Erika: A Young Woman: Lessons Ch. 04

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To get the most out of this tale, I suggest you read its predecessors: in particular, the first of the series, Erika, ..Part 1. It is important to understand how this relationship developed, and how naïve Erika was when it all began.


I had brought with me a Thai takeaway, spicy but not too hot – and two DVDs, likewise. In fact, one was more edgy than the other, about which more later. I also brought flowers. On this hot and still Wednesday evening, the light still strong, I knocked on the door of Erika’s unit. It struck me as funny how this place had become so familiar to me when I had not even seen it a month ago. Erika opened the door with a swish. She looked fresh and young in a soft sarong-style dress she had picked up on her travels. I caught a whiff of something like incense and sure enough there were scented candles burning in the flat, and only a couple of lamps on. The light inside was refreshingly dim and cool after the harsh light of the outdoors.

Some cool jazz was playing, and we kissed softly, like two people who are now taking time for their love, still hungry but not scared that it might suddenly evaporate. I felt her curves through the soft fabric of her dress. No bra, just panties. Erection time.

We talked about her week and work and other things as I laid out our meal on her little table. We were very relaxed together now, friends and lovers. We held hands, teased, kissed often. I complimented her often on how lovely she looked – and truly I felt she was growing more lovely as our connection grew deeper.

“Oh, I know what you are after,” she teased. “Men are all the same, all after one thing!”

“And on what extensive list of men are you basing that generalisation?” I countered. I knew now that I could tease her about her lack of lovers, maybe even refer to her until-recently virginity, because she was now comfortably a sexual woman, confident in her sensuality.

Erika punched my arm and we kissed again, playing games with tongue and mouths.

We cleaned up after the meal and had more wine.

“Now, what little treat have you selected for my education?” she asked.

I produced the two DVDs and showed her. “Naughty Tales in Medieval Times and Captivated.” She read the blurbs with interest, as if they were Academy Award winners, then laughed. I knew which she would choose.

“Well, I think this is not really my scene,” she said, putting down “Captivated”, with its pics of a blindfolded, restrained young woman.

“That’s OK,” I said cheekily. “Whatever turns the lady on.”

She turned the other one over and over. I suspected this may have been her first X-rated movie, but one never knows. “OK, let’s see what they did in medieval times,” she laughed.

I made lots of excuses as I slipped it into her DVD player.

“Get ready for the worst ham acting you’ve ever seen,” I said. “And corny dialogue too! These are not meant to be taken as literary masterpieces.”

We sat together on the couch and she slipped off her sandals and pulled her legs up beside her. Her head settled into my chest, and my arm draped around her shoulders.

The action was set in medieval times, but that was just a device to frame the sexual action around. Soon the young maiden was naked and the knight with the impossibly long tool (Erika gasped in amazement at that and was full of questions about penis sizes) was bahis firmaları being sucked off, having come back unexpectedly from the Crusades.

“We can afford to fast-forward some of this,” I said, “These guys must have some sort of injection to make them last half an hour for these shots. No-one could stand that sort of sucking-off without coming soon.” She looked with new interest as the actress gobbled and licked and gobbled and licked and groaned, and the cock remained rigid and un-spurting. After a minute or so, I did in fact put it on super-fast-forward, stopping just as the spurt of semen came out over the young “maiden”. I was sure that the first time she had actually seen a cum-shot, as she had never seen my cum. She watched it avidly.

There was some laughable dialogue before the knight got his urges again and whispered something in the maiden’s ear.

“He’s telling her he wants to do it doggie-style,” I explained

“What’s that?” said Erika, genuinely a little shocked. I could tell she had images of two dogs together.

“It’s one of the most popular positions, and we have already done it, my dear” I said as the two on screen set themselves up, almost on cue. “The guy enters the woman’s pussy from behind, kneeling. It’s great because it allows a deep penetration and strong sensations for both partners.” I teased, as a look passed over Erika’s face, event though I had already doggied her. “Watch.”

And she watched with interest as the knight rammed his massive tool in and out, yet the maiden kept telling him to “fuck harder, sir knight…oooh, push it deeper, my love.” I kissed Erika’s cheek as she kept her eyes glued to the screen.

I was about to suggest again that we fast-forward through the next ten minutes of pussy-thumping, when the phone rang. Bugger! Our love-action interrupted, I thought. I looked at Erika for two or three rings, but I knew that, like most women she could not ignore a phone’s ring. As she got up to answer it, I paused the DVD and thought I would use the interruption to go to the toilet. The wine was making itself known to my penis.

As I stood in the little bathroom, I had to concentrate on something else to get my erection to subside. A guy can’t piss if he has a hard-on. So I thought of hardware and furniture projects with some difficulty and eventually the hard-on went down enough to allow me to piss. In the meantime, I could hear Erika on the phone, and the fact that she was not inputting much led me to assume that it was her mother on the phone. Double-bugger! This could be a long phone call, I thought.

Sure enough, as I came back to the lounge room, Erika was deliberately saying, “Yes, mum…Ok, mum..” looking me in the eyes to make sure I got the message. I nodded and sat down on the lounge, the action onscreen frozen in front of me, one huge penis half-way out of a very receptive pussy.

After a minute or two, I could not stand it any longer. I stood behind Erika and kissed her bare shoulder. She let me do it, still keeping up her “Yes, Mum” at regular intervals. Then she said something surprising, again more for my benefit than her mother’s.

“What was that? Brian was looking what? Tired?” she said, teasing me. She knew that that would have been because of our marathon shower knee-trembler the other day! But she said, “Perhaps Sara is keeping him busy…putting up shelves,” she kaçak iddaa said, teasing me further, an arch look in her eyes. I shook my head vigorously and pointed at her, then at my penis, then feigned exhaustion. She bit her tongue to stifle the giggle that was about to come out.

