Debbie’s Loneliness Fulfilled At Last

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At 46, Debbie was a beautiful woman and quite aware of it. Her blonde hair came to her shoulders, framing a face accented by sparkling green eyes, sharp upturned nose and pouty lips. Her 5’4″ figure was well toned and voluptuous, most of the outfits she wore drawing attention to her 36C breasts and curved derrière.

On this particular evening when Debbie came down from her bedroom, at the living room was her son, Ronny. At 18, he was handsome and well built for his age. As she started walking towards the living room, she could not help but gaze at her son’s appealing young body. She smiled proudly; she certainly had a good-looking son. He reminded her so much of her late husband. It had been three years since his passing due an traffic accident, but fortunately she had Ronny around to keep her company.

She passed him and walked towards the kitchen. Ronny admired his mother pensively as she walked into the kitchen. Even though she was in mid 40’s, she did not look like it. Her breast was not sagging but firm, her waist was slender with little flesh on her tummy, her hips were ample and thighs were well-toned. Her dainty shorts were so tight on her ass; it clearly showed her panty-line. His eyes were fixed on that adorable sight enjoying the way her bum swayed as she walked. Ronny wondered tailing her delightful derriere jiggle as she walked. He could not help but marvel what it would feel like to play with her beautiful ass. He shook his head to clear his mind and followed her into the kitchen.

She bent over as she picked a bottle from the fridge. Ronny looked at her and admired her bum sticking up making the material tighter on her. He could have just grabbed it then and there. Ronny’s cock, flagging a little, suddenly came back to full rigidity at the sight of her bent over. He could not believe; he had a hard-on! His mom was turning him on. Her bottom was just as he had imagined it: full and round with an erotic plumpness that made him feel weak. He wanted desperately to drop to his knees right there and bury his face between her cheeks and tongue her mature ass.

Without turning around, she said, “I was really looking forward to a nice quiet night.”

“I know,” I said, “and I’m sorry.”

She turned her head. “No, you don’t understand. I’ve been feeling so lonely that I just wanted to be with a man. And not just any man, but one who could make me feel young and wanted again.”

That got his attention. His mother needed to feel loved, not as a mature woman, but as a young, beautiful woman. She had been alone for the past three years, sacrificing her personal and social life to care for her child for those years. And now, when she had the chance to be with a man again, it was spoiled by his interference.

Ronny felt sorry for her. He walked up and wrapped his arms around her waist. As he leaned forward, he said, “I’m sorry, mom. I didn’t mean to harsh on him, I wanted to protect you from him.”

“That’s ok, son, you didn’t know.”

“I wish there was some way I could make it better.”

“Forget it and just hold me for a while, dear.”

He complied. However the close contact with her coupled with her sweet-smelling perfume made it hard for him to maintain his focus and he felt his penis hardening. He did not move in case it gave himself away, but if he did not, then his manliness would be pressing against his mother’s soft buttocks, and then she would know. He was in a dilemma and decided that he should distract her.

Ronny placed his hands on her shoulders and squeezed lightly. She sighed receptively. She was really tensed and a massage would do her good. He continued kneading her neck and shoulders, careful not even accidentally move her dress. Debbie dropped her head and sighed again.

“Move lower, dear, Mommy really needs it,” she said submissively, persuading her son. His hands moved down her upper-back, massaging her tight muscles along her backbone, until they reached the end of the exposed fleshy midriff. His mind had already given up control and now his rigid penis was doing the thinking. His fingers slipped under the edges of her dress and massaged her sides. When she did not do anything to stop him, he got the message and moved his hands up along the smooth ribcage.

Then he felt his fingers touching the sides of her soft breasts. Debbie let out a soft gasp and bit her lower lip. “Ronny…?” This distracted him for an abrupt stop. He leaned forward until his face was close to her ear. “Mom, don’t worry,” he said softly, “it’s gonna be all right.”

“What are you talking about… uhhuhhh!”

But when she did not offer any other resistance, he continued massaging her sides. Soon, his hands were stuck at the warmth of her smooth armpits. The dress heaped-up and rested precariously on the tops of his hands.

She gasped when his hands cupped her breast. She looked behind. “Noooh … Ronny, take your hands off.”

“I can’t, Mom,” he said as he lowered one hand over her shorts lingering the warmth of her buttocks. bursa eskort bayan Her ass squirmed when his middle finger rubbed between her ass cheeks.

