Earth Day, Sioux Indian Style Ch. 08

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“You have beautiful tits,” he said again to his girlfriend’s Mom as he reached his hand over and felt her tits again, this time for a much longer duration. “You’re nipples are so big.” Now, his hand was all over her tits, caressing them, feeling them, and pulling at her nipples.

“Well, thank you. You have a beautiful cock,” she said reaching her hand down and wrapping her fingers around it and stroking him to a stiff erection as they walked out the back door.

“Oh, I feel so much better being outside in the night air,” he said.

“Do you want to sit?”

“No, I’d rather stand if you don’t mind. I’d get dizzy all over again if I sat,” he laughed. “My head is still spinning.”

“Just put your head back and take some deep breaths in and relax,” she said.

“What was in the brownie?”


“What’s that?”

“Peyote is the pink flower of the cactus. American Indians have used it for thousands of years for ritual and medicinal use. My relatives back west keep me in good supply. They have a way of freeze drying it and then I grind up what I need, much like a spice or seasoning. I guess we are used to its effects,” she said laughing. “The first time you use it bites you the worst. We were given Peyote once we were of age and needed to see our vision. It’s not a sexual drug, but if that is the last thing on your mind before you take it, it can be deemed an aid to heighten your sexual pleasure.”

Suddenly, a head popped up over the hedge next door.

“Hello Sharon. Nice tits.”

“Hello Brian. Thank you. I bet you wish you could feel them and suck them.”

“Celebrating Earth Day again, Sharon, I see?” He ignored her statement and leered at her naked body.

“Yes, we are, Brian and if you weren’t such a shit for a neighbor, we’d have you over to celebrate with us.”

“Thank you, no. Nice tits, though, Sharon.”

“Well, thank you, again, Brian,” she said with a laugh. “I bet you’d like to feel them while I sucked your cock,” she said again pushing his buttons. Only, this time it worked. This time he was angry. It was obvious, even in my drug induced state that he was sexually frustrated and was obviously taking out the frustration on her.

“You and your whole family are perverts and this Earth Day celebration thing, whatever it is, is all just an excuse for an incestuous orgy if you ask me,” said her nosy neighbor. “You people are all going straight to Hell. Yeah, that’s where you’re going, straight to Hell. You’re nothing but a bunch of sexual savages if you ask me. Further, if you ask me—”

“Well, no one asked you, Brian. Maybe you should mind you own business before my husband scalps you, ties you to the totem pole, and skins you alive before setting your fat body on fire.”

His head popped back down and he disappeared somewhere behind the hedges.

“Who was that?”

“Oh, that’s just my nosy neighbor, Brian Moon. We call him Full Moon, that’s our Indian name for him because he’s so loony. He’s always spying on me hoping to see me naked. I see him at the window with his binoculars all the time. He pretends he’s looking at birds, but the only birds that interest him are me and my daughters.”

“Well, I think he succeeded in seeing you naked this time, Sharon,” he said staring down at her tits and her furry pussy.

“I guess he did,” she said looking down at her tits and laughing. “Many of our neighbors have seen me and my family naked form time to time. We’re used to it. Nakedness doesn’t mean to us what it means to others.”

It was surreal that he was standing naked in front of his girlfriend’s mother while she sat in a lawn chair staring at my cock. He was so excited seeing his girlfriend’s mother naked and having her see him naked that he still had a huge erection. She was at the exact height with his cock that if she leaned forward, she could blow him.

‘My cock is so close to her mouth that I wish she’d blow me.’

As soon as he thought that, he felt bad.

‘God, what a terrible thing to think about my girlfriend’s mother, I’m such a degenerate. How could I think that about her? How could I ruin their Earth Day by having sexual thoughts?’

The more that he tried not to think sexually about Sharon, the more he thought about her ass, tits, and pussy. I mean, they were right there not two feet away from his horny hands.

Then, when she moved her chair closer to him, it took him a moment to realize that she had her hand wrapped around his cock. He looked down and she was staring at his erect cock while stroking him. Boy did that feel good. Now, to him, this was a sexual thing but to these native Indians, being naked had something to do with reliving the life of their ancestors and bonding with the Earth. Whatever? He was just happy that she was giving him a hand job; I mean a stroke of nature.

He felt incredible to have her touching him sexually, I mean, naturally like that and the head of his cock was only inches away from her mouth. He touched her hair, moving a strand silivri escort away from her eye, and felt her cheek with his fingertips. As were her daughters, she truly was a beautiful woman and if Lisa was to look anything like she looked twenty years from now, wow was all he could say.