“Well, she said, you need to tell him to take more care of himself. He’s not young, he may be wearing himself out,” she teased. If her mother only knew what was going on at the other end of the phone, she would have died of shock!

I decided to counter-attack. I got behind Erika again and kissed her shoulder, then took hold of the sarong and untied it. Erika tried to wiggle away and grab the sarong before it fell, but she would have dropped the phone in doing so. So she was left with one arm trying to preserve “modesty” (strange given what we had been about to do) and the other keeping mum to her ear. It was as if she was afraid to be naked while talking to her mother.

“Yes, Mum,” she said “I hear you.” I knew that this was one of those repeated mother-daughter conversations. “I will.” “It’s just that I don’t get to meet any young guys at work and I don’t know none of my girlfriends knows any eligible guys…” She looked archly at me again. I made a grab for her pussy, and she pushed me away. She was starting to puff from her exertions, and mum may have wondered what she was up to “Oh, I am just doing some exercises, Mum. I’m keeping fit for Mr Right!” She gave me an ambiguous look.

This time, I grabbed at her breast with one hand and held her with the other. She wriggled, but could not escape me because of the phone. I held her and played with her tits. The nipples I knew were very sensitive, especially the left, so I teased that one and it became quickly erect. She got that faraway look in her eye, and I knew I had her attention. She became more monosyllabic with her mother:

“Yes, m…OK….mm…m…alright mum…”

I moved my hand to her pussy, outside her panties. She took a breath in, and bit her lip again. This would be interesting, I thought. But she managed to make her excuses with mother, telling her she had food cooking and she had to get it off the stove, but she would get back to her the next night. It was a real effort to get that out, because by then my finger had found her clitoris and she was opening her legs to let me take off her panties. I wondered how her mother could not hear the sex in Erika’s voice, that catch, that breathlessness when a woman has lost it.

Anyway, Erika got the phone down and turned her head up dreamily to kiss me with an open and yielding mouth, mirroring her other lips down lower, which were yielding to my finger. We kissed hungrily while she pumped my finger, her pussy hard on my hand. Soon she was cumming quick and hard, twisting and turning and kissing me. We collapsed on the couch. When she got her breath back, she chastised me.

“Oh, we are naughty!” she said. “You almost made me give the game away, dear,” she said, as she wagged a finger at me. “Just imagine what my poor mother would have done if she knew you were there, with your hands all over me! She would kill me! And you, too, you dirty old man!” When she said this last bit, she grabbed my hard prick and kissed its end, just to make sure I knew she was joking.

I decided that while her pussy was wet, we should move to the next lesson:

“Honey, we’ve watched kaçak bahis enough of this DVD: shy don’t we put into action what we have seen?”

“You mean, doggies?” she said, giving me a quick kiss. “But I am afraid of your big thing pounding in me like that knight,” she said, grabbing it again and squeezing it. “I’m not sure that my little girl is ready for that yet..”

“Nonsense,” I said, playing with her tit. “Mine’s not huge like that knight of the crusades! You can easily make room for a medium-sized one like mine. Besides, you’re nice and wet now: he’ll slip in without you noticing.”

She giggled and knelt on the floor in submission. I said “Not here, lover.” and pulled her to her feet. I took her into her bedroom and showed her how to kneel on the bed so that her bum was at a level with my cock, now begging for urgent action.

She turned to me and said, only half-joking, “Be gentle, my old knight.” I played with her first, with my finger and thumb, keeping her wet, then I positioned myself and slowly fed my cock into her pussy. I made encouraging noises. She relaxed slowly. Soon I couldn’t exert any more control. The sight and feel of her naked young rear had me wild with excitement, and I started thrusting. At first she grunted, and fell forward a bit on her arms, but she pushed herself back up and soon she was holding firm, welcoming my cock. “Oh baby,” I said “That – feels so — good”. She grunted in response. I stroked her flanks. I leant under and played with her nipples as they hung down. Soon she was even pushing back at me a bit.

“Oh Brian, fuck me.. fuck me hard darling…oh yeah…oh darling,” she started, and I was in heaven. I stroked her smooth little arse again and tentatively started playing with her arse-button. She pretended to ignore it, trusting that I wouldn’t harm her. I pressed lightly on it and it soon opened a little, but I thought I wouldn’t press my luck. She may well have accepted some arse play, and I was pretty sure I could have got my thumb in there, but I didn’t want to put her off while things were going so well. Maybe later, I thought. In any case, I came very quickly, spurting into her wet opening.

She seemed to want me to keep going, so I kept thrusting with a half-rigid prick, hoping she would cum soon. And she did, pressing hard against me, clenching my cock with her vagina muscles, twisting again, and crying out my name. We sort of tumbled in a heap. I was wasted, puffing. She did her usual tidy-up, wiping herself and cleaning my prick carefully. Then she kissed me and said, “That was so great. I love you, Brian.” She kissed me softly but with an open mouth.

I was not ready for that. I loved her, but I was not ready for complete surrender, and I could see lots of lives being affected if this went wrong. “Erika,” I said.

“Oh dear, Mr Serious, we’re in trouble now.” she teased.

“Erika, I love you too, but I want you to understand that my wife and my family…”

“Oh, that’s OK, Brian. I understand. I don’t want you as a husband. I am happy to have you as a lover, my first and best lover. You have given me a great gift, and I love you for it… and I hope you can keep giving me little gifts..”

I was relieved to hear that, not only relieved that she wasn’t expecting too much of our relationship, but relieved that she did want it to go on. I certainly did. She had given me more than I had given her, I believed.

We kissed as lovers do, caressing each other for 10 minutes before I reluctantly climbed out of bed to get dressed and go home. I left the DVDs in her flat.

To be continued…

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