“Ronny! We have to stop this immediately!” She tried to move away but he grabbed her.

He wrapped his arms around her waist, effectively holding her to him now pressing his male-hardness against her bum. She gasped with a sharp intake of a breath.

“Ron … nohhh …”

“Mom, remember what you once told me?” he said into her ear, “that if I found the woman whom I loved, I should cherish her and never let her go?”

“Yes, but…”

“Mom, I love you and I want you.” He nuzzled her ear.

It must have been the most sensual thing done to her for some time and sweetest thing anyone had whispered to her because she let out a long moan. That was enough for him. He nibbled her earlobes and kissed the back of her neck. She purred but resisted a bit. He kissed her again, then down her back holding her firmly. With a swift motion he lifted his hands grabbing her top baring her upper-body. Before she could react, he cupped her breasts, started to squeeze and kneed it as his fingers tweaked at her nipple. It responded and became erect in his fingers. That made him more excited and his penis became even harder, throbbing against her cushiony bottom like a serpent.

“Ronny, I’m your mother…” Her voice trailed as his other hand cupped her ass cheek. “We shouldn’t…”

“I love you and I need you, Mom,” he asserted again. “You know I’ve never had a steady girlfriend, but you, Mom, you’re beautiful and charming and sexy. After all, you know me better than any girl could.”

“But Ronny…”

He ignored her as he grounded her bulge against her rubbery bottom. She cooed and groaned, slowly capitulating. He kissed her shoulders and went up again to her ears gently nibbling it. She shrieked and squashed her ass against his bulge.

“Mom,” He murmured and slides his hands from her breast down her soft abdomen until it touched the waistband of her shorts. When his fingers worked at her zipper, Debbie whimpered “Nnnnhh, Ronhhhh … pleaseeeee …”

It was too late. He responded with loving kisses on her neck while pulling the shorts apart letting it fell all the way down to her feet. Ronny moved a hand to the edge of her wispy panties. “Ohhh Ronnieeehh …” A whimper escaped her mouth and he smoothly slipped the hand underneath and cupped her soft mound. She was oozing wet.

“Ooohhh! What … ooh … what’re … you do … doing to meieee …” she slurred, “you’re driving me nuts …”

Now the flood gates have opened, unable to control himself anymore he dropped down behind her beautiful ass until he was at eye-level with her jutting panty-clad bum, inches from his face. He inhaled the sweet aroma and placed a tender kiss on a smooth cheek. In a swift move, he pulled her panties down to her ankles. Without being told, she stepped out of them. He picked them up and brought it to his nose savouring her bodily scent.

She saw what he was doing and quipped, “No Ronny, it was on me for the whole evening.”

“More the merrier, Mom.” With an evil grin he tossed them aside, and then buried his face to her crack deeply inhaling her alluring smell. She shrieked embarrassedly at first but transformed promptly and wiggled her ass teasingly on his face. Then he turned her around. Her hands went through his hair, drawing him closer to her shaved pussy.

“Ok honey!” Finally she gave into him, “If you really want me I need you to do something for me.” She gasped, her hips moving in tight little circles in front of his face. “I need you to kiss Mommy’s pussy and show me you really want me.” Even as she said it she was placing her hand behind his head and gently guiding it towards her.

He leaned forward and kissed it. She groaned. He kissed again. She groaned again. Then he gave a long lick along its entire length. Debbie trembled and nearly collapsed. He looked up at her as she looked down. “My God, Ron,” she said, “I almost came.”

He stood up and started unbuttoning his shirt. She was ever willing to help her son. Hence she knelt down, then unbuckled his pants and pulled the zipper down. Shortly, he was stripped down to his briefs. Debbie pulled his briefs down and let his engorged cock spring up. She grasped it and he groaned.

“It’s so beautiful,” she said. “Like a real stud’s.” He knew what was going to happen next, but he did not expect how it was going to feel.

She stroked it gently and kissed the tip while looking at his eyes. “I hope you have enough cum for your hungry mother,” she purred.

“Oh yeah, mom, you can count on it.”

“That’s good.” And with one swift move she took his whole dick into her mouth.

