Dancing in Eden Pt. 01

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Jaden was looking forward to a night of debaucher or at least a few hours of being spoiled at the strip clubs. It was his birthday and some buddies from college took him out for the usual free rounds at the bars and clubs. This strip joint called Eden was the last one on the list. So he wasn’t feeling any pain and had a slight buzz on. But he was sober enough to keep secret the fact that his sister tended tables at this club. Jaden came in for drinks weekly. The two had an agreement to hide the fact they were related. They agreed that they would pretend to be acquaintances from the same home town maybe even some distant relative like a 3rd cousin. That would account for some similarities they had. This pact was made the first time he bumped into her at Eden.

Once Jaden found out Abbey worked tables at the tittie bar he became a regular. He discovered the fact before he even transferred to her college. He does come in to see his sister because he loves her and always thought she was pretty cool. But mostly he comes in for the eye candy and any free beer his sister might bestow on him.

There had been plenty of awkward moments like the huge bulge in his pants and on Tuesdays the servers went topless. But they grew up in a small house with one bathroom and thin walls so they learned to confront such awkward moments. They usually joked and teased each other. Perhaps they were more provocative than most siblings would be. He had seen her pretty titties on occasion. When she wanted some shock value around their friends or when it was just the two of them she would flash her breasts or ass. Most of their friends were definitely shocked each time. But it kind of caught on in their circles. Their parents were pretty open minded and raised them to be the same. Jaden even saw his mom laughing when Abbey mooned him.

So awkward moments weren’t so awkward by the time they reached college. In fact Jaden started having a normal male response since they had both left home for their education. But he tried not to dwell on such things. With a few beers he would assure his sister that she was the hottest brunette in the county. It was a fragment of some long ago joke they shared and they always felt humor and commonality with the phrase.

So Jaden and his buddies Alex and Ryan were at his sisters strip club but only Jaden was aware of this fact. They paid the 20 dollar cover each and walked in. He looked around for her when they walked in but the place was pretty busy. They found a table with a good view; it was back from the first stage near the wall. They settled in for fun. Jaden really didn’t know his buddies very well. He had just transferred in from a community college at the beginning of the semester and the semester was only half over. But they clicked and enjoyed riding motorcycles together so they were on good terms. Alex and Ryan pulled out some cash and told the server they wanted to buy a lap dance for the birthday boy. They had shown their ID’s at the door but she asked to see Jaden’ to confirm the B Day. Satisfied she took the drink order and dance request and disappeared.

It did not matter which dancer did the lap dance they all reasoned, at this club they were all good looking and good dancers. This place was a little more expensive than the other places in town, so few poor college students frequented the place. The surroundings were a bit classier and the dancers were rumored to break the rules. Most of the people Jaden knew avoided the place. But this was a special evening the boys decided to splurge and had arrived in Eden.

Ryan was complaining about the high cost to Alex.

In an obnoxious loud voice Ryan was telling Alex that, “For 50 bucks the dancer better make Jaden come in his pants.”

Not likely Jaden thought. Of all his inadequacies premature ejaculation was not one.

Alex the accounting major pointed out that, “For $50 we could have gotten 2 private lap dances at Babydolls strip club.”

He also pointed out that he was down to 15 beer dollars and cab fare so they wouldn’t be staying too long. Ryan heard him but was preoccupied with the eye candy walking around. He was cognizant enough to remind Alex that they both needed to finish a midterm project for stat class. So this was the highlight of their weekend. There was no reply from Alex; he was captivated by the busty brunette that arrived at the table.

She had 3 beers and a funny mask dangling from her wrist. She was dressed in something resembling a yoga outfit but very sheer. escort kartal The pants were more like sheer tights or dark pantyhose and the same sheer material held her pretty breasts in a mouthwatering firm position. Even Ryan shut up and stared she really was beautiful. She had the smoldering hot look that captivates any guy. Appropriately her outfit was smoky gray color. It accentuated her curves very well making her body look flawless. She was cheerful and playful she stepped back spread her arms as if asking for approval and curtsied. Jaden did not see her, she came from behind him. He was watching a hot redhead on stage doing a mesmerizing dance he was oblivious to all other surroundings.

The dancer in sheer gray put her finger to her lips signaling lets be secret and pressed her big breast to the back of Jaden’s head. Her ample breast created a set of warm plump earmuffs. Jaden enjoyed the feeling and started to turn around. She just smothered his face with her tits. Slightly embarrassed to be rubbing his face on her tits he turned back around.

“So you’re the birthday boy?” Abbey asked in a ditzy blonde voice.

Jaden with his beer buzz was processing the events when the dancer pulled her breast off the back of his head and slipped a mask over his face.

“Heyyy What are you doing?” Jaden protested with no real emphasis.

She just replied, “no peeky peeky lap dance” in the playful voice perhaps sounding a little Asian.

The mask was a tradition at the club for birthday dances. I was a character with eyes all big and google eyed and a long tongue hanging out. Abbey had taped a blindfold inside the mask covering the eye holes. All part of a grand plan.

