Dance Club Initiation Ch. 01

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It is a new year in the college and freshers are starting to join in various clubs. Dance club has done an orientation and got very positive response on their performance. They had a few interactions with freshers but they were yet to be active members. The club is mainly run by 6 boys of sophomore year and they decided to conduct quite an interesting initiation.

The day arrived and 10 freshers are in the dance room, 5 boys and 5 girls. After a short interaction all of them were very excited. Jim, a sophomore who is considered as the next club secy asked them to pair up. He continued ‘For the first game girls shall lay on their back, and we will have a pushup competition for the boys’.

So the rules are:

Pushups will be counted only if the chest of the partners touch each other.

The boys started liking it already.

To make it more interesting boys should take their tees off. They didn’t mind it and the girls liked the spicing-up.

And for the final and most spicy rule, whoever does the least will lose another of their clothing. The girls are now thrilled.

Boys took of their t-shirts and were ready. Girls appreciated their body bakırköy türbanlı escort and started cheering for their partners.

Among them Aaron was a fair tall boy well over 80 kgs was not well built. Similar was the case of Zach who was slightly darker.

On the first pushup their bare chests pressed against the breast of the girls. All of them started to get aroused.

Zach and Aaron barely did 3 pushups before they fell on their knees. Even though their partners Penny and Ana tried to help them push, it was of no avail.

Now both of them had to drop their pants as they didn’t have a lot of clothing left on their body.

Jake one of the other sophomore boys asked their pair to take their pants off. Penny and Ana had a big smile on their face. They slowly took off them so as to tease them as much as they could. The other girls also had a giggle.

Ana slowly lowered Zach’s pants and his black boxers are now exposed and the bulge is obvious. Penny removed Aaron’s pants as well revealing the bulge in his blue underwear. Both of them were now embarrassed to stand near naked with a erect penis bakırköy ucuz escort in front of their classmates.

So as to give something back to the boys George another of the sophomore boys announced the next game. Crunches with a twist. The girls were asked to jump on the waist of their partners. They locked their legs on their partner’s waist. George continues “Everytime you kiss your partner on the lips will be counted as 1, but you also have to lower the body till the waist level.”

This time task was upto the girls. The games were getting interesting. The girls tightened the grip on the waist and the boys held them in place while supporting their pair with their hands on their back.

Everytime the girls lowered their body the boys felt the gentle pressing of their pair’s ass on their crotch which kept their penises excited.

The girls also enjoyed hardness the boys were getting.

Jesse who was quite active in physical exercises won the game hands down. And then gave a high-five to her rather shy partner Steve who is a hunk. Ana who was Zach’s partner was the next best. Rachel was the laziest of başakşehir escort the lot and did the least. Penny was the next worst.

So, as per the game rules Rachel was to give up 2 of her clothings and Penny 1. This time the right to take off the cloths were given to the partners of those 2 who did best.

Steve walked towards Rachel. She was dark and slightly short but had a very good body. Steve was excited. He placed his hands around her waist and slowly lifted her t-shirt while sliding his hands along her body. Her green bras were visible now and her nice boobs caught attention of everyone in the room. Then he proceeded to remove her tight pants as well. He pressed her muscular buttocks and thighs on the way. Jack, Rachel’s partner, who was also dating her was getting envious. Steve though had one of his best moments in life. Rachel was now in her bras and panties. She got back near Jack. He gave a playful slap of her ass saying “Lazy ass”. She swatted off his hands.

He smiled at her gave her a kiss. He turned her around and hugged close to him with his hands on her abs and waist. A little comfort to her embarrassment.

Now it was Zach’s turn to undress Penny. Penny was a short fair girl with a cute face, beautiful eyes and short hair.

He took of her t’s. She put on a nervous smile on her face. Zach reciprocated the smile and he was obviously happy to her the outline of her breasts through the bra. But there is more excitement to the night to follow.

(To be continued)

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