Donny Ch. 05

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After flooding her ass with a huge load of cum, I headed for the bathroom and washed my cock, took a pee and then fetched a hot, wet washcloth for Kat’s ass. When I returned, Donny had both ankles held in one fist, cradled her head in the other hand and gently fed her his mammoth cock. I stood for a moment by the bed, with aching balls and a tingling cock, watching my stud lover force feed his own mother the biggest cock I’ve ever seen. This incredibly sexy woman, grandmother of three, was loving the incestuous thrill of orally pleasuring her own son.

I climbed onto the bed and gathered her in my arms. “Now you’re really gonna get it!”

“Oh please no!” she pleaded weakly. “I can’t take anymore. You boys have raped me completely. It is so wrong. Please don’t force me to enjoy it anymore! You’re turning me on against my will! Forcing me to pleasure you with my naked body! Oh Donny,” she turned to him pleading, “I’m your mother, this is incest, please don’t fuck me. Especially with that huge cock of yours! It’s too big! It will hurt me, tear me up inside!”

I moved her to the corner of the bed, kneeling behind her. I took both wrists in one hand, not difficult because she didn’t struggle. Donny stood by the side of the bed. His cock looked harder and stiffer than I’d seen it yet. He was powerfully turned on! It looked impossibly huge; enormous!! Sixteen inches of the thickest, most gorgeous cock! His huge balls looked the match for his penis, big and full and tight!

“Oh please no!” Kat pleaded weakly again, panting. “Donny! My god look at the size of you! Your huge, gorgeous penis! You’re too big for my tight little vagina, you’ll tear me apart with that big fucking cock!” Donny took a hold of it and waved it at us. I reached around and began to play with her gorgeous tits. “Oh my, no no no! Donny! Don’t let him molest me like this! Look at him fondling my breasts. My big breasts! Your friend is holding and touching my bare breasts. This is wrong, help me.” Donny just reached out and tweaked her nipples.

He moved closer and placed one foot on the bed, bringing his cock closer to us. “Oh my god no! Not in my mouth! Don’t put your penis in my mouth! I’m your mother! Don’t force me to pleasure you with my mouth, and lips and tongue!” He did. “Mmmppphhfff!” she moaned in protest.

“Yeah!” I moaned. “God that looks so hot! Yes Kat. Suck that cock. Suck your son’s big cock. You love it I can tell.” She was moaning that she didn’t, but her actions told me that she did; a lot!!! “No? You don’t? I know you do! I do too! I love Donny’s enormous penis. You have given him such a huge cock baby! I love it!” I looked up into Donny’s eyes and he withdrew from her mouth and brought it to mine. “Mmmmmmmm!” I moaned, as he thrust deeply in and out of my mouth. He was so tasty!!

“Yeah?” Kat asked me sneering, turning her head my way. “Yeah? You like to suck cock? You fag rapist?” I nodded and moaned that I did. “Yeah, gay boy? You like my son’s fat cock down your throat?” I moaned again. Donny pushed in deep and I gagged. “Ha! Gagger! You gagging, gay, rapist!” Kat taunted. “What? Having trouble swallowing that cock? Huh, rapist? Can’t take it without choking?”

Donny slowly withdrew it from my mouth. We both turned to look at her. “What?” she asked innocently. “Oh no! Not me! You wouldn’t dare!” she told Donny. “You wouldn’t force that huge thing down my throat!” He nodded and began to smile at her. “No please baby! Don’t make me suck it again. Don’t put that thick hard huge penis into my mouth again. You’re my son! It’s wrong!!”

When it moved tuzla escort in her direction, though, her mouth dropped open ready for her prize. I was playing with one nipple and his hands gently took hold of her head and he began to push in deep. I watched amazed, as it continued its long journey all the way down Kat’s throat. Her eyes closed hard and I could see her throat swell as it went down. Her stomach lurched just once as she gagged, but she took every inch. He stuffed it in so hard, I thought he might break her nose on his pubic bone. He just held it there for a bit and then slowly drew it back out.

“You are the most beautiful cocksucker in the world, mommy.” He told her sweetly. She looked up at him with a look of the deepest adoration. The fantasy was off for a moment of reality, where Kat shared a look of pure love with her son and lover. She mouthed ‘I love you’ silently. He returned the same silent sentiment. She then turned to me, and after a brief smile we kissed, softly, gently. Then he moved back from the bed and the game was back on.