After slipping it on him from behind she scooted around in front of him. Abbey settled into her brother’s lap with a rhythmic sensual sway. It was almost as fun to watch as it was to experience. She was GOOD all three guys were bulging quickly. Abbey had been working on body control most of her life. She took gymnastics as a little girl. With so many years of practice she was phenomenal.

Jaden was enjoying the fun and was wondering if his sister would catch him getting a lap dance. Part of him didn’t care and part of him wanted her to watch and enjoy it. But soon all his thoughts were focused on the sensation of her nylon clad ass wiggling on him.

Abbey had been waiting for Jaden. She already knew that he was going to be here on his birthday with friends buying the drinks and dance. She enjoyed her brother. She enjoyed watching him try to be a man at a young age. She enjoyed watching him keep his friends on their toes with a sharp intellect and creative humor. She also enjoyed hearing about his sexual exploits. Since they were only 1 year apart in age they ran in much the same circle of friends. Their home town was not that big. So they knew more about each other than many siblings do. Like he knew she had the prettiest nipples and lovely breast and cute round ass tight and strong. She knew he had a lovely cock maybe a little longer than average with a nice big mushroom head and a good g spot curve to his shaft. Chalk it up to too many drinks during truth and dare. And a few wild parties after they became old enough to drink.

So Abbey realized she enjoyed her brother more than a sister normally would, but she felt alright about it. She had quizzed Jaden enough to know he felt alright with their moments of peeping and voyeurism.

He always said the same thing, “Yea I felt a little embarrassed with the guys watching and getting wood and stuff. But they would do their own sister if given half a chance”.

Initially he would apologize for getting a hardon and stuff. She always wonder what the ‘and stuff’ comment really meant. Did it mean he masturbated after she turned him on and he thought about his hot sister while cumming?

But she always told him, “no need to apologize” she would say it with her most sweet charming voice and smile. She could not hide the spark in her eye of being so turned on.

After a few times of quizzing Jaden he quit apologizing. Knowing what his sister’s auto response would be. And some time he would tell her hot she was flashing her boobs or lifting her skirt.

Now here they were again, kind of doing a grown up peep and voyeurism but there was physical contact involved now. She chose the sheer gray nylon outfit after much thought. She knew it would be a good outfit to stir his juices.

Abbey had always enjoyed sexually maltepe escort bayan teasing her brother and often fantasized about doing something like this. Now here she was every second was delicious. She was on his lap grinding her buns into his rock hard erection. Wow was he always this hard she wondered. She so enjoyed the feeling of it that she almost lost track of her surroundings. She could feel the nylon fabric starting to get moist with her juices.

Jaden moaned with pleasure kind an involuntary response that surprised himself. He was enjoying everything about this lap dance the sweet yummy scent of the dancer, her perfume and her hair her moves intoxicating him. He even enjoyed her playful ditzy sweet voice not really sure if it was her real voice.

Jaden knew he might be getting a lap dance or 2 on his birthday so he wore his thinnest synthetic dress slacks he could find. He thought about going commando but figured if he got precum that would be a bad idea. He found a satin male thong an ex-girlfriend had given him. He figured it would hold his package in place just right a perfect bulging log for the dancers to sit on. Always planning details, that’s Jaden.

The planning paid off his cock was as big and hard as it had ever been. It was perfectly positioned to ride between the cheeks of this dancer’s ass. What a wonderful ass it was. The control of her body was amazing she could move any combination muscles in her buns that she wanted to. It seemed like she could latch onto his shaft through his pants with her butt cheeks

Abbey took Jaden’s hands and placed them on her breasts. He then realized she was dressed in nylon. His weakness was sheer nylon. He loved women in hose especially pantyhose and sheer nylon blouses and sheer lingerie. He use to take pantyhose out of the laundry and rub them on his cock. It became almost a daily routine for him, check the laundry in the laundry room and see if mom or sis put any pantyhose in for wash. Some times he would find them hanging in their bathroom drying out. Mom had a master bathroom but Jaden and Abbey shared one.

She took note that he left precum or cum on her nylons. She tried giving him the pleasure of seeing her in them as often as possible. Now here he was enjoying her nylon clad body. Too bad Jaden didn’t know it was her she thought.

His hands were bringing pleasure to both of them, so scintillating. Feeling her big breast through the fabric was a divine pleasure for Jaden. He involuntarily took in a deep breath as if caught by surprise by the moment. Abbey smiled a beaming smile she knew her brothers weakness and exercised her plan flawlessly. It was a divine pleasure for her to feel his strong hands all over her breasts tugging and squeezing, she really enjoyed her nipples being played with.

Jaden was thinking how easy it would be to come in his pants. This woman was special as if she could punch all the right buttons. Not that he had a great history of lap dances but he knew this was the best ever. His precum was so bountiful it was soaking through his thong and his slacks. Abbey could feel the wet spot. She stifled a moan, part of her was saying ‘I am a professional I can do this with out incident’, part of her was nearly orgasmic thinking about his big cock rubbing her pussy lips. Abbey envisioned her brother disappearing between her lips. She listened to the unprofessional voice in her head.

