Dream Come True

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My name is Taylor. I always had the same dream. My twin sister Makayla and I finally got what we had wanted for so long, and fucked our daddy. He would ride us for hours until finally cumming on our faces, and I would wake up, my pussy soaked. Then I’d go to school and think about it all day. It was an endless cycle.

Our mother left our daddy when we were twelve, about five and a half years ago, and he’d raised us alone ever since. She was an idiot for leaving a man as clever, kind, and sexy as him. I didn’t understand why she did it…

Anyway, Makayla and I often fantasized about our daddy, sometimes masturbating together, but we’d never had sex, with each other, or any other boy. But when we were seniors, our long dream finally came true.

We had just come home from school, and we saw our daddy working out in the garage. He was a very strong man, and was benching about 300 lbs.

“Wow, daddy,” Makayla said, “you’re really strong.” Makayla was wearing a sleeveless blue top and jean shorts that hugged her hot ass very tightly. Her top showed off her small, perfect 26B tits.

Daddy grunted and set the bar back on the bench. He was wearing bicycle shorts and no shirt. His muscles gleamed with sweat and he panted us a hello.

I walked over and pressed the button, closing the garage door. Makayla and I has gone over this plan at least twenty times that day, and we were ready. We walked daddy back inside and I got him some water. He said thanks and drank it quickly.

“Hey daddy?” I said slyly, “Now that I’m 18, I was thinking about getting some breast implants.” I gestured at my small but firm titties.

“No daughter of mine will ever get any form of plastic surgery!” he said strictly. “Besides, it’s not like you need implants.” He blushed very soon after saying that, and left the room. Makayla and I followed him, our chocolate brown hair sweeping behind us.

“I don’t know daddy.” kaynarca şişman escort Makayla said. “Taylor might be right. I mean, look.” She started rubbing my tits with both hands. “They seem pretty small to me.”

Daddy moaned quietly, and I could see a slight bulge coming from his bike shorts.

“You’re one to talk.” I told Makayla. “Yours are smaller than mine.” I said as I fondled hers in return.

Daddy moaned a bit louder and said, “Girls, stop this right now.” But we had him right where we wanted him. I tore at Makayla’s shirt, ripping it and exposing her bra. She cried out and did the same to mine. We started “wrestling” on the floor, and deliberately undid each others’ bras in the process. Our bare tits bounced around slightly as we groped each other.

“Girls!” Daddy shouted. We stopped and looked over at him. His bulge was now huge as he stared at our slim bodies. “I want you to…” But he never got a chance to finish, I reached over, pulled down his shorts, exposing his large, beautiful cock, and popped it in my mouth.

Daddy groaned like I’d never believed he would. I felt his hands on the back of my head, and thought he was going to make me stop. Disappointed, I was ready to give up when he pulled my mouth toward him, wrapping my mouth completely around his dick, all the way to the base.

I gagged as my throat stretched, and I had tears in my eyes, but I finally had what I wanted, and wasn’t about to give it up. I vigorously started working his shaft with my mouth, savoring the flavor of his large manhood. I could barely contain it. I swear it was at least 7″ long.

Behind me, I heard Makayla unzipping her shorts. She came up behind me and played with my tits. Daddy looked at his twin girls lovingly, and with something new. Lust. He took his cock out of my mouth and I pouted.

“It’s Makayla’s turn.” He told me. So I let my sister take over kurtköy escort and I undid my pants and pulled down my panties. I sat there and watched them, my pussy growing wetter and wetter until I had to finger it. I moaned and moaned for what seemed like an eternity. Finally, at long last, Makayla was done sucking. Daddy looked satisfied with us. But he hadn’t cum yet and I wasn’t anywhere near done with him. I pushed him down on his bed, took his cock, rubbed it on my pussy, and shoved it in forcefully.

I was in heaven. The pain was delicious. It made me even hornier, and pleasure soon overtook it. I fucked him cowgirl style, loving the feeling of his enormous cock sliding in and out of my soaking wet pussy. Something incredible happened inside me. Pleasure overtook me completely and I screamed.

“Oh my God daddy! Fuck me! Fuck your little girl! Make me cum!” I kept screaming until I could barely breathe. Daddy hadn’t cum yet, so I got off his cock and let Makayla enjoy his cock. She gasped as it slid into her. She leaned forward so her ass was sticking out, and she kissed daddy on the lips. Their tongues danced across each other. I stared in awe as daddy’s dick slid out of Makayla’s pussy and slammed back into it. She gasped every time he did it.

“Oh my fucking god! Fucking cum in me daddy! Give it to me! I want to milk all your cum out of you! Uhh! Oh God! Ahhhh!” Daddy thrust in her one last time and groaned loudly. Makayla screamed and cum flooded her pussy. She slumped over daddy, her body spent of all its energy. But I still had one more fantasy to live before I could be satisfied. Grabbing her by her tits, I moved Makayla over to the bed, her back on it, and her legs hanging off. I took her legs and slung them over my shoulders. I stared at her pussy, just inches away from my face, and dove in.

I licked and slurped at her slit and she moaned with pleasure every time I tongued kurtköy escort bayan it. She started to convulse and I had to grab her legs to keep her from thrashing. Daddy held her arms down as she bucked and squirmed, screaming all the while. My twin sister tasted delicious. Her moist cunt tasted slightly of sweat, but it smelled like the melon body wash we use. I kept digging inside her until I got what I wanted. My daddy’s cum. Excited, I dove my tongue inside her and ate our daddy’s cum out of my sister’s pussy. The taste of cum mixed with pussy was by far the most delicious thing I’d ever tasted. I continued to tongue fuck her for about five more minutes until I was sure I’d gotten it all.

Makayla was absolutely spent. She passed out from sexual exhaustion. I walked over to Daddy and sucked his tongue. Then I walked back to his bed, leaned down on it, my body bent over, but still standing up, reached back, and spread my ass, revealing my small little hole.

“Oh Daddy,” I sang, “I’ve got something new for you.” An excited glimmer flashed across his eyes and he walked over. He drooled on my asshole, rubbed spit onto his gorgeous cock, and shoved it in my ass. It felt fantastic. I felt the walls of my anus stretching, even more than my throat did, and enjoyed him slamming into my ass.

“Daddy! Spank me! Spank me!” I begged, “Make me your anal cumslut! You can do anything you want if you spank me!” He bowed to my wishes and hit my ass, hard. I cried out with pleasure and begged him to do it again. He hit my ass over and over again. It turned pink, then bright red. I could still feel his huge cock sliding in and out of my asshole. He groaned, slid it out, and moved me over next to Makayla, so our faces were touching. She was still passed out, but I licked her lips sexily while staring at Daddy’s eyes. He was jacking off furiously, and groaned loudly. His cum shot all over our faces, hitting my lips, cheeks, and neck. I looked over at Makayla and licked all of it off my sister’s face. I then opened my mouth, full of cum, and stared Daddy in the eye as I swallowed.

So that was the first time I lived my dream. Now, five years later, I still continue to live that dream with my Daddy and my sexy twin sister.

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