“No, no!” she said to him pleading again. “I did what you asked, I gave you oral pleasure. I even swallowed every massive inch of your glorious penis. Isn’t that enough?” Donny was grinning, with a sinister look. “I’m your mother. You can’t put that huge cock in my vagina! This is the vagina that I gave birth to you from. You came from there! It’s incest! It’s wrong and you know it!” He moved to bring his cockhead to her pussy lips.

“Donald Anthony! This is your mother. This is rape! Please release me! You can’t put that huge cock in me!” She paused, he did to. “Sweetie,” she tried another tack; gentle sweetness. “You have the most incredible cock! Look at that penis. It is gorgeous honey. I think it is the most incredible penis I’ve ever seen, beautiful, handsome, long, thick, amazing! So very, very big. If you slide that gorgeous hunk of man-meat into my tight, wet, warm pussy, it will mean incest! You will be fucking your mother! You don’t want that, do you?”

His wide grin said it all. He grabbed her ankles. “NO!” she yelled. He lined up the huge head against her soggy lips. “I said no, and I meant NO!” The head stretched her, spread her and slipped inside. “Ooooohh God! Donny no. Please no. You’re so big. So … very … big. Your cock is sooooo big in me!” she swooned, going limp in my arms. He pushed in another couple inches. “Oh sweetie! Oh my god, sweetie!!” It was amazing to watch her tight tiny pussy lips stretch around his incredible thickness.

“Holy fuck!” I whispered. “That’s incredible!”

“Yes it is!” Kat whispered back. “Oh baby! Oh my sweet boy.”

“Look how he stretches you.” She slowly, dreamily, looked down at the amazing sight of his cock 1/3 buried in her. Kat’s head limply lolled around to face me.

“Oh fuck! He does! He stretches me so good!” I turned to her and we kissed, deeply. Donny just stood there, holding her legs apart, half crouched, half buried in his mother. Everything suddenly froze.

I turned at the slurping sound, to see his cock completely withdrawn. It was soaked and dripping with her juice, but angrily hard. “You’re right mommy. This is so wrong. I can’t do this to you.” I was taken aback at his change of heart. “I feel so bad, so dirty.” He looked on the verge of tears. I was a bit freaked by now. ‘Game’?, I wondered. ‘Real?’

“No sweetie. You mustn’t feel bad! You are so good to me. This is just a momentary weakness.” Donny looked up into her eyes; ‘Game’ I decided. He wasn’t a good enough actor to completely bağdat caddesi escort pull it off. This was a part of the act as well. “It’s my fault really.” She said.

“Your fault? How can that be?”

“Oh baby. All those times when we hugged, and kissed. When I let you see me getting undressed. Or us together nude in the Jacuzzi. I should have known you had needs and they weren’t being met. I just wanted to love you. This is my fault.”

“But I’ve hurt you. Hurt your sweet little pussy, by putting my huge cock in you.”

“Oh no, sweetheart! You mustn’t think that. You didn’t hurt me. I can take it. You’re big and I’m tight, but it didn’t hurt me.” He was shaking his head.

“It must have! Look at me!” he said taking hold of his huge cock and holding it out for us to see. “My cock is huge. It must have hurt.”

“No sweetie, no! I’ll prove it. Slip it in me again.”

“No! I couldn’t. Ity’s wrong! It will tear you!”

“No baby, it won’t. It actually pleases me how big you are.” He gave her a look like he didn’t believe her. “Truly. I love the way you fill me. Please let me prove it.” Her voice dropped low and sexy. “Let me prove how wonderful you feel in me. Your beautiful, big, big penis.” He didn’t look convinced. “Look at me sweetie. Look at how wet my pussy is for you. Wet and warm.” I released her from my tight grip. She reached one hand down to stroke her clitoris. “I’ll be so tight for you, but you won’t hurt me. I promise. Let me show you.”

Donny inched forward, unsure. “Yes baby, That’s it! Let me show you. You have me spread open so wide. I’m so ready to take your beautiful cock in me. Put it in me? Be my sweet lover? It gives me pleasure to have you fill me so full. It doesn’t hurt me, baby”. The huge head nudged her lips. “Mmmmmm yes! You are so big! My big, big boy! When I gave birth to you, you slid out, now I want you to slide back in. Push it baby. Push it in baby. Fill me!”

All three pairs of eyes were glued to Kat’s swollen pussy little pussy lips, as the head of Donny’s huge cock spread them wide and slipped in her. “Oh yes! Oh sweetie, yes! You fill me so good! You are my son. My beautiful son! I’m your mother, baby. I’m your mother, and I love to let you fuck me! Oh yes! Oh Donny, fuck me! Fuck your mother! Fuck your mother, Donny!!”