Debbie swallowed the entire length of his cock and sucked it fanatically. Then she pulled it out and pushed it all the way in and let it stay there for a while. He was shocked at watching his mother deep-throat him. He never imagined bursa merkez escort her mouth was that, that flexible? He groaned and nearly came, but somehow managed to hold it in. His legs nearly buckled from the intense feeling. She continued sucking while her fingers traced the sensitive area between his balls and ass. It was fantastic, better than few he had ever received from the school girls. Then mom pulled out and looked at me. Did you like that?”

“Holyshit Mom! I never had such a blow-job. I nearly came in your mouth.”

“Wow! So why didn’t you?” she asked mischievously with a grin.

He placed his hands at the sides of her face and pulled her up. He planted an anxious, passionate kiss on her lips. She responded by opening her mouth and letting her tongue gush forward. As they kissed, she wrapped her arms around his waist and pulled him closer. His wet dick pressed against her pussy and he started humping. She giggled and broke off the kiss.

“What are you trying to do?” she laughed.

“I, err…”

“You naughty brat!” With a giggle she broke off from him and made her way to the stairs and started walking up. He looked at her, unsure of what was happening. She stopped and looked at him with a cheeky smile, “Coming?” she asked with lust in her eyes. Then she continued walking up.

It took him a while to realize that she wanted him to follow her. Ronny ran up the stairs and headed straight for his mother’s bedroom. She was already lying on the bed; her legs spread apart, her gleaming pussy exposed. She turned and looked at him appealingly. Without a word, he approached her and got onto the bed. As they gazed into each other’s eyes, he positioned himself between her and slowly lowered myself.

“I want you sweetie…” Debbie whispered to his inclining face; “want you too Mom…” Ronny murmured back.

Suddenly she changed positions making him lay on her warm bed. He was surprised with her swiftness and before the recovery, Debbie lowered her mouth with open lips onto his cock. Ronny’s moan delighted Debbie and she went to work pleasuring the bottom of the head of his cock with her tongue as she moved him in and out of her mouth. She knew she was doing the right thing when he placed his hands on her shoulders and began to thrust upward faintly into her mouth. Hearing his breathing deepen, Debbie quickly pulled away and kissed him full passing warm saliva into his mouth.

“I don’t want to spoil the game so soon,” she said smiling.

“That felt so good…” Ronny murmured between their tongues intertwining in and out of their mouths, “but I think I deserve a taste of you,” he continued.

Dropping down onto the bed, they began to run their hands over each others bodies as they commenced kissing and petting passionately. Their tongues tangled while Ronny’s hands caressed up and down her mature body, pausing to fondle her tits and to tickle her mound of Venus. Soon he was licking and sucking Debbie’s dark pink nipples, moving back and forth between each breast and twisting and pulling the eraser-bud like nipples that was not getting attention from his tongue.

Although at first busy with her own hands rubbing his manhood that had so recently been in her mouth, Debbie shifted her hands to cup her breasts, offering first one breast and then another for him to suck and lick.

“My baby is hungry; suckle from Mommy’s tities darling,” she cooed staring at his suckling lips.

She moaned softly as Ronny smashed her tits together and licked and chewed on both nipples at the same time. She could feel herself soaking in her own juices and could feel the building frenzy of orgasm to come as her lover-boy worshiped her motherly-breasts.

As if aware of her own thoughts and feelings, Ronny moved one hand from her breast and down her smooth belly to her glistening slit. He ran his fingers over her pubic mound until his fingers were caressing the softness of her slippery pink flesh. Catching her breath Debbie breathed out deeply followed with little moans as he split her vulva and found her clit. Using slow rhythmic circles he caressed her clit using her own love-juices to lubricate his fingers.

Rising from her nipple, Ronny looked into his mother’s face as he continued to stimulate her. He bent down to gently kiss her on the lips; Debbie responded by grabbing his head and kissing him passionately. She devoured his tongue and thrust her own deep inside his mouth for him to savour. Breaking at last she heaved his head down next to her own while sighing in his ear, “Ohhh… you make Mommy feel so good my darling…”

“I’m glad…” Judging that now was a good a time as any he continued whispering, “I want to give you more Mom …” Picking his head up to look her in the eyes again, Ronny lowered himself to her lips and licked playfully at her tongue and lips. With a knowing look in her eyes, Debbie spread her legs further apart. “Go for it… all yours baby …” she said while continuing to respond bursa sınırsız escort bayan to his fingers rubbing her clit.

Moving down her neck to her breasts once more, Ronny paused to suck and pull and twist each nipple on his way down to her sex. “Ohhh God… I love that” she breathed as he sucked her nipples and rubbed her clit simultaneously. But he moved down further, kissing down her belly to lick at her belly button.