He imagined her blowing him. Only, she said before that he shouldn’t think that Earth Day had anything to do with sex, but instead with bonding with the earth. Whatever? She had her hand wrapped around his cock and was gently stroking him. How is that not sexual? How is that bonding with the Earth? This peyote made his mind repeat his thoughts. Everything was surreal. It all seemed so real and so unreal at the same time, surreal.

He tried to think of this as a more mature adult would and tried focusing on the natural phenomenon of life. Yeah, maybe that’s what she meant. Only, he had such a huge erection and all he could think of was Lisa, Ellen, and Sharon naked. All he could think of were asses, tits, and pussies.

Then, he couldn’t believe it when she leaned forward in her chair and took his cock in her mouth. She was blowing him. I mean, of course, that she wasn’t blowing him but bonding with him naturally. It was weird. It was surreal. To him, it didn’t feel like a sexual act at first, if felt more loving, but the fact of the matter was that she was blowing him.

He looked down. Yep, she’s sucking his cock, alright. He reached down and caressed her tits and fingered her nipples while he used the fingers of his other hand to touch and feel her lips wrapped around his cock. When he closed his eyes and touched her lips in that way, it made him more sexually excited thinking of her sucking him off.

God damn she gave him such a fine blowjob at that, too. He watched her cup his balls with her hand as she gently stroked him with her other hand. Her lips were wrapped around his cock while her tongue licked the head of it. It was exciting to watch his girlfriend’s mother blow him while he fondled her tits and just like Lisa, she had spectacular tits. Her nipples were so hard and he loved pulling them and twisting them as she blew him. He could tell that she enjoyed it when he toyed with her nipples like that.

“Happy Earth Day,” he said as he rested his hand on the back of her head while his other hand fondled her hanging tit.

Slowly, he started humping her mouth until he was fucking her mouth while pushing her head forward with his hand. I mean, he was really fucking her mouth, slamming his cock deeper and deeper inside until she took it all in. The sight and feeling of her sucking his cock was incredible. He felt himself getting ready to cum. He couldn’t wait to shoot his load in her mouth. He couldn’t wait for his girlfriend’s mother, possibly his future mother-in-law, to swallow his load.

“Should I light the grille, Honey?” He was startled to see her husband standing next to her watching his wife blow him. Her husband smiled at him as he patted her on the back. “I’m glad to see you enjoying yourself with our special guest on this lovely Earth Day, Honey.”

“Why don’t we wait,” she said removing his cock from her mouth to speak as she continued stroking him before reinserting it in her mouth again, “I want to get better acquainted with our special guest before we eat. I’m almost done here. I can feel him getting ready to cum in my mouth.”

“Oh, okay, I’m going to celebrate Earth Day with Ellen, then. I haven’t spent any quality time with her, yet. I’m sorry for the interruption.”

Now that Freddie knew what was in that brownie, he realized why he was as high as a kite. He reached his hand down and cupped her tits while fingering her nipples. Her tits were as big as they were firm and they felt wonderful in his hand. Touching her tits, his girlfriend’s mothers tits, made him so very excited.

He was close to cumming. He could feel it welling up. He could feel balls tighten and his cock getting ready to erupt and explode his milky white, warm liquid in her mouth and down her throat. She could feel it, too, he imagined as she quickened her stroking and started making those cocksucking slurping sounds that all we guys love to hear when getting a blowjob.

It didn’t take him long to cum in her mouth. I mean, really, c’mon, his girlfriend’s mom was sucking his cock and she was a real MILF. Only, just as she released his cock from her mouth, he exploded a second huge load all over her face. Literally, he gave her a cum bath. She had cum hanging from her eye lashes, nose, and lips. Never had he cummed so much. She milked him dry with that blowjob.

“Well, that was amazing,” she said. “I really enjoyed celebrating Earth Day with you. My daughter is a lucky girl. I hope to look forward to many more Earth Day celebrations with you as part of our family.”

“Well, thank you, Sharon. I’d love it if you were my mother-in-law one day. I couldn’t think of having a better mother-in-law than you.” ‘Having a mother-in-law şirinevler escort with benefits was definitely a bonus,’ I thought.

“Let’s go back inside,” she said wiping cum from her lip with her finger and licking it. “They’re probably looking for us.”