“Oh Mommy! I’m your motherfucker!” He moaned loudly as he gave her about a third of his meat, in and out, wetly.

“Oh yes! My sweet motherfucker! Your penis is wonderful! More sweetie! You can give me more.” I watched as about half Donny’s immense cock slid in and out. I had by now released Kat’s hands and was playing with both her gorgeous tits. “Oh Steven, sweetie. You have to let me lay back. I need to lay on my back to take it all. I want to take it all.” I moved to allow her to lay down. “Oh yes, baby. That’s it. Stay close, though. Come close. Hold me while I take his cock. Hold me while my son fucks me so deep!”

Donny was still crouching at the corner of the bed, holding his mother’s legs out wide and he began driving deeper. It was amazing to watch the length of him slowly inching all the way in her body. Her tummy rose and fell as it was filled again and again with his massive penis.

“Oh yes! Oh baby! You are so deep!”

“Are you ready for it?” he asked her. She said she was. He moved very slowly, filling her with the last few inches of his cock. He was now completely in her.

“Oh sweetheart”, she gasped, “you’re all the way in me! In my womb. You’re back in my womb!”

He must have been. bostancı escort With his entire length up his mother’s vagina, he had to be all the way in her womb. No wonder he made the last few inches go so carefully.

“Oh Steven! I am so filled up with wonderful, thick hard cock! My son’s cock is so wonderful in me. Oh Donny, fill me! Fill me up with your warm sperm! Plant your potent seed deep inside my womb!”

I was kneeling by Kat’s head, gently kneading her big breasts, just watching the incredible display. Donny was gently moving just the last inch, in and out. Her hand reached up and found my raging erection. “Oh yes, cock. Give me cock. I want your cock!” I scooted forward to allow her lips to find my hard cock again. She held me to her mouth and kissed and licked the length of me. “Mmmmmm, fuck your mother. Yes, fuck your mother, sweetie. Oh your cock! Fuck your mother’s sweet vagina!”

“Oh lover! Steven, your cock tastes so good. So sweet, so salty. Oh Donny, come share! Fuck your mother and come share with me”. I took hold of Kat’s feet from him and Donny leaned down and began to lick my length with his mom. They took turns sucking on me as Donny kept up the slow even thrusting. “Oh Donny, yes! Suck your lover’s cock. I love your lover’s cock! Fill me with your sperm, baby!”

I moved a bit so that Kat could lick my balls and I held Donny’s head while he took me deeply as I thrust into his mouth. “Mmmm yes baby! I’ve always wanted to watch you sucking cock! You are so beautiful, so sexy, sucking cock. Fill me! Fill me! Shoot it in me. Pour your love into my womb!!” That was it for me. I began to shoot into Donny’s mouth. The instant he tasted me on his tongue, he lost it and began shooting into his mother! He was moaning and swallowing and crying around my cock as Kat began to howl as the scalding seed entered her womb.

Donny released me and stood upright again, gasping and lurching, without thrusting his cock. He just held it in his mother and his body ejaculated inside her. The noise from the three of us was deafening as we all climaxed together. I looked down to see sperm squeezing out all around Donny’s huge shaft. I climbed off the bed and knelt at his side, looking closely at the spectacle of his enormous shaft buried to the hilt in is mothers over-stretched pussy lips.

Donny began a slow withdrawal, his cock white with foamy cum and pussy juice. From behind I reached between his legs and caressed his huge balls as I leaned in and tasted their combine juices. There was a slight hesitation and a brief gasp from Kat as the head withdrew from her cervix, I guessed. I continued to tickle his balls as I lapped at both of them. Donny then began to fuck her with the original third of his cock. When he finally withdrew completely, A huge glob of cum poured out of her gash. I moved in and began to lick out the remaining cum that continued to flow. Kat just kept up a running, “Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Oh fuck!”

I was on my hands and knees, continuing to drink cum from her pussy. Donny knelt down behind me, reached around and brought his soggy cock up between my legs and held our penises together and he thrust against me. “Oh I love you! I love you guys! I love you mom! I love you Steven. I love you both so much!” He was kissing the back of my neck as he rambled on deliriously.

Kat got up on her elbows, which pushed more cum into my mouth. She was grinning wide, looking like she had just been fucked so hard, her hair was in disarray, her nipples red and raw from the abuse. “Come here my lovelies! Come to me. Come sleep with me.” We got shakily to our feet and she scooted back into her big bed. “Come lay here with me. Come sleep nude in my arms, my beautiful boys!”

We crawled in on either side, still enamored of caressing her big breasts, and fell almost instantly into a deep sleep, entwined, like lovers.

To be continued …

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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