“Oh come on… you can do better than that” Debbie said with a giggle.

“OK, you asked for it Mom,” Ronny retorted as he moved his lips down to her pubes and, positioning his head between her legs down to her pink flesh. First kissing gently her inner thighs Ronny then began to kiss and ever so softly rub his own lips on her outer lips and around her vulva. The sighs of pleasure from Debbie told him that he was on the right track while the sight and taste of her sex stimulated him in a primal way. He wanted her in his mouth, he wanted his face to be covered with her juices, and he wanted her writhing with pleasure under his tongue.

Debbie was so turned on by his gentle movements. Raising her knees into the air and spreading her legs even further Debbie looked down at Ronny and begged “lick me…. please lick Mommy.”

Her head fell back into her pillow with an audible gasp as she felt his tongue move into her pussy and up to her clit. Using his fingers to spread her further, Ronny soon had his tongue directly on her clit and was wiggling it back and forth rapidly. Debbie began to move her hips rhythmically, thrusting into his face as she breathed out her moans and gasps of pleasure.

Welcoming this encouragement, Ronny began to suck her clit into his mouth, slowly at first and then more rapidly. “Ohhhh….Ohhhhh,” Debbie sighed, “that feels so good sweetie.” Placing his hands on the back of his head, Debbie held him in place with a gentle pressure as he continued to suck on her clit. She spread her legs even wider, pulling him more into her, feeling more and more aroused with each sensation spreading outwards from her clit to her whole body.

Ronny now licked and sucked hungrily at her pink wetness, relishing every moan and sigh from his mother. He realised how much she missed this during past years. She thrust her hips rhythmically into his face while grabbing the back of his head and sucked his tongue, his mouth, and his lips deeper into her wetness as she was trying to get him back to his roots.

“Yes… keep going … feels so good,” she breathed. Ronny responded; sucking directly on her clit he was soon rewarded with Debbie’s gasps, “Oh God… my baby God … yes… lick me, suck me, eat me.”

Moving down from her clit Ronny began to swirl his tongue around her full lips and occasionally tongue fucking her. But he kept moving down, brushing his lips and tongue against bridge between her vulva and rectum. Then he began to push Debbie’s legs back towards her chest, lifting her ass slightly off the bed. Debbie was on fire; she wanted his tongue back on her clit but she was also enjoying his tongue inside her and all around her warm wet flesh. He was holding her right at the edge without letting her go over; he was teasing her and she loved it.

“What are you doing, my Love?” she queried impatiently.

“Give me a hand Mom. I want to give you more.”

Debbie responded to her son moving her legs towards her chest by grabbing the back of her knees and pulling her legs forward and out, spreading herself wide open for him. “I’m all yours baby,” she breathed, expecting him to attack her clit with renewed interest.

With a surge of lust at his mother’s move to spread herself wide for him and at the sight of her cute little anus, Ronny dove in lapping at her clit as Debbie writhed under his tongue. Noting with pleasure that her anus was the same dark pink as her nipples and areolas, he moved his tongue down from her clit to her pucker and began to lap and swirl his tongue around it and up and down her crack. Debbie recoiled sharply as seen a ghost with Ronny’s intrusion into her forbidden depths and screamed, “Nooohhhh, not there … are you mad Ronnieeeh …”

Ronny felt deeply aroused with his mother’s amazement; he had not felt this way in a long time. Not only was he licking this beautiful woman, his mother’s shit-hole, something he never would have imagined possible when he first lusted for her only a few hours ago, but she was responding with utter disbelief to his attention.

“Wow…” She caught her breath and then giggled. “You embarrassed me you little brat, that feels amazing… I’ve never… ohhh…felt this before.”

“Do you like it Mom?” Ronny asked, already knowing the answer but wanting to hear more about how much she enjoyed it.

“Yes… wow” she repeated and caught her breath again as she felt the tip of Ronny’s tongue probing inside her rectum. “Oh my God… that feels … feels amazing, no one has ever done that to me,” she groaned.

Debbie felt a little disappointed when he suddenly licked broadly up from her anus to her clit and then brought his face up to her for a quick kiss. Her disappointment faded quickly to a renewed desire when she realized his intentions. Rolling her over onto her belly Ronny kissed the back of her neck and then kissed his way down her back.

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