Early Weekend Morning

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Sunlight streaming through the blinds of our bedroom, a quiet weekend morning at last, with me in his arms. I was woken up by his hand stroking my bare thigh, gentle touches from the hem of my panties to my knee. He raises his hand to move my hair, giving him access to my neck. His hand resumed touching my leg and his lips slowly kiss my neck and just behind my ear, I smile a little at his ministrations, not giving away that I’ve woken up.

I feel him press himself behind me closer, his warm chest at my back and his groin against my ass. “Wake up, little one…” he whispers in my ear, trailing another round of kisses on my neck. His wandering hands trails to my stomach, lazily dragging my thin tank top just below my breasts. I shiver and feel him smile against my neck.

His fingers trail up to my breasts, lightly grazing his nails on my nipples and I let out a small gasp, my back arching and my ass pressing on his growing erection. “Are you awake, my love?” he whispers teasingly, I imagine his mischievous smirk as he says it. I nod while slowly moving my ass, grinding on his hardening cock, I hear his breathy groan of approval. “Good morning, little one,” his voice thick with need and sleep.

“Good morn-” my words cut off as he touches my face and angles my head towards him and he kisses me passionately, I moan into his mouth and kiss him back just as deeply. His tongue finding its way inside and touching mine. What a good morning, indeed. He breaks the kiss and continues his teasing.

With a nip on my earlobe he pulls up my tank top, revealing my breasts, and he teases my stiff nipples, I moan his name. He traces up my chest to my lips, I immediately open my mouth and started licking and sucking his two fingers. “Good girl,” he tells me, clearly pleased by my eagerness. He removes his fingers and smears my saliva on my already hard buds, I feel the tightness and cold air on my nipples, making me halo izle move my hips harder against him.

He traces it lower down to my stomach and under my panties, his fingertips grazing my pussy lips, I know he can feel how wet I am now. He teases my opening and I lift my hips, he pushes me back against his crotch and give my pussy a little spank. “Already so wet for me, love,” he groans into my ear, his growly voice makes me even wetter. He removes his hand from my panties and he pulls the top of it, my panties slipping right between my pussy lips, exposing it to the air, I open my legs for him to see. A strong “fuck” escapes his lips.

He continues pulling my panties tight to my cunt and my hips start moving, my clit brushing the lace each time I move. I want more and he knows it. “Tell me what you want,” he said in that commanding tone of his that makes my heart skip a beat, he pushes my panties to the side and let his thick fingers graze my swollen lips.

“I-I want your fi-fingers inside of me…” I breathily moaned out, having a hard time focusing on my answer.

“Where?” he asks, “Where do you want me?” His fingers press on my clit.

“My pussy! Please! Please fuck my needy little pussy with your fingers, Daddy!” I cry out and it was replaced by a loud moan as he pushes a finger inside my tight cunt and starts fucking me with it. He easily slips another one inside, my tight hole slick with my own desire. My body bows as he pushes a third one inside. My thighs clamp on his hand as he finger-fucks me. I called out to him again and again like a prayer.

Just as I feel like I was going to orgasm he pulls out his talented fingers. I almost sobbed at the lost. I hear him lick his fingers, tasting me. I whimper. He sits up and without warning, have flipped me in a position, my front to the bed as he straddles my thighs, pinning my wrists above my head. “I woke up hard and wanting high rise invasion izle my little slut,” he whispers to my ear before trailing kisses down my spine.

“Don’t move,” he commands as he stands up from the bed, he pulls my panties off and I could hear him remove his. I feel he bed dip on my other side and he straddles my thighs again. His thick hard cock snuggled on my ass, I feel him rubbing it on me. He reaches for my top and removed it from me as well.

He takes my hair and pulls it gently so I can turn my head, “I want so badly to taste your sweet little cunt, but I don’t think my cock can take any more waiting,” he ended his sentence with a growl and his hardness rubbing even harder on my ass. I don’t want to wait either. I crave for him, for his cock inside me, stretching me, filling me.

I try to move my hips, wanting him so bad. He chuckles, “So needy for Daddy’s cock, little one.” And I nod eagerly, “Please…” I tell him, neediness colouring my tone as I beg, “Please fuck me, Daddy. Fuck your little slut.” He gently bites the junction between my neck and shoulders, still teasing me with his cock.

“Do you want me inside you?” he asks, his voice aroused and urgent now, “Do you want my hard cock stretching your tight cunt?” I couldn’t do anything but cry out ‘yes’ and ‘please’, begging for him to take me.

When he couldn’t take it anymore he takes my hands and pins it behind me with his larger one. With his other hand he reaches between my legs, I open them as far as I can between his and I feel him guide his cock to my pussy. The tip teasing my entrance as I buck underneath him.

We both moan out loud as he finally enters me, I feel his hand grip mine tighter as he feels my cunt clench around him. “Fuck, how I’ve missed having my cock inside your pretty little pussy,” he exclaimed and I moan in agreement, toys can’t replace the skymed izle feeling of him throbbing hard inside of me, “You’re gripping my dick so tightly.”

He starts moving, each stroke harder than the last, our skin slapping as he fucks me relentlessly with me shouting his name and “Daddy” over and over. “You’re so deep inside me!” I cry, completely delirious with pleasure.

I feel him let go of my hands and he grabs my waist, getting off me as he positions my ass in the air without ever pulling his cock out of me. I move my hands above my head, gripping the sheets as he continues fucking me.

This position have his cock reach even deeper, he knows how much I love being fucked this way. I’m so close now. I feel one os his hand reach under me and starts fingering my clit. My hips pushing back at his strokes. “You like being taken like a slut, little one? Such a good little slut.” His last words emphasized by each hard thrust.

“I’m so close, Daddy!” I cry out, my body shaking, so close to my orgasm. I feel him pull me tighter to him. “Cum on my cock, love!” he growls and my pussy clenches around him as I orgasm, screaming into the pillow, he continues to fuck me until I frel his cock grow thicker inside me and I know he’s close too.

“Cum in me! Cum in my pussy!” I moan, still shaking from my orgasm. And he does, with a loud groan he pumps rope after rope of hot cum inside me. He lays on top of me as we both catch our breath, his hand stroking my hair.

When we finally have enough energy to move he slips out of me, I feel our cum leaking out of my pussy and he groans, “I love seeing you like this.” I get on all fours and look at him with a smile. I reach between my legs and feel the wetness on my fingers and I take it to my mouth and suck on my fingers. “Yum.”

He watches with dark lustful eyes but he smiles, “Naughty girl.” I move to sit up and he reaches out to me and gave me a deep kiss. “Let’s get you cleaned up and then we eat breakfast. Before you seduce me back in bed again.”

I smile against his lips, “I can always seduce you elsewhere.” He gives my ass a light smack, I look up at him with innocent eyes, “What? I can’t help what happens in the shower.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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