As soon as they entered the kitchen he saw Lisa’s dad boning his daughter Ellen doggy style over the kitchen sink. Ellen was very vocal. He stood there with Sharon watching her husband humping Ellen so hard that her tits were bouncing off her breast plate and making a slapping sound. She had small A cup breasts, but they were big enough to make such an erotically exciting little noise.

“Fuck me, Daddy, fuck me. Stick that big cock in my pussy. Hump me harder, Daddy. Squeeze my tits. Pull and twist my nipples. I can’t wait to blow you, again, Daddy. I just love your big, hairy cock, Daddy. I can’t wait to swallow every drop of your cum when you cum in my mouth.”

Damn, the sexy bitch loves to talk dirty. Just listening to her being so vocal was very arousing. She made him wish that he could celebrate Earth Day with her, too.

“Happy Earth Day,” she said looking over at us. Ellen looked down at his cock and ran her tongue over her lips. “Did you two have a good time?”

“Oh, yes,” said her mother. “I think I straightened him out,” she said with a chuckle “and I got some protein, too. Matter of fact, he squirted quite a load all over my face. He gave me quite the cum bath. It’s great for my complexion, though,” she said laughing while rubbing her checks with residual cum that dotted her face. He’s feeling much better now, we both are.”

“Isn’t she a great cocksucker,” her husband said winking at him. “Do you want sloppy seconds when I’m done with my daughter?”

“Oh, uhm, yeah, maybe later,” he said watching him humping Ellen and watching her tits bounce off her chest from the hard action of his humping, “uhm, I’m going to have another brownie, I think.”

When Freddie walked in the living room, Lisa was on her knees between her brother’s legs. At first he didn’t know what she was doing. He thought there was something wrong. Mark’s face was so flushed that he thought her brother was hurt.

Still a bit out of it from the Peyote in the brownies and still enjoying the afterglow of receiving an incredible blowjob from her mother, he sat in the chair diagonally from them. As soon as he took a big bite of another brownie, his second or third or fourth, he lost count, the room started circling his head again. Then, he realized that she was blowing her brother. He couldn’t believe she was sucking his cock.

Oh, my God, Lisa, his shy and modest girlfriend, a woman who has not given him sex yet, was sucking off her brother. From what he could see, this wasn’t the first cock she had in her mouth and this wasn’t the first time she had sucked her brother off.

He ate his brownie while watching them. From his angle he had a good view of the action. Like mother like daughter, Lisa proved to be quite the cocksucker. He watched her head bobbing up and down, as he listened to the cocksucking sounds she made. The whole thing was so very excitingly erotic.

The action of her blowing her brother made him look forward to her sucking his cock. She’d only given him a two fingered hand job, so far, but now, after this, ahem, Earth Day celebration, he now expected oh so much more from her and from her mother and sister, too, no doubt.

“Happy Earth Day,” her brother said giving him the two thumbs up sign.

“Happy Earth Day to you, too,” said Freddie giving him a thumbs up sign in return.

He watched as her brother played with his sister’s tits. It was surreal watching Lisa give another guy a blowjob, especially with the other guy being her brother. She had her little hand tightly wrapped around his cock stroking him faster and faster, as she sucked his big prick. She was making all the good noises that guys love to hear when they are getting blown. Her cocksucking noises were turning him on so much so that he wished she was sucking his cock instead. He watched as her brother placed a hand on the back of her head and toyed with her lush dark brown, nearly black hair.

“That feels so good, Sis. Only can your stroke me just a little faster. I’m getting ready to cum.”

“Yeah, well, easy with my nipples, though,” she said pulling his cock from her mouth to speak. “They’re sensitive. I’m getting my period,” she said pulling his cock out of her mouth to speak again, “and don’t cum in my mouth like you did the last time. I told you that you can cum on my tits, but not in my mouth. I’m saving my mouth for Freddie.”

‘Damn,’ thought Freddie, ‘I guess I’m next and I can cum in her mouth. I wonder if she swallows. Well, from the blowjob she’s giving her brother, I can safely assume that she swallows. Only after the blowjob her mother gave me, there’s not very much cum left.’

“Okay, I’ll let you know when I’m about to cum, Sis. I promise not şişli escort to cum in your mouth,” he said looking over at Freddie and giving him a wink. Again, Freddie still out of it gave him another thumbs up sign and Mark returned with his thumbs up sign.

