Dreams of Paula Ch. 2

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Carole smiled, despite her sadness, as she recalled that first night of love. She lay back on her bed slowly stroking herself as she recalled what had happened the following morning.

Lying propped on one elbow, Carole gazed down at Paula as she slept. She looked so peaceful, so serene, that one would never have guessed at the passion that lay beneath the surface. She stirred slightly and as she did the sheet fell away to reveal one breast. Carole wondered at the beauty of it, firm, creamy white, capped with a dark red nipple surrounded by the puckered flesh of the aureole. Almost mesmerised Carole lowered her head and licked round the nipple, feeling it stiffen against her tongue as she did. Paula opened her eyes, smiled and murmured,

“Oh my! What a wonderful wake up call.”

Paula’s fingers entwined themselves in Carole’s hair and she pulled her head up and kissed her softly on the mouth, her tongue tracing patterns along Carole’s mouth. She reached down and stroked Carole’s cunt, sliding the middle finger deep into her wetness, the thumb pressing against the clit and her forefinger tickling the tight entrance of her arse. Carole moaned against Paula’s mouth and ground her cunt hard against her fingers. She reciprocated the touch, imitating Paula’s fingers with her own and they writhed against each other as they finger fucked each other to a quick, powerful orgasm. As the sensations calmed they lay in each other’s arms, whispering of their love, their desire, their happiness in the mutual discovery.

“Come on, love,” Carole finally said. “We’ve got a busy day.”

They rose, showered together, again touching and kissing, again mutually masturbating each other. It seemed that they could not get enough of the feel of the other’s body, could not satisfy the wanting, the passion, that they felt for each şişli escort other. As they were dressing Carole discovered her ripped dress.

“I can’t wear this!” she laughed. “You’ll have to go to my room and bring me another. And while you’re at it, you better bring some clean undies!”

“Why bother? I dare you to go without!”

Carole found the thought very exciting and accepted the dare. Paula fetched the dress and Carole slipped it on over her naked body. It felt good against her skin and she loved the way it rubbed against her nipples, making them tingle. She felt vulnerable, exposed, sexy. Paula smiled.

“You look so fucking sexy like that!”

“I feel it!”

They had both signed up for different seminars that day and they agreed to meet later in the afternoon and exchange information on the topics covered. With one last, longing kiss they parted and went their separate ways.

Carole found it hard to concentrate during the discussions, conscious as she was of her nakedness beneath her dress. Each time she moved she felt the fabric of her dress rub against her sensitive nipples and she knew that they were hard, probably visible, as they pushed against the material. She caught several of the delegates, both men and women, looking at her, eyeing her up, obviously turned on by the view they had of her nipples and she daringly flashed her thighs as she crossed her legs, wondering just how much she was revealing. She felt so excited by the experience that she felt her cunt start to ooze, the fluid dribbling down the crack of her cheeks into her arse and it was all she could do to restrain herself from touching, rubbing, fingering the hot wetness. She longed for the time when she could be with Paula again, to feel her tongue lashing along the lips of her cunt, drinking her, sucking at her hard, çapa escort throbbing clit, making her come over and over. A low moan escaped and the girl next to her asked,

“Are you OK, hun?”

Carole blushed furiously and stammered out a reply. The girl was small, dark, almost Oriental looking and she smiled reassuringly at Carole. The seats in the hall were small and very close together and Carole could feel the girl’s leg against hers, could feel the heat of her, smelt her heady perfume and again she moaned softly and pressed closer. The girl slid her small, soft hand against Carole’s thigh and smiled again, running her pink tongue suggestively over her lips as she did. She felt the hand slowly inch the dress higher and higher until the fingers were brushing naked flesh. Without a word the girl slid her hand under the hem and up onto the top of Carole’s thigh searching for her mound. Delicately, softly, secretly the fingers found her slit, wet with her juice, stroked the lips, tickled the clit and dipped gently into the depths of her cunt.

Carole could hardly believe this was happening! Here she was, sitting in a crowded hall being felt up by a girl she didn’t know, had never met and would probably never meet again! She couldn’t stand it any more, stood suddenly and left the hall, heading for the safety of the toilets. Once inside she breathed deeply, trying to calm herself, trying to resist the urge to enter a cubicle and masturbate until she orgasmed her tension away. She stood in front of the mirror breathing slowly, gradually coming down from the height of passion she had just reached, when the door swung open and there stood the young girl who had caused the whole thing! She moved quickly to stand close behind Carole and, again without speaking, reached down and swiftly raised the dress over mecidiyeköy escort Carole’s waist, pushing her hips against her bare arse, pushing her against the coldness of the sink. Her fingers slid along the crack of Carole’s arse and down under till they rested on the slit of her cunt. She pushed hard and Carole opened her legs wide and lowered herself onto the searching fingers. They slid deep inside, first one, then another, finally a third and she was being fucked by a total stranger. Harder and faster they pushed, twirling inside her, scratching at the lining of her aching cunt, driving her higher and higher, the girl’s voice buzzing in her ear as she cursed and swore at Carole, calling her a filthy slut, a perverted whore, all the while grinding herself against her arse until, with a primal scream, Carole released into the most intense orgasm that she had experienced for ever, juice flooding out of her, soaking the girl’s fingers and hand and she, herself, also climaxed with the thrill of it. One final, deep thrust of her fingers and the girl released Carole who slumped forward, barely conscious, breathing raggedly. Still with not a word being spoken the girl fell to her knees and licked the stickiness from Carole’s thighs, from her arse cheeks, from her cunt, cleaning her like a cat cleans its young. Small, trembling, secondary explosions racked Carole’s body until she became aware that the girl had stood and, still in silence, had turned and left.

It took several minutes before Carole regained any sort of composure and was able to repair the damage to her make-up. She left the toilets and returned to the hall but was unable to see the girl anywhere. She suddenly felt so very guilty about what had happened and wondered whether she should confess it to Paula. She agonised for the rest of the day and finally decided that she should. She had the feeling that Paula would understand, would even be excited by the telling of it. She knew that this evening’s lovemaking would reach even higher plains of sensuality and that this was only the beginning of many such sessions.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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