smiled and acting like a sneaky little kid, wrapped her fingers stealthily around her son’s cock. She held her hand around Shawn’s cock, enjoying its young firmness. A bit of precum drizzled down the head of his cock onto his mothers clenched fingers and Connie immediately moved her hand back to safety. She looked at her wet finger and licked it. She giggled and whispered, “Tastes like the family recipe!”

I whispered back, “I think you have had your fun. You better put his briefs back before he wakes up.” Connie leaned over me again and very gingerly moved the band on his briefs back over the head of his cock. Connie laid the side of her face on my chest, snuggled against my body, and resumed stroking my cock. It was very quiet in the room as I was enjoying Connie’s attention when Shawn began mumbling again. He was getting louder when he moaned. He rolled to one side and rolled back. When he rolled back, we could see that a large spot on his briefs were wet. The head of his cock was sticking out again and shot a stream of cum on his chest. His mumbling stopped with a slight smile then his eyes opened wide in surprise. Shawn immediately jumped out of bed and ran to the bathroom. Connie and I just looked at each other as the smell of her son’s cum filled the air. We could hear the water running in the bathroom and soon Shawn came out with a towel wrapped around his waist.

With a very red face, Shawn looked at us and said, “I’m sorry. It just happened! I was asleep!”

Connie sat up in the bed, unconscious he was nude and was exposed from the waist up.

She patted the bed where Shawn had been sleeping and said calmingly, “It’s OK Shawn. Everyone has an erotic dream once in awhile. It happens to all of all. There is nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about.”

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