As soon as he said that, he pushed her head forward, winked again at Freddie, and let go of a full load of cum in his sister’s mouth. She pulled away finally freeing herself from his hold and standing up. He watched as she spit out his cock from her mouth just as he let go another spurt of cum that exploded across her eyes and nose. Just as Freddie had given Sharon a cum bath, Mark gave his sister a cum bath. She had cum dripping from her nose and lips.

“I asked you not to cum in my mouth, you little pervert.”

“I’m sorry, Sis, but a guy can’t stop that in mid ejaculation. I’ll make it up to you when we celebrate Earth Day later in bed and I’m eating your pussy.”

“I’m going to get cleaned up,” said Lisa heading off to the bathroom.

Sharon entered the room and pulled Freddie up by the hand, again.

“Come with me big boy. I need to bond with the Earth, again. I need to celebrate nature. I need to feel your big cock inside my wet pussy. Happy Earth Day,” she said smiling.

She led him to the bedroom and fell back upon the bed pulling him on top of her. She giggled like a school girl before taking his face in her hands and giving him a big wet one.

Never had he kissed an older woman. Never had he kissed the mother of any of his girlfriends. As soon as he thought that, he felt her tongue part his lips and they were French kissing. They were making out like horny teenagers in the back seat of a Rambler while not watching the movie at the drive-in.

He felt her hand reach down for his cock. She pulled him on top of her, inserted his stiff prick in her wet pussy, and humped him until he was fully inserted. Then, she rolled him over and started fucking him, really fucking him.

It was surreal to see his girlfriend’s mom sitting on his cock as he watched her tits bouncing up and down and side to side. He reached up and squeezed her big tits, as he pinched and pulled her nipples. She was a good lover. Only, he hadn’t even made love to his girlfriend, yet, and here he was making love to his girlfriend’s mom.

Come to think of it, his girlfriend’s mom blew him before his girlfriend and his girlfriend’s brother came off in his girlfriend’s mouth before he did. And judging by their conversation, that wasn’t their first time. Apparently, they had celebrated other Earth Day’s together.

After fifteen minutes of humping, he felt her tighten. She threw her head back and had a quivering orgasm. At first, she scared him. He thought she was having a seizure.

“Are you done with him,” said Ellen entering the bedroom and closing the door behind her.

“I am for the time being,” said Sharon, “but I need to bond with him again, later. There’s a full moon tonight. Right now, I need a cigarette and another brownie.”

“Come here, big boy,” said Ellen. She fell between his legs and licked off her mother’s juices from his still stiff cock. “I need to make you nice and hard again so that you can give me what you gave my mom. Happy Earth Day,” she said with a laugh.

She was a very pretty girl with nice A cup tits, an incredible ass, and a shaved pussy. He had a difficult time with the concept that he was having sloppy seconds with my girlfriend’s sister after her father had just fucked her. Man, these Indians know how to party, I mean, celebrate Earth Day. These Native Americans are insatiable, I mean, party animals.

No sooner has she started sucking his cock when the bedroom door burst open. Ellen removed his cock from her mouth and turned her head towards the door.


She bolted up from me to give her naked Grandma a hug.

“Hi Ellen, sweetie. Go celebrate Earth Day with Grandpa while I celebrate Earth Day with Lisa’s boyfriend.” She winked at her granddaughter. “Your grandfather has been looking forward to receiving another one of your special blowjobs that you gave him last year. She looked down at me and stared at my cock. “I can see that you’re happy to see Grandma. Just let me take out my partial plate so that I can give your cock a proper gum job.”

Suddenly, my office door burst open and my angry wife walked in the room and caught me.

“Jimmy! What the Hell are you doing?”

“What? I, uhm, was reading some poetry online.”

“Poetry my ass! You were reading dirty stories on Literotica again, weren’t you?”

“They have poetry, too, and not all their stories are dirty.”

“You’re naked you big pervert and our guests have arrived. My mother and sisters are here. My cousins and friends will be here soon, too. The entire Local League of Women’s Voters will be here any minute and you’re hanging around in your birthday suit while jerking off.

“I, uhm, I’m sorry.”

“You were reading and jerking off to another one of Bostonfictionwriter’s stories, weren’t you?”


“Go put on some clothes on, now, before someone sees you and hurry back downstairs. I need you to chop nuts. I’m making brownies for our Earth Day celebration party.”

As soon as she said she was making brownies for the Earth Day celebration party, he had an idea.

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