She deftly spun around sitting on him face to face she arched her back reached behind and under. She grabbed his huge hard dick and pressed it to her wet pussy lips. Only thin layers of fabric between them. She started sliding back and forth rubbing her pussy lips on his shaft. Her nylon on his synthetic dress pants slide easy and built up heat from the friction. She wanted to orgasm. She grabbed his hand again. This time she placed it on his belt buckle. Instinctively he tried pressing his dick harder against her lips and stuck his thumb up to rub her clit through the nylon. He wanted to explode. To distract himself and keep from making an embarrassing mess he tried conversation. He was so enthralled it was hard to get the words out in a normal voice.

He told the nylon clad dancer, “Dang Girl!! You’re freaking Awesome!! I want to take you home with me and keep you.”

And added, “We could rock each others world.” This was truer than either of them realized.

The conversation served to distract Abbey too and bring her back from the verge of orgasm. She smiled pendik escort bayan and felt proud for bringing so much pleasure. She wondered what her brother will do when he realizes it’s her. But she also wanted to milk this opportunity

She wanted to hear some naughty ideas and asked him what they would do. This lap dance had already lasted longer than usual and she did not want it to end yet.

He told her they would make a mess of each other. She pointed out that they were currently doing a good job of this. She was wet and her juices were coming through the nylon, his precum was coming through his slacks, Jaden had a big wet spot on his crotch now. She had forced a tit to his mouth. He was salivating, a few drops landed on his sisters tits. She popped a tit out from under her top and stuffed it into her brother’s mouth. Mmmmm bare flesh in her little brother’s mouth she wanted to cum as he sucked her nipple hard. He could taste the salt on her skin and it was a delight. She had to take his mask off to do this and risked being discovered. But she was fast enough to smother his face with her breasts. He did not get a glimpse of her face. He tried saying something.

She felt like playing the controlling role and told him, “shut up and suck my nipple and rub my clit big boy.”

Jaden started sucking his sister’s nipple hard nibbling slightly, she moaned. He pressed his fingers hard to her swollen pussy lips and pressed it slightly into her fabric and all. She gasped excited and scared all at the same moment. His fingernail punctured the nylon and his finger plunged into her. She almost climaxed at the thought of her brother fingering her wet pussy. She masturbated to this fantasy several times in her life.

Everyone at the table knew they were out of bounds, breaking all the house rules and maybe some state statutes. But everyone was engrossed in the action. Abbey was scared of getting caught the repercussions could be bad. It added to her excitement. Jaden felt privileged to have a dancer break the rules with him. As fantastic as it felt she wasn’t breaking she was obliterating the rules.

Ryan and Alex were utterly captivated staring with mouths agape and huge boners in their pants. Alex was so caught up in the action he was rubbing his cock and was ready to put his hand in his pants and stroke it. And they didn’t even know Jaden was fingering his sister. If they did they might be the ones cumming in their pants.

Abbey had kind of come down to earth and realized she could get seriously reprimanded for having her tit in a customer’s mouth and his finger inside her. She wasn’t sure of the consequences. She looked around and felt safe. It was rather crowded in there now. They appeared to be blocked out from the usual watch locations. So she let herself drift back to her perversion back to the pleasures she dreamed about. Back to the deceitful game that they were enjoying. She figured he was enjoying it enough to cum on her ass. She was enjoying it enough to cum on his fingers and shaft. But she wanted more. Jaden was drinking in the pleasure of feeling the walls of this lovely dancer. She felt wonderful inside and out, but especially inside. He had felt more than a few pussy walls and this woman must have wonderful pussy walls ever. He tried to imagine what it would feel like surrounding his head and shaft.

Abbey leaned in and in a very sensuous voice asked Jaden when he was going home?

Jaden liked the sound of her voice it sounded friendly, familiar and very sexy. He thought about it and realized the best response was to accommodate her.

He said, “I, I can go home anytime you want” He kind of laughed at himself stumbling over his words

Abbey figured a positive reply was coming. Not even her brother could resist her charms. Her shift was almost over and she could leave in about a half hour. She couldn’t help herself and had to toy with him just a little more. She slipped the mask back over his face breaking his lips free from her tit.

She leaned in and said, “Let’s leave in 30 minutes. Don’t be late. Ask your server for Misty in 30 min.”

She no sooner finished the sensual whisper in his ear and she hopped off and disappeared into the crowd. She was gone before Jaden could get his mask off. He asked his buddies what she looked like after a few well earned expletives and slaps on each others shoulders and chest. Jaden could not think his friends enough.

They kept telling him, “You’re the Man!!” and “damn Jaden You Rule!!.” He talked them into leaving early so he could hook up with the dancer. This could be his best birthday in his entire life. They finished their 2nd round and parted ways with big smiles and locker room type jovialities. Jaden went in search of Misty.

end of part 1

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